Another true Morning Blessing from Angela Peregroff

This time it was quite easy to find an adequate title for this re-blogged post : a true Morning Blessing ! Since it is a good read to begin your day with and also mine. It has been said that the most protective gesture of ours is to take ourselves into a stream of thought, light, connection, to our all Creator first thing in the morning in order to have the best of all safeguard for the day to come. And here it is one of those tools created by the Divine Source for us all !

As always with compassionate and unconditional Love


The Morning Blessing

The Earth is going through a unique experiment that has never been attempted in any system of worlds. Never in the whole of creation has a planet evolved at Ascension speed with conscious life upon it. Yet, here we are. Through our Crown Chakras of Enlightenment we volunteered to assist and return all Life here back to Divine Love and Unity. The consequence of such a decision is that we presently have to traverse through some multifaceted energies and cleansing aspects to purge the duality phenomenon and open up to the pulsing fifth dimensional heart waves that are coming in.

A human being is a relatively simple creature as far as the universe is concerned, but the process of stuffing a great big being such as yourself into such a basic collection of organic material that is ascending can feel a bit disconcerting at times. Most everyone I have spoken with over the last ten days has been experiencing some form of physical effect from the latest surge of energy that came in. I have experienced excruciating pain in the brain stem area (occipital region of the skull) for most of the week and upon starting to assimilate the energies I have gone in and out of those darn vertigo spells that let me know I am being dimensionally stretched. Others have taken in the frequencies by appearing to have a 24 or 48 hour bug, or a multitude of other aches and pains. This New Space also has the ability to disturb your sleep, make you feel irritated, frustrated, spacey, introverted, or confused. Whatever it has been for you, the process has been intense, almost to the degree of unmanageability. Continue reading

“Empaths and Paradise” re-blogged from L.Bruno’s Blog

I am so glad that I found this script (author unknown) as I followed up the Oracle and Healers’blog and via such thread ( ) it was flown to my e-mail-entry. Just like Ron Head it resonated with me so much that I want to share it with you as very good food for thoughts !

As always with compassionate and unconditional Love yours


Empaths and Paradise


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Just a quick reminder that we’re crossing some bizarre energy ripples right now, which have the power to distort in strange and sometimes scary ways. Whether you call it Mercury Retrograde in dreamy, illusion-inducing Pisces, Archontic influence of off-world beings instigating and surfing negative emotions, or simply empathing some of the intense disaster posturing of our world right now, many people are experiencing flare-ups. Emotions, spiritual issues, identity crises, physical pain that outreaches the actual diagnosis, thoughts that won’t stop recycling: yep. I’m feeling it, and I know so many others are as well, because I’m hearing from you in sessions! Continue reading

This is indeed… the unstoppable force of which we have spoken so very often – channeled by Ron Head

With the messages of AAMichael via Ron Head there is no need to write any Preface of myself to it.

I do underline everything that is written hereunder and leave all to your discretion and further elaboration of it.

Yours as always


This is indeed… the unstoppable force of which we have spoken so very often. – channeled by Ron Head

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We return today to the subject of channeling.

You should be noticing several things about the messages you are reading at this time.  The first is that the messages contained therein are becoming clearer and clearer.  You should also be seeing that there is a distinct difference between those that uplift your spirit and those that leave you confused or dejected.  We hope you are giving no attention at all to any that bring forth fear. Continue reading

Pam Junghans: North Point Astrology: Journal Your Guide to Planetary Energies 02.-25 to 03.3.2013

Today’s photo: Lime green auroras fill the sky over Harstad, Norway on February 18, 2013 (photo by Frank S. Andreassen, posted on
A FULL MOON begins our last week of February, occurring at 12:26 pm PST on Monday. The polarity represented by the Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces may be especially obvious now, since the two “lights” both exactly square Jupiter at the time of the lunation. In astrological terms, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter are forming a T-square, with Jupiter at the apex.
Signs that oppose each other in the zodiac always represent opposite, yet complementary principles. At each Full Moon, our challenge is to utilize the best qualities of both signs, to find a balance in between the polarities.
IN A NUTSHELL, here are the basic positive qualities of Virgo and Pisces:
  • Virgo: Discriminating, practical, analytical, precise, dependable
  • Pisces: Sympathetic, mystical, intuitive, forgiving, adaptable
When listed out like this, it’s easy to see how both signs possess admirable qualities — but we can also see how we might find it difficult to be both discriminating and sympathetic, practical and mystical, analytical and intuitive, precise and forgiving, dependable and adaptable. Continue reading

