The Divine Mother to Currency Holders: “You are Protected”

archangel michaelWe had a rich, rich New Year’s Message from the Divine Mother, who assumed the form of Our Lady of Guadaloupe, for the occasion.

She explained on the air that it was still her, the Divine Mother, even if we addressed her by another title.  I can’t tell you how helpful such an acknowledgement is to a student of cross-cultural spirituality – the Divine has acknowledged that she took form. No more guesswork.

Previously I’ve been told that she was Mary, mother of Jesus, but never had a clear admission from her herself. That acknowledgement will help in the study of avatarhood.

One of the matters discussed was did the Divine Mother give us her assurance that currency holders who acted as stewards of the Mother’s wealth would be protected from such things as kidnapping and torture. She not only said “Yes” (period) but then went on to explain at length how that could be.

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She re-defined what Jesus called “real love” as “sacred love.” She explained that even sacred love is only Seventh-Dimensional. The Love that the Mother and the Father are … the One is …  is absolute love, and so deeper still.

She discussed how creative chaos weakens control and there then arises the opportunity for change.

I suggested to her that we didn’t come down to Earth this time to be devotees, singing her praises and performing devotional rituals. We came here as servants, as stewards to build Nova Earth and asked her to tell us what we needed to know to do her work.

This particular show will probably be my favorite for the leads she’s given me in explaining cross-cultural spirituality.  It’ll also be of interest to currency holders.

The Big Thaw, the Great Fulfillment

Sacred 11I’d like to draw two threads together.

You remember years ago we talked about how cognitive dissonance leads to paradigmatic breakthrough?

The creative chaos transpiring at the moment is that cognitive dissonance. The paradigmatic breakthrough at the moment is the miracles that are happening at quicker and quicker speeds, which I’ll get to in a moment.

The creative chaos was referred to by the Divine Mother and Archangel Michael recently as Sixth-Dimensional creative chaos leading to Seventh-Dimensional resolution in Christ Consciousness and Love.

The creative chaos results from all things coming to the surface. Team Light on all levels is gradually pulling away from Team Dark.

The creative chaos causes cognitive dissonance to build until we throw down old paradigms and break through conceptually and contextually to new ones.

The shift has many faces. One is from service to self to service to others.  Another is from competition to cooperation. A third is from hoarding to sharing.

There are things that have happened in my life that are overall miraculous. Then there are things that unfold as a process and every step works out the way I want, the first time.

Everything seems to be working out these days if I take the first step.  Remember Indiana Jones? The bridge did not appear until he took the first step?

I can’t be alone in this, although admittedly I’ve more or less volunteered to be part of a cosmic focus group.

Here’s another thing I’m learning: Every generous act has a ripple effect.

In economics, it’s called the multiplier effect.  The $100 you give to the hotel owner goes to the butcher to pay the meat bill, who gives it to the milkman to pay the milk-delivery bill, who gives it to the…. On and on the value goes. I wish I could tell you stories of the ripple effect. I will later.

But you can clearly see the manner in which generosity causes funds to ripple outwards.

I’m also beginning to see how quickly what we wish for manifests. In Vancouver, with a very low vacancy rate, I found a new place with an exceptional view in probably the shortest time imaginable.

Every step took me closer to my goal. Things simply unfolded, all in the direction of success.

Of course it required me to remain in integrity. Things wouldn’t have worked otherwise.

All around things like that are happening. It’s as if the Ice Age is receding and the Big Thaw has begun, as if the Dark Ages have ended and the Golden Age truly begun.

This has been such a useful learning time for when the big operation starts.  It’s been like a shakedown cruise that reveals what needs repair, overhaul, modernization, etc.

More and more people, I think, are using the opportunity chaos presents to introduce radical and long-overdue changes in many fields.

Team Dark will shrink and shrink and Team Light will grow and grow, all members of the former being welcome in the latter.

Creative chaos (cognitive dissonance) is creating the opportunity for the beingness that we all are to move and shift and break free (paradigmatic breakthrough).

I’m watching for miraculous breakthroughs, reconstitutions, and resolutions for all of us in the New Year. I’d like to think we’re standing on the brink of them.


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Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: New Year’s Message 2017

Divine-Mother-3New Year’s Message 2017

The Divine Mother as Our Lady of Guadalupe

An Hour with an Angel
December 29, 2016
Link to show audio.

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Good evening, everyone. Linda is going to be channeling Mother Mary, the Lady of Guadalupe, which to me is simply the Divine Mother in form, and it’s going to be our annual New Year’s message.

Linda: That’s right – much to my surprise as I began to meditate today, the Mother has come forth as Our Lady of Guadalupe – whom I haven’t heard from in this aspect really for years. But when she first came it was to talk about miracles and creation, so maybe this is very fitting. (PAUSE)

Divine Mother: Greetings. Yes, I am Universal Mother Mary, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change, Mother of Love. But I also come to you this day as Our Lady of Guadalupe – as Maria de Guadalupe.

I come to strew flowers and roses at your feet, to crown you with stars, to invite you to this time of fulfillment – the fulfillment of your dreams, your hopes, your promises, and mine, sweet ones; to welcome you and to remind you that this is a time of miracles. Yes, I have come and I have spoken to you about the miraculous and about miracles – as you would call them – long ago.

I come this day as Maria, as Our Lady of Guadalupe because for many of you it is your most recent knowing of my presence upon your planet in the very physical manifestation of miracles, of trust, of joy, of faith, and yes, fulfillment.

