Sandra Walter: Gateway Preparation: July 13 – 17

Sandra Walter: Gateway Preparation: July 13 -17Blessings Beloved Light Tribe We are connecting with the Cosmic Stargates today through Monday (July 13-17), with an upcoming collective trigger on July 23. You may have noticed the timeline shifts as this approached; the time-standing-still sensation which occurred in several moments yesterday. Also note the clarity of the SUN has brightened; let this […] click on picture for original

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Mira from the Pleiadian High Council, June 5, 2017 through Valerie Donner


Mira from the Pleiadian High Council, June 5, 2017 through Valerie DonnerMira from the Pleiadian High Council channeling June 5, 2017 through Valerie Donner Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently working full-time with the Earth Council. I greet you today with good news. We value you and complement you for the phenomenally good work that you are doing. Please know that whatever […] click on picture for original

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Heavenly Blessings ~ St. Germaine with a Fabulous Update

Heavenly Blessings ~ St. Germaine with a Fabulous UpdateApril 4, 2017 – Suzanne Maresca and Linda Dillon welcome St. Germaine back to the airwaves with an encouraging update on the state of affairs on Gaia. Our guest reminds us that we’re the captains of our own vessels. We set the course for ourselves and for all those traveling behind and with us. As such, […] click on picture for original

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I have just received word from The New Jerusalem that all the Ascended Masters and all the fleet Commanders are standing by – fingers on the green button…ANNE DEHEART…… More info:
The landings is when our work begins. This whole reclamation of planet Earth is being orchestrated by Ashtar, Mother Sekhmet, Sananda, Lady Nada, St Germain, Metatron, and others.
Lady Master Nada is the one who will announce NESARA Republic. Money will not be released until this announcement is made.
When the wealthy children of the Elite learned of the many children starving, globally, they volunteered $1 million each to go into the prosperity funds.
It will take one or two months after the landings to clean up the medical and pharmaceutical influence on our consciousness – before they can really get into our full, true history. Healing ships will also be here at this time to heal the global population and clear us of pharmaceutical influence.
Earth’s protective block has been opened – the portals are open now for the ships to come through.

A Saint Germain Message – taken from Facebook

Greetings from Galactic Heart . .


My dear friend, Nana, received this auspicious message from St. Germain. He woke her up in the middle of the night asking her to get up and write his message, GRADUATION DAY.

I cried tears of joy for my heart resonated with his words as Truth. Enjoy.

Selamat Ja!


A Saint Germain Message

My Dear Friends,

I am bringing to you this day a message of Love and Hope that has overwhelmed me by its intensity. I do not claim to be a channel . . . and yet, I find myself bringing forth this message that I have received from Beloved St. Germain. As with me, many of you have had these words whispered in your ears so that when this message is received, you would know that it is truth. I only ask that you look deep within yourselves to know if this message resonates within your very being as truth to you.

I pray that when you read this message that you will know that it does not come from ego, but from a much higher source, indeed from the Company of Heaven.

As always, I remain your Sister of Truth.


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Graduation Day!

It is I, St. Germain. I am that voice that has spoken to you and guided you since you were a wee, small child. It is I, along with Archangel Michael, who have guided and protected you through the perils of your life that you might reach this Day of Graduation. Your journey has been arduous and there were times when your life hung in the balance. Joyously, you have completed the groundwork for the great Mission that you accepted before coming into physicality. You are now set to matriculate and to begin this great work of ending hunger and degenerative disease on this sacred planet that we call Terra or Gaia.

You have been led to be part of a community of great Warriors of the Light. Indeed, they were led to bring together a great global assembly of Divinely Inspired Beings who are Gladiators of Truth and Warriors of the Light, for make no mistake, you have all been involved in a Battle for the Hearts, Minds and Souls of your Brethren. We have given you, Dear One, the great honor to deliver this message to your fellow spiritual Warriors at this most auspicious moment in time.

All of you who read this message have suffered greatly in bringing forth the beauty of this day. We have heard your pleas, crying out in pain over the losses you have endured. When you accepted this great undertaking, you, as a Divine Being, agreed to forfeit the memory of whom you are as part of a Great Experiment and to accelerate your Souls growth by finding the goodness inherent within you and returning to the Light. Many of you have thought that you lost everything, gave up everything and some have even wondered, “Why me?” Did it ever occur to you that these losses were necessary to prepare you for the enormous wealth that many of you will control? We have heard many of you reflect on the fact that so many in this Global “Dinar” community find themselves in such dire circumstances, even those who had enjoyed great wealth. Each of you agreed on a Soul Level to experience these losses so that you would never take for granted the bounteous blessings that are about to be manifested.


For those of you with great money and physical resources, when you passed a homeless person, many of you averted your eyes, not wanting to see their lack and their hopelessness. This is no longer the case. When you see the homeless now, you do not say “There but for the Grace of God go I . . . You say, There go I.” Their pain is no longer an abstraction to you. You feel their pain now in such a deep and visceral way, you are overcome with a Compassion and Love for them that you could never have known had you not walked in their shoes. This has been part of your preparation to be Great Stewards of these Blessings that are coming to you from Heaven. The words of the Great Poet John Donne ring with this truth today, as when they were written 500 years ago:

“Any man’s death diminishes me,
because I am involved in Mankinde;
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee….”

When Sananda or the one that you know as Yeshua ben Joseph or Jesus the Christ, walked this Earth, he was a very learned Rabbi. He was indeed a Sacrificial Lamb and started the process that is finally culminating at this time. You might say that he was the First Martyr. The only time that He lost his temper was when He was in the Temple of Solomon and he overturned the tables of the Money Changers. I hope that it is not lost on you that we are now recapitulating that time and invoking his mighty wrath against those who have enslaved you by the use of lies, trickery and chicanery. Their time is over. They will no longer be permitted to harm you or to harm our beautiful Gaia.

Christ did not come to start a church or to be worshipped. He came to end the tyranny of the Mosaic Laws and to replace those laws with a New and Everlasting Covenant. This Covenant is simple in its purity: Thou shall Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. And the second Covenant is like unto it: Thou shall Love thy neighbor as thyself. He did not hold himself out to be better than his Disciples. When asked about his Miracles, he very humbly said, “These things that I do, you shall do also and even greater things than these shall you do!” He sought not to divide you, but to bring you together as One Family of Man.


I say these things to you so that you may know that there is no longer any need to war against one another in the name of religion. These separate religions were created to divide you, to control you and to stop your spiritual growth. It is time to recognize the Divinity in one another and to put aside those things that no longer serve you. You are your neighbors keeper. Your neighbor’s pain is your pain and in that way you are truly One Heart, One Mind and One Breath!”

Because you have become Great Beings of Love and Compassion, you emanate a Light that is so Bright that it is overpowering the Darkness that had nearly choked the life from each and every Being on this planet. This is why so many of your brothers and sisters throughout the Cosmos are watching this Great Spectacle with breathless anticipation. To them, you are truly Heroic Beings who have stood in your Truth and demonstrated Courage beyond the call.

Dear Ones, many have said that these are the “end times”. This is not so! These are the Beginning Times as you are ushering in an era of Peace, Abundance and Prosperity never known on this Sacred Orb.

There are so many Heroic Beings who have made great sacrifices to bring you this knowledge. They walk among you and have worked tirelessly to give you Hope and Courage to persevere in spite of all adversity.

Do you really think, Dear Nana, that it is by accident you have been brought to know some of these Great Ones? There are no coincidences. They are instrumental in your ability to fulfill your Mission. Our Beloved Sheldan has been laying the groundwork that all may understand what Heaven has been trying to accomplish for these many years. It has been part of your journey to have been guided to know some of these great humanitarian Souls such as the one known as Zap or Jerzy. He has suffered greatly for our Humanity. He, like too many others, has suffered assaults on his character, given over his wealth and even his family, so that Beloved Gaia can once again be restored to her Celestial Glory.


These sacrifices go back to the Founding Fathers of your great Republic and to the many martyrs who stood in their Truth for your benefit. These include many of your Presidents such as the ones known as Jack Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley. There are many more unsung heroes who have dared to stand up to the evil forces who have enslaved you for thousands of years. These Great Ones are joyously applauding you and urging you on as you approach the Grand Finale, the Great Victory that is now upon you. We say to all of you, Bravo! We applaud you!

This is now your time to shine your Light! One among you known as Yusuf has rightly stated that you are not the new 1% but truly you are the 100%. There is great Wisdom and Truth in these words. You have heard that you are One and this is so. But make no mistake, you are not of a hive mentality or spirituality. Dear Jerzy was inspired last week to state this Truth with Love and Wisdom—You are Individuated Divinity, filled with Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. This is your Essence, IT IS WHO YOU ARE! Believe it for it is so.

I, St. Germain, speaking for the Company of Heaven, have brought this message through Nana that you may be prepared for the Great Announcements that are about to take place. Do not despair! Your long, dark night is over! This is indeed the beginning of the Aquarian Age, the beginning of a New Year and the restoration of your Individuated Divinity! You stand at the threshold of a New Earth, a New Reality and a Golden Age of Peace, Love and Abundance for all. We say to you, “Well done, Good and Faithful S of the Light! Well done!”

St. Germain

by Nana (

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Evidence that the System of Guidance Works

Depiction of automatic writing

Where is this thought coming from?

We may sometimes ask ourselves how our guides work with us.

I’ve been watching one way mine work with me for a few months now.  Our guides seem to insert a word or phrase in our minds.  I once confirmed they were doing it with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon.

Steve Beckow: Who is inspiring me?

Archangel Michael: We are all inspiring you but that particular inspiration came through St. Germaine, my friend.

SB: Well, it was so subtle. At first I thought it was a thought that I had and then I said to myself, “I don’t have any knowledge about energy bubbles!” So it was the first time I was aware that somebody else must’ve given me that thought.(1)

Today I was walking behind a woman in such oversized rainboots that she fairly trundled along like a….

I was just about to let fly with my judgement when I heard a voice say: “I don’t care for my judgments any more.”

And that comment fit right into a space that was available that I didn’t even know existed.

It resonated with a part of me that I wasn’t even familiar with yet.

I allowed that part to expand.

It opened into a tremendously peaceful space within myself. It’s perhaps an hour after this first happened and still, when I take in a deep breath, I open onto the same space of deep peace.

I was overwhelmingly impressed by the quality of this peace I was expereincing.  I searched for bliss in this space, but saw that peace, as a substantial presence, occupied all of it. I was obviously there to learn something about peace.

Having sat with this space for a few minutes, I’d say it’s a space of more peace than I’ve ever yet known.

It doesn’t come with a user’s manual, so I’d have to guess that what this episode is designed to do for me is to show me that letting go of judgments is a doorway in to inner peace.  That’s what I conclude from it.

I’m going back into the experience of peace, to explore it more.

No judgment, no desire = peace.  No “I” that judges or “wants” that require fulfiment = peace.

By following the prompting of my guidance, I’ve now been led to a deep experience of peace. I’d say the system of guidance works.


(1)  Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 12, 2016

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NESARA WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY – St.Germain through Marc Gamma, dated March 14, 2014 ( bilingual ). reblogged


I was reminded by Dave Schmidt today of this message of St.Germain about NESARA previousl posted on March 14, 2014 via chanellor Marc Gamma. As it may still of interest today I repost it in English and in the original German version. With unconditional love and light – yours Contramimi/Contramary.

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To Whom It May Concern

Further to the Audio-Message of St.Germain through Marc Gamma I received the German transcipt of it today and I translated it into English – as I presume that the “English-speaking Realm” would like much to share it together with our German readers as well. … and who knows perhaps there will be still those with another mothertongue than ours her – come and translate it too for their readers to share the most valuable contents of this first message of St.Germain on what he reveals here to all of us what NESARA really entails ….

If there are still some glitches here or anything not spelled quite right – please forgive me … I will proof-read it in the next few days and make due corrections then. This message was quite lengthy and I set down to translate it the very moment I received it. As I deem it so important and vital for all of us I want to post it right away without losing any time ….

As always with unconditional love and compassion


P.S. scroll down for German Transcript, please!


NESARA WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY – St. Germain through Marc Gamma – dated March 14, 2014

Greetings to all of you – this is St. Germain speaking.

It is the first time that I am coming to you through this channel and from now on I shall come to you once a week in sequence. The core of all messages here to you will be the topic of NESARA. This will be the subject dealt with during the coming weeks. And this not only with me here when submitting my messages but also everywhere on earth. NESARA is about to be rolled out quite shortly.

When expressing the above phrase I mean that NESARA  will be manifested into your reality very soon. All preparations have been done accordingly and concluded so that NESARA will now come true in your reality of Now.


Before talking about NESARA however – in future resp. at the Moment of Now (Presence) I ‘d like to go a bit leeways and rather back for all those not knowing exactly what it entails. I shall do some short introduction and this will be very short indeed since NESARA may be traced back – far back – viz. into some incarnation when I still walked on earth here and received my very first thoughts how I could liberate mankind  – freeing it out of money slavery in its real sense of it.

Since it was then when I became aware that it was money only being the very and true root of all evil here. It was this my idea and very endeavor to make human people possess of enough money in order to enable them to free themselves out of this deep slavery.


If speaking of slavery it is not in terms of your thinking and depicting it but what I mean is that kind of slavery exerted by banks, enterprises, governments. Because money does all the reigning – money has all the power and those possessing both always has entire control of all mankind.

These were my thoughts to start with and never – in those times of the past – I was able to finally elaborate these ideas since I had to pass on again to Spirit following my earthly death here.However I returned to earth again in some later incarnation and then was given the special task from our All-Creator to elaborate further details of basics for NESARA. This was my special task – accumulating everything to create the basic foundation of NESARA so that human mankind might built on it together with Gaia in times of Ascension all further basic requirements for their liberation.


NESARA  will bring about great change – NESARA will free Mankind and this quite soon since it is now being short of the entire roll-out – by which I mean it will be manifested and anchored in your reality within some short while. All preparations have been done as I  mentioned before in my introductory phrases. There are still some tiny details left, very little ones which still have to be worked on yet afterwards everything will be prepared for it and as already announced by AAMichael it is the President of the United States of America who will make the acoording announcement of it. It is him who will do the first step forward and it is not Spirit. We are not allowed to proceed in such way – we are here only for your assistance. Barack Obama will announce NESARA !


NESARA – this is in many human minds and this includes also those fearing NESARA. They are afraid of Barack Obama too publishing this very topic by his official announcement – and everything and all matters connected to money will undergo some great change.


This announcement will be so huge exerting some huge influence on politics, economies, on banks, on enterprises and on daily lives of you human people too – there will be soon chaotic ongoings too dominating all the aforementioned speres of life.

You have to comprehend this – according to all former convictions of our former matrix in duality – nothing may be made running without money – there is no control whatsoever – no more any power at all !


Such are the results if all foundations are being taken off fromunder the feet of the powerful mighty ones having had all the controlling posts hitherto – so that this sort of control will evade from them – and consequently they will released from any chance to enrich themselves from this “very Pot of Honey” any longer. Thus they will also released and deprived from any controlling powers on human mankind in due course.


Be aware of it: Money is the very rood of all evil – which has changed our world so much.  And already hundred of years ago – it always has been money, gold, or prescious gems or everything else which could be bought in any way.


Structures of power will be altered and changed entirely now – since where there is no money any more there will cease any possibility too to exercise some power.