Angela P. Morning Blessing: February, 25.2013 Perception Expansion 2013

Morning Blessing: 02.25.13
Perception Expansion 2013
“If you are not conscious of all of the different parts of yourself, the part of yourself that is the strongest will win out over the other parts. Its intention will be the one that the personality uses to create its reality.” – Gary Zukav

Throughout eons of time, various developmental phases of mankind’s evolution have taken many surprising twists and turns. As more and more parts of your non-earthly aspects align during the latest magnetic change that is sweeping the globe it will ignite a new perceptual awareness. Newly glowing insights will establish new parameters concerning the nature of intelligence, raising long over-due questions about the potentials of the human mind. Energy from space, and from our sun, can create distortions on a physical level, as well as trigger human consciousness into new areas of perception and this is exactly what is happening to us now. Channels of light are cleansing the illusions that we are merely human and driving out ancient cultural beliefs about the nature of reality.

Take this week to receive a widened view of any given day you live for we have officially been pulled up from the mass conjurings of 3-D spatial experience.  Most of the Western world has identified intelligence based on one’s ability to use symbols – namely, letters and numbers, in the physical world. Long has it been that we used our multidimensional abilities to inform and direct us on the path of day-to-day living but Gaia’s transgression into the Light of Ascension has given back to us the capability to perceive more, to understand the invisible symbols that guide and direct us daily. You are now free to orchestrate the harmonization of the One within your own life. Continue reading

Hilarion’s Weekly Message – February 24-March 3, 2013

Hilarion’s Weekly Message – February 24-March 3, 2013

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Beloved Ones,

As you move through your daily lives, you are finding more evidence of subtle workings of the higher dimensions all around you, as situations that were very touchy and volatile seem to just melt away into peace and harmony. This is happening both individually and collectively to all upon the Planet and is most especially noticeable for each Lightworker as they are more sensitive to the new energies that are coming in. Continue to allow the effects of these energies to flow through you without resistance and all will be well. Each of you is seeing that this is so and you are finding that speaking your truth with courage and determination brings more that is good into your life rather than the reverse as you and those around you adjust your perceptions.

These effects will continue as you purge from you thoughts that have been hidden and not looked at clearly before. Your human selves have stored away these thoughts throughout your lifetime and these thoughts have limited your ability to live to your highest potential. Sometimes these thoughts have to be expressed quite forcefully in order to free you of their effects. After this occurs, ask the Violet Fire Angels to cleanse and transmute the words that were spoken out into the atmosphere and transform that energy into the pure white Light for the highest good of all. Ask also that what has been released from within your being is immediately replaced with the pure white Light. Continue reading

Here is a Message of Ashtar – reblogged from M.Quincey today, February 25, 2913

Things are happening – and this message – very seldom and rare of Ashtar – flew into my mail-box just now which I want to share with you here right away.  Please take special note of what is being expressed about the conclave of cardinals to come at Rome and the election of the New Pope:


“Representing all of us, you and us, including those of us who come to be with you, shall be St. Germain and Archangel Michael, because if there was ever a group that needed to get the Truth out on the table, it’s the group of cardinals who shall decide who will be the new leader of millions of people who belong – and you can take that any way you choose – to the Catholic Church.

It’s time for a lot of fresh air to blow through those hallowed halls. It’s time for the secrets to not be secrets anymore and its time for those who are truly upon the spiritual path – and everybody is told to be on the spiritual path – it’s just that the leaders are not quite on the same path – it’s time for them to be freed from the dogmas, the restrictions and the enslavements that have been put upon them. So there is going to be a lot happening there!”


As always with Impassionate and unconditional Love to you all – yours (Contra)Mary


Mike Quinsey (


An: Etfirstcontact
Bild von Mike Quinsey

Hi Friends,

                  I am sending out this message because I feel it is covering areas that do not get much coverage. It tells us what is really happening behind the scenes, and it is speeding us towards some major changes that we have long expected.

                                               Mike Quinsey


                                                                            Ashtar on President Obama’s State of the Union Speech *

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference, 2-12-13



“Greetings Beloved Family! It is I, Ashtar who comes again to be with you in spirit, in Love and in Joy! For those of you who listened or watched the Presidential speech – and this was for the entire World, not just the United States of America – we wish to emphasize that, first and foremost, he has a lot of ideas.