I remind you and I especially share with you, for those of you who do not know the story or the unfoldment of my beloved Juan Diego – a simple man, a simple peasant, that I had chosen to be my emissary upon this Earth – just as I choose each of you my beloved children, mis niños.

Too often you shy away, thinking that I am the unapproachable Mother, the Supreme Being, the Infinite and Eternal, Changeable and Unchangeable, the I AM. Well, let us step back down, let us meet in the middle on this wondrous planet, in this wondrous time of bringing to completion one chapter and bringing through fulfillment of this portion and this segment of our unfoldment. When I say ‘our’ I do not simply mean what you construe as the Father and I, or even the Sacred Trinity. I mean our – our family which you are part of, that you have always been part of. And yes, in this new year, in this new time – in my time, 2017, this illusion of separation disappears. No, it is not simply evaporating. Allow, surrender and recognize the isolation, the separation; this tragic belief disappears.

As humans, enmeshed in many illusions that have been a human creation, there has been this belief system that has grown up and in many ways solidified, that there is the Godhead and then there are the various kingdoms of the Angelics, the Archangelics, the Seraphim, there are the Ascended Masters and the enlightened beings, there are the star family – the Star beings, and then there are the human beings, and the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom – and on and on.

But you do not conceive, not in your everyday knowing, practice and simple breathing existence, that we are one – that we are a family of one. Now I understand, my beloved ones, that at times it is difficult for you to conceive as I speak of truly the Omniverse or the outer galaxies or other universes, that you have either difficulty or little interest in truly comprehending and grasping that.

But in this universe, this reality even that you think of as Gaia or your solar system, your planetary system, which by the way, is much larger than you think! Conceive of this – anchor this truth that I remind you of this day and this year – we are one. I am not some distant Deity needing to be praised, adored, honoured, prayed to. You do this because you love me and you love us and of course those prayers and that adoration is heard and received graciously and with great glee.

But what about just talking? What about just visiting? What about simply sitting together? My sweet family, you have placed me at a distance. You have placed me out of reach. You have placed your family out of reach. And so often that has come to be the fulfilment of the belief, that you do not fully feel our presence, our assistance, our guidance, our help, or our love. And that is the most important factor.

This is the time of the fulfillment of the family plan. Think of this – in this family plan – that of all the levels of intervention and assistance and things that you ask for, the most important, the most critical for all concerned is that you feel and that you be and that you are in the love. That is everything – that is the Father – that is the Mother – that is the One – that is the All.

And if you are not in the joy of that love, if you are not in the action of that love, if you are not in the ‘up close and personal’ experience of the love, then you do not have the wherewithal to go forth in the actual creation of this planet of Nova Earth and the fulfillment of Nova Being – you are already ‘in and out’ of the fulfillment of your ascension.

When is the final watermark? It is this creation process, it is not only you accepting and anchoring and being the fullness of your creator self – because you can do that quietly sitting in your room or the privacy of your office. It is taking the actions, being in the stillpoint, the silence, the spaciousness, the dreaming, the expression, the fulfilment of your hopes.

This is not – I am not simply your Mother ordering you about, telling you what to do! Consider with me for a moment what the Mother Energy is. There are reasons why you have this paradigm, this archetype. It is the Mother Nurturer, it is the Mother Disciplinarian, it is the Mother who ‘course corrects’ you as you grow. It is the Mother who sees you grow into the truth of fulfillment, the evolution of your maturity on every level.

I want you, I ask you, I invite you – I plead with you – discuss your hopes and dreams, your plans with me in the silence of your heart, in the excitement of exchanges. I will let you know – Mi-ki-el, Yeshua, St Germaine will let you know if there is a course correction to be had. Do not, my beloveds, think of any of us as further away than your fingertips – this is what is necessary and desirable, it is what you have always yearned for and what you are most afraid of, and it is time for this fear to be gone.

I am not a thundering punishing Mother – nor is the Father for that matter! As humans in this expression of free will you often make what you, in your judgment – you may call it discernment, but then you fall into judgement – you often make mistakes, missteps, and then you often halt – stop dead in your tracks – cowering in some ways and so fearful that you have misstepped that you fall and ask for mercy or want pity. Sweet angels, there is no such thing as mistakes.

Are there deviations? Yes, most certainly – on a very grand scale (laughing) and on a personal scale. And has it created situations where there has been need for course correction? Most certainly. We are capable of adjusting. We are capable of more than you can ever imagine, but we want you to imagine, we want your desire, your plans, your heart, the love to explode with potentiality – with the knowing and the belief in miracles. The roses will bloom all over your planet.

That is why I have come, because as the Mother in this form, you can expect tangible physical evidence, and I will make this known – no, I am not giving prophesy – that is not my way. I will show you so that you will build your hope and desires, so that you will come to know that you are my ‘Juan Diegos’. You are the children of my breath and you are as close as my breath – and I am as close as your breath!

Do not push me away, please. You have been waiting, some of you patiently and some of you not, for the physical tangibility – the fulfillment of this segment – of our family plan. Do not negate it – do not look to the external chaos that now reigns in the United States, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa. Everything is being ‘shook up’. Think of it as a beautiful snow globe and in that chaos, in that creative chaos – yes, of your Sixth Dimension – is the beauty. It had need to be shook up, just as long ago I had Juan Diego shake up the Catholic Church, and then again as Pope John XXIII to shake up the Catholic Church!

