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I have subscribed to the Newsletter of Waking Times  as I find so many old/new (?) recipies and hints that will help us to return to natural sources again so that we shall be able to enhance and enrich our daily life and diminish us being overflooded by pestizides in our daily life.
Here is another one about the peels of some fruits which we usually throw away regarding it as “Rubbish” !!!
In this regard I ‘d like to advise all readers here to make it a habit of theirs with looking up or even subscribe to this blog bearing so many valuable contents inside !
It does not cost anything to resort to trying out these tipps and hints and if proof has been obtained of all the contents here … it will save us a great deal of costs for other commercial medicaments!
Love to you all in compassionate and unconditional ways !

This should  be looked upon as closely affixed to our recent articles about “Healing Through The Ages” !

Why you should keep fruit-peels – Re-blogged from “Waking Times”



Flickr - Orange Peel - fdecomiteKaren Foster, Prevent Disease
Waking Times

The peels of fruits hold some of the most incredible nutrients in the world. There are dozens of uses, both medicinal and practical, for orange and banana peels that are unknown to most. Next time you think about throwing away one of these peels, you may want to have this information handy.


Always try and minimize your pesticide levels by selecting organic oranges, but since they’re very low in the pesticides, it’s not essential and a good cleaning with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar in 1 cup of water will remove almost any pesticide remaining within the outer peel.

Orange peel and apple skin are similar since most of the nutrients and benefits are in the skin of these fruits. According to Rebecca Wood, author of The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, “One medium orange contains over 60 flavonoids and 170 different phytonutrients.” They are good for your skin, your system and your home too. Dr. Jaishree Bhattacharjee, Ayurvedic consultant with Satvikshop helps us find out it’s different uses.

Medicinal Properties of Orange Peels

As per Ayurveda, orange peel is tikta (bitter) and it improves digestion and removes sluggishness in the abdomen. It helps to remove gas, heartburn, vomiting and acidic eructation. It works well in perking up appetite and relieving nausea.

Due to its pacifying properties, orange peel powder helps dissolving phlegm in respiratory systems and alleviate cough, asthma etc.

Beneficiary aspects of orange peels come from its essential oils, which have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Essential oil d-limonene has ability to defuse stomach acids and maintain normal intestinal movements. It also promotes normal liver function. Continue reading

Hilarion: “Changes are happening, and the best is yet to come.”

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Hi Friends,

                  Changes are happening, and the best is yet to come.

                  In Love and Light, Mike Quinsey  


“Take heart, Dear Ones, and know that you are the change agents, the mighty forces of love who stand together

with opening hearts to increase the light quotient of your planet in order to raise the level of consciousness

to move above former understandings and perceptions….”





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April 28-May 5, 2013

Beloved Ones,

As a new day dawns on the horizon, more is asked of you when all you want to do is rest and relax. Be good to yourselves, take a deep breath and hold to the vision of a better world as you stand in proxy for humanity. All is in the process of shifting and recalibrating. There is a collective sigh as the density builds in the atmosphere ready to be transmuted into a higher vibration. Let all that distracts fade away as you maintain the certainty that inside each human heart is a wellspring of goodness and innocence that is uniting into a power that is greater than can be told; it is something that can only be experienced.

As this certainty is maintained in a holding pattern, mighty but elusive changes are occurring within every system in every aspect of life on Earth. These are the grass roots movements to establish a new paradigm based on Universal law and truth. All that has held power over the unawakened souls in every corner of the world is being gently dissolved and dissipated. Sometimes each heart bleeds at the injustices that are brought to light, sometimes the inner warrior comes stridently to the forefront. In each instance, those of you who have been taking a stand for the truth in your corner of the world are being uplifted and supported as you daily labor. Continue reading

ღ Aloha Ke Akua

ღ Aloha Ke Akua

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Lend your ears, lend your hands,
Lend your movement, anything you can.
Come to teach, come to be taught.
Come in the likeness in the image of God.
Cause, you can be like that.
With all that humbleness, and all that respect.
All of the power invested in me,
be it hard to love my enemies.
All of the black bags over the heads of the dead and dying.
The more I understand about the human race,
the less I comprehend about our purpose and place
and maybe if there was a clearer line
the curiosity would satisfy.
Time based prophecies that kept me from living,
in the moment I am struggling
to trust the divinity of all the gods
and what the hell they have planned for us.
I cry for the creatures who get left behind
but everything will change in a blink of an eye
and if you wish to survive,
you will find the guide inside. Continue reading

Healing through the Ages by Curadora64

Re-blogged from Auras,Cores e Números and transferred from the Source of Portuguese Article into English by me … in close co-operation and with approval of the author.

