Awaken to the truth of who and what you are. – channeled by Ron Head

Oracles and Healers

dawn over the horn



Our focus today will be on focus.  For a very many reasons this is important for you at this time.  It is a critical tool in your toolbox, both for achieving your objectives of raising your energy and frequency, and for your protection, allowing that to happen in the best and easiest way. 

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Hilarion – September 29 – October 5, 2013

Oracles and Healers


Beloved Ones,

Many of you are beginning to see and feel the light at the end of the tunnel now. All that you have been experiencing in your cleansing phase during the past several years is coming to completion. What is important now is to continue to maintain your higher vibrations on a daily basis, as this makes the way forward easier and more filled with grace and ease. You have been slowly finding that ecstasy is your new frequency and the moments of experiencing states of joy are becoming more and more frequent. This state is your natural state of being so welcome it into your lives.

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Your Guide to Planetary Energies for September 30 to October 6, 2013 by Pam Junghans

Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
September 30 to October 6, 2013
By Pam Younghans
Today’s photo: Auroras over Harstad, Troms, Norway on September 24, 2013 (photo by Rune Engebø, posted on
WE HAVE an action-packed week — and month — ahead of us.  As I ponder the list of highlighted planetary aspects for the coming week, I find it hard to know exactly where to start, or which aspects to focus most attention on … a sure indicator that the energies on the horizon are both varied and complex.
Finding a physical analogy often helps me find a bit of order and understanding amidst chaos. If we look at this week’s array of planetary influences as dishes at a meal, we can start to define things a bit more clearly. Continue reading

Popping through our Layers of Darkness …by Jelaila Starr

Jelaila’s Weekly Message
September 30, 2013

Breaking thru the Darkness

Well it appears that I’ve been making waves–someone hacked the website.  Fortunately, I have an amazing webhost who got us back online in about 48 hours.  It’s been my experience that this sort of thing occurs when you ruffle someone’s feathers a little more than usual. LOL

Onward and upward….

I want to tell you about a dream I had.  It was one of those vivid dreams in which everything was logical and chronological.  The reason I want to share it is that it contained info that I feel you are supposed to know.

I dreamt that I popped through a layer of darkness and into a place that was like heaven.  This darkness looked like thick clouds comprised of thin layers that had an almost mucky yet elastic texture.  Continue reading

Equinox Expansion Notes

Notes From the Center of the Spiral

observingI haven’t written any posts for the last few days.  Instead, I’ve felt the need to stay quieter and to carefully observe what is going on.

On an internal level, I’m observing some astonishing things.  Astonishing both in content, and in the way it isn’t at all astonishing.   Huh?  Let me explain.

Just a few months ago, I think these same expansions would have knocked me out of balance.  Instead, this is the most balanced I’ve ever experienced being in this lifetime.

The entire concept of expansion being linear has fallen away.  It even seems absurd I ever thought like that.  Yet I know I did and only a few months ago.

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Mysteries of Time

Mental time-travel is one of the greatest gifts of the mind. It makes us human, and it makes us special. –Claudia Hammond

Unlocking the Mysteries of Time

–by Maria Popova, syndicated from, Sep 25, 2013

Why Time Slows Down When We’re Afraid, Speeds Up as We Age, and Gets Warped on Vacation

“Time perception matters because it is the experience of time that roots us in our mental reality.”

Given my soft spot for famous diaries, it should come as no surprise that I keep one myself. Perhaps the greatest gift of the practice has been the daily habit of reading what I had written on that day a year earlier; not only is it a remarkable tool of introspection and self-awareness, but it also illustrates that our memory “is never a precise duplicate of the original [but] a continuing act of creation” and how flawed our perception of time is — almost everything that occurred a year ago appears as having taken place either significantly further in the past (“a different lifetime,” I’d often marvel at this time-illusion) or significantly more recently (“this feels like just last month!”). Rather than a personal deficiency of those of us befallen by this tendency, however, it turns out to be a defining feature of how the human mind works, the science of which is at first unsettling, then strangely comforting, and altogether intensely interesting.

That’s precisely what acclaimed BBC broadcaster and psychology writer Claudia Hammond explores in Time Warped: Unlocking the Mysteries of Time Perception (public library) — a fascinating foray into the idea that our experience of time is actively created by our own minds and how these sensations of what neuroscientists and psychologists call “mind time” are created. As disorienting as the concept might seem — after all, we’ve been nursed on the belief that time is one of those few utterly reliable and objective things in life — it is also strangely empowering to think that the very phenomenon depicted as the unforgiving dictator of life is something we might be able to shape and benefit from. Hammond writes: Continue reading

…an ‘inside job’ of the first order. – channeled by Ron Head

Oracles and Healers


Michael and Yeshua


On this day of your equinox, we urge each of you to look into your hearts and commit once again to the re-birth of yourselves and your world.  As you meditate, pray, walk in nature and commune with your higher selves, please continue your excellent work on this path.  Use the energy that is pouring into your world at this time to your best advantage.