When you are creating change, things have to be shaken up. Now, could it have been smoother? Most certainly! But we work with you because of free will. So be it. Because in that, in many ways the miracles, the co-creations of you and I become more tangible, more obvious. You have always said as you have cried in the darkness of the night, or the darkness of your soul or your passage, “Mother – give me a sign.” Well, my beloveds, I am giving you many, many signs. Not to increase the chaos, but to shake it up enough that there is a new understanding in this of your year 2017, that there is a different paradigm that is emerging and that will solidify and will be the new reality for Terra Gaia. It is not simply done to shake things up, the old – like an old mound of clay reworked – it is taking the creative atoms in the very air you breathe and reforming, restructuring, creating anew.

You say to me, “Well Mother, I don’t know how to do that”, and I correct you my child – you have always known. This is a time in many of your traditions where you have exchanged gifts of one sort or another, but I want you to go back and to think even as a child, whether it was Christmas or Hanukkah, or your birthday, when you wished for a certain item – when you wanted that brand new bicycle so that you could fly down the street – and you would tell your parents. But mostly you would lie in bed at night and you would think of that bright shiny bike – not your father’s second-hand one – dear old bike – but your own bright new shiny bike, and you would daydream about it during school and walking home or on the school bus. And then, lo and behold, you would receive that gift! All of you have a very personal example of this kind of dreaming, of this kind of creation.

You say, “Yes, but Mother – creating a new planet and eliminating the old isn’t that simple.” You were shown very early how to bring things forth. And then you say to me, “But Mother, there are so many all over the planet that have never had a new bicycle or enough to eat, or who have lived in the shattered ruins and buildings of war.” And that is the truth. Your job – our family undertaking – is to correct that. Our family is very large but completely conceivable, whether it is the animals, with the waters, the air, or your neighbors across the globe, your star family – we are not distant family – your distant family are those who live on Cee Cee Cee in the far reaches of the infinite Universe.

This time to begin to think as one, so for those who have never brought forth their creations you are doing it for them, you are teaching them how, you are bringing them along, you are renewing their trust, their faith, and most importantly their hope – and all that is because you are love. We proceed together as never before, so when I say to you in this time and this year that I strew roses at your feet, I mean this literally. I am with you – I am with you in the fullness – the absolute nature of love. Will you do this with me, my sweet ones? I know you will, because you have chosen as this branch of the family to go forth in form – as angels in form – to do this work. And for this I thank you.

Now, dearest Steve – my son – where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, thank you so much Mother. I’d like to take a minute to speak to listeners and tell them how rich this message is that you’ve just given us. You’ve acknowledged that it’s you that’s in form as Our Lady of Guadalupe – well, that kind of acknowledgement can only come from you, so thank you for that. (1)

In past centuries, masters, gurus or teachers who wanted to ascend had to go through trials and tribulations. Even Ibn Arabi called you a hidden treasure. (2)

You’re a treasure and yet hidden and something that people had to find at sometimes considerable personal cost. And yet here we are in this generation and you’re  available to us, not only in this way as on a radio program but in many other ways.

Now you’ve acknowledged that we’ve come to do your work. We are not, as far as I can see, to be your devotees – singing devotional songs and carrying out ceremonies, etc – not necessarily. Some of those will come in later, but we’re here to serve you. We’re here as servants. We’re here to be your stewards in financial welfare for example

I know that a lot of our listeners would like to hear from you your answer to the following question – are Lightworkers who deal in foreign currency for the purposes of irrigating planet Earth and undertaking the various programs like ridding the world of pollution and hunger and poverty protected from things like kidnappings, torture etc?

DM: Yes.

I can elaborate. Let go of the fear, first and foremost. Because as you know, the fear halts and freezes and destroys – eats like acid – it destroys trust, and it also in the freezing mechanism stops you from going forward.

Now the short answer is yes. But understand how this going forth happens, and there are many, many aspects and we will not get dragged down into that minutia. But think of it in this way – think of it in the most simple way my child. You have a crush on a boy or a girl – oh, you are about fifteen, fourteen, and these days perhaps twelve – but you are madly infatuated and your heart is going pit-a-pat at a million miles an hour because this is your heart’s desire! But you are shy, you are not confident – you are afraid of rejection and so you never ask this boy or this girl out – you hardly even talk to them.

And then of course the big occasion comes and you see the ‘heart’s desire’ go to the party, the dance, the Bar Mitzvah, with somebody else – and you are devastated. But you are devastated because you were too afraid to step forward, and then you think, “Well, the Mother let me down” – even though I was right next to you, cheering you all along, knowing that the expansion of your heart even in this tender romance, not the fullness of Love that I speak of, but that you were afraid to try.

When you drop into fear, “Will I be harmed, will I be tortured, will I be shunned, will I be separated from what I love most about my life?” That puts you into fear rather than the forward thrust of excitement and courageousness and bringing forth. Now, having encouraged you to go forth, having provided the mechanisms for that to occur, do you really think in our divinity, in our family, that we are going to arrange for a rogue bandit to harm you? You are mightily protected!

You often say, “What is the Company of Heaven doing?” Well, you can rest assured – we are protecting you. That is a promise.

SB: Thank you Mother. I’m sure that will have a lot of people relax more. The handling of money is going to raise enough problems unto itself without having to worry about that one.

Mother, you talked about Love and I’ve had such difficulty trying to express the fact that true love, what Jesus called ‘real love ,’ what I’ve called ‘transformative love’, others ‘universal love is … I’ve said different … than romantic love.

Well, maybe different – maybe I should never have said different – it’s much deeper, as someone said recently.

Could you talk to us a bit about the difference between the ordinary love that so much of us feel – which is wonderful, it’s fine – and real Love? The Love that you just described as being the One, the All, You, the Father?

