The Ancient Wisdom or Perennial Philosophy – Part 3

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The Ancient Wisdom or Perennial Philosophy – Part 3

Besant 33(Continued from Part 2.)

I’d like to conclude our look at the Perennial Philosophy with three views of it: that of the religious organizer Annie Besant, the Master Hilarion, and the scholar Aldous Huxley.

Annie Besant

This Divine Wisdom is spoken of as the Wisdom, the Gnosis, the Theosophia, and some, in different ages of the world, have so desired to emphasize their belief in this unity of religions that they have preferred the eclectic name of Theosophist to any narrower designation. (1)

The main spiritual verities of religion may be summarized thus:

i. [There is] one eternal infinite cognizable real Existence.

ii. From That, the manifested God [unfolds] from unity to duality, from duality to trinity.

iii. From the manifested Trinity many spiritual Intelligences [guide] the cosmic order.

iv. Man [is] a reflection of the manifested God and therefore a trinity fundamentally, his inner real self being eternal, one with the Self of the universe.

v. His evolution [proceeds] by repeated incarnations, into which he is drawn by desire, and from which he is set free by knowledge and sacrifice, becoming divine in potency as he had ever been divine in latency. (2)

The Master Hilarion

The soul of a man is immortal, and its future is the future of a thing whose growth and splendor have no limit.

The principle which gives life dwells in us and without us, is undying and eternally beneficent, is not heard or seen or smelt, but is perceived by the man who desires perception.

Each man is his own absolute lawgiver, the dispenser of glory or gloom to himself, the decreer of his life, his reward, his punishment. (3) Continue reading

What Factors Make Ascension Challenging? Part 2

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What Factors Make Ascension Challenging? – Part 2



(Continued from Part 1.)

Not everything about Ascension can be told us, as Matthew said in our last article.  Some news “would cause panic,” he said, which would “fuel the dark ones. … It is essential that these new leaders  take judicious steps quietly to avoid creating a fear-filled populace.” (1)

People in the world are at different stages with different matters. The cabal has been drowning us in programming designed to make us afraid of extraterrestrials. The delicate process of bringing the Illuminati economy down before bringing on the abundance program is being managed with circumspection.  And the fact that much is being handled by beings who are unseen and not even known to exist again presents its own brand of problem.

Therefore it should come as no surprise to hear remarks such as what Lao-Tzu said to us on Heavenly Blessings: “We have not spoken of this before because it was not yet time.” (2)

SaLuSa tells us that “it is not always wise to reveal too much where our activities are concerned.” (3) What he said about the legal removal of the cabal could be said about many more areas:

“There are special reasons why you do not have much awareness of [the removal], as it is being carried out to avoid any fuss or unwanted publicity. The exact nature of our actions are best kept secret, but very soon you shall learn about what has been happening.

“Indeed, we want you to be aware of our intentions, and there will come a time soon when we shall keep you regularly informed. …

“Once we commence the changes there will be almost non-stop activity, but be assured you shall be kept fully informed as to what is happening.” (4)

Sometimes we lightworkers can be part of the problem rather than the solution. This can be seen perhaps most obviously in relation to President Obama. Although the Company of Heaven has said repeatedly that he is a leading lightworker and central to the Earth’s entry into the Golden Age, lightworkers who don’t consult channeled messages often see him as part of the cabal. (5) Continue reading

“Viribus Unitis” Grassroot Movement wins over falsehood Community Council ! or : Enough is Enough

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The Little Town That Roared

hands off my homesage:  A story you won’t find in mainstream media about a little town that said “enough”.  Not only did the people win their case but, incredibly, they took over as the town’s governing body.  Great things can happen when we gather together.

New Jersey City Council Tries to Use Eminent Domain on Property Owners, Gets Swept Out of Office

By Nick Sibilla, Institute for Justice – June 27, 2013

Sometimes you can beat City Hall.

Michael Monaghan has wanted to develop his property on Main Street in Hackensack, New Jersey, just a few miles away from Manhattan.  Yet the city twice denied two applications for banks to build on his land.