“He is inspired! He is inspired to lead this country and the entire World further along the Path of the Golden Age, or Aquarian Age, and it is true that it is going to take a huge outpouring of loving support for all of these things to be accomplished. Yet, behind the scenes, and he knows that full well behind the scenes, are numerous, too numerous to count, members of support teams, not just the ones in the human bodies, but those of us who come from beyond.


“There’s not much left of the veil because Mother Gaia and Planet Earth have moved into what we are calling the ‘Golden Age,’ it is high 4D, but there are still those who are clinging to 3D, and yes you will see some opposition from those very ones in the congress and senate and various departments and governmental agencies and so on, wanting to block these great changes that he proposes to make.


“We will say this loud and clear: he is very well aware of NESARA and of what NESARA brings about. What he is doing is bridging, he is the first bridge, that is, his programs and his inspirations are the first bridge to the very bridge which is called NESARA, because NESARA in turn is a bridge to Freedom! You may think it is just about abundance, but it is much, much more.


“It is Freedom in every aspect of the lives of all humans on Planet Earth; it is Freedom for the animal and the plant kingdoms, and for the mineral kingdoms who are deemed to serve the humans. You know, it’s the humans who think all of the other kingdoms are here to serve. If you ask members of the other kingdoms what they have to say about that, they would take a different perspective and voice a different point of view which is true and appropriate, and as you like to say, it is high time because we are in High Times and we are continuing on this Path! Continue reading

Greetings from Herak Sirius dated 02.20.2013

Do you want to know how the technical management works on the spaceships of our celestial friends helping to download energies from the Central Sun via our our universe’s sun to Gaia? Read this message please as Herak explains here why and how this process of downloading must be a gentle one in order that our bodies are not overstressed and harmed!

With my compassionate and unconditional love as always yours


Greetings from Herak Sirius dated 02.20.2013

Channeled through Frank H. Scheffler

About Cleansing of your Body-Cells !

Dear Siblings of the Stars,

Today I’d like to submit to you pieces of info from your solar system which will give further explanation about how your awakening is proceeding.
As mentioned already in our previous channellings the energetic process to restore the full consciousness has been fully concluded by us.
And furthermore we ‘d like to explicate now how we came to make this statement.

In all the many universes there are various grades of consciousness which are being measured in varying ways by our utility vehicles.

This process is being transmitted via Divine Decree of our All-Creator to the singular quadrants of space. These are electromagnetic energies being spread into the morpho-genetic or plasma-field.

This special case destined for your solar system has been transmitted via electromagnetic membranes which are connecting the individual dimensions and universes reaching finally the 5th dimension. This means that the interfacing cut between the subtle realms and the lower more coarsely dimensions on your planet Gaia are being regulated by our utility vehicles. Because of our knowledge how to materialize matters we are able to download and to lower all energies originating from Alcyone our all Central Sun and also the Central Sun of your universe.

This process are being effected by catalytic converters of our vehicles. Therefore I always stressed the point that the process of awakening is a gentle one and must not be brought on by “brute force” nor is permitted to do so in any way. Continue reading

“The Science of Storytelling” re-blogged from DailyGood

It is my belief that apart from our very important and so serious thrives for adapting ourselves to the ever increasing frequency of inflooding energies … there are also some leeways aspects which may drive our so serious endeavours into some more friendly but also essential fields and this post belongs to this kind of thoughtful realms to give us some kind of break in our trends of so serious strivings.

I am sharing with you  this delightful and by all means “not shallow post” !

As always : you know “my special bidding farewell phrase”  already


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After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world. –Phillip Pullman

The Science of Storytelling

–by Leo Widrich, Original Story, Feb 21, 2013

In 1748, the British politician and aristocrat John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, spent a lot of his free time playing cards. He greatly enjoyed eating a snack while still keeping one hand free for the cards. So he came up with the idea to eat beef between slices of toast, which would allow him to finally eat and play cards at the same time. Eating his newly invented “sandwich,” the name for two slices of bread with meat in between, became one of the most popular meal inventions in the western world.

What’s interesting about this is that you are very likely to never forget the story of who invented the sandwich ever again. Or at least, much less likely to do so, if it would have been presented to us in bullet points or other purely information-based form.