DM: Oh, I would love to! Why (laughing) can we not call it ‘Mother Love’?

Let us call it Sacred Love. Let us call it love. You have this expression, ‘In for a penny – in for a pound’. Why human beings, you wonderful angels, have dropped into this limitation of love, now that is dissipating, dissolving, disappearing – you notice that we are giving you a new set of ‘disses’ – dissolving, disappearing – yes, dissipating. Your sense of limitation, and each of you in your unique divinity, in your expression of us, have your own parameters based on many lifetimes and this lifetime, of what you think of or feel as love, and it has been restricted and hemmed in.

Now, you have yearned to know love and this yearning has expressed in many simply as yearning, but many of you – most of you and this is part of your ascension – are breaking through that barrier as well, and coming to what you dear Steve have called ‘Bliss’ – what many call awakening, expansion – it matters not. But into that knowing and that experience of such unlimited, unconditional, unrestricted bliss, exuberance, joy – all of this is love. What is love? Love is union – it is family union, and I mean that in the sense of we have spoken today – that we are One. Love is union, it is that Sacred Union in many of you look for sacred partners, and we encourage this because it is part of the growth and evolution of the human race, the species, and the human kind – the Gaians.

But you don’t really have that until you have entered and incorporated – yes, you might call grounded or anchored – but it really is an incorporation of the love with us. When you come – let us do it right now – be the love with me that you are in the infinity. It is experiential, but it is union. It is the knowing all at once of everything. Some have called it enlightenment. As you have said, some have suffered and died for this experience – you do not need to. I am inviting you to come into this with us in form. I don’t want you to leave your bodies. There are many who will, but there is no necessity. You are to anchor the love and to come to know it, even although it is union I urge you, I want you, I desire for you to know it personally because it is from this that you create the new, that you understand fully and completely how to create the new in union with us, in Sacred Partnership with us.

SB: Mother, can I intervene for a moment? Can I just point out to listeners that . . . because I’m more or less in a state of bliss at the moment . . . that in this state of bliss, in this higher dimensional experience that the Mother is referring to of love, things simply become clear, and I think you said once, Mother, that, “I will bring all things to remembrance” – bliss brings all things to remembrance, Love brings all things . . . now, could you explain to the listeners a little bit about how that is . . . how it is that bliss brings – and Love brings – all things to remembrance?

DM: Think of it as all the barriers, all the walls, all the sense of delineation, because what is isolation and separation? It is this false belief in delineation, all the delineation disappears – evaporates, so all things come to remembrance, and part of that remembrance, my sweet ones, is remembrance of the future. Now, what do I mean by that? Often you will turn to me, and I hope more often. Now, you’ll say, “Mother, I don’t know how to do that. I don’t know exactly what my next steps will be.”

When you are in the Love, you do know, and if for some chance you feel that you don’t know, Beloved, it is because there is no need to know – you simply proceed in the truth and the might and the power – the stewardship – of who you are.

Long ago the Father has said that this is a family business – oh, I would not refer to it that way, but this is a family unified blissful undertaking. When you are in the Love you are basically reviewing, remembering, bringing up to current date and data, the blueprint of existence. I do not mean the Akashic Records. That is slightly different. I mean the entire blueprint.

SB: I have two more questions for you if I may . . . the first is, just what you just said, am I correct in thinking that underneath our core issues and conditioned behaviour and the other detritus of lower dimensional existence we’re already united, we’re already in union – we’re simply restoring our awareness of that by alleviating, by getting rid of these vasanas, these core issues, and the conditioned behaviour that results from them, as if it’s an ‘overburden’ which we just lifted off. Underneath that we’re already united are we not? We don’t need to do anything?

DM: We have always – eternally and infinitely and in the moment – always been united as One. So you are getting rid of the illusions, the core issues – yes, important, the vasanas – yes important, the false beliefs – yes, but you are already – we are already One. This is not what you need to seek out or create or discover – you will remember and you will know.

SB: Thank you for that. The last question I have – what we talked about is Sacred Love, as real Love, true love. I’m assuming that that’s a Seventh Dimensional experience we’re having, and I hope you’ll confirm that for me in a minute, but the Love that you are, the Love that the Father is, the Love that the All The One is – that has to be an experience of the highest Absolute, so again even real love is only – or what Jesus called real love – is only one step on the path. Is that correct?

DM: That is correct. Now, let us explain. When you are in – within the human experience, in the Seventh Dimension of Love – now you tend to think, “Then I have to go Eight, Nine, Ten – and so on”. From there it is the perfect access point to all Love – the Love. Your expression in experience of that is Seventh Dimensional, flowering out into all existence, all dimensions, all realities, all timelines, so you are the blossoming of Love in your Being as well, and as you blossom you ablate the next blossom and the next blossom and the next blossom – I was not simply being emphatic when I have suggested to you that each of you touch and participate in 144 million other lives.

Current – what you think of current – times, yes, some are on other planetary systems, many are on board ships, but this is your experience of Union. And that experience is also allowing you to be in true genuine – what you would term as authentic – relationship, marriage, partnership, because that is truly what a marriage is. Not all the legalities that have come to be put in place – marriage is the union in love of two souls in form. That is it – and that is everything.

SB: Oh Mother – Is there anything you want to say in closing?

DM: Yes. As we have suggested, why I have come forth as Our Lady of Guadalupe, as Maria, as Mare, is to speak to you of miracles. Not miracles of Above or Below but of All. You are the fulfillment of these miracles. You are the wonder of my Heart, you are the wonder of my Soul, my Being, our Essence, our Love. Keep me close – I am your Mother. I wish to live with you within your heart, your soul and your life. I am with you – let us go forth in this fulfillment.