http://wp.me/p2wHrN-OR = Link here to this post

http://contramarygarden.blogspot.pt/healing through the ages/and about my affiliated article to the above :

http://contramarygarden.blogspot.pt/2013/04/my-very-own-thoughts-about-healing.html …


The ancient Greeks had a saying : ” Aesculapius everywhere”, which means “The cure is everywhere.”
While there will be also healers everywhere…
But what will make someone a healer ? Nothing special since we all are healers or at least we could all be healers for this is our safest destination.
Follow my reasoning: we are all according to what we believe and when we are evolved enough, we begin to believe unusual things one of which is precisely our capacity for self-healing. Therefrom we realize that we also have capabilities that facilitate healing for others which eventually makes us become true Healers.
I believe some people were born as Healers but others also may learn to become true healers. In such case there have to overcome life experiences evolving and heal oneself.
Evolution or Ascension is not more than CURE. Continue reading

Do you know anything about “Coffee Suspended “?

Another one of the good – blessing in disguise – in times  of depression is the Italian method of “Coffee Suspended” deriving from Naples about 100 years ago. See what it is all about and try to raise also this method of relieving one another in times that don’t go so well ….

As always with unconditional love and compassion yours


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EU Embraces ‘Suspended Coffee’: Pay It Forward With A Cup Of Joe

April 25, 201312:04 PM
A barista serves coffee at a cafe in Naples, Italy. The Italian city's long-standing tradition of buying a cup for a less-fortunate stranger is now spreading across Europe.

A barista serves coffee at a cafe in Naples, Italy. The Italian city’s long-standing tradition of buying a cup for a less-fortunate stranger is now spreading across Europe.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Tough economic times and growing poverty in much of Europe are reviving a humble tradition that began some one-hundred years ago in the Italian city of Naples. It’s called caffè sospeso — “suspended coffee”: A customer pays in advance for a person who cannot afford a cup of coffee.

The Neapolitan writer Luciano de Crescenzo used the tradition as the title of one of his books, : Saggezza quotidiana in piccoli sorsi (“Suspended coffee: Daily wisdom in small sips”).

“It was a beautiful custom,” he recalls. “When a person who had a break of good luck entered a cafe and ordered a cup of coffee, he didn’t pay just for one, but for two cups, allowing someone less fortunate who entered later to have a cup of coffee for free.” Continue reading

The Creator’s writing for today April, 27 – 2013

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The Creator Writings

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

You Are Needed


Whenever you are feeling doubtful about who and what you are and will become; know that The Universe knows your love, your light, your energy. You are needed; you were called into service and responded to that call. You are here, you are alive and you are making a difference. ~ Creator

For today : Please read the Creator’s Writing !

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New post on Oracles and Healers

You Decide…

by Oracles and Healers

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Pick up any circular object and hold it in your hand; imagine this as your world. You have the ability to create or destroy,

Read more… 36 more words

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New Ideas brought about from changing Matrix: Fairy-Tale-Houses

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Lasting change happens when people see for themselves that a different way of life is more fulfilling than their present one. –Eknath Easwaran

Man Builds Fairy Tale Home for $4700

–by Heidi Stevenson, Original Story, Jan 28, 2012

Simon Dale is a family man in Wales, the western part of Great Britain. His interest in self-sustainability and an ecological awareness led him to dig out and build his own home—one of the loveliest, warmest, most inviting dwellings you could ever imagine. And it cost him only £3,000, about $4,700 American dollars!

Can you imagine a more charming entrance than this? Hobbit Home

Hobbit Home Interior

Simon gives two reasons for building the home. The first elegant one, from his website, is:

It’s fun. Living your own life, in your own way is rewarding. Following our dreams keeps our souls alive.

His second reason is a plea for sustainability, in which he states that “our supplies are dwindling and our planet is in ecological catastrophe”. You can read the full and passionate statement here.

Simon is also a photographer, and as you can see throughout this article, a talented one.

A beautiful view in another home that Simon is helping build for someone else. (Originally, this was mistakenly identified as a photo of the home he and his family are living in.)

A beautiful view in another home that Simon is helping build for someone else. (Originally, this was mistakenly identified as a photo of the home he and his family are living in.)

The tools are fairly simple. The main concession to modernity was a chainsaw, which he used to cut down about 30 small trees. No old growth forest fell to his family’s needs. He focused on tools that used his own energy, like shovel, chisel, and hammer. Yet it took him only four months to produce this lovely home.

Hobbit Home Stove and Play Area

The home is constructed from wood, stone, straw, and has a sod roof. It’s heated with a wood fireplace and has a solar panel for power. Most materials were scavenged. The effect, though, isn’t of a run-down get-by-with-second-best sort. It’s creative, artistic, elegant, and cozy.Most amazingly, the home didn’t require years of training or experience. Simon had none. He’s not an architect. He’s not an engineer. He’s not a carpenter.  He started from scratch in every sense. He told the Daily Mail: Continue reading

Read and enjoy channelled Wisdom of Kryon through Lee Carroll on Kundalini Tour !