For over 27,000 years, since the first cave paintings were discovered, telling stories has been one of our most fundamental communication methods. Recently a good friend of mine gave me an introduction to the power of storytelling, and I wanted to learn more.

Here is the science around storytelling and how we can use it to make better decisions every day: Continue reading

“The Yes-Factor of the Universe” Re-blogged Morning Blessing of Today by Angela Peregroff

Another valuable thought about how the Universe always reacts ! This we all have to keep in mind when coping with our daily issues and reminding us to think possibly always consciously owing to this very fact ! Keep or at least try to train your own mind-control as the universe will always respond to you with its greater “Yes” !

As always a good and sucessful day for manifesting and anchoring Nova Earth and with my compassionate and unconditional accompanying you …


The Morning Blessing

In our Science of Mind studies we are reminded over and over again of the power of the “yes factor”. The word “yes” is like a mirror of the universe. The way it works is that all of our thoughts and beliefs are brought into our experience, because the universe always says “yes” to them. No matter what the real truth of the matter may be, the universe will always reflect back a “yes,” just like a mirror. Our personal consciousness operates behind the scenes to produce factual events that the universe verifies for us. If you desire to be loved and yet hold your focus on the void of that love then the universe can never deliver that experience to you. It’s impossible. The power of the universe to affect change on your behalf starts from within your own mind. In ordinary language, you must have faith in the truth and reality of what is wanted rather than what is not wanted. Continue reading

“Be who you are” – Re-blogged from Jennifer Farley

Short and with simple wording …. be who you are …. follow your own inner wisdom and truth solely — and if you are reading anything that is not meant as just another advice and hint to ponder upon and to discern/decide whether it is in your vibration resonance … dismiss it or take it as just another hint which way may be walked by you … however any “should” or “must” in any advice given by others (also channels) originate from our former 3-D-Matrix with all its elaborated orders to us from others and not from ourselves ! They may safely be discarded for ever !  Change your thinking ways and look, listen solely to your inner selves where you will find your inner core of sage intuition and believe in it !

As always with Compassionate and Unconditional Love yours


Therefore I re-blogged this advice from our all Creator  (New post on Oracles and Healers) in order to share it with all of you visitors to this site:

From Jennifer Farley

by Oracles and Healers

here I amOthers may tell you what they feel you should be, you may tell yourself what you feel you should be. The word ‘should’ is the sticking point. Be who you are…….there is nothing better than you. ~ Creator

Another Test-Posting of Mine: “What If Money Was No Object” Reblogged from DAILYGOOD

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Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that. –Norman Vincent Peale

What If Money Was No Object

–by Alan Watts & Gavin Aung Than, Original Story, Feb 19, 2013

Re-blogged from DAILYGOOD – News that Inspires

DailyGoodDailyGood News That Inspires

February 20, 2013

a project of ServiceSpace

Gratitude, Gifting and Grandpa

How do you say “thank you” for sunshine or health…for clear days or gentle rains…for happiness, joy or love? You say it by sharing what you have. You say it by making the world a better place in which to live.

– Thomas D. Willhite –

For  more see here :

Gratitude, Gifting and Grandpa

A picture of John Styn’s grandfather, Rev. Caleb Elroy Shikles, with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., had a huge impact on John Styn’s life growing up. It made him realize that great people are not “them” – they are “us.” In this funny, emotional TEDx talk, Styn shares his grandpa’s lessons of living life in intense gratitude and the joy that comes from gifting. He reminds us of the choice we all have in each moment. { read more }

Be The Change

Learn more about John and his inspiring projects. { more }

This is a test – trying to post all sorts and variations which may turn out nice or not!

As always with compassionate and unconditional Love from me to you all!



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High Vibration from Marix Sirius dated Feb.18.2013

After quite a while here is another message of Marix which shows what personal great progress has been made between Marix and his channel Sarinah regarding their nearness and intimacy. Their high increase of vibrational frequency is also felt by myself when I translate their original message in German. It flows and spreads over to me and fills my inner core with joy and sheer divine delight.

I should like you to read this message hereunder with your hearts wide opened and share this inner delight with me and make you willpower stronger again to go forward and create/manifest Nova Earth accordingly !!! Wishing you successful actions in that very way !

As always with Unconditional and Compassionate Love to,you


High Vibrations from Marix Sirius


Channeled through Sarinah dated 02.18.2013

In Life there is never-ending Ascension into heavenly Realms above – however it is getting always easier to achieve ….