SB: Farewell Mother.


(1) One hears rumors of the Divine Mother’s incarnations and manifestations but seldom an acknowledgement from the Divine Mother herself that is She who has incarnated or manifested. Given western skepticism of incarnations of the divine, this kind of acknowledgement from the highest source anyone will ever speak to is invaluable.

(2) “I was a hidden treasure and I loved to be known, and I created the creation so that I be known.” (Muhyideen Ibn Arabi, Kernel of the Kernel. trans. Ismail Hakki Bursevi. Sherborne: Beshara, n.d., 3.) Andrew Eardley contributed to this transcription

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Addicted to Love and the Middle Way

Addicted to Love 3Steve is on holiday.

Reposted from 2014.

Recently I became gripped with an idea that Archangel Michael communicated to me in my reading on Friday, Aug. 22, 2014.

He said that I was doing “deep housecleaning” that would see me emerge “addicted to love,” as we are in the Fifth Dimension, rather than addicted to pain, as we are in the Third. He said more that was extremely encouraging but that’s all I’m comfortable sharing.

At the same time, event after event happened last week that either showed me that I needed to move in some way or else helped me to move. The meet-up was one. Conversations with friends and colleagues were another. The reading itself was a third. Something that occurred while booking a hotel room for Lake Tahoe was a fourth.

The deep cleansing came last night and into this morning and I stayed awake until I’d completed it.

I couldn’t both be in it and keep a record of it. Mostly I tried to be in it. But what I did do was to jot down the major ideas as they came to me, undoubtedly planted in me, that describe each significant step in the process of cleansing. Here’s the record of those thoughts.

So I’m not sure if this is me talking or someone else. But the ideas did impress me and, as each came, I spent some time feeling it, allowing it to unfold and unpack itself, and then being with what resulted.

My Life

I love myself. I take care of myself. I’m responsible for my own well-being.

My life is a workshop. My life is an experiment. My life is a meditation.

My life is a walk of faith. There’s no other way I could do it.

I get to craft my life in any way I want. But I remain responsible for what I do with every minute of every hour of every day.

I almost-completely walk forward in my life and use reverse gear sparingly and in emergencies. I keep my engagements but make them seldom, to avoid stress, and only after having estimated the cost.

Stress is the bane of an awareness writer’s life. In the face of it, I can’t write. Last week AAM said that all of Heaven could hear me complaining. (Just teasing me, he said.)

I can only do what I can do. It doesn’t work for either of us if I assume another’s role, duty or dharma.

No Offstage Moments

I’m making an Akashic movie of myself and the question is: Would I want to see it? The Full Life Review is the theater the movie will play in. Will I want to watch it or run from the theater screaming?

There are no onstage and offstage moments any more; there never were. All life is onstage now and always has been.

The standard of behavior I commit myself to is not only to do the right thing when I’m seen, but to do the right thing even when I think I’m unseen. Because I’m always seen.

And not to make a big deal of it even though it is a big deal.

How I Be

I ask myself: Am I ready to stop depressing myself and start elevating and inspiring myself instead?

I allow both circumspection and naturalness to co-exist.

The extremity of personal and social reaction is what has to be avoided. The Middle Way is preferable.

I leave the vicious circle of inflicting pain on others and inflict love instead. In the circle, pain is always inflicted on a person for the last event. The dispute is never forgiven or forgotten and love tried instead. I forgive myself and others for how we were in the last event. I focus on how we are in the next.

I leave the vicious circle by an act of forgiving and forgetting. I am addicted to love, rather than addicted to pain.

Simplify and Houseclean

Simplify life, as much as possible. Houseclean forever.

Prefer the long- to the short-term gain.

Be natural. Be innocent. There are no taboos but there must be safety for all: The Middle Way again.

We can heal from our vasanas and push through our core issues or we can simply forgive and forget the old Third.

Our minds are constructed to bring back automatically the memories we need to navigate. They’ll function on autopilot. We can forget the old Third without forgetting the lessons we learned.

No excuses will impress the man in the mirror.

There’s no time to double back and erase the mistakes I made. There’s no point in trying to manage my image. The Akasha never lie and cannot be fooled.

I can only be the change I need to be and ask myself, those I may have harmed, and the Karmic Board for forgiveness and grace.

I forgive and forget all injuries. I welcome and embrace all energies. I’m grateful for all acts of kindness.

Be Love

It’s not that we have to learn love to be in this new way. It’s that we have to reveal love and be it. Love is always already there like gold in the ground. We have to clean off the dirt that covers the inner love-gold, reveal it and be it.

I ask myself: How rich am I in love? Love is the inner gold, the spiritual currency.

Every failure is a failure to love.

The Tsunami, the Reval, and Ascension will end our addiction to pain and begin our addiction to love.

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Heavenletter #5880 Match the Light of the Stars, December 30, 2016

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
You stand in the midst of Heaven, and you know not where you are. Rather, you find cause to worry where you are and what you are doing all over the place and yin and yang, here and there, this way, that way.

For what end do you wander the Earth looking for something more than you presently receive? For what end? For what end, beloveds ones, but to Be? By seeking and even wandering, you are fulfilling My Will for ever and anon. This is Our Holy Contract.

To Be means to Be beyond borders. To Be means to be above the world.