Instead, Hackensack’s Planning Board designated Michael’s and another owner’s land as an “area in need of redevelopment,” authorizing the use of eminent domain to condemn and seize the properties.  “I’ve stood up and tried to protect my property for the last eight years,” he said in an interview with a local paper. Continue reading

Mudras .. these Gestures of our Hands open up new Portals to more Consciousness

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I have posted some other articles on these hand mudras and they are pretty cool..try them out for yourself!-A.M.

by admin

HJ: Hand gestures, or Mudras as they are classically known, are simple formations of the fingers and hands which stimulate specific energetic meridians that can unlock higher levels of awareness and consciousness when held with focus and intent for extended periods of time, usually on the order of 5 or more minutes.  We highly recommend combining them with meditation for maximum benefit.  Daily practice for a week or two is usually sufficient to realize results, although continued use throughout life is beneficial and suggested.  Mudras can be practiced with or without meditation, whenever is convenient and safe.

– Truth

6 Ancient Hand Gestures (Mudras) to Unlock Higher States of Consciousness


Hands are more than just functional; they are an energy map of our consciousness and health. Each area of the hand corresponds to a certain area of the body and to different emotions and behaviors. By curling, crossing, stretching, and touching the fingers and palms, we can effectively talk to the body and mind. The position the hand takes is called a mudra and is a technique for giving clear messages to the mind-body energy system.

Just as letters are combined in a multitude of ways to form different words, so can the fingers build an array of mudras. Given below are a few of the most common mudras experienced in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. gyan hand mudra 6 Ancient Hand Gestures (Mudras) to Unlock Higher States of Consciousness

Gyan Mudra (Seal of Knowledge)

How: Touch the tip of the index (first) finger and the tip of thumb together. The other three fingers are straight.
Effect: Stimulates knowledge, wisdom, receptivity, and calmness.
Planet: Jupiter; expansion. Continue reading

Ascension has many Challenges …. Part 1

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What Factors Make Ascension Challenging? – Part 1

Crwods 22Most articles on Ascension talk about what Ascension will bring – a return to “full consciousness,” world peace, global prosperity and a pristine environment.

But in this series of articles, I’d like to look at some of the challenges that facilitating our Ascension involves that are lesser known to us or that we may overlook – its scale, its innovativeness, the need to take into account our freewill, etc.

I think the first challenge we may overlook is that the scale of Earth’s Ascension, as Mark Kimmel’s Adrial says, is “vast.” In  2009 numbers, it potentially involved “the transformation of Earth and her six billion humans.” (1)  Jesus calls it a “massive task [to bring] all of your brothers and sisters home to their natural state of living consciously in peace, harmony, and abundance.” (2) Continue reading

Are you a “Nature-Lover” too ?

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Do you see him? The Diaphanous Man!

diaphanous deathOn June 17, I posted my take on the astrology of what promised, last week, to be an action-packed adventure:

This week’s astrology features Sun/Jupiter, Galactice Center and Summer Solstice: EXPAND TO GREET THE LIGHT!

And yes, the feeling of the entire time was extraordinary.

Notes on this Glorious Summer Solstice Day

At some point during this onrushing glory, I posted, as a sort of aside,  that I was considering the idea of changing the tagline for this blog from “Bridging Above and Below” to “Blending Above and Below,” and a day or so later, did change it, by including rather than choosing:  ”Bridging/Blending Above and Below.”

On Sunday, the final day of this astonishing adventure, just prior to being hurtled over the Moon by the still unfolding Edward Snowden saga that is ripping the mask off whatever official hypocrisy remained, I took a walk. InDiana! And, apparently, expanded to greet the light.

Only I didn’t know it. Not only had I forgotten that I had written those words, and hadn’t noticed the exhortation to myself implied in them, but I didn’t see what was clearly visible in a photo I took and posted yesterday when I wrote up the walk.

Last night, in the middle of a dramatic thunderstorm that woke me up, I noticed that a reader had commented:

“Did you fail to notice the diaphanous man that is floating in the center upper third of your photograph? The face is so clear.”

A Matter of Balance…..

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A Question of Balance

Dervishes 33A friend was saying that he was talking to his ten-year-old son the other day and mentioned that moderation was a good thing, only to have the son reply: “Except in love, Dad.”

Out of the mouths of babes. Although we know the “babes” here right now are anything but babes. Does this not illustrate how the new generation will lead us?