Where no means may be payed out as wages – because of lacking money – to people working for all agencies of power  – you have to understand this fully – since there are many people working for the darker powers only because being paid for it – it is most essential and important that you understand these facts of life in their true essence of it. With darker powers the socalled  former “Elitists” are meant by me being incarnated here on earth in order to deprive and rip human people off everything that makes life valuable here.


It is not the matter of any extraterrestrial races and beings – not at all – these are humans like you – having but one target viz. to get richer all the way in their lives and to exercise even more and more control of their human fellow-beings here i.e. you ! I am begging you – please, understand and perceive it in this context !

And here comes in NESARA  as it IS  the foundation of everything in order to withdraw from them any power of control.


Now your next question will be the following: “what the consequences of all this will become for you and your lives here ?

There will be some considerably great consequences for you too since also you depend with the way of your life on the amount of money you are possessing – you are dependant on money too. You have to buy all your goods with money – all your foodstuffs and you pay your bills with money too. You will ask yourselves how you may then be able to pay my bills – all my foodstuffs – how to pay somebody working for me – some auxiliary craftsman – mounting engineer coming to my house to mend something or doing any repairing job ? These questions are all rightfully placed and justified in a way.


Still I am telling you that everything you are asking will be found unnecessary after some days after the roll-out of NESARA. Since when NESARA being announced there will be installed some new kind of system for all of you to  to be able to draw sufficient monetary funds to use.


This will be the procedure in question:

Eachone of you whether adult or child will be given a certain amount of money – and it is some big lump sum of money. This is the money given to all adults and children and namely in such way that everybody will have enough to pay for his bills, his purchases and all that is necessary to lead a decent life.


…and the best of all is namely that all the former rich and well-to-dos will not possess anything more than everybody else. They do possess everything equally than you do and everyone else. Meaning that everyone here will have the same position to start with .. no more nor less. This will create equality among people and where there is equality there is no envy. Where there is equality there is no way of any control and if the latter falls away – many other matters will disappear too.


Be aware of it – if there is no more any sort of control over you – you will be free and all possibilities will yours to evolve and develop further more. This will be also another start of more activities around NESARA because NESARA is only some part of such activities to come.


There are so many other programs accompanying NESARA. However this is not necessarily connected to NESARA, yet NESARA will start a “roller coaster” getting the ball in rolling … and if this very ball rolls it will cast aside so many matters and also to enable so many matters so that mankind will obtain some great chance to build up and develop something new, something better and something much more comprehensive for a much more solid future.


Certainly this will be your subsequent question then: “And how does the future will be like? How is the procedure then with the money?” And I am  telling you: ” Even this will undergo some change too since NESARA consists out of various stages.


First of – all the banks and industries – exercising any control – all governments using control via monetary funds – will be reset in a way – it will entail some sort of procedure of taking them down in a way so to prevail them from using any more controlling issues and this will constitute the First Part of NESARA.

The Second Part of NESARA will deal with distribution of monetary funds. Do not asks me how this will be realised as these are details which we shall communicate later. Thus within this second phase or stage of NESARA all human people here – adults and children – will be in possession of some physical cash to pay their bills and do some shopping too.


Being left is the Third Part of NESARA and his will be the part to abolish and do away with money at all. There will be some system installed with the result that money is no more necessary any longer.  Money serves to exchange goods for and there will be some time to come when this exchange of goods will undergo some change too.  In such periods of now – there will no more any need for money when exchanging goods we want to have or need to use.  Gold also will play a role differing from now. Naturally for making  jewellery and in medical ranges.

Still there are lot of other applications for Gold unknown to mankind up to now. It is some prescious metal – we all are conscious of – still it may be used for much more. And this is only some tiny part of all that Gold may do.

And in case mankind will be freed from Gold as means of tender and cash – as exchange for goods – this will be the advanced period that we may introducea new system. However such matters of change may not be developed over night – it is all so costly in time and work and many humans are needed to co-ordinate such activities to it.


This is why we proceed in staging phases. These will be accompanied by us and you will be informed accordingly.

All procedure will run precisely  as structured i order to create as litte chaos as possible. Do trust us and trust all fellow humans assisting to turn over NESARA into reality on earth. It does not only concern Spirit nor myself, St. Germain, there are many humans on earth participating in this very move endeavoring that NESARA will be successful. Be fully aware of  it. They are fellow humans taking NESARA  to their fellows here on Earth.

Be aware that it is you being part of all change – it is not Spirit. It is Spirit’s mission to guide, to coach, to accompany all these people in assistance to NESARA however the “doing” is left to human mankind – this is very important. We are not allowed to interfere here since the Law of Free Will prohibits any of such activity on our part.

Let us continue here :

NESARA is a fixed term known to many of you here – which I mentioned before – however NESARA  is stil much more  and this is the first time of announcing this officicially in such a way. There are still more Sub-programs or projects if I may say so. There are many more aspects in NESARA entailing terms of Freedom for human mankind too.

What do I mean when using the term of “Freedom”? Please think it over yourselves – what does a human being here on earth need primarily to be free ? Now, did you find anything when thinking this over ?


I should like to give you some short moments to move such thoughts in your hearts. And I shall make a short break now to give you the opportunity to think it over.

“What do you need to be able to live a life in freedom?“



Now, did you find anything? I do think so. Many of you are searching always everything regarding freedom  depending in terms of money ..  that possession of such would liberate them. Still that is not so – having money does not liberate you from any dependence.  Part of your freedom that is you yourselves i.e. you have to alter and transform your attitude, it is the way and mode how collaboration is being achieved and this has to be altered altogether – which in fact is some further aspect of NESARA.

This is about that human beings have to learn how to collaborate most effectively. It is about that no-one does his working only for the good of him/herself – it is about that you learn to comprehend when working together mutually eachone of you may play his very own part in it. It is the character of some colletive action some mutual collective altogether. Nobody will be forced to suffer hunger any more since no-one must feel unhappy because being out of work. And this is another additive part of NESARA – how you will be able to work together mutually in the near future.

There are already some various models in existence explained in some spirtual books but I shall not go in more details here. However we shall do so in further messages. We shall take these elements up with short explanations so that you see what the underlying matter is about it. Just how it is posible to work together and to share the success as well – one other essential aspect of NESARA.


Be aware of it .. Money never gives you any freedom. It may sooth you down calming you too – yes this we hear quite often from you.


Let’s proceed to another aspect of NESARA.

There are still quite a number of subprograms or projects of NESARA wich all be commented in the forthcoming messages. Become conscious of the fact – that all these steps have to be taken because all individual projects to be executed by us have to serve but one target – namely to liberate mankind. Free to decide upon your free will how they want to live their life. Free to decide which kind of activities everybody wants to choose. It is not about that everyone has to work in order to survive – but one chooses somekind of work which is fun to the one and to be happy with it – some sort of work which you will devote to for a certain length of time. And this in order to do something for the community and it is essential to understand that the length of time for such sorts of work will be of some short nature.


Since today human beings are working just much too much. They get exhausted because of allhuge heaps of work, overtime, burdens of issues, great targets given beforehand to be carried by many people. Work in future will be done in collaboration of communities – to share and participate in some short mode and way and then there will be the time off. Time off for yourselves, time off to develop yourselves onward, time off to grow, to have fun, to laugh and to celebrate. These are the foundations of liberty and some life in freedom and it is not by any means work in order to heap up monies …..

Yes, since to be free is to be truly oneself. And again I am asking your here and in doing so I want to give you a short break for your thoughts. Go deep down into your inner selve and questioning yourselves:

“what is it that gives me freedom?”


I am sure in the meantime you will have found something else here. With the help of my words and ideas you will have found something else and have previewed your way of thinking too. You have noticed that money never sets you actually free but that there other matters which liberate you truly. You also have become aware of the necessity to really think about it … what are the rudiments and pre-requisites that will set you truly free for such a life in freedom. Then will be the right time to develop the power and strength needed and all this will be achieved in collaboration only. Becoming a collective group you will experience something entirely new when living and working together.


Concluding this message of today – it is my very first one through this channel and I am quite aware that many of you do not know about submittance of this message by way of some auditive device. Many are making use of written messages since these display more harmony and are of some more simple structure, since the channel may insert here his corrections and to polish his phrases afterwards in order to expose right grammar too. This of course is not possible with spoken messages as these have been received and spoken live. Thus the one or other word may show up with some mistakes of tenses and grammar – please, do not mind so much – since this channel too has to learn how to receive messages live and to transfer and convey these in some rightful context.

However, I do believe that you have been able to comprehend the core of this message here – what NESARA is really like and which aims and target are being imbedded in it. And moreover which are all the possible scopes of it so that NESARA will become your very personal success too.


I shall come back next week with further pieces of information for you – I am planning to go even deeper then by explaining some more elements of it so that you may learn to even comprehend better what NESARA really entails.

child and stars

This is St.Germain speaking and I bid farewell

to all of you until next week.



Audio-Clip in German Language direct Message spoken by Marc Gamma

Source: youtube=

Translation from German Transcript by Contramary=Evamaria

Source of Origin: NESARA WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY – St. Germain through Marc Gamma – dated March 14, 2014 ( bilingual )

Copyright ©Contramary=Evamaria H. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. http://


German Transcript


NESARA steht kurz vor der Veröffentlichung – St. Germain durch Marc Gamma ~ 14.03.2014

Ich grüsse euch, hier spricht St. Germain.

Ich komme heute zum ersten Mal durch diesen Kanal und ab heute werde ich jede Woche zu euch sprechen. Das Kernthema der Botschaften welche ich übermitteln werde ist Nesara. Nesara wird in den nächsten Wochen ein Thema sein. Nicht nur bei mir, bei der Übermittlung der Botschaften, sondern auch bei euch auf der Erde. Nesara steht kurz vor dem Ausrollen.

Damit meine ich, dass Nesara sich bald in eure Realität sich manifestieren wird. Alle Vorbereitungen sind soweit abgeschlossen, dass Nesara nun endlich Realität wird.
Bevor ich aber über Nesara spreche, über die Zukunft, bzw. über die Gegenwart, möchte ich für die, welche Nesara als Begriff und was er beinhaltet ein wenig ausholen. Ich werde eine kleine Einführung geben und sie ist wirklich sehr klein, weil Nesara geht weit zurück, geht weit, weit zurück und zwar in eine Inkarnation, wo ich auf der Erde war, wo ich meine ersten Gedanken im Kopf hatte, wie ich die Menschen befreien kann, befreien könnte aus der Sklaverei des Geldes.
Weil dort habe ich schon erkannt, dass Geld die Wurzel allen Übels ist. Es war mein Bestreben, eine Idee, damit die Menschen genug Geld besitzen, damit sie sich von der Sklaverei befreien können.
Wenn ich von der Sklaverei spreche, dann nicht so wie ihr das denkt, sondern die Sklaverei der Banken, der Firmen, der Regierungen. Weil das Geld regiert, das Geld hat Macht und wer beides hat, hat die Kontrolle über die Menschen.
Das waren meine ersten Gedanken, so hatte ich diesen Gedanken nicht fertig stellen, nicht fertig bearbeiten können, weil ich dann auf Grund meines Todes wieder zurück zu Spirit ging. Ich kam aber wieder zurück, in einer späteren Inkarnation und ich erhielt vom Schöpfer den Auftrag die Grundlage für Nesara weiter auszuarbeiten. Es war der Auftrag, dass ich alles soweit bringe, dass Nesara als Grundlage verwendet werden kann, damit die Menschen und Gaia im Aufstieg, zusammen mit Nesara, die Grundlagen für ihre Befreiung schaffen kann.

Nesara wird grosse Veränderungen mit sich bringen. Nesara wird die Menschen befreien und zwar schon bald, weil Nesara kurz vor dem Rollout steht. Damit meine ich, dass Nesara sich bald schon in eure Realität manifestieren wird. Alle Vorbereitungen sind abgeschlossen, wie ich es bereits schon eingangs erwähnt habe. Es sind noch kleine Details, kleine, kleine Details die noch zu Bearbeiten sind, aber dann ist alles bereit und wie bereits schon angekündigt durch EE Michael, wird es so sein, dass der Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika die Ankündigung machen wird. Er wird den ersten Schritt machen, nicht Spirit. Wir dürfen nicht, wir assistieren nur. Barack Obama wird NESARA ankündigen.

Nesara ist bei vielen Leuten in den Köpfen. Damit meine ich auch die, welche sich vor Nesara fürchten. Sie fürchten sich vor Barack Obama, dass er mit dem Thema publik geht, dass er offiziell das Thema verkünden wird und, dass alles was mit Geld zu tun hat sich nun ändern wird. Diese Ankündigung wird so gewaltig sein, wird so einen umfangreichen Einfluss haben auf die Politik, auf die Wirtschaft, auf die Banken, auf die Firmen und auf euer tägliches Leben, dass dann schon bald Chaos herrschen wird. Denn ihr müsst verstehen, ohne Geld läuft nichts, denn ohne Geld hat man keine Kontrolle, ohne Geld hat man keine Macht.


So muss man die Grundlage entziehen, damit die Mächtigen, die welche die Kontrolle haben, keine Chance mehr bekommen aus diesem Topf, aus diesem Honigtopf zu schöpfen um damit die Kontrolle über die Menschheit aufrecht zu erhalten.

Seid euch bewusst – das Geld ist die Wurzel, die Wurzel des Übels – welches die Welt so verändert hat. Und bereits, vor Hunderten von Jahren, war es immer das Geld oder das Gold oder die Edelsteine oder alles was man eben kaufen konnte.
Die Machtverhältnisse werden sich jetzt verändern, denn, wo kein Geld ist, kann keine Macht ausgeübt werden. Wo kein Geld ist, können keine Leute ausbezahlt werden, welche für die Machtapparate arbeiten. Dies ist sehr wichtig, dass ihr das versteht. Ihr müsst verstehen, dass sehr viele Menschen nur für die Dunkel-Mächte arbeiten, weil sie dafür bezahlt werden und wenn ich von den Dunkel-Mächten spreche, dann meine ich DIE Elite auf der Erde, DIE welche hier auf der Erde inkarniert sind um die Menschen auszunehmen. Es sind keine ausserirdischen Rassen, nein, es sind Menschen welche das Ziel haben, dass sie noch reicher werden und dass sie noch mehr Kontrolle ausüben können. Versteht das, versteht das.


Und Nesara IST die Grundlage, damit man ihnen die Kontrolle entziehen kann.

Nun fragt ihr euch, welche Konsequenzen wird das für euch haben? Die Konsequenzen werden gross sein, weil auch ihr vom Geld abhängig seid. Ihr kauft eure Waren mit Geld. Mit Geld besorgt ihr eure Lebensmittel, bezahlt ihr eure Rechnungen. Nun fragt ihr euch, wie soll es möglich sein Lebensmittel zu kaufen, wie soll ich meine Rechnungen bezahlen, wie soll ich einen Arbeiter, eine Hilfskraft, einen Monteur bezahlen, wenn er zu mir nach Hause kommt um eine Arbeit zu verrichten? Das sind gut Fragen. Aber ich sage euch, dies wird nicht mehr nötig sein, weil nach ein paar Tagen, nach dem Rollout von Nesara, nach der Ankündigung von Nesara ein System installiert wird, welches den Menschen die Möglichkeit geben wird Geld zu beziehen.