You fear that while you are stationed on Earth, something is at stake. There is nothing at stake. Your Presence, as is Mine, is assured. There is nothing you are missing by Being. There is nothing more to Be but what you really are. Being is Infinity, and Infinite, you are. You are the New Visionary of the Universe.

Does a star wonder who or what he is or where? What boundary must a star know? Does a star have to know east or west or what a neighborhood is named and by what authority?

Stars have no questions to ask. Stars shine Light. They have nothing to answer. They simply reflect Light. And so are stars blessed, and so are you blessed.

Truly, what more do you have to do than to be Light? What more can you do but Be Light? Consider yourself the Fortunate of the Fortunate. Accept with Grace the Great Calling that has been given to you.

I gave you Light to Shine so that you will shine Light from the High Heavens. I didn’t ask you to be shy. I didn’t ask you to hold back out of modesty. I said: “Shine the Light I give so that all may shine and see My Light. My Light, your Light — shine Light simply, profusely, profoundly and Infinitely.”

Light needs no instruction. Sometimes, you can use some reminding not on how to shine but rather to remember to shine. Hey, shine for all you are worth. This is not a form of pretense. Naturally, you don’t shine your Light by looking down at your feet.

Look at no one’s feet. Look up beyond the Heavens and match the Light of the Stars. Tell me, what is more pressing than shining the Light you are meant to shine? You don’t do this by effort, you understand this by now. You shine simply and naturally with all the Love in your Heart.

In Life, you are to look up and light the world so that all may see what is destined to shine. The Majesty of the Universe is set before you so you may radiate your Light and sing it as part of a Chorus of Angels. You will clearly resonate with the Universe to the Tune of My Light. Look at Me, and say, “Yes, I will.”

Say: “Yes, God, I shine Your Light that is also mine, and I shine it for Your Glory.”

You know that the world craves more than its daily bread. Everyone on Earth craves the Magnificence of Daily Light.

Catch up with yourself. Leap ahead. A thousand giant steps are not too many. You are not a lone shadow that skulks around. Stand up right now and start the Issuance of Light.

Light is taking over. Nothing else is. Darkness is a thing of the past. The past is no longer worthy of you. Light has been Lit, and now Light stays lit for all the world to be reminded of Light and to establish Light in the eyes and hearts of all.

Shine on, Practitioners of God’s Light. It is you who is fulfilling Destiny. You and I serve. We serve the world as Inseparable Beings. You are serving it now, and you are serving Me aplenty. This moment has come.

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Heavenletter #5879 Your Daily Thoughts, December 29, 2016

Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
Life sure seems like a mystery, a mystery filled with magical moments, and even miracles. Don’t miss the magic and the miracles. Certainly don’t put your time and energy on studying all the trials and misfortunes.

When you come down to it, all of Life on Earth is a miracle. Who could make up how babies are conceived and born? Who could, as a matter of fact, make up the entire Miracle of Life? And who could conceive of anything so fantastic as Life as it lives its ways out in the world?

There are separate little houses that people live in, and separate little cars that people spend time in and drive around in during the day and may fall asleep in at night. And there are places like wigwams and igloos and domes and homes on the range.

There are places along the way where you can go in to buy food and cooked meals and other sundry things. There are snapshots and paintings and facts and fiction, many facts and fiction that are impossible to keep separate.

Everything has been thought of, it seems, and then something new is thought of and merchandized.

There is nothing new under the sun, and yet there is. There are rainbows and thunderstorms all on the same Earth and new each time. Life on Earth is compelling, and Life on Earth is bizarre. There are matters like jokes, and there are operas that are stories told and sung to the tunes of beating hearts.

What is there that has not yet been discovered on Earth and in Heaven?

Life on Earth in a body is no more than the blink of an eye.

You arrive. You stay. You leave and go on somewhere else even as there is only Oneness and nowhere else but with Me, of Me, to Me, a Great Font of Love as We speak.

How can it be that Love is ever forgotten on Earth, and yet it sure seems Love has, too often, been cut out and excluded, as if Love were forgotten, or scavenged and not even considered.

What ridiculousness is this? What irony? One extreme is ravaged and forsworn for another, as if Love doesn’t really matter, as if business comes before Love. As if there are interchangeable parts of Life. As if all parts of Life are equally worthy or unworthy, and difference is of no import. Did you ever hear of anything so impertinent? As if nothing on Earth really matters. As if Love does not matter more than what money can buy.

You live in a challenged world. There may be undignified signs in the world that point you in various directions. Go by My Sign. Remember Love. If you remember nothing else, remember Love.

Let smallness not be made big. Let smallness be forgotten. Remember Me.

Let suffering become forgotten.

Let goodness and mercy be your daily thoughts.

Let Hearts be softened throughout the Universe. Let thoughts be transformed throughout the Universe. Let there be Roads of Joy that you walk on. Let the Sun shine in your heart. Let naught but Love be known and renowned.

Let hearts meet and be interchangeable with all other hearts. Let all hearts sing out. Let every heart be claimed forever and ever. Hearts are to be One.

Let all lift their feet up above the Earth and ascend to Heaven in the wink of an eye.

Let all the Good that is predicted float across your vision.

Let everyone look at Earth and say, “Ah, this is good.”

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Yeshua and Mary Magdalene on Multidimensionality and Bilocation ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene on Multidimensionality and Bilocation:   … Lifting into higher vibration swirls of exaltedness, while observing the many planes of existence and the many dimensions, each …

Quelle: Yeshua and Mary Magdalene on Multidimensionality and Bilocation ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda

Welcoming the NOW Year: Assisting the Global Trajectory

Creative Evolution with Sandra Walter <>
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Welcoming the NOW Year: Assisting the Global Trajectory
Creative Evolution with Sandra Walter <>

Heute, 06:52Sie

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now year

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

A Happy NOW Year to all as we experience the final Gateway of 2016 this weekend. All Lightworkers are encouraged to connect with this palpable, powerful influx of Divine Light available. Revisit last week’s article for recommendations.