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Pam Junghans: Planetary Energies for September 23 to 29, 2013

Today’s photo: Auroras over Lady Evelyn Falls on September 19, 2013, Kakisa, Northwest Territories, Canada (photo by Yuichi Takasaka, posted on
AS PLUTO now slowly begins to move forward after five months of backward motion, we can review our personal lives over that retrograde period (April 12 to September 20) and consider what we have learned and how we have changed. When a planet is moving backward in the sky, its effects are said to be more internalized. Then, when it starts moving forward, we are supported in taking action in our outer worlds, based on the inner growth we have experienced. Continue reading

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan: Imperfections, Frailties, and Failures – A Place of Possibility

Notes From the Center of the Spiral

imageLearning to love our human-ness.  How much plainer can this get?

Imperfections, Frailties, and Failures – A Place of Possibility, as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, September, 2012 at:

Everything is changing and upgrading. Life is getting messy and pushy and demanding. It is demanding that you pay attention, that you listen. Like an old nanny, the universe is pulling your ear and tweaking your elbow to get your attention.

It is demanding that you listen with your heart and not your hard head. The brain that has kept things secret is now is ready to speak its peace. It is ready to tell you about yourself. Who are you really? Why are you really? You are so afraid to look at yourself. You busy yourself in relationships, in cleaning, with worry and menial chores. When you finally do stop, you switch off and sleep. You are running from the…

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Resets, Revals and Wish Lists

Notes From the Center of the Spiral

Wish ListIt’s been an interesting couple of days since my last post.  Here I am again to give a little peek at what it’s like from here where I am.

The edge of the seat and by the skin of the teeth feeling I’ve been having is also near the top of the list with many others I’ve talked to.  The finger I try to keep on the pulse of the ‘group mind’ is pulsating along with very similar experiences being reported.

So it isn’t just me with this feeling of tension without any central cause to point at.  Like a bottle that has something in it, we may paste a label on the outside of it and that doesn’t mean we know what’s in it.  Maybe we do and maybe we don’t, but a scrawl on a label isn’t a guarantee either way.

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Hilarion – September 21-28, 2013

Oracles and Healers


Beloved Ones,

In the atmosphere around you, there is a feeling of expectancy, of anticipation for something greater to appear before your very eyes that will validate the shifts that have taken place within you. Dear Ones, we say look within yourselves – for the greatest shifts that have occurred and will occur are taking place within people’s consciousness. There have been many moments of revelation and validation for each of you.

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September Equinox 2013 – Rebirth by Stephen Cook via Meredith Murphy

The Council of Light via Meredith Murphy: September Equinox 2013 – Rebirth

Council of Light equinoxStephen: Philipp, who regularly channels Ashtar,kindly sent this timely message from the Council of Light through. It talks specifically of this wonderful Equinox weekend we now find ourselves in.

Message from the Council of Light: September Equinox 2103 – Rebith.Telepathic transmisison as channeled by Meredith Murphy, September 15, 2013 –

Hello Dear Ones,

So many of you are so tuned in. It is so beautiful to us when you sense subtle energy changes, and trust your perceptions, your sense of things. Even if you cannot totally explain it, even if it is mysterious or the implications unclear, so many of you still feel the truth of the currents now in play and know with confidence what you sense.

You feel subtle energy reshaping and you get the gist of the qualities of what is taking place, you sense the import of things and in this we find so much to be joyous about, for you are really orienting and trusting your inner clarity. And of course, in these subtle senses of things, you are very much right. Continue reading

The Blue Room

Laura Bruno's Blog

I learned this technique from my favorite astrologer/numerologist/tarot reader and generally amazing friend, Timothy Glenn, but it’s so effective, I wanted to share it with all of you!

Anyone who has followed this blog, watched my videos or had sessions with me knows how much I love the Sat Yam Meditation as a method for releasing grief, anger, frustration, and/or fear, whether from this life or other lifetimes. Well, Tim has given me another tool to share with you. It’s called “The Blue Room,” and it works well for any relationship that you suspect old karmic ties may be influencing. As a past life reader, I’d have to add here that MOST relationships at this time have some sort of karmic tug to them. So many of us are here to finish and release old business that it’s pretty safe to say all your close family, friends and work…

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