Letters from the “Isle of I” No. 14‏



Dear Brother Dave,

This letter according to my feelings is more than due in the Moment of Now. Much is happening around us  –  in the backgrounds invisible to us – and moreover in our daily lives too – it is the all-over Change Around, In, and Everywhere of all that we are concerned with. More and more it anchors into our consciousness that we have to accord and adhere to all the new idelologies and ideas visualizing what life of ours will be in due course with more progressing change into the Golden Age of Gaia while Gaia is floating unimpregnably into locations between stars from which she once had fallen off .. way back returning to her true home-location.

And all of us having decided to go with her ….we are participating in this wonderful flight – never done before in such a way just following with all our confidence in the Divine Plan of our All-Father-and-Creator…

Yesterday as so several times before I chatted with our very good friend Isabel. Btw I find it increasingly difficult to let go of expressions here deriving from the old Matrix of linear time. Wanted to find an adequate substitute for “several times before” but could not find any .. periods instead of times ??? as this very expression depicts some lineage of times ….

Yes and we chatted and all of a sudden we both channeled some parts of our conversations from our Creator-Father too – just in some ordinary chat.
It was on the topic when I told her that beneath my shoulders I felt some heavy itching lately. And there was an idea flashing through my mind and arising from my heart that originates way back to that part of my life when I concentrated on some iconostasis of Russia and Ukraina attending some workshops of a friend of mine who had been way back in Poland a well-kown painter of Icons for the Catholic Church. I then did two Icons by myself and experienced some deep moments of meditation while painting them. I was completely driven away and was able to return to reality of what I was doing – viz. painting – after some time and some parts of the icon concerned had been finished by myself in the meantime.

Thus I recalled that there were always some cystallized form of a star beneath each shoulder of all the Saints’Images there …. and all of a sudden there was the link to these heavy itching locations of my body too … could it be this was assigned to the newly-building of some more chacras in our now crystalline base of our bodies?  Iconostasis is closely linked to what we call now “Sacred Geometry” which has to be adhered to in a quite a serious way.

Suddenly I knew – these stars beneath the shoulders of all saint-figures signalled us that Saints had these very same sort of chacras which are being birthed by our bodies as well in the Time of Now – i.e. the Time of Overall-Change !

I told Isabel about it and begged her to ask the Father who is always at her side and his answer was :
why – he asked us – had he given this very idea to me if not for true confirmation to us both ?”
Thus we had arrived to channel within our chatting with him too … receiving his confirmation at once.

I regard this quite a big step forward … in the way we are discussing new arising matters now with the assistance and in presence of some exterrestrial and celestial being like our all Creator. Isn’t it wonderful … having our Father God amidst us when talking about what is near to our heart ?

It really gives us the opportunity to ask and to thank him and not to some very far-away divine being … it is not any longer that “God is watching us from afar…..” HE IS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF US HERE! “

My dear Dave … these matters appear not to be carrying such a great importance on some superficial survey – but they are – more than all elaborated theories and ideologies displayed in many lengthy articles. This is happening to us -being normal and common people trying to plod forward on our ascending personal routes ! There is no other way of expressing my amazement and gratitude with a big “WOW” also to the newcomer into our tiny group of two, of Isabel and myself here when chatting and finding our spiritual ways in order to manifest here on New Earth ….”Welcome to us from our inner and greater hearts dear Father !”

This I just wanted to tell you today and keep on keep going as we do our part for ourselves – eachone of us …
with so much love from

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  1. My Beloved sister Mary,

    Yes, it is true that our journey, our flight is quite special, and unique. And what an amazing journey it is. Difficult to comprehend while immersed in physical incarnation but each moment the veil seems a little clearer and the journey a little brighter.

    As to that matter of time-space and linear expressions, perhaps the challenge is to train our minds to not use the classic time-space references. So you chatted with our very dear friend Isabel. When and how many times, does it matter? The essence is in the chat or the many chats or the continuous string of chats which while they they have different time-space reference points are in truth just as one conversation. The linear separation really does not carry any value. The conversation is one though it appears in human time-space reference to be many, but still it is one.

    I have heard it often that artists slip into meditative like states when painting or drawing. I have done this as well, though as a photographer I draw with light, rather then pigments, but the very act of seeing what is around me differently and seeing how the light plays upon the subject and world, often this is an amazing experience. The word photography coming from the Greek “photos or phos” for light and “graphé” meaning drawing, or in other words “To draw with light”. The best photographers know that it is not only the subject, but the way that light plays upon the subject that makes for the most amazing of images. As above, so below. As within, so without. We are always the expression of our creator, in all that we experience and do.

    That is quite an insight regarding the star’s in the images of some saints. I’d not noticed that before but it makes sense.

    As to the voice of our divine creator, while I have known it long, it is easy in this material world to forget that creator’s essence manifests everywhere, and if we can only quiet our minds we can hear our father-mother’s voice within, always. Even as I have written before, the Christos, is only a word for the essence of our creator that lives within all of creation. Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresence, All knowing, all power, everywhere present. God, Creator, Divine Mother, Divine Father, etc. It matters now what words we use to describe the source of our being, for all are but symbols to ease the conscious mind. But greater mind, that of our soul, knows well our oneness. We are all one, creator and created. And yes, if we listen within even the voice of our creator is clear to us, but to hear we must silence the clamor and noise of illusions and fear. In the allegorical tale of Adam and Eve, what was their great sin? The eating of a piece of fruit? No, that was merely a symbol, but it was that they ate of the fruit of illusion, of false knowledge, of limitation, of fear, of “nakedness”. It was in the forgetting of their oneness with creator, and seeing themselves as “less then” they were. It was not God who cast them out of the garden of bliss, but rather they who formed the concept of inadequacy and separation from their source. This was the sin, the only sin, the original sin, and now in this moment we, humanity, are remembering our true source and being. In that remembering we ascend back to our creative source, back to the garden, remembering the divine children that we are. In that our sin of “illusion of separation” is redeemed and we are aware once more of our greater infinite and perfect, divine essence.

    Now, my mind has been moving quickly and my spirit more so. I sense it is time to end this writing for now, and for me to take some time to immerse myself in the loving essence that is with me, filling me and surrounding me.

    Love, light, peace and joy are with you, Isabel, Marc, and all the hands of our merry troupe, including those known and those soon to meet.

    Your brother in spirit, David.

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