I wanted to mention what I think are some of the exceptions to the notion that all must be in moderation or balance. I do so not pretending to be a spiritual teacher because I’m no such thing. Just a person who loves writing on these themes.

I need to go a little ways back by saying it’s my suspicion that a universal law is a universal law simply because God says it is or commands it. It’s my view that God’s speaking alone causes changes in the universe, in the rules of the game, in the universal laws, etc. Sri Ramakrishna described the situation this way: “He who has made the law can also change it.” (1) Continue reading

We are made of light and we shine it out ….

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Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light

June 27, 2013 | By | 1 Reply

Flickr-light-IncaseSayer Ji, Green Med Info
Waking Times

Increasingly science agrees with the poetry of direct human experience:  we are more than the atoms and molecules that make up our bodies, but beings of light as well. Biophotons are emitted by the human body, can be released through mental intention, and may modulate fundamental processes within cell-to-cell communication and DNA.

Nothing is more amazing than the highly improbable fact that we exist. We often ignore this fact, oblivious to the reality that instead of something there could be nothing at all, i.e. why is there a universe (poignantly aware of itself through us) and not some void completely unconscious of itself?

Consider that from light, air, water, basic minerals within the crust of the earth, and the at least 3 billion year old information contained within the nucleus of one diploid zygote cell, the human body is formed, and within that body a soul capable of at least trying to comprehend its bodily and spiritual origins.

Given the sheer insanity of our existential condition, and bodily incarnation as a whole, and considering that our earthly existence is partially formed from sunlight and requires the continual consumption of condensed sunlight in the form of food, it may not sound so farfetched that our body emits light.

Indeed, the human body emits biophotons, also known as ultraweak photon emissions (UPE), with a visibility 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eye. While not visible to us, these particles of light (or waves, depending on how you are measuring them) are part of the visible electromagnetic spectrum (380-780 nm) and are detectable via sophisticated modern instrumentation.[1],[2] Continue reading

Do you know how to detoxify your Body? Learn more – read here !

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28 Simple & Natural Ways to Detox your Body

We hear so much about cleansing and may wonder just how beneficial it can be. A proper cleansing or good habits for naturally detoxifying the body can really help you to achieve amazing health benefits. The notion of a simple detox program should be integrated into a healthy lifestyle to give you the best results.

Just as you focus on the foods that you eat and proper exercise, there are many other elements to living your best and healthiest lifestyle. Not only do these things factor into detoxifying your body, but there are other simple and highly effective ways to do so as well. We take a look at the 28 simplest, most natural, and undoubtedly most effective ways of getting the bad toxins out and welcoming in the elements that your body needs.

1. Replace a meal each day with a detoxifying smoothie:

Though you never want to go to extreme measures where your diet is concerned, there are some ideas that can work wonders. When it comes to naturally cleansing the body a great measure can be to replace one meal a day with a detoxifying smoothie. This isn’t extreme and won’t cause any harm, but it can be exceptional for getting rid of the substances that your body doesn’t need.

It’s important not to jump on the bandwagon for the more extreme measures and to opt for a smoothie that uses natural ingredients at the core. Rather than turning to a premade concoction or chemically enhanced smoothie, just turn to natural foods that will get you cleansed properly. This can not only help with weight loss, but also with keeping the digestive system working the way that it should.

Turning to a smoothie for one of your meals is a great way to jumpstart your metabolism and to kick your digestive system into overdrive. You will notice that natural energy that you feel and you will also enjoy that some of the symptoms that you suffer with daily are gone with this natural boost. Continue reading

AAMicha-El : About outbreaking Love !

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leaking dike


We greet you today with news that your world, at least the world of those not in denial, is changing.  Look more closely around you than the national and international news.  Many of you stopped following that some time ago anyway.  Look for the changing attitudes of those in your own communities.  Look even at the opportunities being brought forward by those courageous enough to challenge the long prevailing attitudes which you want changed.

In the short run, not every one of these changes may manifest.  In the long run, dear hearts, they all will.  It all serves to awaken those who hear of it just that much more.