Many are experiencing a pure level of Cosmic Mother frequencies, which is birthing a new platform for higher states of consciousness to be anchored on the planet. Whether you view the return of the Divine Feminine energies as a being, a state of consciousness, a fractal of Source, or a balancing frequency does not matter. It is the nature of photonic light to demand order – and the breaking apart of old systems, beliefs, habits and emotional baggage should be evidence enough that the light is doing its work. Forgive, clear, be grateful and request the highest light for all concerned. Use the vesica piscis symbol in your grids and Gatework to open pillars of light with your crystals, and connect with the Cosmic feminine aspect of Source. This also opens the gateways of the heart and Ascension column.

Collective Timeline Assistance

As the timelines continue to morph and respond to the collective consciousness, there are some beautiful gifts being offered to HUmanity.


In Love, Light and Service,

SUNday unity meditations
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now year

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Acceptance Leads to Ascension ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

As you encounter a part of yourself that you do not like, you also activate within you the ability to love that aspect of you. You are constantly creating opportunities for yourselves to integrate and to become whole. That may mean that you have to find new ways to elicit the aspect of yourselves forth that you do not like. You are actualizing experiences that will trigger you in the precise ways that you need to be triggered to offer yourselves up the opportunity to advance your evolution.

The way that you evolve is not through becoming psychic. It is not from attaining an ability to teleport or move objects with your mind. The way that you evolve is by accepting all aspects of yourselves. As you remove the illusion that you are fragmented, and…

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Bet on Yourself | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

That there is no time to waste means that the time is now to get on with Life. For Heaven’s sakes, why not make your dreams come true before your very eyes. Go for your dreams. Stop watching TV for a while, and go for your dreams. Admit your dreams into your Life. Make room for them.

If you think your dreams can’t come true — why would you possibly lean toward that idea? Your heart is the decider. When it comes to your dreams, play the odds that your dreams will come true.

Don’t say that it’s more likely your dreams won’t come true than that they will. Why pledge yourself to lack? Talk about betting on the wrong horse. Bet on yourself, and not against yourself. What advantage do you see in accepting inability? Come on now, give yourself a chance to see what you and…

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Spheres of Light are Released from Gaia Portals at this Time


gaia_energy1Spheres of Light are released from Gaia portals at this time. As shells of old paradigms are cracked, Spheres of Light are released, as well, from individual beings.

This may appear to some as an effervescence of Light, appearing in regions formerly viewed as stagnant or neutral or dark.

The Effervescence of Light spheres results from release of ego pressure from individuals as well as cultures of all types throughout Gaia.

Resting during periods of physical “tiredness” encourages ego shell cracking.

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Your Deepest Part of Who You Are ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

There is a sense that you all have of the deepest part of who you are. When you are able to tap in to that deepest aspect of your true nature, everything else falls away. It is the sense that you have that everything is all right, everything always has been all right, and everything will always be all right. You often compartmentalize yourselves into fragments, and those fragments don’t feel the same way. They feel separate. They feel lost, and they certainly don’t feel whole and complete.

It is when you think of yourselves as those pigeonholed aspects of self that you distance yourselves from the knowing of who you are at the deepest level of your being. When you can bring that sense of who you really are to every aspect of…

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Your Deepest Part of Who You Are ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

There is a sense that you all have of the deepest part of who you are. When you are able to tap in to that deepest aspect of your true nature, everything else falls away. It is the sense that you have that everything is all right, everything always has been all right, and everything will always be all right. You often compartmentalize yourselves into fragments, and those fragments don’t feel the same way. They feel separate. They feel lost, and they certainly don’t feel whole and complete.

It is when you think of yourselves as those pigeonholed aspects of self that you distance yourselves from the knowing of who you are at the deepest level of your being. When you can bring that sense of who you really are to every aspect of…

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Match the Light of the Stars | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

You stand in the midst of Heaven, and you know not where you are. Rather, you find cause to worry where you are and what you are doing all over the place and yin and yang, here and there, this way, that way.

For what end do you wander the Earth looking for something more than you presently receive? For what end? For what end, beloveds ones, but to Be? By seeking and even wandering, you are fulfilling My Will for ever and anon. This is Our Holy Contract.

To Be means to Be beyond borders. To Be means to be above the world.

You fear that while you are stationed on Earth, something is at stake. There is nothing at stake. Your Presence, as is Mine, is assured. There is nothing you are missing by Being. There is nothing more to Be but what you really are…

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Bild: S. Hahner Bild: S. Hahner

Dir wird jetzt ein neuer Anfang ermöglicht. Es begegnen Dir viele wunderbare Möglichkeiten und Erfahrungen. Heiße das Neue in Deinem Leben willkommen, einschließlich neuer Möglichkeiten, Menschen und Projekte. Die Engel wissen, dass Veränderungen beängstigend sein können, und sie umgeben Dich mit liebevoller Energie. Wende Dich an sie, wann immer Du Angst hast oder Dich in einer neuen, ungewohnten Situation befindest. Die Engel werden Dein Selbstvertrauen und Deine Kraft stärken, damit Du diesen Neubeginn genießen kannst, was immer es sein mag.   Manchmal klammern wir uns an alte Gewohnheiten, weil sie uns vertraut sind. Durch diese Karte bitten Dich die Engel, offen zu sein für eine neue Herangehensweise ans Leben. Vielleicht werden Dir die himmlischen Mächte zeigen, wie Du Deine Situation mit neuen Augen betrachten kannst. Oder sie werden sich mit Dir in Verbindung setzen, damit Du eine neue Fertigkeit erlernst. Was immer der Neubeginn für Dich bedeutet, erlaube…

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Der Loslasser: Der Herzmensch einer Dualseelenliebe


der-loslasserzum Buch: HIER!