While the influx of celestial energies are penetrating everything and everyone – reaching all hearts and even those totally hardened – there is free access for our all mutual being together ! And meanwhile you will be able to sense what is going on in your inside and outward around you.

Sometimes it may be felt like floating or even as if you were swimming in a pool  of love.

Whereby change in yourself may be so strong and powerful that you automatically are becoming and living your “I Am” that you verily are and always have been.

Angels of the Earth, Ascended Masters, Mentors, Joining Link to all Friends of Inner Earth or Member of the Galactic Federation of Light! No matter what you are feeling in your inner hearts. whoever you are. the way however you live, wherever your home is. whatever profession you have or whomever you love – you may well assured that everything you did was in a rightful way and that we are very proud of you!

No matter how hard and how fateful your past years of life have been and whichever drama you have been confronted with – these past years were so very essential for you and just the phases when you possibly thought you would never find your real vocation/mission – all these phases have made you become what you are now !

Wonderful you are – powerful, strong, loving, sage and compassionate beings that you are – just about to create Nova Earth and to fill new connections to partners with life and which are about to find fullfilment in their vocation/mission in mutual joining with other human fellows of lightwork. Continue reading

Angela P. Blessings: “Living In Her Light Body” dated Feb.19.2013

Here is what Angela Peregroff wrote for today : It is somewhat lengthy yet it is a good food for thoughts !

Love as always in unconditional and compassionate way from yours


Morning Blessing: 02.18.13
Living In Her Light Body 
“The sapling doesn’t want anything because it is at one with the totality, and the totality acts through it.” – Eckhart Tolle

This is going to be a transient week. You will not be able to avoid, evade or ignore what is now coming forward and being presented. For six weeks you have been attended to and kindled by a greater Universal consciousness of your awakened Spirit. Therefore, you are spinning, pulsing, and arcing with the matrices of Divine Intelligence which now have to become externalized and imprint your existence. This has to do with the 2012 Galactic Alignment that is upon all creation in your realm. The balance of Life is changing and is propelling humanity into its next social and cultural era of Love.

As a human body acupuncture point and anchor of the consciousness of Oneness the key word this week is going to be “acceptance”. The trick will be to understand that acceptance means giving in to who you are. Moving forward through this process, you will be able to link your life with the empowerment of Universal Life. This means that even when your experiences feel like intense challenges you will Know, with a capital K, that the Inner Self is there as a guiding force that is always giving you greater and greater access to the intelligence of the Divine that is always at work! Continue reading

Pam Junghans: “Astrological Forecast Week Feb.18.-24.2013

Astrology Journal
Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
February 18 to 24, 2013
By Pam Younghans
Today’s photo: Pastel auroras over Tromsø, Norway on February 13, 2013 (photo by Anne Aas, posted on
WE CONTINUE in the “Pisces zone” this week, with the added effects of the Sun also entering the 12th sign on Monday. This makes a total of five planets encouraging us to live according to the Pisces credos of compassion and understanding, and to rediscover or enhance our spiritual or creative practices.
Pisces also teaches us to surrender to the course of our lives, trusting that we are ultimately protected even in times of stress, and having faith in positive outcomes even when they are as yet unseen. In times of great uncertainty, this is a vital skill to learn.
Our other options are to reside in fear or to try to control every nuance of our experience in an effort to stay safe. Pisces helps us transcend that rigid way of viewing reality, and helps us step into the world of imagination, faith and light, where possibilities and magic are born. Continue reading

Body Changes – Re-blogged from “Energetic Synthesis”

Source of this re-blogged article is : >

I found this again on my forum of the GoldenAgeofGaia Discussion Group and I thought it might be very useful as some solid information for us to share. It is always good to have some solid knowledge what is going on with and inside of our bodies as effects of ascension into the higher realms since it is not solely our psychic and spiritual inside that has to bear the effects of our “Pioneer Path into Higher Realms”  and thus undergo a change accordingly but it also ceases our whole physical construction towards an appropriate change !