Und zwar wird das folgendermassen ablaufen:

Jeder Mensch, ob Erwachsen oder Klein wird eine bestimmte Menge Geld zur Verfügung gestellt bekommen, eine grosse Summe Geld. Dieses Geld wird den Erwachsenen, wie auch den Kindern ausgestellt und zwar so, dass jeder genug hat seine Rechnungen, seine Einkäufe und alles was notwendig ist zu bezahlen. Und ja, das Beste daran ist, dass die Reichen dann nichts mehr besitzen. Sie besitzen nämlich genau gleich viel, wie jeder andere Mensch. Das heisst, jeder Mensch hat die genau gleiche Ausgangslage. Damit meine ich, dass jeder Mensch nicht mehr oder weniger besitzt. So haben wir Gleichheit, Gleichheit unter den Menschen und wo Gleichheit ist, herrscht kein Neid. Wo Gleichheit ist, gibt es keine Kontrolle und wenn die Kontrolle wegfällt, dann fällt sehr viel, sehr viel anderes auch weg. Seid euch dem bewusst. Weil, wenn die Kontrolle wegfällt, dann seid ihr frei, habt ihr die Möglichkeit euch zu entwickeln und dies wird der Start für weitere Aktivitäten rund um Nesara sein, weil Nesara nur einen Teil davon ist.

Und zwar wird das folgendermassen ablaufen:

Jeder Mensch, ob Erwachsen oder Klein wird eine bestimmte Menge Geld zur Verfügung gestellt bekommen, eine grosse Summe Geld. Dieses Geld wird den Erwachsenen, wie auch den Kindern ausgestellt und zwar so, dass jeder genug hat seine Rechnungen, seine Einkäufe und alles was notwendig ist zu bezahlen. Und ja, das Beste daran ist, dass die Reichen dann nichts mehr besitzen. Sie besitzen nämlich genau gleich viel, wie jeder andere Mensch. Das heisst, jeder Mensch hat die genau gleiche Ausgangslage. Damit meine ich, dass jeder Mensch nicht mehr oder weniger besitzt. So haben wir Gleichheit, Gleichheit unter den Menschen und wo Gleichheit ist, herrscht kein Neid. Wo Gleichheit ist, gibt es keine Kontrolle und wenn die Kontrolle wegfällt, dann fällt sehr viel, sehr viel anderes auch weg. Seid euch dem bewusst. Weil, wenn die Kontrolle wegfällt, dann seid ihr frei, habt ihr die Möglichkeit euch zu entwickeln und dies wird der Start für weitere Aktivitäten rund um Nesara sein, weil Nesara nur einen Teil davon ist.

Es gibt so viele begleitende Programme. Es hat nicht unbedingt mit Nesara zu tun, aber Nesara bringt den Stein ins Rollen und wenn der Stein rollt, wird der Stein so viele Dinge umhauen und so viele Dinge ermöglichen, dass die Menschheit eine grosse Chance bekommt etwas Neues, etwas Besseres, etwas Umfangreicheres aufzubauen, damit ihr in eine solide Zukunft gehen könnt.

Nun fragt ihr euch sicher, wie sieht denn die Zukunft aus? Wie geht es weiter mit dem Geld? Und ich sage euch, auch das wird sich ändern, weil Nesara aus verschiedenen Phasen besteht. Zuerst werden die Banken und all die Industrien welche die Kontrolle ausüben, alle Regierungen welche die Kontrolle mittels Geld ausführen „geresetet“, also wird es wie ein heruntergefahren sein, damit sie keine Kontrolle mehr ausüben können. Das ist der erste Teil.

Der zweite Teil wird das Verteilen des Geldes sein. Fragt noch nicht, wie das realisiert wird, das sind Details, welche wir später kommunizieren werden. Somit werden dann in der zweiten Phase alle Menschen, also Erwachsene und Kinder über Barmittel besitzen, um Rechnungen bezahlen und um Einkäufe betätigen zu können.

Und dann kommen wir zum dritten Teil. In dieser Phase geht es darum, das Geld abzuschaffen. Es wird ein System eingeführt, welches das Geld unnötig machen wird. Geld ist ein Warenaustauschmittel und in der Zukunft wird dieser Austausch anders aussehen. Wir werden zukünftig kein Geld oder Gold benötigen damit man dieses machen kann. Gold wird in der nahen Zukunft z.B. eine andere Rolle einnehmen. Natürlich für die Schmuckverarbeitung und weiter auch für den Medizinalbereich. Aber Gold bietet noch sehr viele andere Anwendungsmöglichkeiten, welche den Menschen bis heute noch nicht bekannt sind. Gold ist ein Edelmetall, das ist vielen bewusst, aber Gold kann noch viel mehr. Mit Gold kann man noch viel mehr machen. Ihr kennt wirklich nur einen kleinen Teil dessen, was mit Gold möglich ist. Und Ja, wenn die Menschheit vom Zahlungsmittel Geld befreit sein wird, wird sie dann soweit sein, dass wir dann ein neues System einführen werden. Aber versteht, solche Dinge kann man nicht über Nacht machen, denn dies ist sehr aufwendig, es ist zeitintensiv und es braucht sehr viele Menschen um dies alles zu koordinieren.

Deshalb gehen wir in Phasen vor. Diese Phasen werden durch uns begleitet und ihr werdet darüber informiert. Alles wird strukturiert ablaufen, um sowenig Chaos wie nur möglich zu erzeugen. Vertraut uns und vertraut den Menschen, welche auf der Erde helfen Nesara umzusetzen. Es ist nicht nur Spirit oder ich St. Germain, nein es sind viele Menschen auf der Erde, welche daran beteiligt sind damit Nesara ein Erfolg wird. Seid euch dem bewusst. Es sind die Leute, welche Nesara zu den Menschen bringen werden.


Seid euch bewusst, dass ihr ein Teil der Veränderung seid, nicht Spirit. Spirit hat die Aufgabe diese Leute zu führen, zu coachen, zu begleiten, aber das „doing“, das Machen ist bei den Menschen, das ist wichtig. Wir dürfen hier nicht eingreifen. Das Gesetz des freien Willens verbietet es uns. Gehen wir weiter, Nesara…

Nesara ist ein Begriff welcher vielen Menschen bekannt ist, das habe ich eingangs erwähnt, aber Nesara IST viel mehr und dies ist das erste Mal, dass dies offiziell angekündigt wird. Nesara hat noch weitere Unterprogramme oder Projekte, wenn man dem so sagen will. Nesara hat weitere Aspekte darin, welche die Freiheit der Menschen beinhaltet.

Was meine ich mit Freiheit? Macht euch mal selber Gedanken, was benötigt der Mensch, damit er frei ist? Nun, habt ihr schon etwas gefunden, wenn ihr darüber nachdenkt?

Ich möchte euch noch einen kurzen Moment Zeit geben. Ich werde jetzt eine kurze Pause einlegen. Macht euch jetzt wirklich für einen kurzen Moment Gedanken darüber:

„Was braucht ihr, damit ihr in Freiheit leben könnt?

Nun, habt ihr etwas gefunden? Ich denke schon. Viele suchen immer beim Geld und meinen, dass das Geld sie frei machen würde, aber hier müsst ihr umdenken. Geld alleine macht nicht frei. Ihr selbst seid einen Teil der Freiheit, d.h. eure Einstellung muss sich verändern, eure Art und Weise, wie man zusammen arbeitet, muss sich verändern und das ist ein weiterer Aspekt von Nesara.

Es geht darum, dass die Menschen lernen zusammen zu arbeiten. Es geht darum, dass nicht jeder nur für sich selbst arbeitet, sondern es geht darum, dass ihr alle versteht, wenn ihr zusammen arbeitet, jeder seine Rolle spielen kann. In einem Kollektiv, in einem gemeinsamen Kollektiv. Dann wird niemand mehr hungern, dann braucht niemand mehr unglücklich zu sein darüber, keine Arbeit zu haben. Und dies ist ein weiterer Teil von Nesara, also die Art und Weise wie ihr in eurer nahen Zukunft zusammen arbeiten werdet.

Bereits gibt es schon verschiedenen Modelle welche in spirituellen Büchern erklärt wurden, aber ich werde hier nicht weiter darauf eingehen. In der Zukunft werden wir in weiteren Botschaften noch darauf eingehen. Wir werden diese Elemente aufgreifen, diese kurz erklären, damit ihr seht, was die Grundidee ist, die dahinter steht, eben wie man miteinander zusammen arbeiten kann und wie man miteinander erfolgreich sein kann. Dies ist ein wichtiger und weiterer Aspekt von Nesara.

Seid euch dem bewusst. Geld macht nicht frei, Geld beruhigt euch vielleicht. Ja, dies ist eine Aussage, die wir von euch zwischendurch zu hören bekommen.

Gehen wir zu einem weiteren Aspekt von Nesara.

Nesara hat noch so viele Unterprogramme oder Projekte, welche in den nächsten Durchgaben kommentiert und erklärt werden. Seid euch bewusst, dass diese Schritte passieren müssen, weil all diese einzelnen Projekten, die einzelnen Programme die wir durchführen werden, dazu dienen, dass die Menschen frei werden. Frei werden, zu entscheiden wie sie ihr Leben leben möchten. Frei sein, um zu wählen, welche Tätigkeiten sie ausführen möchten. Es geht dabei nicht darum, dass man arbeiten muss um zu überleben, sondern, man sucht sich eine Arbeit, welche einem Spass macht, man sucht sich eine Arbeit welche einem glücklich macht, eine Arbeit mit der man eine bestimmte Zeit verbringen wird, um etwas für die Gemeinschaft zu tun und es ist wichtig zu verstehen, dass der zeitliche Aufwand für diese Arbeit nur von kurzer Dauer sein wird.

Denn heute arbeiten die Menschen einfach viel zu viel. Sie gehen kaputt ob all der Arbeit und dem Stress, ob den Überstunden, ob den grossen Arbeitslasten, den grossen Pensen welche viele Menschen zu tragen haben. In der Zukunft wird man in der Gemeinschaft arbeiten, in kurzer Art und Weise seinen Beitrag leisten und dann hat man wieder Freizeit. Freie Zeit, freie Zeit für euch selbst. Zeit für euch weiter zu entwickeln, Zeit zu wachsen, Zeit Spass zu haben, Zeit zum Lachen, Zeit zum Feiern. Das sind die Grundlagen der Freiheit und nicht, arbeiten um Geld anzuhäufen.

Ja, denn frei zu sein heisst, sich selbst zu sein. Und ich frage euch nochmals, und möchte hier, nachdem ich dies alles gesagt habe, euch eine kurze Denkpause geben. Geht in euch hinein und fragt euch:

„Was macht mich frei?“

Nun, ihr habt sicher bereits schon etwas anderes herausgefunden. Ihr habt gesehen mit Hilfe meinen Worten, mit meinen Ideen habt ihr etwas gefunden, habt ihr eure Denkansätze überarbeitet. Ihr habt erkannt, dass Geld tatsächlich nicht frei macht sondern, dass es eben andere Dinge sind welche euch frei machen. Ihr habt erkennen können, dass ihr euch wirklich, wirklich Gedanken machen müsst. Ihr müsst euch wirklich Gedanken darüber machen was euch fei macht und dann werdet ihr die notwendige Kraft entwickeln und weiter entwickeln und zusammen werdet ihr dieses schaffen. Als Kollektiv werdet ihr miteinander ein neues Zusammenleben, ein neues Zusammenarbeiten erleben.


Ich komme zum Abschluss der Botschaft von heute. Es ist meine erste Botschaft durch diesen Kanal. Es ist mir bewusst, dass viele Menschen die Art und Weise der Botschaftsübermittlung (als Audiodatei) nicht kennen. Viele Menschen arbeiten mit geschriebenen Botschaften. Die geschriebenen Botschaften sind harmonischer, sind einfacher strukturiert, weil der Kanal hier die Möglichkeit hat Korrekturen einzubringen, die Sätze nach zu schleifen, die Sätze soweit anzupassen, damit es grammatikalisch stimmig ist. Bei live gesprochenen Botschaften ist dies nicht möglich, das wäre sehr aufwendig dies zu machen, bedenkt dies, wenn ihr diese Botschaft hört, dass diese live gesprochen und empfangen wurde. Somit hat es das eine oder andere Wort ein paar zeitliche Fehler, grammatikalische Fehler – ihr möget dies verzeihen, weil auch dieser Kanal noch lernen muss, wie man live Botschaften empfängt und sie in den richtigen Kontext übertragen kann.

Ich denke aber, ihr habt die Kernbotschaft verstanden was Nesara ist, welche Ziele Nesara verfolgt und welche Möglichkeiten euch offen stehen, damit Nesara für euch ein ganz persönlicher Erfolg wird.

Nächste Woche komme ich wieder, nächste Woche werde ich weitere Informationen bringen, ich werde tiefer gehen und bestimmte weitere Elemente euch erklären, damit ihr Nesara besser verstehen lernt.

child and stars

Hier spricht St. Germain und ich sage auf Wiedersehen bis zum nächsten Mal.

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St. Germain – November 11, 2016



Are You a Member of the Team of Transformation in Embodiment? by Saint Germain

Channelled through Natalie Glasson  11th November 2016 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I am the transformation I wish to be in my world,

I am the transformation I wish to see in the world.

I, Saint Germain, invite you to repeat these two affirmations to yourself aloud or silently until you can feel, sense or acknowledge their energy activating from within your being until you feel you embody them. I invite you to use the process of repeating these affirmations as a tool of contemplation and self-observation, encouraging yourself with great love and compassion to understand their meaning to you. It is easy to understand the meaning of these two affirmations at a mental level. However, to connect with the words, meaning and energy of the affirmations within your being will create a beautiful state of enlightenment to be revealed as well as awakening transformation within your being which may be beyond understanding, yet will be comprehendible.

Transformation signifies a shift from one energy to another or from one perspective to another; it is an alteration in your energy which brings you to realise your natural alignment with the Creator.  Transformation can release you from old energies, habits and patterns as well as awaken you to greater volumes of light, love, wisdom and truth within your being. When you allow yourself to transform you are letting go of an aspect of your identity or an energy you identify with to accept a new part of yourself which holds the vibration of your soul, soul group and the Creator. You accept a part of yourself which is love and holds the vibration of freedom. The freedom pulsates around your being loosening other aspects of your identity or an energy you identify with which is hindering your alignment with the Creator. Thus, transformation takes place and becomes a continuous process until a majority of your being vibrates in harmony with the Creator’s vibration of freedom.

Transformation creates freedom within your being; freedom is to exist in alignment with the Creator as a reflection of the Creator, letting go of all limitations as they arise.

The process of transformation can be blissful as you feel yourself filling with light as limitations dissolve with ease and perfection. Sometimes transformation can cause us to evaluate energies or beliefs within us that we are holding onto so deeply that they are brought into our reality. It can feel as if your worst nightmare or exactly what you did not want to manifest is being presented to you. It may even feel that transforming from the situation or experience is unimaginable and yet you are being invited to become a master of transformation upon the Earth. Many may be experiencing desperation within which is causing them to seek outside of themselves to gain answers because they feel unable to move from their position or even instigate transformation. Those who are experiencing this now are Masters of Transformation.

With the ascension of the Earth accelerating and in dramatic contrast a deep-seated feeling within humanity that there will never be peace, love and healing because the Earth seems impossible to change, many souls are approaching my ashram and the 7th Ray of Light Ashram to fine-tune and master their ability of transformation and aiding transformation within others. A group of souls who may not be connected on the Earthly plane are gathering with a mission radiating from the depths of their being. A guidance which encourages them to study the art of transformation on the inner planes with the purpose of anchoring the vibration of transformation more fully into the Earth to create a powerful awakening or transformation within humanity. We have labelled these souls and their mission as the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment.’