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Kryon through Lee Carroll: “THE TIME CAPSULES OF GAIA”

This live channelling was Given on the Kryon Kundalini Tour
February 9, 2013
Source: Kryon.com

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The message that I give this evening is an extension to the two that I have given previously within the last weeks [in Boulder Colorado, and Phoenix, Arizona].

The information that you need to know, old soul, needs to be repeated sometimes, so we’re going to do a little bit of a review first.

There is a truth laying in the room, and one that is refreshing. There is a newness here, a renewal, and a recalibration of all things. Having passed this marker of the 2012 energy is far more significant than any of you realize. Many are watching in a quantum state from afar, and there is celebration. You can’t take back what you’ve done, and there are some axioms we wish to remind you of that may affect how you think about it all. But let us review, just for a moment.

When my partner awoke 23 years ago, he did so slowly, and we have said this before. We came at him in a slow fashion so he would not be frightened. We gave him the information slowly and simply, so it would be believable. But even back then, we had just opened the door of potential, and I had arrived because of what you had done. Old soul, some of you were young then and some of you were not. All of you were here on purpose, however.

For the last 23 years, you have simply been in survival. For the last 23 years, I have been telling you about things to expect and the profound potentials that were before you. I spoke of some of the energies that you would face, and you did. All of this was given in the metaphor of fighting an old energy, and of having a duality that constantly is being challenged and worked with. Now it’s different. Now the work begins. Continue reading

My very own Thoughts about Healing

My very own Thoughts about Healing

Being asked to write something about healing I first was at a loss and did not know what to write and where about to begin.

“To heal” in German has also the meaning of “making one whole again” and what only could be made whole again ? It is something which has been broken of into pieces beforehand ……

So let us put this way: healing is to make one whole again (sort of repairing and tracing back broken off fragments to some entire whole again).

This were my first thoughts and they led me to my research to find out what the real primary whole was like with regard to healing.

I am a European now in this incarnation and this is why I might consider solely what the European Healing was like as an outcome of the former 2000 years and before. Continue reading

Awaken to the truth of who and what you are. – channeled by Ron Head

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dawn over the horn


Our focus today will be on focus.  For a very many reasons this is important for you at this time.  It is a critical tool in your toolbox, both for achieving your objectives of raising your energy and frequency, and for your protection, allowing that to happen in the best and easiest way. 

We ask you to focus, to a much higher degree, upon your path and upon your intent to always, in every moment, be feeling good.  We ask you to focus on finding more and more ways to feel good about yourselves.  We ask you to focus more and more on feeling unconditional love for all around you.

Why, other than the obvious reason that it is what you need to be doing to create a better life for you and others, do we ask this now?  We said it concerned your protection.  We wish you to focus so exclusively on these things that you do not have time to give any attention to the negative things which are occurring outside the sphere of your own particular world at this time. Continue reading

Hilarion – April 21-28, 2013 April 21, 2013


Beloved Ones,

The times that you are living in are wrought with both the greatest of challenges and the greatest of blessings. As the third dimensional energies are no longer being supported by the very atmosphere surrounding the Earth, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold the denser energies in your personal energy fields. There is a boomerang effect that is occurring whereby those who harbor and hold the denser energies are finding that it comes back to them intensely magnified and this energy sometimes erupts in ways that are difficult to comprehend by the greater community.

It is becoming increasingly important to release these denser energies in ways that do not impinge upon the World in a harmful manner. The role that you, the Lightworkers, play at this time is that of balancing and dissolving discordant energies. This is something each of you automatically pray and intend as the need arises. You have learned how to transmute the lower energies within yourselves and walk the Earth without making a negative impact upon it. It is important to hold love within your hearts no matter what transpires in the changing World around you and this you are doing admirably. Continue reading