Look to what you call your social media.  How rapidly are the attitudes and understandings changing there?  Yes, even in spite of those who refuse to acknowledge it, and in spite of those who are paid to undermine it.  Some still think, you see, that they have the power to influence what you think, but we assure you that the power to influence what you think is only yours, if that is what you determine.  We say that because, in addition to your own power, you have called upon and activated ours.  They are trying to put their fingers into the dike, as your story goes, but they are finding that they only have ten fingers and the dike is leaking in innumerable places.

Love is breaking out.  Peace and freedom will surely follow.  For those who continue to insist that nothing is happening, we have this response.  You are wrong.  Sorry, but you are wrong.  The inner changes of millions of people are indeed happening now.  And that, my friends, is what your societies and your world are made up of.  It is all a reflection of you.  And you are in the driver’s seat now.

If you hope, you are powerful.  If you believe you are more powerful.  If you see, hear, feel, know, and love, you are the most powerful of all.  Join together now and show yourselves just what you can do in peace and love.  Be your new world and then watch it appear before your eyes.  It is who you are.  It is why you are here.

We shall speak with you again very soon.  Good day, dear ones.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

Are you also hungry for Beauty?

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Hungry for Beauty

June 28, 2013 | By | Reply

Flickr-beauty-jane rahmyCharlotte Whitelock, Guest Writer
Waking Times

We are living in a time of global starvation. According to World Hunger, 13% of the world population are hungry and malnourished. Even more startling, is the global starvation of the soul. People are forced to rummage in the metaphorical rubbish bins of the Matrix, for the next fix, to fill the hole that will never be filled by the system. People are searching for something. Is it love?….beauty? Maybe, if it is only covered by addiction and temptation. How can you search for something when you don’t know it exists. Pure love.

To give an analogy: when I finished a detox, my body felt so clean that the thought of eating junk food made me feel ill. But we are surrounded by junk of all kinds, and those temptations can easily reel you back in like a fish on a hook. Before you know it, you are back on the junk train and that crisp vitality seems like a distant memory. It is the same with the world and deep soul love. If are always distracted by addiction, how can you know true love even exists. The system pulls you off course, it wants to control you, it wants you all to itself.

So the energetically malnourished are knocking on all the wrong doors – there is no button on the TV control that says ‘Heavens Gate’, there is no ‘Inner Peace Channel’. Filling the supermarket trolley with coloured packets has become a substitute for nurturing the inner self. But when these doors seem like the only options, what do you do? The obvious spiritual path for most people has become twisted and corrupted at a deep level: Religion, for many people is yet another tangled web, though it can provide a framework of strength for some, if that’s what floats your boat. The New Age movement doesn’t seem that appealing either, with its elitist vibe. But you don’t even have to be ‘spiritual’, just a true Human Being. Continue reading

ALOHA from Colleen



Greetings from Galactic Heart….


Aloha comes from two Hawaiian words.
Alo = center or heart of the Universe
Ha = breath or spirit of the Creator

Aloha is found in our hearts. It is the essence of the Creator’s Love and when that love is expressed through our voices, our minds, our hearts and our hands, the world becomes a better place.

There is only one heart, one center, one spirit, one Aloha. Find Aloha at the core of your own being and you will have instantly found it in everyone and everything. Aloha exists beyond motives, desires or opinions. It is sustained by Love, fortified by compassion and it expands in power and beauty as we give it away to all who come into our lives.



PS Below is a Sirian prayer filled with the Aloha spirit….Enjoy!




through Sheldan Nidle

Drosh Da Shamak Karek Kha Sho,

Bang Ma Gasha Sho Beck,

MaTa Gash Da Da Bho.

Do Sho.

Unto Haven, let us command our intentions,
Go with your Heart filled with Heaven’s glory,
May the Angels then take you and help you fulfill your Soul’s destiny. So be it.

This prayer is only a fraction of a 3 day ritual. Like Hawaiian, Sirian language has many meanings depending on how the words are used. It is expressed in a similar fashion as a Tibetan chant….a little sing-song. Simply Beautiful! Continue reading

The Month of July ……

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July and Nature

by Laural Virtues Wauters

July is named after Julius Caesar, the Roman Emperor.