Der Loslasser: Der Herzmensch einer DualseelenliebeTaschenbuch– 20. September 2013

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Jahresreading 2017


Hallo ihr Lieben 🙂
Dies ist mein Jahresreading 2017 für euch 🙂

Dieses Jahr – ab März das Sonnenjahr – bringt viele positive Veränderungen in uns selbst zum Vorschein…

Wichtig in allem ist die Liebe, Selbstliebe und der eigene Seelenweg.
Jeder Monat bringt neue Energien und Hifestellungen, sofern DU DICH davon angesprochen fühlst!
Weiter unten findest du die Anfangszeiten für die jeweiligen Monate 🙂
Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß und auch Erfolg beim umsetzen der Tipps und Anregungen.
Zum Nachlesen findet ihr am Ende die jeweiligen Drachen für die 4 Quartale
Möchtest du mir für meine Arbeit deine Wertschätzung zukommen lassen? Dann klicke hier: PayPal

Verwendete Kartendecks mit
freundlicher Genehmigung von:

Autorin: Doreen Virtue
Illustratoren: Lisa Iris;
Howard David Johnson;
Corey Wolfe
Kartendeck: Das Engel der
Liebe Orakel


Autorin: Christine Arana Fader
Illustratorin: Anja Kostka
Drachen Weisheit
© 2015 Schirner Verlag,


Künstlerin: Doreen Virtue

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Du gestattest Dir jetzt, Deine Macht auszudrücken. Mächtig zu sein beinhaltet keine Gefahr für Dich, da Du weißt, dass Du Deine Macht mit Liebe zum Ausdruck bringst. Du hast alle Macht des Schöpfers in Deinem Inneren! Alle Macht göttlicher Liebe, Weisheit und Intelligenz steht Dir zur Verfügung. Du hast die spirituelle Kraft, Engel wahrzunehmen und die Zukunft zu sehen. Du hast die intellektuelle Kraft, die universelle Weisheit des einen allumfassenden Geistes anzuzapfen. Du hast die emotionale Kraft, Mitgefühl mit anderen zu haben, und Deine physische Kraft ist wahrhaft unbegrenzt. Die Engel bitten Dich, ihnen alle Ängste zu überlassen, die Du vielleicht in Verbindung damit hast, ein mächtiger Mensch zu sein. Die Engel sehen einen ruhigen und wunderbaren Aspekt Deiner wahren Kraft, die auf der einzigen Kraft im Universum beruht: göttliche Liebe. Erlaube Dir selbst, von dieser leuchtenden Liebe erfüllt zu sein, damit Du sie auf wunderbare Weise in die Welt…

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Zahlen…. wieder so viele Doppel- Drillings- und Vierlingszahlen…..



….. hui…. langsam wirds….. unheimlich??? …. nöööööö – MAGISCH!!!

Komme gerade mit unerem Dragovom Tierarzt, wir mussten eine Kralle ziehen lassen.

Neben uns parkte ein Auto mit dem Kennzeichen bzw. Zahlen: 55 🙂

Ich fuhr aus der Parklücke und gegenüber stand eine 555, um die Ecke eine 77 😉

Ich fuhr weiter um die nächste Kurve und mein Blick fiel auf eine 777

So ging es weiter mit:

11; 99; 111; 99; 777; 44; 1111; 2222; 55; 11;

Das waren insgesamt an Strecke KEINE 1,5 km….. 😉



Ich fuhr anschließend zu meiner Mutti um dort nach dem rechten zu sehen..

An einer Abzweigung nahm mir eine Frau rasant die Vorfahrt… die Nummer am Kennzeichen: 99!

Ich bog anschließend die nächste Straße ab und mein Blick fiel erneut auf die 99 und ein Stück weiter unten stand noch ein Fahrzeug mit der 99.

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Lichtpforten des Neumondes

Noch befinden wir uns in der Metamorphose der Wandlungsphase der Rauhnächte.
Hier integriert sich gerade im individuellen Erleben einer jeden Seele das Fundament der Wahrheit, welches durch den immensen Sog der Neuausrichtung dieses Rauhnaacht-Neumondes noch verstärkt wird.
Was gilt es in der Tiefe weiter im eigenen Sein auszuleben?
Was gilt es aus dem verschütteten Innen wieder nach Oben zu bewegen, um die volle
Kraft des Seelenpotenziales zu nutzen?
Hilfreich ist hier in schriftlicher Form eine Liste zu erstellen.
Von all dem, was Ihr über Euch, Euer Wesen fühlt, was sich über die neue Herzöffnung und Klarheit ins Sein bringen möchte, mit Euch wachsen, sich in Euch ausdehnen möchte.
Das kann ich Euch sehr empfehlen, ich habe es selbst für mich umgesetzt, wie viele andere Dinge, die dann ins neue Erleben dürfen, sobald die Frequenz geerdet ist.
Diese innige Zeit der Selbstreflektion bringt Euch in der Tiefe in das wahre Erkennen…

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