Your Guide to Planetary Energies for April 22 to 30, 2013 By Pam Younghans

Today’s photo:  Auroras over Juneau, Alaska, on April 14 (photo by Ron Gile, posted on SpaceWeather.com)
SEEKING ANSWERS, as many of us are, I of course look to astrology. In recent history, we have had more than a few dramatic and explosive events happening in mid- to late-April. Seeing a pattern like that makes us wonder if we can find clues “in the stars.”
It is true that every year around this time, the Sun is completing its month-long transit of Aries. The first sign of the zodiac has many qualities that can be used in positive ways — confidence, initiative, leadership, instinctive action, courage, enthusiasm, etc. And yet, taken to the extreme, we can also see how those same positive qualities can become anger, combativeness, impatience, resentment, rashness, and even violence.
The conditions that lead to catastrophic events do not just occur in the moment, however. Even the explosion in West, Texas, although not “premeditated” as it would be if initiated by human hands, must have had its causal beginnings in weeks, months, even years prior.
ULTIMATELY, there has to be a “perfect storm” of conditions that enables an event to occur — and that’s what we seek to find in the planetary alignments. I have not gone back to research all the events of past Aprils — to be honest, I prefer not to spend an over amount of time focusing on painful events of the past, and don’t want to drag us all through that journey. 
What occurred last week, that we can surmise was a piece of the “perfect storm” puzzle, was the Mars-Sun alignment. This potentially volatile alignment occurs every two years, although not always in Aries. The energy of this particular alignment was increased this year because both planets were in close proximity to Eris at the time. On top of that, we’re in eclipse season and the influence of the Pluto-Uranus square is building — enough conditions in place for the storms to manifest.
IT MAY BE too early to start looking for specific cosmic purposes for recent events — emotions are too raw, and wounds are too fresh. But we can acknowledge that these types of events usually result in a coming together of community, a greater appreciation for loved ones, and a stronger awareness of what we most value in life.
And, given the way in which the entire country shared in some aspect of the experience through the immediacy of our communication and media technologies, the events of this past week have also reminded us of how interconnected we are. Here in Seattle, far from the physical location of either explosion, reporters are interviewing local runners who participated in the marathon, which brings it all “home” in more visceral ways. 
NOTE: My apologies for the extra length of today’s Journal — after writing my short blog posting, I actually had decided not to talk about events of the past week in today’s Journal, but when I sat down to write this morning, it spilled out anyway. 
Now, on to the forecast for the next TEN DAYS. I will be on holiday next weekend, without access to a computer, so please note that today’s Journal actually covers Monday, April 22 to Tuesday, April 30. I will write a shorter Journal covering Wednesday, May 1 to Sunday, May 5, and send it out the last day of this month.
THIS COMING WEEK brings our first eclipse of three in a row. Most years, we have just two eclipses every six months, but periodically we do have three at a time. This means that the next four to six weeks will bring especially important opportunities to resolve or release long-lived (karmic) patterns and embrace necessary changes. Continue reading

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Quest with Suzanne Spooner – Part 4

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Quest with Suzanne Spooner – Part 4

Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne Spooner

Ron head 22

Ron Head

(Continued from Part 3)

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne Spooner, TAUK Messages, April 19, 2014


Suzanne: He asks that you please speak to him about his channeling and whether it will continue to improve… I don’t know why that part of that sentence makes me giggle… because he’s so good at what he does, but he asks if it will continue to improve and will he be able to live channel (channel live) in front of an audience. Is that what you’re speaking of, perhaps?

Creator: Those are the groups.

Suzanne: Those are the groups. Okay. And he wants to know when he’s doing that will he be able to hear the messages himself. I guess will he be conscious enough to hear the messages, or not.

Creator: We understand that he was asking us about the phenomenon you call clairaudience. What he will discover is that, when he puts himself in the place where he is right this moment… you see clairaudience is the hearing of someone other. And there is no other.

Suzanne: It’s a play on words isn’t it?

Creator: It’s a very, very hard thing for you to learn in your world. And you have been forcibly taught otherwise for thousands and thousands of years. (E.G.)There is a man whom you must seek when you want to talk to me. How silly is that?

Suzanne: That’s silly. That’s pretty silly. Continue reading

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Quest with Suzanne Spooner – Part 3

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Quest with Suzanne Spooner – Part 3

Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne Spooner

Ron head 22

Ron Head

(Continued from Part 2)

QHHT = Quantum Hypnosis Healing

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne Spooner, TAUK Messages, April 19, 2014


A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne: Do you mind if I close the windows real quick? (Leaf blowers outside)

Creator: Please. Take your time. I have all the time in the world. (giggles!)

Suzanne: That has never been a truer statement spoken by anybody. That’s actually kind of funny.

Creator: I invented humor. You said that yourself.

Suzanne: I did! I love that. Thank… can I just take a personal moment of gratitude and thank you so much for the gift of TAUK?

Creator: We are grateful to you, dear one. Continue reading

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest with Suzanne Spooner – Part 2

Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne Spooner

Ron head 22

Ron Head

(Continued from Part 1.)

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne Spooner, TAUK Messages, April 18, 2013


Suzanne: Well, you know his very first question was worded that way. It was, “Why am I still not able to activate my clairvoyance and clairaudience even though I have ample evidence that I have these abilities?” How can we get the mind and the mouth to work together?

Creator: He is seeking the answer to another question.