Those from the Earth who have enrolled to be a member of the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ are learning to work with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, embodying the 7th Ray of Light of a violet colour overseen by Lady Portia and representing transformation, the New Age, magic, purification, manifestation and more. The team are working closely with Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst to create the balance and synthesis between transformation occurring on the inner planes and the Earth. This ensures that transformations which take place at an inner plane level impact and create shifts at a physical level with ease and perfection. Both Archangels are ensuring that transformation takes place at an earthly level quickly and easily due to the transformation being put into motion on the inner planes, as well as every aspect being supported by their powerful angelic vibrations. The ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ are also studying with me, Saint Germain, to access my abilities of manifestation of the Creator and creating freedom within from the soul to remove all that limits the necessary shift into greater Creator alignment. Their purpose is first to create transformation within their own being or reality.

The members of the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ upon the Earth have each accepted an experience which may make them feel desperate, hopeless or that they are unable to resolve the experience. Consciously they are unaware of the choice their soul has made to be a part of this powerful team which has a purpose of mastering the art of transformation and supporting humanity in transforming into their natural alignment with the Creator. Due to their valuable work, studies and energetic transformations they are instigating upon the inner planes, members of the team upon the Earth simply need to discover like a key within them, the experience, thought, wound or new perceptive which will ignite the transformation at a physical level. Examples of the energies which when recognised would act as a key to awaken transformation are faith, self-worth, self-love, reclaiming inner power, trust, compassion and truth. A simple realisation will create a powerful and magnificent transformation which would realign their energies more fully to the Creator and divine flow of the Universe, allowing a freedom which will be a release and a completion of the lessons of numerous past lifetimes. These souls will then feel the energy and essence of transformation and the freedom of the Creator pulsating throughout their being guiding them to support others in doing the same. This is a role many are taking on at this stage of ascension in order to support a powerful release and clearing of old energies as well as enhancing faith in the Creator and the manifestation of the Era of Love.

Any soul can be a part of this learning process. Whether the energy of the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ resonates with you and you feel you are a member or you are unsure, if you have a situation, experience or aspect of your being you wish to transform you can benefit from the energy, light, wisdom and learning which is being shared and instigated on the inner planes now.

‘Saint Germain, I wish to create and support a myriad of beautiful and blissful transformations within my being and reality, so I may exist and live as one with the Creator experiencing my natural alignment with the Creator. Please support me in achieving this now with the ease and perfection of the Creator. Support me in accessing the knowledge, wisdom, light and tools available on the inner planes to aid me in becoming a Master of the Art of Transformation with the ability to experience transformation from within my own being and aiding transformation within others. I am ready to receive, thank you.’

Steps of Transformation

  • Let yourself realise where transformation is required.
  • Call upon Saint Germain, the 7th Ray of Light, Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Amethyst, the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ and your own energies as a member of the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment.’ Let yourself experience these energies surrounding you and merging with you.
  • Ask that your soul works on the inner planes to instigate and create all the necessary transformation which is required.
  • Take time to focus upon that which you wish to transform. Allow yourself to examine polarities. Let yourself understand the energy which you wish to transform so that you can describe the qualities of it. Then allow yourself to observe what would be the opposite. Recognise if the opposite is something you wish to experience or maybe something else. Often that which we wish to experience we feel is lacking within us or we reject because of feeling unworthy. Contemplation in this way may lead you to that one key, that one realisation which allows the transformation to be instigated at a physical level.
  • Once you have discovered the key to instigating the transformation of whatever you wish, you will experience the Creator’s energy of freedom seeping into your being. If you have yet to discover the key or experience the necessary transformation then simply take time to imagine the energy of freedom seeping into your entire being from your soul with feelings of deep seated love, healing, enlightenment and peace.
  • Realise the shift which has been made, how it filters into your being and reality, your greater oneness with the Creator, realise that you understand the art of transformation.

I, Saint Germain, am present to support your inner transformation,

Saint Germain  


St. Germaine Reinterprets Desire on AHWAA

archangel michael

(My end of the call dropped at the beginning of the discussion. I apologize for the noise I made rejoining the call.)

St. Germaine and I discussed the matter of desire this week on An Hour with an Angel. Desire, he said, has gotten a bad rap.

There were many belief systems that were useful in the old realm, but are not serving us as we ascend. One of them is our spiritual aversion to desire.

St. Germaine urges us to embrace our desires as if they were pure gold.

At the same everything takes a back seat to our one desire to return to God. The majestic experience of reunion with God is the same for king or pauper, serf or leader, he testified.

Airs every second Thursday at 4pm PT/7pm ET
There is no call-in number

I asked him if everything wasn’t reconciled by thinking of the basic spiritual movement as shifting our desires from things of the world to God, from pursuing the pleasures and possessions of the world to pursuing union with the One and he agreed that it was.

He then went on to discuss what other sages have called “the longing for liberation.” (1)  I haven’t heard another master discuss the subject as clearly as he did. The longing for liberation is the desire planted in the soul (so deeper than the cells, deeper than the DNA) by the One, for reunion. We try to fill it with experiences and possessions but nothing will satisfy it but God.

He described the desire, which arises more clearly for us the farther along the path we go, as an innate and conscious wish to “be on that expressway back to the Mother/Father One.”

When we fully acknowledge our desire to return to the One, he said, “things fall in place.”

He suggested to us that our heart’s desire would be found to be the same as our divine purpose.

Come join us for an updating of now-obsolete concepts in light of our unfolding knowledge of the new world we live in.


On the longing for liberation, see:



The Spiritual Toolbox (English Version)PDF


Taken from: Die kosmische Brieftaube/ the cosmic messenger pidgeon (Werkzeuge/Tools)

As I never had any tuition of pc-technics and learned those by doing I could not retrieve the toolbox otherwise ftom Marc Gamma`blog the cosmic Messenger Pidgeon and therefore must ask you please to apply your skills and maximize the small pics. please. As I think these tools are really something special and must not lay asleep in their blogs since they are given to us for application. With uncondiional love Contramimi-Contramary






We all heard about this beings but who they truly are? First of all, let me tell you something: words are power. Your words create your reality so choose them very carefully. Why do I say this? Because the word “Archon” emanates from Greek and it means “lord” or “master”. In modern society it refers also to “controllers” or “public officer”. In essence, is a word that gives power to that being, because it puts it in a position of superiority/authority over you. That is what we absolutely want to avoid. We, the awakened starseeds and lightworkers of the Earth, are the ones that have access to large amounts of energy and to a greater portion of our full consciousness, something that, at this moment, is not accesible to everyone. Not to compare us to anyone, indeed we made a conscious choice to live this journey of awakening and ascension. We are not superior, but here to show the way to those that are also seeking. This so called Archons act like parasites, literally. They are extradimensional beings and they TRY to steal energy especially to the awakened/awakening beings. Why do they act like this? Because they have no life force on their own and have their own agenda of control and manipulation. How do they act? They use trickery, and fear: they make you believe that they have power over you, that they can make you do things that you don’t want to do at all. As a result, you lower your vibration because you live in fear and they feed of your precious light/energy. They count on our egos, the part of us that uses division, control and manipulation, because through that we give permission to be controlled as well. They instill in doubts and fears. This by no means, have to scare you. You see, the truth is that they are powerless, they can only steal from you if you believe they can! Fear is an illusion and if you give it power they win. But if you remind yourself that you are an emanation of Source, that you are a creator being with a sacred free will that CAN NOT be violated, then they can not control you. If you don’t believe in this ask any astral traveler that saw entities like this and others, literally sucking up human energy. The matrix system itself is a system made with the purpose to harvest human energy from the masses, through excessive work, war, slavery, the economic system and even religions. Any person that has a access to even a tiny part of it’s psychic abilities can easily detect this beings in the auric field of those affected. Also when you have one of those parasites around you can feel it in your own energy field. You can sense it contract and shrink and a cold flux/river begins to flow through you. Good energy, instead, feels warm, refreshing, reparing and nurturing. The more you fear the more this will effect you. Stay calm and in you center and become conscious of you personal power. This beings will try to disconnect you from your inner power so tap your solar plexus area with your hand to prevent them to act there (solar plexus chakra). Then, simply say “NO!” or “NO, THANK YOU” “YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME!” Another good idea to literally send them away, and I tried this on my own, is to ask their name! “TELL ME YOUR NAME!” This will open up your awareness and send a clear message that you can not be tricked. It is really easy. Also ask for help to your spirit guides of to Archangel Michael to protect you. Learn to work with this consciousness because is the quintessence of protection. You do not have to be afraid. This post is to make you aware, to spread knowledge for those who have ears and are willing to listen. I have experienced this on my own when I was in my early stages of my path; it was horrible. Now I know that they can not touch me at all! Let them try! This beings are attracted to negative vibes like the moths are attracted to the light. So this happens especially when you are emanating a frequency of fear/anger/unforgiveness/grief/sadness/regret etc. When you are in lower energetic environment like that, they will TRY to feed on you. I always say TRY because this can happen only with your express permission! Pay attention to your subconscious mind, and tell your ego that you don’t want to go where it wants to take you! Moreover if you have an emotional issue that is particularly hurtful for you, that unhealed space is acting like a beacon for this things. So, for example, if you experienced trauma of any kind and you are still in pain, there is where they will TRY to hit you. If they already are in your field and you send them from where they came, but you don’t heal the issue you have not resolved the problem permanently. This parasites have lost most of their “influence” because of the great awakening that is taking place on the planet. Now a lot of beings know their existence because of a personal experience and because of their ability to see them. Light exposes everything because light is transparent and pure. In the light you have nothing to hide. This beings act in the darkness, they hide themselves and they thrive in your unawareness: they want you to stay ignorant, unconscious of their existence. This is the reason of this post: those who have ears will listen. If you don’t resonate with this you can even throw everything in the trash, I don’t care. I am here on a mission and is my duty to inform you. My advice is to consoder this choice very carefully! Now, it is important to know that thousands of years ago, mankind was very well connected to their spirituality and God-Self. Telepathy, working with energy was very common and we were able to express our multidimensionality very easily, walking through different dimensions, indeed, was not a problem at all. This was possible because our DNA was active completely and therefore we were able to express ourselves fully. Then, and I will talk in detail about this in another post, our DNA was cutted in order to enslave our race. To make us unconscious, unaware beings. 97% of the DNA is called junk because they don’t know what is it’s role. Later, a dark control grid, an energetic web (that has no power now) was put in place. It’s function was to keep the higher energies outside and, at the same time, to keep humanity in a lower vibrational state. Here is how it works: a dimension is just a frequency. So if you vibrate at the frequency of 5D you can have that kind of perception of reality. If you are under that level, you can’t. The function of the grid and this beings was to keep us in a lower frequency so that we could have only a very limited perception of reality, of what exists! In this way

1- humanity was unaware of their presence, which is what they want
2- humanity was unaware, even worst, of the light forces like the Galactics and Archangelic realms that are helping us as you are reading this! The mainstream knowledge abut this subject (angelic beings) is in the hand of religions, another controlled organization. The majority of people couldn’t have a direct experience/contact/dialogue/active participation with light beings.
3- humanity was disconnected from their Godly nature
4- fear, pain, suffering are accepted as normal while a peaceful, loving world is seen as utopia.

The world is waking up and I see it everyday! I connect with beings that are going through the same. We are all crazy! I see it everywhere, and also it is apparent how the media are ignoring the this in the last attempts to hide what is happening. Fortunately in the years to come events will start to happen on a global scale so everyone will open the eyes to the truth of who we are!
With this message I am empowering you with the codes necessary to be aware of who you really are: LIGHT! Nothing can touch you without your permission! How do you give permission? When you don’t accept your power, when you are afraid to shine, when you feel guilty etc. When you think that putting yourself first, that choosing to be happy, is hurting someone. Which is impossible because you are not taking away anything from anyone, you have simply decided to be happy! (hippie?!) The opposite is unacceptable! My invite is to explore all the subtle crazy way you give away yourself in your everyday life and change that, because it is really preventing you to express yourself fully. Be very calm and conscious now, ask your Higher Self and spirit guides if this information resonates with you or not. Ask them to infuse you with calmness, strength and courage knowing that no parasites can make you do anything! And IF they TRY to come around you remember that you are NEVER a victim! You are free! Let there be light!

Michele Cornacchia

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Sandra Walter: Acceleration and the Solar Eclipse: Making the Choice

sandra-walter-ascension-300x294Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Many have asked about the upcoming timeline shift, wondering if the Light Tribe can handle an acceleration since symptoms have been somewhat intense this year. Let us review a few items for clarity.

An acceleration is occurring regardless of our choice. Evolution is evolution. We are receiving a third wave of photonic light in September, the third in a series of waves intended to prepare us for the global intense shift in 2017. The first wave was in December/January, the second in April/May, and the third arrives in September. All of these waves are focused on amplifying the shift in consciousness and Ascension. This is a natural force of evolution in progress. How blessed we are to be incarnated during this fascinating passage.

Timelines offer various choices for our collective experience, and infinite possibilities for our individual experience. You are your own Universe, however when participating in a collective consciousness on a planet, the collective experience provides parameters for your creation within that collective.

The higher vibrational collective (those holding 5D – 12D codes and frequencies within their field) create a quantum dynamic which raises the rest of the collective (the unawakened, awakened to conspiracy, anyone not participating in the Ascension on a heart level – no judgment, they created balance and needed challenges for a while in this process) by the laws of quantum physics and Divine Love (the frequency upon which this Universe is built).

As the vibrational rate and light quotient of the HUman collective rises exponentially, opportunities for accelerated timelines present. This has been going on all throughout the Shift. Typically Lightworkers, Gatekeepers, and Gridworkers work in co-operation with the Higher realms to welcome in the highest possible experience for Humanity, Gaia, Kingdoms and Elementals. However, the incoming photonic light has taken on a new level; a more intense results-driven aspect as we approach a crucial tipping point next year.

Regardless of our collective intentions before the wave arrives in September, there will be an acceleration. That path was already pre-determined if we were to accomplish the Ascension timeline before 2012. And we did. We now have an opportunity to call forth – consciously, through our intentions and actions – a timeline which provides a heightened experience of embodiment for the high-vibe collective, Christed experiences for those who have not had them yet (mid-range vibrational level), a shift to spiritual disclosure for those obsessed with geo-political conspiracy, and more awakenings for those who have been asleep. Accelerated revelation, transparency, a quickening of financial shifts, and a global shift to health, well-being, and accelerated solutions to global peace. In brief, it releases the collective from lengthier paths to complimentary changes, transparency in leadership, and spiritual disclosure.

In linear terms, we are choosing between a major acceleration over the next year to receive the maximum effect of the 2017 shift, or a slow unfoldment over decades for the mid-to-lower vibrational collective. The High-Vibe Tribe – those focused and participating in the Ascension – will have a unique expansion into Christ consciousness regardless of the lower vibration, regardless of collective timeline choice. That is inevitable and cannot be interfered with, unless by personal choice.

Rather than view this acceleration as a worsening of physical symptoms, or Earth changes, or any other old light concern, let us shift the focus to consciousness. Obviously the body is adapting to accommodate the new light level. This is what happens when we evolve to a higher beingness in a single incarnation. Obviously Gaia responds to the incoming light. The lower reality is breaking apart. It may be inconvenient to be sleepy, vibrating, uncomfortable, tired-and-wired, spaced out, or forced to speak up or change your lifestyle to accommodate your True Self. However as volunteers in the big dimensional shift experiment, it is what it is. The Higher focus is on spiritual disclosure; the revelation of who we truly are and what this planet is being prepared to receive.