In 46 BCE, Julius Caesar replaced the luni-solar Roman calendar system as one solar calendar. He consulted with Alexandrian astronomer Sosigenes and created a regular year that was divided into 12 equal months. These months were adjusted by adding ten days to the pre-Julian solar calendar of 355 days, creating a new calendar year of 365 days. Two extra days were added to the months Ianuarius (January), Sextilis (August) and December, while one extra day was added to Aprilis (April), Iunius (June), September and November.

Julian Calendar

An additional leap day was added to Februarius (February) every four years to account for the fact that a solar year is actually 365.25 days long.  This new calendar was then named the Julian calendar. The Roman senate changed the name of the seventh month of Quintilis to Julius (July) in his honor.

In The United States of America, July is the month we celebrate our independence. Following are the opening words of the Declaration of Independence, signed July 4th, 1776….

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Continue reading


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Cannabis extract medicine, also known as “hemp oil” when referring to the type pioneered by Rick Simpson, is a concentrated formulation of cannabis that is ingested orally. By eating large quantities of the oil over a three to six month period, nearly any disease you can imagine can either be cured or completely controlled. This is possible because cannabis medicine works fundamentally through the endocannabinoid system, the superregulatory system of our bodies that maintains homeostasis in the other systems.

You can see the reality of cannabis medicine’s effectiveness in all the things that smoking it is good for. It is widely known and observable that people with cancer, chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, and other conditions smoke cannabis with remarkable efficacy.

When you think about that, it’s pretty crazy that setting something on fire and inhaling the resulting smoke (thus getting the cannabinoids in a low-concentration form through the lungs, which are not meant to ingest things) works better than many expensive pharmaceuticals.

But with cannabis extract oil, there are two primary differences.

First, the cannabinoids are much more concentrated than with smoking, so it has a more powerful effect on your system.

Second, the oil is ingested, not smoked, meaning it is digested through the system that is meant to absorb nutrients.

Essentially, you are feeding your body the pure molecules that enable it to stay balanced, and since all disease is an imbalance of some kind, this medicine is effective against nearly anything. At least, that’s what the bulk of science and real experience show. Continue reading

“The Stone-Soup” Ever heard about it?

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Comment: Sharing Stone Soup


Steve is taking a holiday today.

I think I’ve been wrestling for perhaps three days now with news I heard that a lightworker had committed suicide.  It’s as if it rippled through my being. At last I became so depressed and lifeless that I felt I needed to get to the bottom of it and share what I found – or succumb to it.

I really don’t want to go into the details of the suicide very much because, for me anyways, they aren’t really important. What was important was that a lightworker had committed suicide.

I’m pretty sure financial matters were involved. And I think her situation is common, which is why I share what I’m about to.

I’m a monk – by nature and proclivity. I can’t say a word about how to create abundance because I know nothing about it. It troubles me. But one can only speak about what one knows.

I can make my contribution in another way. But before that, I need to share a story because it’s material to the point I want to make.  It’s the story of stone soup. Continue reading

A fabulous read by Scott Mowry: Curtain about to rise for Global Transformation

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Scott Mowry: Curtain About to Rise for Global Transformation

Mowry 1Stephen: We haven’t heard from Scott for some time. His reports usually bring us a solid overview of a wide range of current events.

Report by Scott Mowry, Miracles and Inspiration – June 24, 2013

• Planetary Economic Reform Ready to Roll Out
• Historic Global Currency Reset Imminent
• Massive Abundance Programs Nearing Implementation
• Time To Reclaim Your Power and much more

We have arrived at the magical hour. The hour when the curtain is about to rise. The hour when the world shifts into a new paradigm of abundance and freedom.

As we stand here at the Summer Solstice 2013, we are witnessing many, many moving parts flying about at a furious pace preparing for a massive transformation of the world right before our very eyes. These changes are the most miraculous and spectacular one could ever possibly imagine. Continue reading

The 20 Universal Laws

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The 20 Universal Laws

Tue, June 25, 2013
In an ideal 5d society, all current UCC Maritime laws would be replaced with the 20 Universal Laws:

universal law The 20 Universal Laws1. The Universal Law of Harmony
This law supersedes even the fundamental law of Karma, for harmony is the supreme potential of balance. The purpose of Karma is to attain harmony. If you throw a rock into a pond you disturb the harmony of the pond, you are the cause, the effect is the splash and the ripples that flows out and back until harmony is restored. Similarly, your disharmonious actions flow out into the Universe and back upon you, lifetime after life time, until eventually your own harmony is restored.

