Update in Connection with Lady Gaia through Evamaria dated 4.18.2014 No.1


gaia-IIAbout three weeks ago our Mother Earth has been freed finally from all hidden and secret dark hindrances and has been enjoying since her new returned happy life to the fullest. Lady Gaia – no more the wounded and worst inflicted former being … now being connected again to her twin planet of higher 5-d-dimension and starting her newly gained happy life with all of us.
I think the utmost outskirts of her happiness have reached me too because since her liberation I have sensed a complete different feeling of vibration than before. Yes, I am still overwhelmed with some stretches of tireness in the middle of my days – but I am waking up in the morning much much earlier and the habitual feeling in the morning of being sort of hollowed out during the night has left my body …. quality of dreaming has changed too altogether … there are phrases or sentences spoken to and heard by myself when rosing out of my morning slumber.

01ec7-hiddenbeachmexicoToday I woke up in a slow-motion way – getting more and more conscious lf being in a dream.
I was looking over some kind of a brim of where I was – my sort of plate or level into some cave or secondary levelled landscape beyond mine – underneath my special one – as sometimes many “pott-holers” may experience once and again. Listen to what I saw and took fully into me …
“Underneath my sort of basic plate was a great opening freeing my looks into some panoramic green-crystallic landscape – so shining in some spring-green up into my eyes around a vast meadow bordered around by trees, bushes, and great oval spots of what I recognized as this light grey-green Irish Moss … a wonderful healing herb too …. and before there was some voice saying repeatedly the phrases : “Paper made from Wood and Cannabis” ! …made from wood and Cannabis …. !”

a0c31-theeyeofafricamauritaniaI felt as if I was laying on my very own plate and looking over its brim into this wonderful “Down-Landscape” marvelling and thinking : “Well I know I am dreaming – but it is wonderful and very new … again I hear some phrases which must have a meaning to us all! and I remembered that lately I came across some Article about “vendor-plates being established for the first time as proof- genuine devices not to be falsified in the State of Utah – being made of Cannabis – Lineseeds now that the Marihuana-Law has been released and this Plant is to be legally cultivated again. Since it bears so many benefits – it will prove to become so beneficial to all mankind on our new Earth. “Nova Terra” that will be the name of our Lady Gaia where we are summoned to build a new and happy life of harmony with all beings on, in, and beyond her in due course.
Still lieing on my tummy on my plate of existence of the Now and looking over its brim into that beauty of what was underneath me as through a large focussed zoom of a photo- camera … I saw two human people coming towards me … their faces with a happy shining light of peacefulness and as if they knew what I was observing they responded to my telepathic communication .. yes we are full of harmony, peace and happiness … all is very true what you may perceive here …. we are greeting you …. here is our welcome !

By such final welcome of them … I was arising from my morning slumber eventually and with my eyes still closed but wide awake in my heart I went again through all that I had seen some short while before and recapitulated it in order not being overwhelmed by any forgetfulness of the day.

As I have had my very first communication with Lady Gaia – our Mother Earth – when being freed (link to it : http:// Gaia speaks ….. Today is the most particular date of March 30, 2014 http://wp.me/p2wHrN-2LD)

I somehow do know today that this last night was a precious gift too from Lady Gaia to me – showing me the inner country of Agartha of Hollow Earth …. with such greatly promising fullfillment of future Moments of Now to all of us. I am filled with such huge gratitude to her and to all what will still be meant for us to grasp and take up from her future hints like this one of “Paper from Wood and Cannabis” for our coming new infrastructure on “Terra Nova”.

Thank you Mother Earth – Great is Lady Gaia evermore !
and still at this very point I recall what a very wise man of the old folks of Yoruba (West Africa) once told me: IA .. they call you IA; MY LOVE; as this is the name of our great great Mother of all … it is IA ! And you are IA !”

This came to my heart and mind again – only very now – since Lady Gaia has been freed entirely floating off with all of us to our former starry place and location where we have come from originally – since that date of liberation I have been thinking of Lady Gaia and her name too and quite often —

So let us sing with her floating through spaces acccording to all divine decrees. “We are sailing … we are sailing … homeward bound through all the skies ……. we are almost there with our beloved All-Mother of our Planet … being free again which we shall be too in due course according to the Will and Wish of God Almighty and our Starry Family! Hailing you – we can barely await to unite with you again ! ❤ Love, love, love is all that matters now !!!

This is an update too – of my life and re-ported in great loving gratitude to all around me !