Suzanne: OK.

Creator: You will ask it, and he will read it, and he will finally be faced with who he is.

Suzanne: OK.

Creator: And he still won’t want to believe it!

Suzanne: That’s OK. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time, doesn’t it? Tell me what that question is that he wants…

Creator: Did he walk with my son [Jesus].

Suzanne: OK. What would you tell him about that?

Creator: A long time ago two young boys met in Alexandria. One was what you call Egyptian. He was a little older and a lot bigger. And they played together. They got into trouble together. They ran through the village together. They were brothers. And they walked together for many, many years. He would not take everything my son said just because he said it. My son would talk to him because they would argue about it.

Suzanne: Debate?

Creator: Oh yes! Why? Just because you say so. But, in doing that, they both learned so much. And no one approached My son past that man (Ron, in that life) unless he wanted them to. Never was anyone trusted… You see why he cannot claim that. Continue reading

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest with Suzanne Spooner – Part 1

Words are missing with me …read yourselves … and let the light guide your thoughts …..

Yours (Contra)Mary

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest with Suzanne Spooner – Part 1

Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne Spooner

Ron head 22

Ron Head

Steve: I spoke to Suzanne for an hour on Quantum Hypnosis Healing and has agreed to do an article on the subject.  So many people doing such interesting work.

A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner

Suzanne Spooner, TAUK Messages, April 18, 2013


Section One

Note from Ron: Last week, after waiting months for the opportunity, I finally had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Suzanne Spooner. After we reviewed the recordings and discussed it, we have decided that there might very well be material that will be of value to others in what we recorded. I find that this is not an easy thing, publishing to the world what you have dredged up from your subconscious, but Suzanne has smoothed the way for me as well as let me keep personal things to myself, for which I cannot thank her enough. I offer this to anyone interested, for what you may glean from it. So! Here we go.

Note from Suzanne Spooner: Several months ago my dear friend and fellow TAUKer had mentioned he would like to have a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session with me. Our only issue was the distance separating us. Ron lives in Florida, I live in Iowa and QHHT sessions must be done in person. I mentioned to Ron that my husband and I would be in St. Pete’s for vacation in April and would he consider the drive up from Miami for a session? He said yes and everything fell in line. We made plans for him to stay with us overnight in our rental home as his drive was substantial and his session would run about 4-5 hours. Mr. Head arrived, we sat down to dinner and conversation and talked a little about his upcoming session.

As we sat down the next morning, I believe Ron mentioned that it felt like something big was going to happen! The room was already feeling electric with energy and I agreed with him. I didn’t want to lead him in expectations but thought that his channeling buddy, Archangel Michael might pop through for a chat during the time of the session where Ron’s High Self came through to answer the list of questions Ron had prepared. I had Archangel Gabriel come through at a session with a different client and The Council of Twelve came through at my own session once, so guest appearances weren’t uncommon. I advise my clients, prior to a QHHT session to leave their slate clean of all expectations as ANYTHING can happen.

We started the session. We were guided by Ron’s HS to two past lives. One in ancient times, before history as we know it was recorded we were told. In this life he had no responsibility. Ron referred to this as a ‘vacation life’. Swimming in the ocean for food and living on a beach seemed to be the theme. The next life he was born into a family of tribal leaders who accepted great responsibility for the tribe members and their way of life. It was later explained that Ron had had many lives like this second one. The contrast of the two lives shown then was one of no responsibility and one of much responsibility.

We finished looking at those experiences and I called forth his High Self (Subconscious, The Universal Mind~ There are many names we put to this energy. It’s the bigger version of us. The part of us that has been with us since the very beginning) Continue reading

When we enter Taurus …to which this coming Month of April/May is dedicated

Yes it is a good read and fudder for thoughts not only for Taureans yet especially for the latter… Yes I am a Taurean and with a whiff of air of the arrows of Sagittarius being my ascendent.

Read this it is very elucidating I found.

Yours (Contra)Mary

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Earth Guide, Sun in Taurus, 2013 – from Zooey!

mushroom_house1“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”

    – Kahlil Gibran

If there is one word that can sum up the feeling of love, it’s the word, home. It’s there that we first learned to walk and play and interact with others. We dress it up with sunshine and fine linens in the morning; and it’s there we curl up at the end of a long day. Simply put, home is where our hearts dwell.

It’s also where we’d find a Taurus. The gardeners of the world, the Druids of legend, the Hobbits of the Zodiac—if something is growing there, it’s guaranteed you’ll find a Taurus close by with a watering can. They’re not only our best friends, but best friends of Mother Earth.