People ask when the discomfort will end. In brief, it changes when we achieve embodiment of crystalline consciousness and a consistent, unwavering connection with our Higher Selves. It will only take a small percentage of full-on embodiments to greatly affect the collective HUman heart grid and Gaia. We are nearly there and capable of calling the peace, balance, harmony and healing of Ascension forth, in the Now, as our Divine Co-creation.

Acceleration = Responsibility

Our upcoming Solar Eclipse on Wednesday night/Thursday morning (Thursday September 1 at 2:04am PT) is our next Gateway opportunity to welcome in the accelerated timeline. Solar eclipses are one of the strongest portals for our acceleration. Let us receive this light and assist Gaia in calling forth the New accelerated timeline (if that is your heart choice). Many of you have chosen this already on mind level; be sure that this is made on a heart level, and reflected indoor actions, thoughts, emotions, and core truth. If this decision is made from the heart, in the highest good of all concerned, you will receive significant personal acceleration during this eclipse. Allow your intuitive Lightworker Self guide your activities this week; it holds powerful shifting energetics that will raise your consciousness to *click into* the higher timelines of Ascension.


This passage is sacred; honor it, yourself, and others as the beloved HUman Ascension collective that we are. Review the Gateway dates provided in the previous article and welcome forth your true heart’s choice.

Transparency and disclosure is a global unfoldment; every heart and mind will have to come clean. Revelation affects everyone, not just *the bad guys* – and you can accelerate all of it through your own transparency and disclosure. Express all that is within your heart, and the collective will reflect that. Especially if you are consciously choosing acceleration – we must be in alignment for it to unfold with ease and grace.

The amplification occurs with the third wave regardless of the higher accelerated timeline coming into play. It may feel like it is happening already; that is just the wave building and entering our consciousness. If you are choosing to participate in the accelerated choice, please do so and demonstrate that purity and divinity prior to the Solar Eclipse.

On to the Oz-Ark Crystalline Vortex

Blessings and gratitude to everyone sending messages of support for my upcoming journey, they are deeply appreciated. Traveling for a week in the midst of these energies is both challenging and perfect. I have my itinerary for some significant work in Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Oklahoma on the way. Some gorgeous remote and sacred places, some bizarre ancient energies to clear, and a few surprises. I will be offline to focus on the work, however photos and quick updates may be posted on my Facebook and Twitter to share the journey.

Kindwhile, let us all go deeply into our hearts, clear the emotional attachments to delving into the unknown, accept our acceleration choices with joy and honesty, and demonstrate the peace of a strong Source-driven internal compass. Get comfortable with the unknown, make it your new norm. Unify with the Light Tribe on Wednesday for the Christed Unity Meditations; they truly assist with the new timelines presenting. All is incredibly well, Beloveds.

In Love, Light and Service,

“Acceleration and the Solar Eclipse: Making the Choice,” by Sandra Walter, August 29, 2016, at

Source link: Sandra Walter Creative Evolution: August 29, 2016

St Germain – Protecting The Future – Elemental Grace Alliance

by Peter Melchizedek

01- Protecting The Future – The Elemental Grace Alliance Council – St Germain – 1st July, 2015


“I Am St Germain, Chohan of the Seventh Ray and I have stepped forward first in this Round of Discourses for I wish to say how pleased I Am to see how Harmoniously and Graciously the Elemental Grace Alliance is expanding within its Emergence. ‘Protecting the Future’ is an excellent suggestion for the change of direction that does uphold the qualities of the Divine potentials unfurling here.

“I have elected to step forward first as there is no order in which the Members of this Council have to speak. Each Representative will instinctively Know when it is Their time to rise from Their Seat and Address the Group. This is something that humanity has yet to discover while at the same time, to understand the Universal Principles of such actions within the Creation of High Councils. It is not the level of vibration that really matters regarding a High Council of 12 + 1, although the Higher the Resonance the Higher the Creative Powers will be, but the intention to provide the Highest Content of Truth that is both enlightening and uplifting will provide for very enlightened Goal achievements. It is the Joy, Peace, and Love In Action for the Greatest Good of All Concerned that is the underlying fundamental guide lines to these Councils and Alliance Formations or Foundations. However, this is another subject for another time!

“I wish to speak a little today about ‘Protecting the Future’ of life on Earth. The Truth Is no protection is required at all, for All is Divinely Orchestrated to a finite degree which the Energies of the Prime Creator flow naturally and inexorably within, through, around you with LOVE! Yet, We are speaking here for and on behalf of the human element of consciousness and that is where great diligence and awareness is required, so that life on Earth can Ascend at a much quicker rate than it has done so in the past. How will humanity protect its own future? That is really what is being asked here and what this Council will Address in accordance with the varying levels of awareness and Knowing.

“Human beings expand their consciousness through new choices that they make in each new Now Moment. Humanity has to change their minds about so many things in their lives from this Moment forward in time, especially accepting and acknowledging that they are not human, no longer thinking that they are! Humans have to stop thinking like a human if they are going to advance further toward their Ascension Status. The reason for this communication this day is to reveal that humanity has arrived at a new point in their Evolutionary process; another cross road, another turning point! Right now they are poised upon the edge of yet another chasm where the bottom is undetected and unknown. This is not a physical hollow gorge covered in mists of invisibility, but the abyss of profound differences between peoples of diverse and varying levels of consciousness.

“There are vast numbers of human beings who are presently standing upon this edge ‘of something new and exciting’ that is awaiting them for the Greatest Good of all mankind. So many aspirants are coming to the Self Realization that something new is transpiring upon Earth despite the chaos, turmoil and outrageous actions of a few radical groups and control beliefs systems. That something has arrived and those who are ready to become aware of it are gathering upon the precipice of this leading edge of advancement to be transformed. There is standing room only at this time as few have yet made the decision to jump into this abyss let alone to physically engage this transition. Imagine for a moment the picture of lemmings leaping off a cliff into the ocean as they follow their instinctive and intuitive Natures to be Transformed. This is what We see here with humanity, the moment they realize that life as they know it, is not life at all and just a substitute while coming to understand the Reality of Their Earth Sojourn.

“There is something else that I wish to be known at this stage, and that is, humanity needs to become aware that within this period of change all new age concepts, the ways of being seen as Spiritual through all associated modalities and ways of being, were only created as a process of introducing oneself to one’s Higher Self as to being Spiritual in Nature. Now that the Spirituality is accepted, albeit not fully understood, then the partaking of the Truth about Being Spirit must go hand in hand with thoughts, words and actions. A lower level of consciousness is now able to be transcended and elevated to Higher Levels of Awareness and Truth. Truth never stops expanding and to keep up with these rates of expansion one must make new decisions constantly within their lives.

“I tell you Dear Ones that alternative modalities, regardless of their natures are very rapidly becoming obsolete. The end of their usefulness is coming, indeed it has been superseded already and thus will secure the new age dissolution, making way for the next Dimensional Shift into and through Cosmic Consciousness! The old new age reality as it has been called was but another stepping stone toward more innovative, illustrious and illumined awareness of Who Human Beings Really Are. It was another rung set upon the ladder of human evolution that would allow human beings to see another side of what use to be recognized to make them feel different, more important, more Spiritual than those who were living far more unconsciously within the general populace.

“These are the perceived differences in consciousness that I mentioned earlier; ‘us and them’ mentality; ‘I am more Spiritual than they are’ attitudes; ‘I know better and so my way is why I am correct in my own self importance’. So many have used Spirituality as a crutch for their own protection from the Truth! That crutch is now being withdrawn and evaporated into the ethers of imaginary reality, so please hear what I Am about to say!

“Let’s call them Light workers. Light workers have assimilated and utilized the information and Knowledge from all sorts of Higher Entities for Guidance and Support and indeed these Loving Beings will always be available to Guide and Direct where necessary. These Divine Light Beings were given permission via Dispensations from God to open communications with humanity. These Dispensations were offered to provide relief of the Higher Laws and Originally ascribed obligations held within the Charters and Fiats of God, that prevented this interaction between Higher Entities and humanity on the ground. I Am not saying this communication will cease, what I Am saying is that the present forms that it takes is now beginning to wane, which will allow Humanity to stand far more within their own Powers of Connection with Their I Am Presence, and no longer giving Their Power away to anything outside of themselves. By giving Their Power away I mean by using such Higher Communication as a crutch for them not to stand in their own Power of the God Light Within.

“But what is being called for now, is for the Humans who Know that they are Be-coming the Christed Ones, to step forward and tell their stories of how they changed their lives through Self Awareness and how they made their connections directly to Their Higher Selves, I Am Presence, God – Goddess Within. These are the New Leaders of the planet, the One’s that will guide and support humanity from directly within the midst of the human experience.

“No, I Am not speaking of those who work in alignment of self gratification and self gain, I Am not referring to those who draw energy from others to make themselves feel better or more powerful or Higher in the overall scheme of things. And believe Me there are a multitude who take advantage of those around them through the use of Higher information and making themselves appear on the surface as more enlightened. Yes, what I Am speaking of, are those Beautiful Souls who are selfless distributors of the Light, the ones who work tirelessly behind the scenes and the lime lights of assumed Spiritual prowess. I Am referring to those who continue to hold the Presence of God in Their Lives simply for Loves Own Sake and not for any type of personal gain, be it money, power or position.

“These are the Souls We are now asking to become more translucent, to Shine their Lights so that others may see them more transparently, indeed with a more Crystal Clear Consciousness. We need you now more than ever before. Not for what you have to say, but for the resonances of the Light that Shines from within you! You Know Who You Are! Yes I Am Speaking with You My Beloved Brothers and Sisters!

“These Souls will be far more accepted by the general populace for they will be seen as Human Avatars, in the likeness that others can easily believe they can imitate and emanate from within themselves. So Their achievements will be accepted as potentialities fully attainable; given the work that is required to be undertaken. For those who have never read the ‘Parable of the Tar Pit’ by Kryon and Lee Carol, you would do well to read this simple yet most powerful imagery of Truth in Fine Light Print.

“I can tell you now Dear Souls, that these are the people that We are calling forth presently, to close the gaps of indifference, to bridge the chasms of ignorance and arrogance between the disparities of perceptions in alternative beliefs and understandings of the Truth about Life upon Earth and human relationships between themselves and Themselves and The Natural Kingdoms. Channeling as you presently know it, will soon become a thing of the past as there will be The New Christed Beings in your neighborhood, who will share their own firsthand experiences of Knowledge, Love and Wisdom, not as human medium of a Higher Voice, but a Human Angel Expressing the Voice of God Directly and first hand from Within Them!”

 “Let Me emphasize this one more time for I cannot tell you how important it is for you to KNOW this! The present new age is waning very rapidly and The New Cosmic Consciousness has arrived, flowing fervently to fill every crack and crevice of human thought form and conscious belief. This New Cosmic Consciousness is not about new age modalities, it is about Being and Living within the physical Realms fully embodying Greater Knowledge that now has begun to abundantly amalgamate Love with Action. Many are noticing that the old ways of doing things just do not seem to work any longer. Many have felt the pregnant pauses within their lives as they typically begin to step toward old ways, old beliefs and old programs. Many are realizing that there is no longer completion of old tasks, for they dissolve well before fruition.

“Well this is an invitation to all who wish to open their Heart’s to another way of achieving Higher States of Awareness and Accomplishments. The New Cosmic Consciousness is the Higher Truth of Who You Are and have always been.

The Resolutions found through this Elemental Grace Alliance will begin to draw closer, far Greater numbers of humanity who will begin to realize that there is a huge difference between what We call ‘spiritual glamour’ and Divine Spirituality. These are like chalk and cheese, and you are going to hear many messages from Spirit, channeled and otherwise, about this as time continues to flow toward Higher Vibrational Living.

“Spiritual glamour was and shall remain for 10-20 years yet as part of the new age concepts, their modalities and aspects of how they are promoted and used. The reason they are dissolving away is that they never really Addressed the deeper issues of the Truth held within the Genetic DNA profile of each human being. Not really! They did create ease for the discomforts, but never Addressing or eliminating the underlying factors of their cause. To do this the Causal Bodies must be contacted and communicated with, and that can only be attained through Cosmic Consciousness, Your link to God through Your Own Individualized I Am Presence or Higher Self. To grow one needs to expand their consciousness beyond the limitations of what they presently can accept as truth.

“The New Cosmic Consciousness is asking you to expand, Expand, EXPAND! To open your Supreme Mind to Greater potentials of wakefulness; to look even further afield by allowing your Higher I Am Presences’ to lead you away from the old truth and toward the ONLY Truth. There has never been such a Cosmically Supported potential as this in the history of the planet to date. Billions of years in the Planning, can you Imagine That!

“If you do not resonate with these words, then maybe you should look a little deeper into the Life and Times of Beloved Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Mother Teresa, Buddha, St Frances of Assisi as Kuthumi and many, many others. Indeed look at the lives that I have spent on Earth, over the last 2000 years! Look at the lives of those who lived upon Earth and physically reached Their Enlightenment and Ascension Status as an Ascended Master. Believe Me when I tell you, within the life and times of these precious Souls, there was no room for spiritual glamour, Their, and My Ascension came from Our Cosmic Consciousness and Its implementation into Our Physical and Earthly Lives through Our Conscious interaction and Love with The Elementals, Devas, and Angelic Host Companions. Our Lives became the Physical Manifestation of Spirit through the connections We Made to Our Causal and Monadic Bodies! We became the Full Embodiment of the Living Christ, The I Am Presence, The God I Am Within, just as you are awakening to do soon as you continue to walk toward it at this time.

“And so Dear Soul’s I Am here to tell you that this New Cosmic Consciousness is here for all to embrace now in a much more tangibly Loving Way. For Us it was far more difficult, but by doing this We have paved the way for many, many more on a much grander scale to achieve the same. It was, and is not easy, for that We can attest, yet the time is here, eons of years of training and preparation have brought you to this place of standing upon the edge of change once again, along with many of your colleagues, friends and Family who have supported you over the millennia’s. Standing room only indeed! Now is the time to open Your Hearts and to take Your next leap of Faith!

“To Trust in what you are being shown through those Who Love You immeasurably! Jump then, into the Cosmic Abyss of the Unknown so that the unidentifiable can be celebrated through clarification, the indescribable can be unmistakably definable and the mysterious can become the Known. And then once this has been experienced and integrated into your new lives, then it can become Your New Wisdom from which you will grow toward the next stepping stone, the next rung upon another Ascension Ladder. No harm will come to you for You Are A Child Of God! Remember Ascension is not a place it is simply the achievement of attaining a Higher Awareness of The Truth through Active and Conscious Expansion and Expression of God’s Impersonal Love and Life with All!

“Once again I ask that you listen very carefully to what I Am going to say, for I will not mince My Words. I Am Known for My Directness and Honesty. Your Ascension, Dear human beings, depend, from this point forward, upon your connection, voluntary interaction, co-creational activities and unity consciousness with the Elemental and Natural Kingdoms. Make no mistake, The Elemental Kingdoms, The Angelic Worlds, The Nature Beings, ARE YOU!

“What you are doing to yourselves you are at the very instant doing to Them as well. They Are everything you stand for, your life, your breath, your heart beat, your food, sustenance, health, abundance. Your thought forms, words and actions are directly reflective in what you see around you as constructive and beneficial creation or destructive and detrimental deprivation.

