Some Thoughts about 3rd Vision

3rd Vision – 6th Chacra
It is what we – over here in Germany –  call our – Third Eye –  and this also may be activated via Raja Yoga !

This I learned already in 1987 when I all of a sudden found myself in a swamp of some deep mess of my life being turned upside down entirely by the break up of my marriage with my once so beloved husband.

I was shocked to my most inner core … still life had to go on also on the professional side …. so I worked and I cried all my days long (had an office-room on my own) on and on …. and stayed in a huge newly-moved-in flat alone only with my two cats. And then one evening as sad and lonely as ever – something in all my mourning made me kneel down and I prayed to God Almighty as my loving Father : …”Your Will Be Done!”  and I surrendered to HIS Will entirely. Continue reading