As always with Compassionate and Unconditional Love yours


Body Changes

From The House of David Teaching Center

This file is a montage speaking on the changes that will occur within our bodies during the upcoming tribulation Earth Changes. These are organized into 22 different areas within the body. The sources of prophetic information for this montage are listed at the end of the file. This montage is broken down into the following:


During the Earth Changes in these End Times or Tribulation as it is called, the earth and the physical bodies on the earth are supposed to undergo a change as we move from the third dimension to the fourth and fifth dimensions. On the planetary scale, a massive shift is taking place. Huge infusions of Light are coming to the Earth plane as the veil of separation and denial are lifting. Earth Changes are creating physical changes in your bodies right now. The planet is mutating, and so are the beings on it. There is a transmutation taking place in the very cells of your body.

A transmutation is the act of being transmuted or changed or altered in form, appearance, nature to a higher form. transmutation is the internal change going on inside the body that puts together the combination of parts or chemical elements, groups or simpler compounds or by the degradation of a complex compound so as to form a whole new combination. During mutation, this new combination may be constructed by the body from diverse conceptions into a coherent whole body that may be different from previous bodies.

The physical transmutation change within your bodies is a significant and basic alteration in the body. It may be a relatively permanent change in hereditary material involving either a physical change in chromosome relations or a biochemical change in the codons that made up genes. A codon is a triplet of nucleotides that is part of the genetic code for the body. The genetic code specifies a particular amino acid in a protein or starts or stops protein synthesis which means putting things together. This is the way the body grows or is destroyed by disease during it’s particular lifetime.

There are many teachings coming down today that speak of mutation and also speak of cellular transformation. Some have asked what is the difference and is there a difference? Some entities feel that the word mutation is a word that sometimes alienates a lot of people, it sounds scary to some people. So they use the word transformation or cellular transformation because it seems like a little more gentle word to use. They feel that more people are open to the word transformation. It’s more like a gradual shifting whereas mutation feels to some people like there are going to be some changes that are so radical that this creates more of a fear. And these entities try and stay away from wording and language that is going to create more of a fear because this then creates a restriction of energy when people are met with words that create that type of experience or reaction? Continue reading

Steve B.’s follow up of yesterday’s post: “Back in the Troughs and Waves Again”

Steve B. followed up his update of yesterday on his Blog titled as above – in which I regard his quote of Werner Erhard as the essential one for his description of the particular situation he is in now:

Quote:”…But I’m still in the cycle Werner Erhard called “getting it and losing it, getting it and losing it.”….Unquote

And for this truthful description what Steve is going through (being thrown into wild waters again, that’s how it is felt when reading his post) I believe I have to make it available to you too so that you are not misled when you read only Steve’s post of yesterday … it belongs to this one of today as this up-and-down (standing with each one leg in 3-D and 5-D – back and forth) might be the like case with many of us on-racing lighworkers. And this is the main reason I feel that I have simply to share this post with you.

As always with Compassionat and Unconditional Love to you all yours (Contra)Mary

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Back in the Troughs and Waves Again

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Stern CatMy belief that I had escaped once and for all from the exhaustion of the moment has proven premature. Within two or three hours after my breakthrough yesterday into a higher-dimensional place of being, I was back in exhaustion again.

For a time I could see what Archangel Michael was talking about when he discussed “facing into the Third” vs. “facing into the Fifth.”  My exhaustion had lifted earlier when I heard the thought “You are not tired. You are going through a dimensional shift.” I tell myself I had ceased facing into the Third and faced into the Fifth.

But I’m still in the cycle Werner Erhard called “getting it and losing it, getting it and losing it.”

Continue reading

Life can change Now in a Heartbeat – My Thoughts thereto and Update in the Timeline Now

Re-blogged from Steve Beckow : “GoldenAgeofGaia”

This is what Steve B..writes in his post today “Life can change Now in a Heartbeat”  and also: “Strange voyage we are on. Unpredictable. Unknowable. Wonderful.”

and all he depicts in his post may be underlined under these two passages – and also what was moved into my heart and stormed out into the open as a sort of inner update of  mine below hereunder:

And I can only stress these facts for my very own life … we are told to let loose everything that appears not true to us any longer and from our changing inside it comes out into the open —with the effect that we separate ourselves of old habitual reactions and compromises ! As examples I may give that so many matters and joints with people or tasks in the past that I only felt obliged to do and to be of service (to which I held on from pure what I thought was my responsibility and not to disappoint people was) I cut myself off those as I realize all these became to be a burden to me as i did not feel any pleasure for myself any longer as it was solely to the service of others and not to myself at all  – only a falsely felt obligation – obligation for what or for whom ?

