Another Letter to Brother Dave from the “Isle of I” No. 15

love meDear Brother-in-Light Dave,

Since my last letter to you something has been enfolding slowly here with me. And since I am chatting quite often with Isabel some matters came into the open which I thought would be valuable enough from their new spiritual aspects – to be manifested as well in some sort of letters to her which at first was not so much approved by herself – since she does not like to be pulled into some spotlight – but advised by her Twinflame and her HS – she eventually gave in and I promised her to write about her in some gentle and refined way trying my very best not to afflict anything to her in writing that made possibly her feel uncomfortably with.

Now I have done already the 2nd letter and in our chat today I had the idea to start translating these sort of diaries or “notes from our chats” into English. Both her “Twinni” (thus I am calling her Twin-flame) and she agreed to it quite willingly.
Since during these chats of ours it turned out that we – at the same time – converse with her Twinni too so that it adds up to a sort of “Channel-Chat of Three” always getting some sort of confirmation on the spot from him as well when forwarding some new ideas arising from our inner hearts.

It is not much of great importance what is revealed and comes into the open while chatting – but it derives from our daily experiences of our common life which we are telling eachother together with our very thoughts about it in respect to our daily road of ascencion.

But this is what rounds up our daily lives – bit by bit and in such way we are able to increase our consciousness of all matters and issues surrounding us.

This was item One that I wanted to tell you – and participating with you in such a way to my way of life too. The other one is that today reading the Article of Celia Fenn about the turning of energies of our shift greatly resonated with me too (Link: Celia Fenn: Turning the Corner…After the Big Shift of February 2014

Resonance by it had struck me to my elucidations of this morning when I woke up and found these thoughts around me in my bed:

All Feelings – mainly those of sharing sensations of Love – have been changed too in myself – from formerly very warm and hot compassionate feelings that almost made me hurt and suffer with otherones – these meanwhile have been transformed into some greater – neutral and loving observations taking on characterizing completely different features …. as if filling a much vaster space in my innermost heart but I am no longer feel drawn into the former turmoil and twisted feelings of suffering with others for their unhappiness and experience – which finally lead to my very own suffrances too and drew my moods and vibrations considerably down in some “low mud”.

I asked myself whether I have traversed another Portal and gained at last the very essence of Unconditional Love to All-there-is ?

Yes, and stumbling then over this article of Celia Fenn – I realized that it was the perfect explanation to my early-morning-feelings of today.

She is right – the nature of these high-frequency-solar-flares – are having a quite different effect on me too. I do not feel so very hot any longer – sometimes my body shivers a bit too being colder than before. It feels easier to become centred – and focussed in a way … not floating any longer in some vast void not knowing what happens to me. It also endows me with more ability to think and act in a more practical way … in some way I feel as being restored in a way much more becoming myself again – a little bit like I was partly before but not at all completely – as if with some growing consciousness of myself I am becoming more and more myself … day after day.

All this I wanted to share with you and I really get so conscious that I am proceeding onward on my contracted road being happier all the Moments of Now ever more. Truly we are living in some great moments of Now and I am very grateful to be in this chosen group of souls here in the Now !

In love and light
your Sis’ Mary

1 thought on “Another Letter to Brother Dave from the “Isle of I” No. 15

  1. My dear sister, Once again I am behind in responding. Seems to be a habit, or perhaps it is just a matter of timing, finding a point in the ebb and flow of energies where I can express myself while balancing the responsibilities of current in the now life.

    Well, it seems that you have been having quite the time, and our association with Isabel has been stabilizing in many ways. Interesting how the two of you have been sharing communications with spirit as well. You are on a strong path, and It looks good on you spiritually speaking. Remember to believe in yourself. Living and being what you have learned is more important I think now then trying to absorb more. Allow yourself time to take in all that you experience and to balance it. There is no rush on the path to ascension, as there is no time. When we release our concepts of time and space, we flow in the now. We continue to learn, but loose any sense of urgency, which stems only from time space illusion. There is no urgency, no goals now, only being in the constant flow of the now. — When we merge with the energies, rather then observe or study from outside, we cease learning and become the knowledge. (That last line is Uriel speaking rather loudly).

    I have experienced the vast influx of energies as being “all over the place”, but overall positive. The most recent full moon was extremely powerful, and its effects seemed to go on for days. But then, astrologically, I am a true moonchild, with the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Uranus all in the sign of Cancer, as well as my Ascendent being directly on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer, leaning just a tiny hair towards the Gemini. Suffice to say, if there was a single phrase that describes me it is that “I feel, everything”. Throw in my Mars in Scorpio and well, that is a lot of water splashing about my life. The moon is my mother, who brings me to knowledge through feeling. It is no wonder that I crave the presence of large bodies of water, especially oceans, for their movement is akin to my spirit.

    Well, the moment is at hand and I must relieve my Aunt’s morning caregiver. Perhaps tonight I will respond more on other matters and posts.

    Love, Joy and Peace,
    Your brother in spirit and truth

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