2. The Law of Reincarnation and Karma
Until you have resolved your Karma and fulfilled your Dharma, which are the deeds you must do, you will continue to reincarnate into sequential lifetime upon the earth. Neither God nor the Lords of Karma bestow suffering upon you during these lives, you and you alone decide what you most need to learn and in your earthly sojourns, and for each life experience you seek out other souls, often with shared histories, and always with Karmic configurations matching your needs. Whenever you act with intention you create Karma. Actions are considered to be thoughts, emotions, words and deeds, and the motive, desire and intent behind each. Disharmonious acts must be balanced in the future in this life or in a future lifetime, to have Soul growth. Continue reading

This is a “Valuable Read” Folks Story-Telling recorded…..

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This is not only a “Valuable Read” it also is (at least for me) a “Must Read” and the topic of oral tradition of mankind was subjected to a lifelong dedication of a White American travelling through mainly South Africa ! w a l k i n g ! and recording – learning the illiterate languages and translating the stories being told according to oral tradition hitherto.

What Harold Scheub tells here about trying to grasp not only a story by its words but also by ” all that is around in tradition, culture and personal drama ” when this story is being told actually is exactly what I have described as the “Actual Inner Problem and Core of any translation done even from written excerpts of one language to another “! If you translate literally word per word …you will miss and neglect a vital fact of the original – its inner essence of meaning forthcoming in its very own personal vibration of a story being  told either orally like here or in writing and thus the original in such translation always will byepass its original effects on people …..(There is a script of this my belief existing already still in German which I have to translate into English in due course soon.)

So this has been vividly explained as one of the major problems when collecting and translating oral stories and his life ecperience of it by Harold Scheub in the Interview pertaining to this article.

I believe this article deserves all our interest and I am very grateful to have found it. Simultaneously I ‘d like to express my deep gratitude to Harold Scheub and our all Creator that we  may have the spiritual delight of meeting such people like Harold S. and getting aware of all his valuable lifelong work.

Have a good read and feed your soul – hearts and minds – it all belongs too to our manifestations and anchoring the Golden Age of Gaia!

Yours with Compassionate and Unconditional Love from


The Man With 10,000 Tales

–by Tim McDonnell, syndicated from, Jun 25, 2013

Harold Scheub spent his career trekking across Africa and recording village storytellers of all stripes. Now, the octogenarian professor reveals how those foreign tales connect us, and why it’s so vital to preserve them.

Harold Scheub first went to South Africa on a safari of sorts. In 1967, at the height of apartheid, Scheub—an earnest Midwestern twenty-something with a stint in the Air Force under his belt and a freshly awarded Master’s degree in English—packed a rucksack and hopped a bus for the backcountry. But instead of guns and ammo, he was armed with a bulky tape recorder and D batteries. Scheub wasn’t after big game trophies; he was on the hunt for stories.

Scheub had his first brush with African oral folklore a few years earlier, during an English teaching gig in Uganda. As a burgeoning linguist, hearing ancient tales recounted in their original tongue fascinated him, and he resolved to return with the tools and know-how to create an aural archive of stories so that they might be translated, studied and preserved. So Scheub flew to South Africa and hit the road from Johannesburg up the country’s eastern coast. When the bus line ran out, he walked, and then started knocking on doors. At that time, occupants of single-family homesteads deep in the South African bush were, he recalls, “very wary, and very uncertain” about a random white man showing up outside with a newfangled recording device in hand. But Scheub succeeded in convincing locals he was neither a white supremacist nor a government official, and “once the stories started coming, they were just magnificent.”

Harold Scheub (Photos by Andy Fate) Continue reading

The Russians prove the Benefits of Small Scale Farming

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The Russians Prove Small Scale Organic CAN Feed the World

June 25, 2013 | By | Reply

Flickr-veggies-ilovebutterChristina Sarich, Staff Writer
Waking Times

If you’ve already been through an economic collapse, you might know a thing or two about how to feed your family with little money. More importantly, you might know how to do it without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and GMO seed. On a total of about 20 million acres managed by over 35 million Russian families, Russians are carrying on an old-world technique, which we Americans might learn from. They are growing their own organic crops – and it’s working.