That moment when we’re on the side of the road hoping someone will come by and help? It’s usually a Taurus that shows up. It’s my bet that many have incarnated at this time to assist in Gaia’s birth of the new Age of Aquarius. Taureans are here to remind us of how precious this world is, and that we need to love and care for one other. And to play. And, you know, build a house, make some shiny coins, and have some kids along the way.

Is it any wonder Venus, the Goddess of Love, rules this sign? Or that many of the people born in Taurus are some of the sexist people alive? Their eyes either smolder with a deep, earthy passion or sparkle like the heavens. They are anointed with demure cosmic vision; and they never, ever rush anything. Continue reading

“The Secret to an Unknown Human Power by GW Hardin” – A CELESTIAL MYSTERY SOLVED

This might be a so-called forerunner of what life may turn out to be for us all in due course – completely new to us at this Time of Now – yet signalling somehow what we may expect to show up with our further ascension …… amazing news for all who read it now and very likely becoming habitual for us at a later stage ….

With so much compassionate and unconditional love from yours


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A CELESTIAL MYSTERY SOLVED : The Secret to an Unknown Human Power by GW Hardin

Posted: 18 Apr 2013 12:06 AM PDT

The Secret to an Unknown Human Power
by GW Hardin

When American Kabuki said that he would post this mystery of a picture, that had shown up out of nowhere, on his blog and let the “crowd source” (his blog members) bring forth the answer, I had my doubts. But no longer.

I will present three revelations that showed up around this picture:

What is this picture? And where did it come from?

Why the celestials want humanity to know about it’s secret.

What is the DNA tesseract? And why is it so important?

This isn’t the first time a picture has shown up out of nowhere on the computer of my longtime protege, Matthew Michaels. I consider Matt a young adept of the first order. The year I first met him, he would have been called an Indigo or one of the Super Psychics originally talked about in China. Unfortunately, the reason his mother beseeched me to visit him was because he was dying. His doctors could do nothing for him. Since then he has made me aware of worlds that few ever hear of, let alone visit. Not only has he been pursued by Black Ops, but also sought after by tribal Elders. That’s how impressive he can be. It’s also why I have kept him a secret all these years. His journey has not been an easy one. Too many times has he ended up in emergency rooms. And too many times I’ve had to show him how to pull himself away from the jaws of death. But it’s time to bring him out of hiding. He’s now a force to be reckoned with. Continue reading

You are an amazing sight to behold. – channeled by Ron Head

Photo by Gretchen Hermey.

Photo by Gretchen Hermey.


We have noticed, and would speak for a moment about, a very gratifying development.  More and more in these recent days, ideas which were introduced by this channel and others are being accepted and spoken of by others.  This, of course, is the whole purpose of our communications, and it both makes those of us doing the communicating happy, and bodes very well for the increasing progress toward your goals.

Ideas, like precious seeds, must be planted, nurtured, and cared for carefully until they become strong enough to thrive, and that has happened, though you may not notice in your day to day rushing about.  This is true over your entire globe, also, and not just in the few places which read and speak your particular language, whatever that may be. Continue reading

My Personal Experience of Rajah Yoga and activating 3rd Vision

In close co-operation with “Auras, Cores e Números” I wrote down what I experienced in my life in the late eighties learning about Rajah Yoga as one of a powerful medium to activate my 3rd Vision. Only – I must admit – at that time I never was consciously activating the power of my 3rd eye but seeked solely relief from my sadness and mourning about a broken marriage then …

After trying so many tools of assistance to this matter yet without any success I turned to the only “One Source” for help. With my inner heartpained decision of calling out ” I will do what is Thy Will”  a great network of assistance had been set henceforth around me (so I am able to perceive it now) that led me eventually to learning this prescious tool of Raja Yoga in meditating in a particular way.

This is what the following writing is all about and we, Curadora64 and I thought my personal story might fit in well as annex to her profound writing about the 3rd Vision.

As always with unconditional Love and compassion to all of you!

Yours (Contra)Mary

Durch den Garten des Lebens

Across the Garden of Life

À travers du Jardin de la Vie

Pelo Jardim da Vida

Por el Jardín de la Vida



Monday, April 8, 2013

3rd Vision – 6th Chacra

It is what we – over here in Germany –  call our – Third Eye –  and this also may be activated via Raja Yoga !
This I learned already in 1987 when I all of a sudden found myself in a swamp of some deep mess of my life turning over and breaking up my marriage with a  beloved husband of mine.
I was shocked to my most inner core … still life had to go on also on the professional side …. so I worked and I cried ,,,,,, worked and cried all the time simultaneously all my days long (had an office-room on my own) on and on …. and stayed in a huge newly-moved-in flat alone only with my two cats. And then one evening as sad and lonely as ever – something in all my mourning made me kneel down and I prayed to God Almighty : …”Your Will Be Done!”  and I surrendered to HIS Will entirely.
Help – so it seemed now to me – came instantly.  Reading some daily newspaper during a break of work I found a notice
of some church community looking for participants of married women having been left by their husband in order to build up some new group for them to discuss their painful experience.
There I went and met some nice lady telling me of a kind of meditation focusing on “The Point”.So I also went to the given address and arrived at the“Center of Brahma Kumaris” where I learned this kind of meditation which is world-widely known as “Raja Yoga”..
Raja Yoga is one of the approved methods to activate the Third Vision or Third Eye located in The 6th Chacra of our human bodies. Continue reading

