Direct Contact to Subconsciousness resp.” Your Higher Self ” has now been activated — Gaia through Marc Gamma – 04-05.2014



Dear humans, this is Mother Earth speaking to you and today I submit to you some particular message with merry tidings!

With this script I want to show you some easy measure how you – on your very own – may find some direct and easy access to your subconsciousness resp. to your own Higher Self.


When time and years of life ravage on you – you will find it a matter of course to go forward too. Now, what is meant by such expression so much used by you too?  It refers to something being clear and distinctive to all of you. It is your death that is meant by it – the physical one, reminding you that your body is of mortal character. Yet it is actually only your physical body being left here – however your soul will go on living on and on and on.


Now, as a matter of fact there are no such proofs from experimental scientific tests about your soul – your subconsciousness – respectively your Higher Self –  which could be drawn up by you to verify their existence in yourselves. Naturally there are quite a number of humans having passed through NDEs (Near-Death-Experiences) and as well as excellent therapists knowing together with that particular subconsciouness of their clients how to put the consciousness of the latter ones to sleep. Thus with the sole target to make that special sage being of your inner self rise resp. brought up (which are you too)  to the surface level of your consciousness.

To be more exact this is not the matter of some stage of deep of sleeping – it is still more one of deep relaxation. You thus enable your mind and intellect to retreat an simultaneously you permit the deeper layer of subconsiousness to rise up to the surface.


Let’s assume you never have known this particular stage before meaning that never before you succeeded to achieve some direct access to your very own subconsciousnes. How could this be achieved then now? I ‘d like to show you this by means of some little ritual and you will be amazed how effectively this will turn out since no practical training nor deeper meditation is needed for it.


this is just some sort of ritual to assist you bypassing or avoiding your physical consciousness in order to avail yourselves of that specific direct acess to your subconsciousness.


This particular ritual has to be followed compulsively in that order of sequence as explained and described hereunder: “Any deviation will not lead to the desired result as this is the very crux of any ritual.”

For all those regarding the expression of “ritual” as somewhat problematic we could change it to “Procedure or Process” – as the very effective result always will remain just the same.


….Take several deep breaths – and concentrate that when inhaling they go deep down. They have to be sucked in slowly into your stomach and from there be pushed out again through your mouth.


…..Afterwards – having done this sort of deep breathing – you envelope yourself and all your entire being (I Am) into some huge white ordinary ball or one of light. For all those finding it somewhat difficult to follow such imagination – we advise you just to visualize some huge white ball of any material matter in which he/she is sitting or standing.


……Visualize that this ball of light is flooding you with some wonderful energy.     White light is flowing incessantly into you from the walls of the white ball of light. Kepp your eyes shut and closed since it is some substantial help when visualization.


…..Feel into your body very consciously and try to become aware of any reaction in resonance to what you do. Enjoy deeply this most wonderful energy of your ball of light or energy and expose yourself  to its effects very consciously .


…..You will sense that after some while your body will become much lighter in weight which again will make you go even deeper into your body’s relaxation. You may even deepen this stage while imagining that more and more energies are being released to you by your white ball of energy  – effecting even more intensive relaxation which will reach the very stage when your subconsciousness becomes direct access to you.


Such direct access to you – it has been made possible only shortly ago – since all the energies of love which are flooding this planet as “Tsunami of Love” become more dominant all the more and thus all limitations from deeper dimensions could be overbridged.


When reaching this access you will note the following: “All of a sudden you will perceive a voice as if it was your very own one. You will also note that somebody is attempting to get into contact with you. In the very beginning you will likely believe that you are going crazy – however that is not so. It is that part of you trying to get into contact with you which is called “Your Higher Godself”or simply


“Your Higher Self” being thatvery part of you in eternal connection to you. However it is never been incarnated with you on physical levels.


Just try to listen to your Higher Self and even attempt to open up some sort of dialogue with it. If – after some while – you will truly recognize that you are not dreaming – that you have not gone crazy at all – then you have done it – achieved to maintain direct contact with your own Higher Self.


Only since March 30, 2014 it has been possible to reach out in such a way for some direct contact with Human Higher Selves as from that date I, Mother Earth,  have been released and freed from all negative energies.


This is Mother Earth by name of Gaia speaking, and from deep of my heart goes my love to all human beings on and inside of this Planet.



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Translated by Contramary=evamaria

Original English Source: Direct Contact to Subconsciousness resp.” Your Higher Self ” has now been activated — Gaia through Marc Gamma – 04-05.2014


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My Abracadabra Comment (Abracadabra derives from Aramaic and means: ‘While I speak – I am creating):

Beofre even starting the translation into English here I laid down for some rest and thought that I also may just as well do this kind of ritual …. which I did … and I received some wonderful effect in the course of it. I have written about it – some other channels too wrote about it and called it “Stillness of Heart” and on part of myself I have cherished twice this experience in tthis incarnation too which  always I have recalled as the most wonderful events in reality of life here.(See Link to posted scripts with such topic :

Stille in meinem Herzen – Stillness of my inner Heart –

and In reponse to some message of Sananda (channeled by Ute Posegga Rudel with following link:

I described the very same experience in a personal mail-exchan ge with her as follows:


I know that this message is truly authentic and true. I have myself experienced this emptyness
and stillness of inner heart twice in my life — it came all of a sudden with such sweetness
and flashing through my heart and stayed on for while. It was such a gentle and still great
impact of stillness that I – all myself – from my inside simply bowed down and did nothing
more than listening to this full awareness of  my inner stillstand.

Never and ever I shall forget this still emptiness filling all my inner heart with such a sweet
certainty of having a direct strong contact to the Holy and One Source.


This was now only to explain what happened to me today … this very blissful state of

I am which I have tried so often to acquire again in previous years — mining myself down  to my inner core of heart … diging like a mining labourer and eventuall had to give up to reach this state again – as I found out finally it had given to me as some divine present which I never could really reach my by my own doing ….  so what do you believe ? Today I through this very same ritual for the first time of my life …. it was the effective result of it … and I knew consciously I have arrived there where I wanted to so many times in vain ….I could not believe it really and truly but reaching this place where the stillness of my heart is … cnnot find some approbriate expression for ii but at least I wanted to tell and to share it with all of you here.

If you do not try this wonderful ritual out for yourself – something vital and essential of your life will be missing ! This is all I can tell you ….. Please, try it out and do not forget to thank Gaia for her wonderful present !

As  always with unconditional love and compassion to all of you


















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