According to some statistics, they grow 92% of the entire countries’ potatoes, 77% of its vegetables, 87% of its fruit, and feed 71% of the entire population from privately owned, organic farms or house gardens all across the country. These aren’t huge Agro-farms run by pharmaceutical companies; these are small family farms and less-than-an-acre gardens.

A recent report from Agro-ecology and the Right to Food says that organic and sustainable small-scale farming could double food production in the parts of the world where hunger is the biggest issue. Within five to 10 years we could see a big jump in crop cultivation. It could also take the teeth out of GMO business in the US. Continue reading

The Ancient Wisdom or Perennial Philosophy – Part 2

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The Ancient Wisdom or Perennial Philosophy – Part 2

above belowAgain, in honor of Sri Shankara, who recently appeared on An Hour with an Angel, I’d like to give a second cut at a statement of the perennial philosophy, written originally many years ago now.

Last revised: 22 July 2011

Spiritual Evolution: The Divine Plan for Life

1. Every man, woman, and child on this planet is God. Every man, woman, and child lives forever, through countless physical lives.

Everything known and unknown, everything that is and is not is God. There is nothing that we can see or not see that is not Him (Her, It – God has no gender. I’ll follow the conventional use of sages here and refer to God as a “He”). That being the case you are God and I am God and everyone else is as well. Being God, we’re not capable of being destroyed or ceasing to exist. We’re therefore eternal, though our physical bodies are not.

The “immortality” that such teachers as Jesus spoke of is not immortality of the soul, which is already immortal, but the cessation of the need to be born into a physical body again. As it happens we reincarnate endless times until we reach the point of needing no more to be reborn physically. But that is not the end of spiritual evolution, which continues until we return to God, whence we came, through a virtually endless process of successive enlightenments.

Spiritual evolution means that, not simply the physical body evolves as Darwin said it does, but the spiritual bodies that we also inhabit do as well.  We journey through lifetime after lifetime, learning , discriminating, improving our ability to discern the Real from the unreal, until finally we realize the One fully. We have then progressed from unconscious awareness to conscious awareness of our nature as God. Continue reading

AAMichael through Ron Head: “If it were true, what would you do next?”

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Please accept our congratulations on passing another important marker on your way to higher awareness, greater consciousness.  Although you will certainly not feel any different today than you did last Friday, we can assure you that you are.  Each day, hour, and minute that you spend now in the energy field that currently surrounds you sees your entire being becoming more able to contain the higher frequencies that are necessary for your further growth.

There are those around you who do not choose to believe this is occurring.  There are those who follow these messages who still think there is nothing happening to themselves, only to others.  But, as we have previously stated many times, this energy is having its effect upon everything.  We do, however, agree with them in this way.  Were they to open themselves to what is possible at this time, welcome the change that is possible for themselves, and feel gratitude for all of it, the potentials for greater and faster manifestation of the life they profess to desire would, as you like to say, knock their socks off. Continue reading

The Meek shall inherit the Earth … by Sophia Love

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~the meek shall inherit the earth~
Love and respect, you are not alone:
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The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

Posted: 24 Jun 2013 08:44 AM PDT

These words may or may not speak to you.  They concern things I’ve seen in me as well as others close to me these last few days.  The intent is to shed some light on what feels unsettling and dark.  I hope it is a help to you.
Each summer since I was a little girl I’ve wondered “Where does the water come from?  And what is holding it back?”  This happens around hoses.  In a matter of seconds, this lightweight, empty hose in my hand transforms into a heavy one, holding a flood of coursing, rushing water.  This could only occur if the water was there all along, waiting to be released. With just the slightest adjustment of the handle, I find myself drenched.
It is like that with love.  It exists.  It is your life force waiting to be released. It is there always.  It exists as your natural state.  Unimpeded, it will flow from you like a fire hose.  Yet there is a spigot and we are accustomed to keeping it “off”.  Continue reading

Here comes : Love from Brazil !

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Love from Brazil

Posted: 24 Jun 2013 08:38 AM PDT

Dear beings

I love the work that you all have do and know how important it is for us.