As we enter into the Nova Earth and are trying to let go all so hard learned and deeply rooted ethical outlines for our life under the former 3D-Matrix  we have to find out which is true to our life in Respect and Unconditional Love to Ourselves being the divine sparkles of our all One-Divine-Source-of-Light
I believe if we keep this line or link from this our Divine Source to our very own Inner Self in some clear and straight joint or link (somehow mathematical  direct line)
and submit all our thoughts and actions under this sort of pre-requisite ideas – this will truly manifest  all basics whatever they will be into the new Matrix of the Golden Age.

This means also that each one of us has to cut him/herself off from any old guideline of judging, analyzing oneself and others according to so fixed rules of past duality of what is good or bad … so that we get conscious now that we are in a space of a sort of “No-Mans-Land” regarding any fixed or manifested basic rules of ethics lest for the One I described above. The whole impact of what is asked from us all will only become clear when we try to follow these thoughts up and manifest them into the solid outward realities of life ! I daresay we all will be surprised and amazed about the numerous ideas, outlines, ethical basics which we have to discard all of a sudden – it will turn up our whole life from ground onward ….

For this reason and contemplations above – if I am going to surprise many people and acquaintances in the near future by some un-precedented moves – it because of these ideas and because I am moving forward into the new age of higher dimensions where ther are new and changed basic matricularities for my life and my inner intuitions.

This is my update for today – what will become my basic ideas of to-morrow – I do not know – I just follow this new line I sketched out above: I am a divine sparkle of our all One Divine Source and in full consciousness of this being  I shall proceed on from day to day – listening to my gentle inner voice in my deep heart and try to act accordingly …. in all my great Love – Praise to our One-Source as Creator and Admiration and Compassionate Respect to all my Fellow Humans
following their very own way according to their soul contracts.

These are my update greetings to you all and may you be blessed on your road !
Yours (Contra)Mary

And for your good read to be fulfilled – here is the re-blogged post of Steve Beckow too:

Life Can Change in a Heartbeat

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Happy 3920These days we can be in hell one moment and in heaven the next.
For the last twelve hours, I’ve been so fatigued that I couldn’t get out of bed. And when I did, I felt like a drunk, almost ready to keel over. So what did I do with that? I said: I felt tired.
And of course I did feel tired.  As Benjamin Lee Whorf said, (1) life showed up the way I described it. Believing was seeing.
And then something happened that changed it all – and I can only report on it. It’s not as if I can explain to you what actually did happen. I can’t.
I had an inspired thought that said: You are not tired. You are going through a dimensional shift. Continue reading

Look what Drunvalo Melchisedek has to tell us of the near Future

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This sent me my dear friend Joey from Oregon today and I found it so valuable that I want to share it with you right away.- it is always good to read and to listen to what great spirits have to express from their inner core and especially what they have elaborated on some sage predictions and foresights such as those of the Mayans. And the amazing Drunvalo M. belongs to these humans which are blessed by both worlds’ wisdom: extraterrestrial and terrestrial !

As always with compassionate and unconditional love from me to you


Window of The Great Change
Posted on February 13, 2013 by Drunvalo
Dear Ones,

We are about to enter into a window of the time that has no name, but is inside of the Mayan END OF TIME window that was connected to December 21, 2012 and will end in about three years.

This window begins on February 18th, 2013 and continues for about three and a half months until June 2nd, 2013. However, it could last for as long as the end of August if the circumstances change.

I feel it is important to be aware of this significant period of time and what it could mean for you. Continue reading

Valentine’s Greetings with Compassionate Love for Nova Earth and All-There-Is upon Her

Here am I – in the very small spot (according to Kryon) which we are told is to be destined for us as the very personal and right one at this beginning of Nova Earth Now …

“Contramary” which I named myself as an alias when I started browsing through the Internet in Spring 2011 – driven by my strong and powerful urge to help spreading the light with all my little energy that I had at that moment.

“Contramary”was my chosen name because in all my former life I found out that I had to depend solely on myself and thus had so far directed my life solely according to my heart’s feelings and most frequently this was against or contra common beliefs or what I had been taught or told so far …thus turning myself all the time in to being “a nail in the flesh” of others like communities and groups.

