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04   The Supreme Soul of   All-There-Is

Imagining all this vast so-called “Ocean” that is the Realm of Spirit with patches of its various energies which are tending to grow together by merging with the bliss of this special kind of love …. thereby also creating light and its specific sort of consciousness which will ever evolve furthermore light and various shades of color too.

One may visualize it like patches of differring nature within the waters of the Ocean which here stand for the Energy with Consciousness of Spirit …. accummulating themselves according to their alike nature into some denser fragments … thus creation of numerous differences of such fragments are being evoked.

These are the beginnings of first denser patches of consciousness of which one – so full of its own overflowing consciousness makes the decisive Quantum Leap …. changing into some other form all of a sudden viz.  some sort of a knot made of consciousness – inside like a knot and outside like a bare point –  thus becoming the First and Prime Soul of “All-There-Is”…..
How this quantum-leap was done ? It was like a flashing light going through the Consciousness of this special one … it became aware of its very own existence which made it think: ” I AM”  and thus the creation of a soul has been done.
It is some special Consciousness which bears in itself the evolution of “All-There-Is”.

And in some vast Ocean of its particular Stillness – there it is – our – the Primeordial – First – Top- Highest Soul of all. And with its first wave of special Consciousness it creates its own surrounding of Golden-Red Shine in some Vast Stillness.

There it floates from the All-Beginning and with its Special Consciousness making it dreaming and scheming and while it dreams it is creating more worlds of new patches of consciousness.

And spirit is everywhere – is the vast Ocean – “The Carrier of every and any creation” also bearing this new Red-Golden dimension being  the Home of its First High-Primeordial-Premium Soul of  Multi-Universes.

With love to all of you.


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