The changes you have reported to be living resonate with everything that live; yes, we are one.

My country, Brazil, lives a fantastic time. Not coincidentally, one of the slogans of popular movement says: The people woke up! Lächelndes Gesicht (schwarz und weiß)

I am sending a picture to share with you the kind of consciousness that is awakening worldwide.

Thrilled with the magical moment that we living, I send an affectionate hug for everyone.

Forgive my bad english and translation by google.

Love for all!

Roberto D. – Zazul

This is a bit Leeway but essential to know: Cure of Cancer has been found …”

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Cancer is finally Cured in Canada but Big Pharma has ‘No Interest’

CTV News in Atlantic Canada reports that a Cure For Cancer is found and it has been censored just like Dr Buzinski’s Cure for Cancer from Houston, Texas. This report by CTV News covers Dr. Evangelos Michelakis at the University of Alberta and the drug called

DCA which has been found to reduce the size of cancerous tumors. Dr. Dario Alterieri from the University of Massachusetts agreed that the drug should be tested for its side effects and safety issues. However, there is no patent on this drug.

Since there is no patent on DCA and no pharmaceutical company owns this drug, CTV reported that drug companies will not want to bring this drug out on the market or conduct studies on this drug due to the fact that they can’t make a profit off a drug that can be inexpensively produced.
CTV News also mentioned that it costs nearly $100 million dollars for testing to become completed on a new drug, so it looks like everything comes down to a matter of money. Of course, there is another case like Dr. Burzinski’s which is the only case I know of where a doctor received five court acquittals with a “Not Guilty Verdict” in Houston, Texas for coming out with his treatment for Cancer that has been hidden from us all since 1977.

And there is another remedy of Cancer which I don’t want to keep from you ——-

Cancer-killing Dandelion-Tea

Cancer-Killing Dandelion Tea Receives $157,000 for Further Research

Continuing research that began in 2009, Siyaram Pandey, a biochemist at the University of Windsor, and his research team are finding that dandelion root extract is turning out to be a very aggressive natural remedy for cancer cells associated with Leukemia. The extract of dandelion root has been shown to cause chronic monocytic myeloid cells to commit suicide. Due to this initial success, the team has recently been issued a $157,500 grant (totaling $217,000 overall) to discover how this natural remedy can treat Leukemia altogether.

Since the idea of dandelion extract being a potential cancer treatment sparked in 2009, Dr. Siyaram Pandey and Dr. Caroline Hamm saw this treatment to be a “revolutionary change” that could completely alter the direction of cancer research and cancer treatments. While a cancer treatment will likely never be accepted since it would cost the drug companies billions of dollars, this natural solution did receive approval by Health Canada for clinical trials on humans.

This is good news, as Dr. Hamm noticed that patients drinking dandelion tea seemed to be improving.

A Handful of Dandelion’s Beneficial Properties

Dandelion, known to many as Taraxacum officinale (meaning “official remedy for disorders”) has already been proven to help with a host of diseases including preventing liver disease, slowing hepatitis, and jaundice, cleansing the system of kidney stones, assisting in weight loss, eliminating acne, improving bowel functions for those who suffer from either constipation or diarrhea, eliminating acid indigestion and acid reflux, and controlling diabetes. Dandelion provide so many benefits that the edible weed is considered one of the top Chinese healing herbs.

Dandelion leaves have some of the highest levels of Vitamin A (more than cod liver and beef) and are full of other micronutrients including copper, zinc, boron, molybdenum, cobalt as well as lots of Vitamin D. Rounding out the benefits of Dandelion, they are decent source of plant-based protein. Dandelion is also rich in fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and B vitamins.

Considering more people are turning to better nutrition to treat their cancers, it seems that dandelion is yet another natural treatment, with the perfect combination of nutrients to support non-cancerous cells and to eliminate unhealthy ones.

Now, with more clinical research to document dandelion as a cancer cure, it can possibly take the place of expensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments that eradicate healthy cells and bank accounts too. You can pick your own dandelion leaves, dry them in the sun, and make your own teas by pouring near-boiling water over the leaves, roots and stems, or you can purchase the supplement in tincture or pre-made tea forms, just look for certified organic and fair trade if you won’t be making your own dandelion tea.

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