Another reason for this name was the old Nursery Rhyme of Mother Goose: “Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow !….etc.” which I love still dearly in my old age of our Wonderful Now … Continue reading

February 14. 2013 – will be a very special Valentine’s Day

It is the first time the “Divine Mother”  the “Shakti” and “Active Moving Part of God our all Source” in form of Mother Earth names as Gaia has been asked to be our Valentine – according to Steve Beckow and that is why I am reblogging his post in honor to our all Divine Shakti-Source. I myself want to join in the Grand Celebration of Unconditional Divine Love on this Day and since on this day we are embracing All-There-Is in our rising Love – Affection – Agape – marking our entry into the Golden Age of Gaia and Ascension.

She has accepted our request and thus we all shall celebrate this Special Valentine as the first big feast under the new matrix of our higher realm. Let’s sing – let’s dance – lets’s jubilee ! Celebrate with all our lightened energy the Day of Nova Earth Gaia and the Divine Mother, Beloved Shakti of all Divine Original Source of One !

Yours (Contra)Mary


Nova Earth Day Tomorrow

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gaia 4356Tomorrow is Nova Earth Day. And Nova Earth Day has several objects. The first is to send a Valentine to Mother Earth, to Gaia. Geoffrey West spoke to her this past Monday on An Hour with an Angel (Archangel Michael told us some time ago that Gaia is an archangel).

“In the celebration of the old St. Valentine’s Day, so often those emotions, shall we say, have been less than genuine or authentic.

The Holy Spirit is worshipped as the Divine Mother“No one has ever asked me to be their Valentine, and yet here you are, stepping forward, in your humility and your glory, and you are saying, not only am I asking you to be my Valentine, but I am asking you that we celebrate this day for you — for the sister, for the friend, for the Mother that has always loved you, that has always loved each and every one of you, regardless of your background, your heritage, your lineage.”  (1) Continue reading

“RELEASE” – Nelson Mandela Sculpture – “Love of the People: MANIFESTED IN AWESOME PIECE OF ART”

Re-blogged from Jean Haines … which struck me as such awesome piece of art emerging from our new mode of thoughts from inner heart and manifested as love and gratitudal signal of the people for the courageous life of one arisen from their mid fighting for their all freedom! And such is the nature of the accomplished sculpture … make people think and marvel at it … such as they marvel at the heart and life of Nelson Mandela !!!

Always for you with Compassionate and Unconditional Love yours



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Nelson Mandela Sculpture . . . thanks to S.

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“Release” is a monumental sculpture to Nelson Mandela situated at the site in South Africa where he was arrested in 1962 (he remained in custody for 27 years). The sculpture is made of 50 steel columns between 21 and 31 feet high whose arrangement appears random from most angles. However, about 115 feet in front of the sculpture, the columns align to form an image of Mandela’s face. The sculpture was created by South African artist Marco Cianfanelli. Continue reading

Status Update of My-Today-Yesterday & un/likely Tomorrow … ?

As it is my very own way to go through my own life very intuitively – skipping off all analyzing features of former past life under the old matrix – this is something quite new to me ! Also I am quite unsure still how to handle this new approach ! I come across so many matters of mine which are unusual and not habitual to me. For instance : I do no longer want to read longwinded and sharp-analyzed articles which I took formerly such a great pleasure in. No more of sophisticated and highbrow intellectual argumentations which delighted me before ! If I go back to old judgements of mine it looks to me like losing all intellectual powers (like the beginning of Alzheimer ??? if I am very true and frank in a strict way)  …. but I do trust in the Divine Decree and believe this is just one of the signals of the shift and ascension – passing with gainining more upward steps of my very ascension ladder !

Shall I tell you how I pass through my days? I am on my own – having lived a single life since 1988. These days I sleep long into the morning irrespectively when I turn in the evening before. All through the night I wake up every 1-2 hours or having wild dreams – sometimes very weird landscapes of ruins or earth being full of vast and deep craters and I am among other fews on the brink of them being fenced off of all the rest of mankind by huge fences… I know these landscapes from earlier dreams – long before now and they appear to have returned … I know I have to release them and they do not frighten me any more … but it is weird … and when I sleep late in the morning I see also the other hopeful part of my dreams e.g. flowers on the pavement on which I walk which (in my dream) I find quite in order to pick them … all these signals appear in my daily night-sleep-life and when my big long tom-cat comes to wake me insistently in the morning … I do have to take some longer time than usually to wake up fully. Continue reading