In Co-operation with Auras.Cores e Números : “The 3rd Vision – 6th Chakra”

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I did not want to copy everything that has been said and written about 3rd Vision yet not with standing I am deeply aware that writing about it is not an easy undertaking.

Therefore I shall restrict myself to what I learned and have experienced myself for years with my own vision and the knowledge of some books which I studied minutiously.

By ancient Tibetan tradition long before Madame Blavatsky and use of Akashic Chronicle I have learned that the Lemurians used this vision all the time and thus their perception of the universe differed largely from our


Please look at the description of root races according to the Theosophical Society founded by Madame Blavatsky:


http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Doutrina_Secreta # Ra.C3.A7as root


As its 6th chakra was quite evolved and even predominant to other chakras, Lemurian race had a vision from a distance not only spatial but also temporal.


If the term “television” i.e. “distant vision”  was not affixedly associated with “TV of Nowadays” and its role it is playing presently in our life – it could very well designate the capacity of 3rd vision the Lemurians once exercised and practised.


They saw  future and past in the same way and traveled through the entire universe just with their special  3rd-Vision.



It might be usual to regard  all those who have currently developed this ability in any of their DNA-strands that they are re-incarnations of the Lemurians on Earth now.




And by that time I refer to a period prior to 45,000 up to hundreds of thousands of years ago.



More is displayed here about the Lemurians (Born out of the Egg) :



Let us consider before two other races: After the Lemurians there were the Atlanteans whose civilization had been destroyed about 12,000 years ago and then our contemporary Aryan or Arias. 




My dates do not match with those of Wikipedia but the true story will be revealed in due course and proven by newly discovered fossil evidence.









Ours is the first race that is evolving without an almost entire destruction of civilization caused by some huge cataclysm.



Then there occurred great cataclysm like floods and other disasters and there have testimonies been found that when extinction of the last race of Atlanteans were approaching this was also accompanied by some violent changing rotation of the Earth’s axis.  




This – change of rotation of the Earth’s axis – is a constant characteristic factor when switching over to another race and also has been taken place in our time although in a more gently way.




Despite the violent changes in the layers of earth’s crust there remained still some traces of fossils, buildings and even living beings.




Due to this reason there remained and existed still some Lemurians and Atlanteans during the move to Aryan human population.




Due to  the rotation of Earth’s axis time then was expanded and days were longer and thus made Lemurians and Atlanteans live much longer.




Gravity also was somewhat less and thus these human people were of larger size and also ofmore powerful strength.




Both these precedent races left a trail of legends in all human beings ascending now.



And always recurring in these legends is the fact that precedent races made widely use of some very advanced technology-systems.




They were even mentally superior to us and very aware that they made widely use of their “3rd Eye” and other capabilities which are widely uncommon nowadays. 


However, during their last age they resorted to use their gifted powers solely for their very own advantage and not in assistance to supporting other humans.

Thus spiritual use of their capabilities lessened increasingly and evolution of human species grew more in some technical and materialistic ways.


And that’s what our ancestors left us: the evanescent memory of a lost world and our better genetic inheritance which made our mental and spiritual capacities to become latent…


Hilarion – April 14 – 21.2013 “You are each in full flow again ……..”


Beloved Ones,

You are each in full flow again of receiving and anchoring the Cosmic energies into the crystalline core of your planet. These are the rhythms that you are by now used to in your daily lives and as such you serve the Divine. As each of you receive and allow these energies to pass through you into the crystalline core, you are filling the Earth with these expansive energies and this is how the ascension of the Earth is taking place. The Light within expands within the center of the planet and is uplifted into the higher dimensions.

The ascended realms work unceasingly to bring more Light through each of our colleagues walking upon the planet so that their Light grows ever brighter and more radiant than before. Those who have chosen this service are strategically placed all over the planet and are providing a great service through their willingness to undergo the rigors of the purification process. We understand that it is quite often a two edged sword, for as you allow more Light to enter your physical bodies, you also experience the purging at a deeper and deeper level of all the cells of your being and this is not always a pleasant experience within your own systems.