“This Elemental Grace Alliance has been Proposed to Bridge this gap in lack of awareness and understanding of the relationships between humanity and these Wonderful Light Beings and Builders of Form and not without virtuous reason. Human beings are very powerful indeed in their creations, yet the Power that you have yet to tap into, will come only from your new found Alliance with the Elemental, Nature and Angelic Host Worlds and Kingdoms. I Am not just saying it; Your Life, Your Ascension, now depends upon the merging of human consciousness more than ever before upon Planet Earth with these Dear God Beings.

“There is still a lot to share but as We are speaking within this Group of Discourses about the ‘Protection of the Future’ for humanity, We are also speaking of the Protection and the Grateful Thanks Giving’s to all Those Who support humanity in all Their choices, no matter how low vibrational they may be or may have been in the past. The New Cosmic Consciousness is here and So It Is for all of humanity to now have access to it as and when they choose to make that choice!

“I Am St Germain and I Am The Love of Humanity. I Know what it is like to be human, and I Know the processes that are required to uplift them into their own Power, Love and Wisdom with the All That Is! Your success is Our Goal!

“I now step back to allow others Who wish to step forward to offer Their Love to this Noble Cause.

“And It Is So”!

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By Ashtar On The Road Teleconference, 07/26/2016


“I am Saint Germain, and I am in Joy, as well as my Brother Ashtar, for I see – I see where Planet Earth has been.  I see where Planet Earth is going and, of course, I see it all in the NOW moment.  Nevertheless, I assure you, there is no turning back! You have come together sufficiently to create a consensus in your consciousness – way back, if you want to see it that way – I see it as a nanosecond in your history/herstory – way back at the time of your Harmonic Convergence.*  And you notified the Universe, and most particularly the Ashtar Command and your Galaxy – your Galactic Command and Councils – that you were going to ‘go for it,’ as you say.  And you did!

“And, yes, you have experienced setbacks along the way.  Why? So that you would be even more determined to stay the course!!!Remember – Humanity has a consciousness as a whole, and each member of Humanity has his or her own individual consciousness. And it has been necessary for Humanity to witness so much darkness that it would mobilize Humanity, inspire Humanity and keep Humanity ON THE PATH!

“You know, the easy thing to do would have been to just say ‘yes’ to a nuclear explosion, and to allow, what some might have thought was the impossible situation, on Planet Earth to self-destruct again.  Come back and try again.  But no!  There were enough members of Humanity to say, ‘NO!  We’re not going to do that, not this time!  We’re not going to self-destruct!  We’re not going to allow the ones in charge to lead us into that event ever again!’

“And so you have stood your course and it has not been easy. There are those of you who have defied your families, and others who at one time wanted to hear what you had to say and now perhaps are not so interested – but they will be very soon!  There are those of you who have aged along the way, waiting for all of this to take place.  STAY THE COURSE!  You are on the verge of a sufficient rejuvenation so that this will seem as though it never happened.  So Joy-full will you be, and you will leave whatever traumas and dramas and physical anomalies, we shall say, or imbalances behind!


“For now, just step up.  Wear your Badges of Courage.  Let the World see you shining forth, no matter what trials or tribulations you may be feeling that you are experiencing.  Rise up!  Stand tall in the Light, bring in more Light and know that you are a part of a family Worldwide, a family of Loving Lightworkers.  Most of all, know that you are succeeding!!!

“Now, Ashtar may have been urging you to do more.**  Well?  Is there something more you can do?  Most particularly, you have a saying – ‘my pet projects,’ if you will, are, of course, getting NESARA announced so that I can begin the distributions from my bank, which are quite huge – the funding, which will bring reparations, reformations to all the World, so that everyone will be in a state of equality.

“But understand that NESARA really – although it addresses that initially, and paves the way for the distributions to happen – IT’S NOT ABOUT MONEY!!!   It’s about throwing off the chains that have shackled you to the old low-vibrational, third dimensional programs that have enslaved you, literally in some way or other. It’s about discovering Who You Really Are, empowering yourselves and creating from your own Divinities!

“You have heard much, for instance, about the gifts that Dr. Keshe is bringing, and this is true.  But it starts with you!  If you are not feeling inspired to manufacture any of what he is sharing, any of his products or plans or whatever, send a lot of LoveLight to everyone who is, because you will benefit.  You will receive!  You will share!

“If you are not feeling that you have any longer a political candidate to support, look at what’s happening in your community.  Find someone there.  While you’re sending LoveLight to the three Ashtar has named – Michelle, Bernie and Elizabeth** – you can support someone in your own community!

“And this is Worldwide!  This is not just for the United States of America.  There are elections going on all over the World. There are people who are leaving what you call the public offices for one reason or another, whether they are in the spotlight or not. You might even want to step up and serve in that capacity!

“You might want to learn something about energy healing.  What if you have a loved one who is in a 3D hospital?  What if you were to go in with a Dr. Keshe pen*** – or with your own hands energizing, bringing in the LoveLight and sharing it?  And perhaps you would go so far as to share it with everyone in that hospital?

“These are examples that I am literally just pulling forth from what I am observing.  This is where interests are.  Other interests are in education for all ages, but most particularly for the young ones, because they are the ones who already have so much of the knowledge!  But they can start feeling different, apart, and sometimes they can even suffer some abuse because they are different.  Perhaps they have something in the way of a physical impediment that causes others in their age group to tease them.  Send them LoveLight.  Empower them to show the Love They Are, which will in turn inspire – maybe not all of the ones in their community, but at least more!

“What about your food?  Are you making conscious choices to eat that which is most ideal for you?  What if most ideal for you may not be for your neighbor?  But it is to be sure that you are thanking Mother Gaia for whatever sustenance you are consuming, and for the water that you are drinking.  It is to energize it with LoveLight, to bring it up to the Highest vibration to further empower you with its energy!

“It is to encourage your communities to say ‘NO’ to toxic materials, so that they will not get into your food supply, or into the air you breathe, or into the flowers that you’re so fond of smelling.  You see?  More examples!  I shall not give any more.  I shall simply say that you all have choices – you all have passions and you all know if you are living according to your passions!!!  It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are overjoyed at the opportunity to scrub some mud off of your floor.  But how about being overjoyed with the result and seeing that – when you begin the task?!

“You may have a long drive to go somewhere.  How about just sending LoveLight to everyone you pass along the way with your intention?  How about playing some music, not to move yourselves up and out of 3D necessarily, but just some music to calm you or energize you and fill you with Joy?  How about focusing upon your destination?  You see, there are many, many ways that you can enjoy all aspects of your Lifestyles, no matter what they are!

“Balance yourselves equally.  Bring in the Love and live from that Place!!!   And then answer your own call to live according to what you have passion to do and you’ll benefit all of Planet Earth – below, on, and above – by sharing your Light and your Love!

“And so, thank you for your attention to giving consideration to perhaps making a change or two in your own Lifestyles, and for joining together in the Light of Who We All Are.  And just know that you are loved infinitely, unconditionally and High Dimensionally!  And so it is.  Namaste!”


Commentary from The First Contact Ground Crew 5dSpiritual Healing Team:

We are realizing that the energies are really intense NOW. Most of the Wavers are struggling with 3d illusion conditioning (social, cultural, institutional and mind programming). When you’re feeling blockage, ready to give up, understand your status as an Ascension Waver (1st, 2nd or 3rd) and be completely free of 3d illusion conditioning (social, cultural, institutional and mind programming). We can help you in your Awareness and will give you the tools and techniques to assist you Home Into The Light. We can assist in identifying and Dissolving of all conditioning and programming.

We The First Contact Ground Crew are preparing everyone for a Full Planetary Ascension which has been Underway since the End of September and will spiral this year in March and Another in August. Allow us to ReHeart you that this is The Great Awakening for ALL of Humanity. One must awaken first before they can Ascend. Trusting this process is KEY, which means fully trusting and surrendering to LOVE and the Divine Plan in every moment.  This is why We Will Help you to Get Ready and can Assist You into Awakening into 5d Reality, where your experience is One of Constant Joy, Wholeness of Being, Whole Health, Balanced Harmonics, Happiness and Abundance. Lets DO THIS! Together We Got This! Schedule an Amazing Awakening Session with Mother & Father of All Creation. Below by following the Link! We are Here in The Highest Love, Honor, and Respect to Be Humanity’s Representatives of The New Paradigm of True Freedom, Abundance, True Equality, A Completely Balanced Being and a Completely Benevolent Society! This is our Destiny as The Old illusion of power over and dysfunction dissolve. Allow us to be of service to You. “LOVE” has said “ALL POSSIBILITIES EXIST IN UNLIMITED THOUGHT, All possibilities of the HIGHEST Outcome for the GREATER GOOD Of ALL only exist IN THE PRESENT MOMENT OF NOW” ~For All the Details you can Follow this Link:

Connect with MotherGod~Mother of All Creation on Skype @ mothergoddess8


We are a Donation based service for the Planetary Ascension. Thank you for showing your support and keeping our website and Love Energies moving forward! Thanks for supporting your family of light in their time of need to fulfill mission

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We Won The War On Consciousness (Here is the short breakdown:)

We Won The War On Consciousness (Here is the short breakdown:)

1. Essencely, we were supported by Source’s energy so there is no way we can lose.
2. Etherically/Spiritually, our Star Families and different ETS took care of business up there in space and other planes. We are even supported by Angels.
3. Energetically, the lightworkers cleaned out the dense energies and anchored higher frequencies.
4. Physically, we have the Asians, Different White Hats, Group K, Putin and people who had contact with and are supported by ETS. The list is long.
5. Economically and Financially, we have the backing of Quan Yin/St. Germain gold and money. There are other billionaires too but they like to remain anonymous.
6. Mentally and emotionally, we are supported by incoming higher frequencies from our Sun, from Galactic Central Sun.
7. Wholeheartedly, we have each other.

The TRANSITION HAS STARTED and things will change slowly & smoothly at first hopefully with little disruptions to daily life then rapidly transform our world, this solar system and this galaxy.

New Currency US

CO-RV Prayer

Divine Creator, father, mother, son as one…If I, my family, relatives, and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness…Let this cleanse, purify, re-lease , cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light….And it is done.

Repeat during 15 minutes, visualizing the RV already manifested in our reality and all humanity rejoicing in peace and abundance:

I’m sorry! Please forgive! I love you! Thank you!


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RV Intel/Thoughts/News – All Posts for August 4, 2016

Below is a list of all of the content posted for Thursday, August 4, 2016. This will be useful for those of you who may have missed somethin…

“New USN Currency/US Republic Restored” – Anonymous Intel – 8.4.16

Submitted at 5:49 PM EDT on August 4, 2016 and published with per request. ~ DC

USA, Inc. has publicly surrendered at the Pentagon today. Look at the flag boarders!!!

The Republic of the United States has been restored!!!

Thank you White Hats!!!

Now we can RV!!!

For more information on why flag boarders mean something, check out the link below!

This is the public cabal surrender we’ve all been waiting for!!!

New USN Currency

Here’s your new gold backed rainbow USN currency. Looks oddly familiar don’t it!

Genius how they tried to sneak that subtle transition by Americans and global community at large.

Almost worked too. Expect these color differences to intensify over time.

The more things change the more they stay the same.


CO-RV Prayer

Divine Creator, father, mother, son as one…If I, my family, relatives, and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness…Let this cleanse, purify, re-lease , cut all the negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light….And it is done.

Repeat during 15 minutes, visualizing the RV already manifested in our reality and all humanity rejoicing in peace and abundance:

I’m sorry! Please forgive! I love you! Thank you!


Featured Post

RV Intel/Thoughts/News – All Posts for August 4, 2016

Below is a list of all of the content posted for Thursday, August 4, 2016. This will be useful for those of you who may have missed somethin…

“New USN Currency/US Republic Restored” – Anonymous Intel – 8.4.16

Submitted at 5:49 PM EDT on August 4, 2016 and published with per request. ~ DC

USA, Inc. has publicly surrendered at the Pentagon today. Look at the flag boarders!!!

The Republic of the United States has been restored!!!

Thank you White Hats!!!

Now we can RV!!!

For more information on why flag boarders mean something, check out the link below!

This is the public cabal surrender we’ve all been waiting for!!!

New USN Currency

Here’s your new gold backed rainbow USN currency. Looks oddly familiar don’t it!

Genius how they tried to sneak that subtle transition by Americans and global community at large.

Almost worked too. Expect these color differences to intensify over time.

The more things change the more they stay the same.


St. Germaine: Celebrate Freedom!!!

St. Germaine 78St. Germaine, July 1, 2016, Saturday Conference Call, Council of Love

Greetings, I am St. Germaine, Keeper of the I AM, Keeper of the Violet Flame, and yes, dearest Joe, keeper of the tequila although I do not recall ever having that substance during the time I walked the planet. But many times, my beloved friends, we have sat and we have shared a cup of wine, mead, tea, bread, soup, it mattered not, for the joy came in simply sitting together, walking together, laughing together, sharing our common understanding and our common goal which, in fact, has never changed.

And, yes, I am honored to come to you during this time of independence of this entire continent of North America because that has been my call, the Freedom Call that I have beckoned to many to come and join me in. Yes, it is a time of great transformation and we are puzzled by those who say, “Nothing is happening. Nothing is changing.” We would suggest that you open your eyes and look around for never have there been more signals, more clarity, greater signs in terms of what is transpiring upon this beloved planet, this beloved Earth.

People are awakening…that is how we put it in the simplest of terms. And hundreds of years ago people of this United States have awakened and they have said, “We wish to run our own ship.” Now, that is not to suggest that tyranny ended or that selfishness and control and abuse of power came to a conclusion, because it did not. It was my dream and yours that it would come to an end.

And I and you, my beloveds, regardless of what country, nation, or continent you live upon, you have never relinquished that dream…that tyranny would be quashed, that greed and lust and abuse of power would be eliminated, and that all would walk in the sunlight and the moonlight of freedom.

Freedom is a birthright. Freedom is not something that needed to be earned, certainly not fought for and politically lobbied for, and yet that is exactly what is transpiring upon this planet…so, unfortunately, freedom has become something that many, not only strive, but fight for and I do not mean necessarily in the way of waging war because that is futility at it’s clearest.

How do you gain freedom by imprisoning and murdering others and then within a different context say, “Oh, it is alright”? It has never been alright and it never will be alright, not by any individual, group, nation, or collective.

So, when I say to thee that freedom is something, unfortunately, that many are fighting for, I mean with the truth of your integrity, your patience and impatience, your stamina, because you are standing up – yes, one by one, but millions by millions – and you are saying, “I choose to be free. I am liberty, equality, and justice, and I stand for many when I declare this.”

And it is in this declaration, my beloved friends and allies, that you are bringing forth the new realm of the honoring and respect of every person’s right. No, not to impede another, not to abuse another, but yes, to stand in their light, with their opinions even when they are different than yours, and to proceed in the honoring and the latitude, the fluidity.

You have learned many lessons from war, both on and off planet, and one of the things that you have learned…and there are many…is that it does not result, truly, in victory. There is great celebration at the cessation of war, and rightfully so, but the price in terms of loss of life, the tragedy for families on all sides, the devastation of villages, of cities, of countryside, the destruction of animals and livestock, of crops, of water…none of that is acceptable. So, victory is often very hollow.