As you journey further into the ascension process, you also partake of the energies that are being released for transmutation and you provide a great service to humanity and the Earth in this way also. Each of you has the capacity to do this work and you have been doing it admirably. We wish to point out that at the higher levels of your Being you fully understand your role and enthusiastically participate in it. This work requires the persistent dedication of all of our colleagues walking upon the planet and it is coordinated with all of you during your periods of rest and sleep. Much takes place beyond the portals of the sleep state and you carry this knowledge within you. Continue reading

Your Guide to Planetary Energies for April 15 to 21, 2013 By Pam Younghans

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By Pam Younghans
Today’s photo:  Cascading auroras over Salla, Finnish Lapland, on April 11 (photo by B. Art Braafhart, posted on SpaceWeather.com)
THE EXODUS of planets leaving Aries begins this week. On Monday, Venus enters Taurus, followed by the Sun on Friday and Mars on Saturday.
We still have some of the Aries fire to work with — most notably the alignment between the Sun and Mars this Wednesday, and the upcoming square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (on May 20). But for this Taurus native, the idea of more planets anchoring the energy of grounded, placid, peace-loving Taurus is a relief.
THE SHIFT from Aries to Taurus occurs every year in late April, following the Sun’s regular cycle through the 12 signs of the zodiac. Whenever the Sun changes signs, it’s time to take the next step in whatever process is underway in our lives.
During the month of Aries, we have been supported in initiating new projects, having the courage to lead the way into new territory, and generally exhibiting the qualities of the Aries archetypes: the Pioneer, the Risk-Taker, the Assertive One. Each of us, of course, manifests these themes in different areas of life (the location of Aries in our natal charts) and with varying degrees of ease or challenge (current transits).
IN THE MONTH of Taurus, the energy shifts. With the support of the Sun and other planets now entering the second sign, we can use the coming month to stabilize and ground our process. Symbolically, now that the seed has been planted, we are sending roots down into the soil, both to add stability and to access resources that are needed to support further growth. Continue reading

The 5D Report-April – Lauren C Gorgo Duality to Triality: divine will made manifest

Back again but not yet fully but the worst package of work has been done by me – something that I just could not do for a long time and what has been impaired greatly my whole life here for about 1 1/2 years ! I have done it and to prove this experience which surprisingly turned out to be such an easy one … the first article I came across was this one in which – so it appears to me – Lauren G. explains the entire spiritual background of my actual physical activities of last week. It is really true – we have passed through the biggest reverse of Mercury ever and now have changed templates onto something entirely new and yet old again where we came from originally.

Quote: “(Begin rant) Hands down tho, that was THE l o n g e s t and most torturous Mercury retrograde in the history of retrogrades…and yes, it’s likely I say that every retrograde, but…s.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y. I am running out of adjectives to describe the inanity of it all. (End rant)

So even tho we were being held underwater for what felt like 3 or 4 eternities, in the bigger picture, we were undergoing an intensive “sacrament of initiation into the priest(ess)hood”…what the unseens refer to as a right of passage to reclaiming the power and authority of God. I don’t really know what any of that means yet, but I do know that we are changed humans because of it.”  unquote

From the deep tunnel of rabitt-dugging-work I went through last week I can only underlline the above proven through jt what I sensed and felt when being at it! I am happy to provide you with this article and would advise you to be quite aware of what you will encounter in your daily life-experience with regard to being conn ected to this new template we have arrived at now.

As always with compassionate and unconditional love from (Contra)Mary to you all.

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The 5D Report-April – Lauren C Gorgo

Duality to Triality: divine will made manifest

So we finally, Finally, FINALLY made it out of reverse, and can start moving forward again…altho forward seems slightly subjective in this new territory because, for all intents and purposes, we are without a compass and with no linear marker points to hint at what direction is. But this whole new reality is pretty slick if you ask me because without linearity, without progressing sequentially, we literally have no choice but to think with our hearts. Pretty sneaky. Literally wipes the logic right out of us.

Having said all that, it doesn’t exactly feel like a running start. More like a crawling start….or whatever the word is for slightly faster than sitting. Either way, I’m in. I’ll take anything over going backwards and rummaging thru my insidey parts. Again. And again. And again. And…

(Begin rant) Hands down tho, that was THE l o n g e s t and most torturous Mercury retrograde in the history of retrogrades…and yes, it’s likely I say that every retrograde, but…s.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y. I am running out of adjectives to describe the inanity of it all. (End rant)

So even tho we were being held underwater for what felt like 3 or 4 eternities, in the bigger picture, we were undergoing an intensive “sacrament of initiation into the priest(ess)hood”…what the unseens refer to as a right of passage to reclaiming the power and authority of God. I don’t really know what any of that means yet, but I do know that we are changed humans because of it. Continue reading

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