But this day I speak to you of a different form of victory. I speak of the victory of love. I speak of the victory of individual and collective freedom. And it begins, my beloveds, with us sitting down over a cup of wine and a loaf of bread (2) and declaring our determination [ that] none shall rule above us and we shall lead and follow and join heart-to-heart together as one circle, one planet, all Gaians, in peace, in civility, in kindness and consideration, in laughter and play, in work and diligence, and in freedom.

Go with my love and go, do not forget your Violet Flame torch. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


(1) A BOOK of Verses underneath the Bough,
A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread—and Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness—
O, Wilderness were Paradise enow!
(Omar Khayyam, “From Omar Khayyam” at

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Saint Germain through Méline Portia Lafont ~ The current unfoldings ~ July 3 2014

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Shortlink:  Saint Germain through Méline Portia Lafont ~ The current unfoldings ~ July 3 2014



Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont
Greetings, I AM Saint Germain
It is with heartfelt sincerity that I compliment Humanity for being such brave hearted souls and kindred spirits through this manifestation of the new world. The new world is in its full remake program where a recalibration is the festivity of that event. There are various ways, offers and pathways given to you all to climb the famous and gigantic tree of life. Be careful to not fall off the branches that hold you together during your climb. Those branches function as a rooted reality that holds you just as much in your vibration and reality as you allow yourself to be in.
The more you are out of balance or the more you are outgrowing this reality, the more the branch will become unstable to sustain you ~ meaning the branch is functioning as your vibrational reality. Time to…

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St. Germaine via Goldenlight: Hold Fast The Finish Line is in Sight

St. Germaine 66St. Germaine: Hold Fast The Finish Line is in Sight, as received by Goldenlight, May 31, 2014 –

Goldenlight: Dear friends, I just received a vision of all of us running a long-distance marathon with this entire RV/GCR process and with us being in the final last small stretch with the finish line in sight.

Hello St Germaine, I’m picking up on a vision of us being at the finish line…

Yes and as you know and have sensed there are many thousands now who have been participating in this collective manifestation since we last spoke.. YOU ARE ALL STILL IN THE PROCESS OF MANIFESTING THIS GLOBAL ABUNDANCE IN THE NOW TIME AND NEARING THE FINISH LINE NOW. Many, indeed hundreds of thousands of people, started visualizing and manifesting this collective co-creation since my collective manifestation message..   Read more…

St Germaine’s Group Prosperity Focus to Manifest the Global Currency Reset and RV – May 21, 2014 at 8pm EDT

St. Germaine 90Andrew: We invite all to join in with this Prosperity Focus on May 21 at 8:00 p.m. EDT which is being promoted far and wide on many websites. (See Goldenlight channeled message, below.) Please feel free to distribute this article and post on other websites.


Prosperity Focus – May 21, 8pm EDT

For anyone who has ever felt frustration to do with the unfolding of the GCR/RV or their own prosperity specifically, then this is a point in time where we can come together collectively to address it in earnest. There are aspects to this occurrence that have kept it just a fraction out of reach and in the future. But as St Germaine* recently pointed out:

Mass consciousness is like a wave that can turn the tide… And can influence history and key events…RV and GCR is a collective manifestation being created by all who are participating in it.  Read more…

St Germain via Goldenlight 5-8-14 on the RV and GCR: You are All One and Manifesting this Positive Reality and Global Prosperity in the NOW


Message transcribed by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, the full message unaltered, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.


Good morning St Germain, I’m picking up on something you are saying…

Yes I was explaining how this RV and GCR is a collective manifestation being created by all who are participating in it.. You have the greed coalition who wants to delay it and is making interest on the money loaded into the banks by the Chinese Dragon families to pay for the RV…and who want to keep the fiat currency FRN in circulation as it furthers their agendas…

Then you have the WHITE HATS who are  in charge of getting this asset-backed TRN loaded and ready for rollout, and who are making sure everything is signed off on and in place for the RV of the IQD/IQN and the RV of the VND/VNN, as well as supporting all the other components of the GCR which will create a more prosperous world for everyone.

Then there are the people who are in charge of the final rollout of this RV who are straddling the fence and trying to appease both sides and this is a challenging proposition to say the least.

The tipping point comes from the mass consciousness of the now ELEVEN MILLION Iraqi Dinar holders who have invested in this and who are going to be benefiting from this RV substantially. Mass consciousness is like a wave that can turn the tide… And can influence history and key events. If the consciousness of these millions of people is focused on this prosperity being released, then they will sway reality so to speak to bring about the reality they are focusing upon. THOUGHTS CREATE REALITY. And even though this happens more slowly here in the third dimension, than in the higher dimensions, it STILL OCCURS. Whatever you focus on grows.. Whatever you think about eventually manifests in your reality. This is also tied into FEELINGS.. So if you are feeling wonderful while thinking about something strongly, it is more likely to manifest. Or, if you are focusing on something negative happening, like the RV being delayed, and feeling very upset and discouraged about it, then that reality will begin to manifest. If you are vacillating between the two thoughts, then a kind of intermediate reality will occur wherein nothing really ever manifests, you just get the vacillating emotions alternating between the two realities.

This is currently where the majority of the millions of investors are finding themselves, in this in-between reality wherein the positive reality desired is not manifesting due to the vacillating between the two thoughts of it happening/not happening. Millions are stuck in this mindset. There are parallel realities too where each of the options have occurred (rv has happened and rv has never happened), but this is an advanced concept which we wont go into right now.

The way out this vacillating reality and the key here is to KNOW IN YOUR HEARTS that this RV has manifested and that you are all taking part in it. It is also important to focus on the prosperity this will bring to help humanity as a whole rather than service to self as this entire RV and GCR is a part of the paradigm change for your planet. It is an integral part of the world-wide shift away from financial and emotional slavery and towards a financially abundant and prosperous GLOBAL SOCIETY wherein the beings on your planet are in tune with the Law of One which states that you are all one large part of the All, the One, the Source Creator. The belief in separation is a part of the old paradigm of greed, slavery, war, service to self, poverty and the like. The belief in the All or the One is that you are each a part of the Whole, working together for group harmony, prosperity, abundance, equality and joy.

So you see the two factions fighting for this RV to happen are really the two factions that can exist within each person. As within, so without. This entire process is a reflection of the process within each person, the process wherein we choose to believe in separation and service to self, or in oneness and unity and service to all.

As soon as the majority of mass consciousness begins to focus exclusively and in a sustained unwavering manner on oneness, unity, harmony, abundance and prosperity, this RV will manifest. The PTB know this, which is why they plant misinfo on many of the blog sites to discourage people from believing in this, to discourage them and cause doubt, to bring forth negative information that this will never happen. So then as people begin to read this they stop manifesting its positive creation and the process stops manifesting.

YOU are in charge of this positive manifestation of abundance and wealth. YOU are the ones who can begin to create a world based on unity harmony and the principles of Oneness. YOU are in charge of whether this RV manifests or not. Turn away from false information, turn within and begin to manifest this collectively in a strong way. ELEVEN MILLION PEOPLE FOCUSING ON THE MANIFESTATION OF THIS GLOBAL PROSPERITY WILL BRING IT FORTH INTO YOUR REALITY IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE. Take the rest of this week and whenever you have a moment to think about it, see it all happening in your minds eye and feel the joy and love being created as hundreds of millions of people are released from financial slavery, as the eleven million dinar holders will multiply their prosperity outwards in turn each helping hundreds of people; and the group humanitarian programs will begin to manifest as everyone focuses on helping the world via this prosperity. You have the strength and power to manifest this all in the NOW time. You were bestowed with all the creationary powers of Source Creator. You are an Emanation of Source Creator. You ARE Source Creator expressing itself! We all are! Use these creationary powers wisely. Use them now to create the reality you want. Focus on the good feelings of having this occur for ALL now. Focus on EVERYONE being happy and abundant. This is what the song “HAPPY“, and all the spinoff videos people are creating, is about. It’s about everyone joining together and being happy! You are not powerless victims of others actions or inactions. You are powerful Creator Beings totally unaware of the scope of your power. Use this power NOW to create this reality of the RV happening NOW by focusing on this reality only. Let all the other conversations and talk drop away and fade into nothingness. Bring this reality into focus now for everyone on the planet. Focus on the good of the Whole, the All, the One. Let self-serving thoughts drop away and know that another’s joy is your joy, another’s happiness is your happiness. Then enjoy this new reality that you are creating in the NOW!

– Your loving St Germain

Message transcribed by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, the full message unaltered, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.

Wake up Call: St. Germain

by Nancy Tate ~ May 04, 14


I am here today to give you all a piece of news. This is something that you can take to sleep with you and to dream with in your waking hours. It is something that you can share with others you come in contact with. It is that there is a freedom bell that will be tolling for everyone who chooses to listen in the next few months. It is something that will tell those who understand what it is saying that there is an end to the old way of being on this planet and the beginning of the new freedom that has been promised for so long. It is a freedom that so many are beginning to accomplish in their own lives and as that happens it washes out into the rest of the world.

As you begin to see and feel this freedom you will realize that it is definitely something that you haven’t even felt the absence of in your lives. You will realize that the words of freedom that were given to you through the schools, history and the internet’s early days have been only words, with no truth behind them. You will realize that the true freedom is far beyond what you have been living, in lifetime after lifetime. You will also realize that there is a coming time when the freedom you will be living may bring with it an outpouring of good deeds that will fill certain people with instances in their lives that may bring on some feelings of distrust. That is because the freedom these deeds represent isn’t something that has been lived in their lifetime, only been promised in an empty and untrusting way.

1236613 10151586093231761 1167490026 n

Those days are over. The times for believing in oneself are now radiating out to humanity in a way that brings the truth of the words to a new perspective. They are going to see the reality that is coming for them, and they will realize that they are the only ones who can set it in place for them within their beingness. Then it will shine forth out to the rest of the world. The people around them will tune in and recognize their own freedom that lives within, and they will bring it forward to be another example to the rest of humanity.

Yes, that is the way it works dear Ones. It is the example you present to the others that makes a difference not only in your world, but also in theirs, once they see how it accomplishes in their world their own example of the treasure that they hold. It is a wondrous thing to see the people of this world set in place their newness of the energies that have been available to them for so long. They are now beginning to listen to the voice within, rather than the voices that came to them from outside of them. They are seeing that there is no more powerful example than the one you produce from within yourself, no matter how it looks from the outside. The power will create anything that comes from within.

When you realize what that means in your life, you know that it is the answer that you already have as to why your life is the way it is. You will see that your thoughts and feelings vibrate with your actions. In that way you will begin to see how to create a world in which you live the wondrous desires and feelings that you are in harmony with and that reverberate throughout the rest of life on earth. You will also see how it also affects the rest of the life in this universe and beyond.

1510882 557876467633735 862957224 n

It is a time of truth, my dear Ones, more powerfully than ever before you are in the midst of creating the wondrous examples of what you are capable of. You are in the process of releasing the fear-based movements, and replacing them with the Love-based, free-flowing of the world in the best way you can think of, and beyond. With every thought you have of the utmost freedom, love and creativity you have in expression with the power within, you will see the beginning of the expansion of that ability.

I take my leave in this moment from this reminder of who you are and what you can do. You can let it soften within your heart and then let it increase in power for what you see that you can accomplish. There will be a time when we will all be back in touch with each other in a way that knows no boundaries. Till then, know that I, and all of the others who have been communicating with you, are but a second of time away from you. You are the power that brings that recognition to all of us. Our reunion is imminent. I am here in Love and gratefulness for this journey that you are about to bring to a close as you then flow into the new journey that includes us all together in the Oneness of us all.

Happy Journey, One and All!

Thank you dear St Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

NESARA is much more and this has to be made known now everywhere – St. Germain through Marc Gamma – dated 04.30.2014

Copyright © Gamma Marc. Es ist erlaubt den Artikel zu veröffentlichen, sofern der Text als Ganzes unverändert übernommen, der Name des Autors und der Link zur Originalseite genannt wird.                                  

German Transcript by Rilana                                                                                      For link to German Original click on please:                                                            St.Germain durch Marc Gamma ~ 30.04.2014

Translation by (Contra)Mary=Evamaria


NESARA is much more and this has to be made known now everywhere – St. Germain through Marc Gamma – dated 04.30.2014

My beloved humans here on earth – this is I “The Ascended Master St.Germain” speaking to you:

I am greeting you and I do welcome all of you here after a short lapse of my absence. Today I have a wonderful message for you – and it is as always some message of Love – but foremost it will deal with information about NESARA.

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NESARA ist vielmehr und dies soll nun bekannt werden – St. Germain durch Marc Gamma ~ 30.04.2014


Video-Source :


German Transcript by Rilana


NESARA ist viel mehr und dies soll nun bekannt werden – St. Germain durch Marc Gamma ~ 30.04.2014

Transkript von Rilana

Meine geliebten Menschen hier auf der Erde, hier spricht der Aufgestiegene Meister St. Germain.

Ich grüsse euch, ich grüsse euch und ich heisse euch willkommen nach einer kurzen Zeit meiner Abwesenheit, ich komme heute zu euch mit einer wunderbaren Botschaft, wie immer eine Botschaft der Liebe, aber heute sind es vorallem Informationen um NESARA.

Bevor ich aber damit beginne, möchte ich wiederum eine kleine Einleitung machen. Ich möchte da bestimmte Lichtarbeiter aufwecken, aufwecken damit sie erkennen, dass sie nicht das Gefühl haben sollen die Weisheit mit den Löffeln gegessen zu haben. Ihr müsst verstehen auch gestandene Lichtarbeiter müssen im Herzen bleiben. Sie müssen auf ihr Herz, auf ihre Seele hören damit sie nicht fehlgeleitet werden. NESARA ist eine Herzensangelegenheit, NESARA findet auch im Herzen statt.

Versteht, wenn ihr Menschen verurteilt oder über Menschen urteilt, dann findet das im Kopf und nicht im Herzen statt.

Also, diese ist ein Aufruf an euch, damit ihr versteht, dass NESARA nicht nur die Sicherstellung der finanziellen Mitteln für die Menschen darstellt, sondern eben auch eine Herzensangelegenheit ist und dann könnt ihr weitergehen mit der Botschaft. Versteht ihr dies nicht, dann rate ich euch dringend diese Botschaft nicht mehr weiter zu hören, nicht mehr weiter zu lesen und zu geniessen, denn dann seid ihr noch nicht bereit mit euren Herzen zu hören und zu spüren.

NESARA ist so viel mehr, dies habe ich euch bereits schon mitgeteilt. NESARA hat so viele Facetten, so viele Möglichkeiten, so viele Windungen und Wendungen, dass es sehr viel Zeit brauchen würde um euch alle Details zu erklären. Wir, damit meine ich meine Brüder und Schwester vom Licht haben die ehrenwerte Aufgabe euch immer nur das zu liefern, welches ihr zur aktuellen Zeit verstehen könnt.

Ihr müsst verstehen, dass ihr euch verändert und wir uns euch anpassen. Damit meinen wir, dass die Informationen welche wir euch über all die Jahre gegeben haben, sich verändert haben, sich angepasst haben, weil auch ihr euch verändert habt. Bei uns im Licht gibt es die Lüge nicht, es gibt aber, wenn man es mit euch vergleicht, eine falsche Aussage und eine richtige Aussage.

O.K? Jetzt ist es aber so, dass viele Informationen welche über all die Jahre kommuniziert worden sind, zu falschen Informationen wurden. Also, würdet ihr uns der Lüge bezichtigen? Nun, ich muss euch erklären, wir lügen NIE.

Es ist aber so, dass eine Information zum Zeitpunkt X mit der Energie Y zusammen korrespondieren muss. Das heisst, die Information zum Zeitpunkt X in der Energie Y war stimmig, war korrekt und für euch angepasst, damit ihr euch weiterentwickeln konntet.

Nun ist es aber so, dass sich die Energie verändert hat. Euer Bewusstsein hat sich verändert und somit musste sich auch die Botschaft verändern. Die Botschaft die ihr heute bekommt ist anders. Sie ist geprägt von einer neuen Energie. Dies hat nichts mit diesem Kanal zu tun, es hat mit euch allen zu tun, mit allen Menschen auf der Erde.

Ihr seid jetzt in einer völlig neuen Energie, ihr seid kurz davor euren alten Körper abzustreifen, einen Körper, den ihr in all den Inkarnationen hier auf der Erde über Jahr-Millionen getragen haben. Ihr müsst verstehen, dass dieser Körper schon bald nicht mehr dem Licht standhalten kann und er würde darin verglühen.

Nun, was ist die Alternative dazu? Für diejenigen, welche diesen Prozess begleitet und einige Kenntnisse darüber haben, wissen, dass etwas auf euch wartet und das ist euer Lichtkörper!

Damit meinen wir, dass dieser Körper sich in der Zukunft vollständig von Licht ernähren kann. Klar, ihr werdet in einer Übergangsphase das Licht nicht so toll absorbieren, aufnehmen können, deshalb werdet ihr noch durch konventionelle Nahrung unterstützt. Aber diese Nahrung wird so was von anders sein, weil sie so voller Licht sein wird, dass sie euch helfen wird euch zu nähren.

Dieser Lichtkörperprozess wurde schon sehr viele male mannigfaltig beschrieben. Es gibt Bücher, es gibt Abhandlungen im Internet und vieles mehr. Vieles ist richtig, aber vieles wird sich verändern, weil die Energie sich verändert. Das heisst, die Information, welche vor ein paar Jahren die richtige war, ist heute in der neuen Energie nicht mehr stimmig, weil ihr euch verändert habt. Euer Bewusstsein hat sich verändert und somit können wir euch Informationen geben, welche eurem Bewusstsein angepasst sind. Ich will euch ein Beispiel aufzeigen und ich nehme dazu das Beispiel, welches dieser Kanal auf einer Website, auf einem Blog gelesen hat, und dann mit seinem Text entsprechend, in einer persönlichen Nachricht, welche schon bald veröffentlicht wird, verwenden wird.

Versucht zu verstehen was es heisst, bewusst zu sein und wir nehmen diesen Vergleich aus dem Internet: Versucht einem Höhlenbewohner zu erklären wie das Internet funktioniert und ja – ihr wisst, dass dies unmöglich ist, weil der Höhlenbewohner nur wenige Worte kennt. Es sind Worte, die er braucht um zu überleben, um zu essen, zu trinken, zu schlafen und vielleicht noch für ein paar andere kleine Dinge. Und mit seinen Worten müsst ihr ihm das Internet erklären.

So, gehen wir weiter und jetzt kommt jemand der nennt sich Albert Einstein und erklärt euch wie die Relativitäts-Theorie funktioniert. Auch zu seiner Zeit konnte das niemand wirklich verstehen. Auch heute können viele Menschen seinen Worten nicht folge leisten, weil es einfach zu komplex ist. Es ist aber so, dass ihr schon bald das Wissen habt, um Herrn Einstein zu verstehen. Jeder von euch!

Jeder von euch wird es verstehen, deshalb weil sich euer Bewusstsein verändert hat!

Nun ja, wenn das so ist, um dieses Beispiel abzuschliessen, welcher dieser Kanal verwendet hat, will ich euch sagen, dass, wenn sich euer Bewusstsein verändert, sich auch die Botschaft verändern muss. Das heisst, ihr versteht mehr und ihr könnt die Dinge die wir euch in der Vergangenheit gegeben haben in einem komplett anderen Licht sehen.

Dasselbe ist mit NESARA. NESARA ist der Anfang und NESARA wird irgendeinmal enden, enden in euren Händen mit eurem neuen Bewusstsein.

Ich will heute nicht über NESARA im Detail sprechen. Sprich: was NESARA ist und was es für Auswirkungen auf euch hat. Ich will euch aber sagen, dass NESARA viel mehr ist als ihr wisst, als ihr nachlesen könnt, weil jetzt NESARA sich wandeln wird.

NESARA ist viel mehr als etwas, das mit GELD und mit FREIHEIT verknüpft ist.

NESARA ist ein universelles und wunderbares Programm. Ein Programm, welches das Hauptziel hat die Menschheit von der Sklaverei zu befreien und mit der Sklaverei meinen wir das Licht, euch alle. Damit ihr von der Sklaverei von euch selbst entlassenwerdet, damit ihr die Verbindung zu eurer Göttlichkeit wieder erlangen könnt.

Wiedererlangen heisst auch VOLLBEWUSST zu sein.

NESARA ist auch ein Teil davon, BEWUSST zu werden.

Nun, diejenigen welche energie-sensitiv sind, diejenigen welche auf der Herzensebene eine Öffnung erfahren haben, diejenigen welche sich schon einige Zeit mit Spirit auseinander setzen und guten Kontakt mit ihrer Seele, mit ihrem Höheren Selbst oder mit ihren Geistführen pflegen, die werden hier in dieser Botschaft sehr viele Energien spüren können.

Diese Energie ist soviel stärker, so viel potenter als in der Vergangenheit und bitte versteht, das hat nichts mit diesem Kanal zu tun. IHR seid bereit mehr aufzunehmen, IHR seid bereit, diese Energie die wir euch senden, sei es auf dem Weg von der Sonne, sei es auf dem Weg von unseren Schiffen, sei es auf viele anderen Wegen, wie auch durch diese gesprochene und später transkribierte und übersetzte Botschaft, intensiver aufzunehmen.

All diese Energien sind ganz tief und fest hier eingewoben und diese erreichen euer Herz!

Viele Menschen benutzen Botschaften durch diesen Kanal, um in einen eigentlichen meditativen Zustand zu gehen. Hier geht es nicht um seine Stimme. Nein, die Stimme, über die kann man sich streiten. Er musste schon das Eine und Andere über sich ergehen lassen, aber wir nehmen das mit Humor. Ein Schweizer, welcher Deutsch zu sprechen versucht, das ist wahrlich eine Herausforderung, aber wir haben gerne Spass, auch mit diesem Kanal, und so muss er das über sich ergehen lassen, während er schmunzelnd die Botschaft entgegen nimmt.

Nein, es ist vielmehr! Es ist so, dass es Menschen gibt welche die Botschaft auf Englisch lesen, sprich die Übersetzung einnehmen, konsumieren, aber nebenher spielen sie die Botschaft auf Deutsch ab, damit nur die Energie mitschwingen kann. Die haben es verstanden um was es geht.

NESARA ist so viel mehr. Das heisst auch bewusst leben, bewusst etwas annehmen, sei es durch diesen Text, durch diese Sprache, durch diese Übersetzung. Alles wirkt auf euch ein. Die Kreativen gewinnen! Die Innovativen gewinnen!

Diejenigen welche sich nur in der Konsumationslaune befinden, die werden nichts dazu gewinnen. Viele Male, auch durch diesen Kanal, haben wir euch mitgeteilt, dass es sich nicht lohnt zu viele Botschaften anzuhören oder zu lesen. Es geht nicht um die Menge, es geht um die Qualität. Ja, aber vielmehr geht es darum, dass ihr euch einfach richtig auf die Botschaften, auf die Information und auf die Energie einstimmt. NESARA ist viel mehr!

Und wieder komme ich, und ich spreche nicht über Geld. Denn, was nützt euch Geld, wenn ihr im Herzen nicht bereit seid, diese wunderbaren Dinge zu empfangen. Ich gebe euch noch eine weitere Information auf den Weg und es hat schon wieder nichts mit Geld zu tun, sondern, es hat damit zu tun, dass ich euch einen kleinen Tipp geben möchte, welcher euch verstehen lässt, dass NESARA viel mehr ist.

Ihr spürt, ihr hört, dass ich euch an der Nase herumführe,…ich möchte euch an der Nase herumführen,… dass ihr erkennt, dass es eben viel mehr ist:


Seid bewusst, was ihr hört, was ihr esst, was ihr denkt, macht alles ganz bewusst.

Durch das bewusste Tun verändert sich die Schwingung, durch das bewusste Annehmen von Geschenken, von Nahrungsmitteln, von allem was in euren Bereich kommt, könnt ihr die Schwingung komplett verändern und transformieren.

Ihr seid so mächtige Seelen, nur wollt ihr dieses (Wissen) nicht anerkennen. Wir geben euch Hinweise, wir geben euch Bilder, Bücher, Lernprogramme und anderes mehr, aber ihr müsst verstehen, dass dies alles nichts nützt, wenn ihr nicht verstehen könnt, dass ihr alleine dafür verantwortlich seid, dass es bei euch zu Stande kommt.

So, ich schliesse diese Botschaft, welche ein bischen anders gefärbt ist ab, und ihr werdet euch fragen, wann wird St. Germain wieder über NESARA sprechen? Nun, ja da gibt es andere Kanäle welche mich auch empfangen und auch die werden andere Botschaften vom Aufgestiegenen Meister St. Germain erfahren, und dann werdet ihr wieder fragen, was ist los mit dem Licht, haben die ihre Aufgaben vertauscht? Übernehmen andere Lichtwesen diese Aufgaben?

Und ich sage euch: Nein, NESARA ist und bleibt was es ist, aber die Information verändert sich, weil eben NESARA viel mehr ist.

Ihr seid ein Teil davon, ein Teil, welcher NESARA überhaupt möglich macht. Versteht, ohne eure Hilfe, ohne euer Zutun, ist NESARA nicht möglich. So beginnt bei euch und dann verändert sich alles um euch herum.

Ich komme bald wieder, meine geliebten Menschen. In meinem Herzen habt ihr alle Platz und, wenn ihr mich ruft, habe ich auch in euren Herzen einen Platz.

Lebt bewusst, hört oder lest diese Botschaft bewusst und ladet mich ein, während dem ihr diese Botschaft konsumiert, einnehmt, verarbeitet, verdaut, versucht zu verstehen und dann, werdet ihr die Liebe und die Verbindung zu euch selbst finden.

Ich bin der Aufgestiegene Meister St. Germain

und schon bald begrüsse ich euch wieder, am gleichen Ort an gleicher Stelle.

Transcript von Rilana

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saint Germain ~ Ascension is YOU

Picture from Méline in Merlins Cave, April 2014
Conveyed through Méline Lafont
Méline: I was writing about Ascension a few days ago from my I AM Presence perspective when after a few lines I felt my Masculine Self coming through. And so Saint Germain has spoken.
Greetings my dear friends,
Please do know that Ascension is not an event that is happening on a certain day or a specific date, like for example a birthday party that is taking place on a certain date and that if you are too late on this party that you cannot participate in its joy of the moment, or that if it is even possible to be too late for it.
Ascension is not an event that can be postponed or something that could not go through, for it is an ongoing process that takes place every single day, every single second of your existence. It is your cells, your being, your every now moment of change and integration, realization, growth, insights.
Ascension is taking place within you every now moment of your existence, it is in laughter, it is in joy, it is in bliss, it is in love, it is in meditation, participation in love, it is Self Love, acceptance, allowance, inner knowing, wisdom, freedom, expansion, it is all of the beauty within you reflected on the outside of the world. It is the knowing of, and the realization that you ARE GOD, that you are Divine, that you are consciousness, that you are All That Is. It is the embracing of all of your multifaceted features and the being that you are in the now and in all of your existence.
Ascension is liberty, respect, your inner temple and sun into this being. It is all that you have dreamed of and yearned for and it is YOU. So as YOU are every day, every now moment in this existence, as you ARE existence and consciousness… it is YOU that you yearn for from the heart and so that makes your Ascension in its entire being. BE your Ascension by Being, and Ascension will be every now moment. It will never be too late nor will it ever be postponed nor canceled for it is always YOU as YOU are infinite and existing. If you see that Ascension is you, you are already free.
Free yourself from the slavery of thoughts and limitations that you have set for yourself and there you will meet your Ascension and come to the realization that you have always been ascending, every single now moment. You want it too fast, you want it tangible with proof; it is an outside affirmation which on the same token you affirm to be outside of yourself for you search it not within you. How can we prove something to be, if everything you seek for to be already IS?! It is already in you and it is you! How must we prove this to Be if it is you and you are a living being of consciousness!? Does that not prove enough my friends?! That you exist and that if you exist, Ascension exists.
Do not let yourself be distracted by the waiting position of others to come and do it for you. There is no such thing my friends. There is only being and everything else that comes not from being is distraction, is separation and is learning through fractals and experience, which is action and separation. Action is splitting the core into a fractal to experience the flow of this action, which we call an expression and experience. Which is fine, of course. It is there to teach you and to bring you back to where you came from in the first place.
My friends, allow the core of your being to be that what it is you seek. Give it your love and the attention you need, for it is all in there and no place else. All the beauty on Earth and the outside reality are wonderful teachers and provide experiences. Enjoy those but do not get entrapped in them or you become those. See through the mirror of yourself what it is that makes you the one that you are in the now, what it is that you are so eagerly searching for and the answer will lead you the way to the point where you need to start over in a whole other way, to look at it from a different perspective. Learn and teach, know and BE.
We are in the midst of Ascension and it is an ongoing flow, not a one day event of such sorts. It is the flow of your growth and Being so allow, sit back on your own ride and trust your inner Self wholeheartedly. You grow every day and this is what makes Ascension so tangible in your reality. No one can do it for you as you are the ONLY one who can instigate and lead your own Ascension process.
It is my heartfelt desire to once again stress the fact that it is about Self mastery of the you within you and that it is those who you call us, the Ascended Masters, Galactic family, Archangels and so on, that will assist in what you bring forth and create from within: from the being that you are. As without your own beingness and creation there is no change or assistance to be done from our part in the Heavenly realms. It is you that bring the changes from within through being and it is us that assist you in the realization of what you bring forth.
You can see it as a Magical spell that you bring forth after mastering and learning your Magician skills, and it is us sprinkling the magical dust to make it happen even stronger after you spoke your spell. The magical dust can be compared to all of the portal activations, sun template activations, cosmic light and encodings, Solar Flares, cosmic events through alignments and shifting, all orchestrated with us/ by us and by the Source of All that Is. Change is within you as it starts from you and from nowhere else. Do not sit and wait for events to take place and take matters into your own hands by being the Master that you ARE.
Quantum consciousness is a major key in this all and it is ready for those who have achieved a certain level of Self mastery, which implies a certain consciousness and a knowingness of “Is-ness”. There can only be “delays”, “cancellations” or whatever you wish to name it by creating this yourself through taking this for your reality. When you feel that Ascension is not happening, it means that you do not see it within yourself and so you do not sense this and certainly do not see it reflected in your outer reality.
Look more into that area of yourself and think about it; is it truly another outside Source that is stopping YOUR ascension process? Let us leave it with these last words, it will be an already enough hectic ride for many and my heartfelt Love and compassion for you all is what I wish to convey to you all, for it is out of tremendous Love that I bring this message to you. I wish for you to see this now and to look deeper within you.
My Love, Grace and infinite compassion, Saint Germain
Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline : and blog Méline: