Downloading Information from the Field through Inner Silence

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source-fieldBrandon West, Contributor
Waking Times

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” Nikola Tesla

Inner silence is the key to penetrating this core of knowledge in the universe.

Human beings are like onions. We have layers which are mental/emotional energetic layers within us with obscure our genuine self. As children and babies we have no layers. We are pure and unadulterated infinite consciousness. Then as we are filled with information over time, this clutters up our mind and we lose awareness of our inner truth and our natural ability of processing energy (emotional processing) is diminished or halted altogether and we start to form layers and layers of ego.

Ego is our separate, individual identity that manifests itself in contradiction to our universal self. It is formed out of necessity in order to deal with all of this information/energy which we have taken in, but have not processed properly.

This is directly related to our educational system, and how we have learned to live and perceive the world from our parents, teachers, the media, and basically everyone that we have met, simply by observation.

To dissolve the layers of the ego over time we need only to learn to live from inner silence instead of mind.

And by doing so we tap into our innate intelligence, our inner truth, and knowledge will begin to come through us directly from the field. As information comes through us the reverse happens: instead of layers forming that hold us in, our energy radiates, penetrates these layers, pushes them to the surface, and ultimately dissolves them.

When we learn in this fashion we are free to learn from external sources such as books and so on, but eventually we won’t even need those and we will be able to channel all information directly from source. Which is where all books, movies, songs, works of art, and ideas came from anyway.

This shift will not take hundreds or thousands of years, but will occur within a few generations … and this shift has already been underway dramatically for the past century. Just look at how the world has changed. We already see this evolution taking place right now within all individuals.

The information age is occurring now just outside of ourselves, but also within ourselves. We went from print, to being able to download information (books, movies, you name it) from the internet wirelessly in a few short decades. Now in this internal information age we are also going from print to being able to download information within ourselves from the galactic internet also within a few short decades.

All those alive have the potential to make this shift within ourselves if we commit to a meditative, energetic, and consciousness raising practice.

As the energetic layers of your ego are pushed to the surface and dissolved through this practice, you will find not only more intelligence, power, imagination, and stupendous learning and creative abilities within you, you will also resonate more with truth itself. Then you will become completely open to the universe, and the universe will be completely open to you, and we will be one.

Interpreting Energy Through Inner Silence

In order to do this, above all we must empty ourselves and become acutely aware of what is taking place within us. This is done by cultivating inner silence. When we become fixated by the idea of learning from external sources of information as the only way to learn, as we all have been to a certain degree by our educational conditioning, then we disregard the wisdom and true knowledge that is inherent within us all.

There is wisdom and knowledge inherent within each of us, but in order to access it we must unlearn everything that we have learned. We must become open in order for this knowledge to become apparent to us. We do not need to read thousands of books in order to discover this understanding. Just a select few of the right ones in order to make those necessary shifts in our perception along the way. What is more important is that we embody these new perceptual understandings and experience them through inner silence.

When we learn to download information from the field, what we are dealing with primarily is energy. Everything has energy. In fact, everything is energy. And within the energy of everything (from books, to music, to art, to another human being) lies encoded all information about that thing. I believe we can get to a point where we do not need to read a book, we can simply hold the book, feel its energy, and by feeling that energy we can perceive all the information of the book which is encoded within it’s energy.

Much like conversations are encoded within energy to be transmitted through vacuum energy into your cellphone, the same is already true with everything. Everything in the universe radiates energy at a specific frequency and all that there is to know about that thing is encoded within that energy wave.

With our technology we can detect the frequency of objects in the universe, but only with our consciousness can we interpret and decode the information within that energy.

The energy of everything is radiated into the vacuum, and it is available everywhere simultaneously. To read this energy, we must become subtle through inner silence to allow these impressions to become consciously available to us.

It is not a practice of working hard, because the harder we think we have to work to achieve something, the lower the level of consciousness we are operating from and attempting to manifest from. You see, we are already doing this all of the time. This is what our thoughts are. We are tuning ourselves as vibrational beings to a certain frequency with our perception, and then the thoughts that manifest within us from the infinite intelligence of the universe are thoughts which are of the same frequency as the frequency we are tuned to.

To download new information from the field, tune yourself to a higher frequency.This new information will effectively give us a brand new experience of life, of reality, and it will also give us the perception of downloading information from the field because the thoughts and ideas that will come to us will be so new and truly inspiring and intelligent that we may conclude that we are downloading information from the field. But in reality we will be tapping into what was already available inside of us all along.

As Bruce Lipton put it, “we are part of the field being downloaded into our minds and bodies”. We don’t realize that we are already downloading information from the field in each moment because for the most part we are operating at ordinary levels of consciousness.

We are doing the same things day in and day out and we are keeping up a steady stream of thoughts that narrate our life story and the nature of our world to us perpetually. What we have to do is break that narrative with inner silence, and as soon as we open up these gaps we will find new information coming through us.

Cultivate Inner Silence

Raising our vibration and downloading information from the field can therefore be summed up as a singular intention: cultivate inner silence.

It is not something which we achieve, rather, it is something which we accumulate over time. Each moment spent in inner silence builds our reservoirs of inner silence which are never depleted, and which we can always access repeatedly. And the more time we spend in inner silence, the easier it becomes to access this internal state.

From this place of inner silence which is really the experience of ultimate receptivity to the universe, we will over time become so empty that we will reflect the universe in all that we do and in all that we are. By seeking inner silence we do empty ourselves; we empty ourselves of all of the pettiness, anger, self-importance, and worry that defines our ego.

And by emptying ourselves of all that lower energy, we become available for the higher energy of the universe. For we are vibrational beings and when we cease to hold lower energies in our bodies and minds, all that is left is more positive energies which resonate with the higher levels of energy/information in the universe and thus we manifest them. We manifest them in our minds as thoughts, in our bodies as health, and in our lives as abundance, success, and prosperity.

This is the power of inner silence.

All Information is Available Within You

As I briefly touched on in Learning from Within, one of the most important shifts in our self-image and our beliefs which we can make is to begin seeing ourselves as vibrational beings, and understanding that we are not containers for knowledge, but we are knowledge itself.

The universe is defined by a collapse to singularity, and therefore everything in the universe is part of that infinite curvature. (Black Whole Dynamics) As such, everything is one. And because we are energetic extensions of this field, we are literally everything, and we have access to all information in the universe, through ourselves.

Everything that we know is not stored in our brain, but within our mind-field which is non-local. Therefore it is not within us, and if we continue to go off of the assumption that the only way in which to learn anything is from an external source (a book, a movie, speaker) we are denying the most fundamental nature of ourselves and the universe.

The universe is energy, and everything that we have learned is recorded in the universe by our minds as pure energy. When we recall something all that we are doing is tuning ourselves to that energy, and then it appears in our minds. Therefore if we can tune ourselves to new energies spiritually through inner silence and simply becoming available for the universe, we can tune ourselves to any thoughts, ideas, and knowledge that exist in the universe.

The main principle is alignment. This is what we are doing when we sit quietly in meditation: aligning with the universe. If we could train ourselves to sit quietly every day, and refrain from the distractions of television, movies, society at large, and even the majority of our interactions with other people at least for a while, we will naturally come into alignment with ourselves and the universe.

And the end result of this process is that we will clear out all of that disturbance within our mind-field and dissolve the layers of our ego, and we will channel the information, knowledge, and creative self-expression that is unique to us as an individual expression of the universe, and we will call this being ourselves.

Possibly for the first time.

About the Author

Brandon West is the creator of Project Global Awakening. A website dedicated to the research of a variety of scientific and spiritual disciplines, and applying that knowledge to help you live an inspired life and change the world. Follow Project Global Awakening on Facebook, and Twitter.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

How Time and Space Clues Point To Who We Are and Where We Are Going

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Brad Olsen, In5D Guest
Waking Times

Is it possible that some races have traveled back from the future in order to change the outcome of their physical evolution? If so, can we follow the clues to find out how our future will unfold and how would the present affect the outcome?

Give up worrying about the past. Give up dreaming of the future. The past no longer exists. The future has not been born. But deeply observe the present moment, just as it is, and you shall attain the peace and unity of the ancient masters.” –BuddhaBheda Karata Sutta

The concept of spacetime in cosmology is a construct which combines space and time to a single abstract universe. Mathematically it is a manifold consisting of “events” which are described by some type of coordinate system. Typically, the three spatial dimensions of length, width, height, and the temporal dimension of time are required. Time is simply an arbitrary measurement of the motion of objects through space. For us on Earth, time is based on the 365.25 days it takes for the planet to make a complete orbit around the Sun, and the 24 hours it takes the planet to complete a rotation is called a day. Besides the day of 24 hours, or 86,400 seconds, the word “day” can be used for several different spans of time based on the rotation of the Earth around its axis.

Yet space is non-linear. Space is determined by the point of view of an observer when looking at an object. The distance between the observer and the object being viewed is called “space.” Dimensions are independent components of a coordinate grid needed to locate a point in a certain defined space. Objects in space, or even masses of energy, do not necessarily move in a linear fashion. In this universe, objects tend to move randomly or in a curving or cyclical pattern, or as determined by the agreed upon rules in physics. Now physicists have demonstrated the existence of higher dimensions, with hyperspace well grounded in scientific principles.

Today’s theoretical physicists have clearly defined hyperspace, introduced the existence of “wormholes” or tunnels between dimensions, parallel universes, and theoretically have postulated access to both the past and the future. Most of these physicists are searching for ways to access hyperspace by a mechanical, third dimensional means. Stargates or wormholes are cosmic gateways that theoretically link regions of the universe millions of light years apart and allow nearly instantaneous communication or travel between these regions.


History is not merely a linear record of events, as many authors of Earth history books imply. Because history is not a string that can be stretched out and marked like a measuring tool, our concept of time needs to be reexamined. History is a subjective observation of the movement of objects through space, recorded from the point of view of a survivor, rather than those who have perished in battle, for example. Although time seems to run consecutively, events do not happen in an independent, linear stream. Rather, all of these interactions are concurrent and simultaneous. In order to view and understand the history or reality of the past, one must view all events as part of an interactive whole, the holographic perspective as described below. Time can also be sensed as a vibration which is uniform throughout the entire physical universe.

Linear time is more accurately described as an intentional fabrication. The true nature of time is cyclical. Time is a difficult factor to measure as it depends on the subjective memory of the observer and there has been no uniform record of events throughout the physical universe since the beginning. As on Earth, there are many different time measurement systems defined by various cultures, which use cycles of motion and points of origin to establish age and duration.

The “paradox” of space travel often references the example of someone traveling back in time and killing his or her grandfather. What would happen? How could this be possible? If the person’s grandfather died, they would have never been born to kill him. What apparently happens in this case is that the timeline the person left (when he began time travel) continues as is, with no changes except that the person no longer exists, thereby generating this new timeline. The person then forfeits his chance to return to his own timeline. When this person killed his grandfather, a new timeline starts, minus his grandfather, and he must then remain in this altered timeline.


Fantastic as it sounds, one of the main reasons the Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs) are here now is to attempt to alter our timelines, that of our future. The reason for this is that they have the ability to time travel in both directions, so they already know, or they know as a memory, what happened here in our future. In Timeline Two there is a catastrophe arising in our near future that drastically reduces the population of the Earth and splits humans into two population groups. These two populations will develop in the classic stages of evolution when a single species becomes isolated from another and the two adapt to different environments. What we know of as Homo sapiens today might develop into two distinctly different species over many thousands of years after a possible catastrophe, which will send many people underground while some will survive on the surface.

If we do have one of these catastrophes, it would mean that the benevolent EBEs did not succeed in altering the timeline. Yet if it does not occur, we can say either the information was false, which skeptics will claim without delay, or we can say they did succeed in a covert program of altering the timelines and averted a major catastrophe. According to the “Doctrine of the Convergent Time Lines,” a certain species of Greys evolved from humans in our future. In other words, the Greys come from our future and they have traveled backwards to our past, which is now our current present. This would explain why the Greys and the Tall Whites have been allowed to operate for decades at Area 51 and other secure bases around the world. It would also suggest that there is no such thing as “evil” aliens, just a priority of service to self rather than a service to others.

Apparently, whatever genetic traits the future EBEs inherited, they are suffering from some kind of defective gene which has caused neural degeneration in their system, or a “peripheral neuropathy.” Some human scientists at Area 51 have worked alongside the Orion ETs they called “J-Rod.” They were given the task of looking into the possibility of genetic reverse engineering to repair the Tall Grey’s degenerate system. The Greys claimed they are an altered form of us, a new species that branched off from Homo sapiens, beginning as manufactured hybrids. These are the same as the Programmable Life Forms (PLFs) which are currently being developed at several secret underground bases right now on Earth.


These Greys are entities that will continue to evolve in our future, according to the Doctrine of the Convergent Time Lines. They come from many thousands of years in our future and have traveled backwards to our past, in other words, our current present. Eventually the two Homo sapiens sub-species from the future moved to the planets of Zeta Reticuli1 and 2, Gliese 876-c, and Epsilon Orionis. The Tall Whites are just another branch that has evolved from Homo sapiens, but they follow more of a spiritual evolutionary path. It is as if there are all these threads woven, as we would think of a braid with multiple pieces of hair, each being a timeline. More significant to the near future on Earth is the convergence of both Timelines One and Two:

Timeline One: With the first future scenario, we work out our differences, avert disaster, and evolve quickly as an advanced species.

Timeline Two: Here we create a catastrophe where more than half the humans on Earth will perish. Those who live will seek out a harsh living on the mostly destroyed surface, while other survivors will exist for many generations underground.

The Nordic Blonds and the Greys had independently decided they were going to attempt to change their history because they had learned how to travel backwards in time to some point from our distant past. Again, we’re talking about this fantastic subject of time travel and how it can manipulate our reality. Of course, it is very complicated. A stargate can either be a natural subspace wormhole, or it can be artificially created. A stargate is a portal device that allows practical, rapid travel between two distant locations in the universe, as well as time travel.

A lot of scientists have toyed with these ideas and the many paradoxes it presents. There are stories of those who have found themselves somehow displaced into the past, and/or dropped into the future. This has been something never explored by classical scientists because essentially we are speaking about practical applications of the theory of relativity still thought to be impossible or far into the future: traveling faster than light, through wormholes, stargates, and using a time machine or holographic history device which can access the timeline of future and past events.

By incarnating into human bodies, EBE’s may have traveled from the future to have more influence upon which timeline humanity chooses. Depending on how humanity creates the present based on the choices they make now, the human body may be a super machine or may end up something else entirely different. Awakening to this and making choices based on who you are and what you came here to do in this lifetime will determine the future of humanity as a species.

In fiction, but also in physics, a wormhole is a hypothetical topological feature of spacetime that would be fundamentally a “shortcut” through spacetime. This is a simple visual explanation of awormhole depicting spacetime visualized as a two-dimensional surface. If this surface is folded along a third dimension, it allows one to picture a wormhole “bridge.” This is supposedly how the Project Serpo team were able to travel many light years away to an inhabited planet in the Zeta Reticuli binary star system.


General relativity describes the possibility of wormholes forming when two black holes become connected to each other. Hypothetically, wormholes could enable almost instantaneous time travel over long distances. The thermodynamics of black holes allows one to deduce limits on the density of entropy in various circumstances. The holographic bound defines how much information can be contained in a specified region of space. Conversely, a white hole is the opposite of a black hole. A white hole, in general relativity, is a hypothetical region of spacetime which cannot be entered from the outside, but from which matter and light may escape. It is theoretically possible for a traveler to enter a rotating black hole, avoid the singularity, and travel into a rotating white hole which allows the traveler to escape into another universe via wormholes.


We often think of ETs as arriving from a far-away solar system, and some undoubtedly are, but what about the concept of certain Greys originating on Earth, from our future? There are several variously known extraterrestrial races interacting on Earth. One race has orange-grey skin, very big heads and large dark eyes with no irises or whites, and six-fingered hands. This is a still-frame from the famous 1995-released Santilli Alien Autopsy video. During dissection their brains have been found to have four brain lobes, different optic orbs and nerves, and a sponge-like digestive system. These ET brains are more developed and connected, and have no corpus callosum. Could this be an ultra-evolved human from hundreds of thousands of years in our future?

Brad Olsen discusses the extent of his “Cosmos” section from the book launch of “Future Esoteric” in this YouTube video:






The Dance of the Holographic Universe

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Flickr - Fractal - Chris HaldermanRyan Brown, Fractal Enlightenment
Waking Times

For more than three quarters of a century now, modern physicists have known that scientific thought based solely on the previously accepted Newtonian view of a mechanical universe is fundamentally incorrect. What is now referred to as the ‘new science’ has emerged from new understandings and discoveries that were simply not possible by scientific ideas prevailing from the time of Isaac Newton to the early twentieth century. These new realizations have interesting implications on the role human consciousness plays in our understanding of reality.

Before these new discoveries, the world was assumed to operate according to concrete physical laws, and any idea of consciousness having any importance was shunned. As Henry Stapp puts it in his book Mindful Universe: “Any notion that your conscious choices make a difference in how you behave was branded an illusion: you were asserted to be causally equivalent to a mindless automation.”

As Stapp goes on to explain, even though this incorrect view of human functioning was proven false long ago, its influence can still be seen in all aspects of our society: governments, schools, the media, courts, medical institutions and ultimately, ourselves. This fundamental flaw in the worldview of a vast majority of people in the world could be the reason why there is so much widespread neglect of the environment, social injustice and the general degradation of humanity as a whole.

What follows from a mechanistic view of reality is a sense of detachment from one’s true nature. If a person views him or herself as having no control over the material forces that are assumed to run the universe, a hopeless state is bound to take hold. If everything is happening ‘out there’ beyond our control, what meaning is there to be found in life and humankind’s place in the universe?

We are now at a point in the evolution of humanity where the new discoveries of scientific research are more accessible than ever, as is the ancient wisdom which has been with us all along. It is becoming obvious that the mainstream media and the majority of the current educational system do not actually have an interest in elevating the consciousness of humanity. Rather, they are concerned with perpetuating misleading memes and keeping the majority caught in the fatalistic worldview of a mechanical universe.

The new Holographic Paradigm

Elevated states of consciousness, which were once only accessible by the mystic, are rapidly beginning to be investigated by scientific minds of our time. A new paradigm is emerging: that of the holographic universe. It is a paradigm in which consciousness, once thrown out as a useless imagining, is now acknowledged as the long sought after ‘missing link.’

Researchers like the late David Bohm of the University of London drew on large bodies of contemporary research to formulate a new theory of the role consciousness plays in our understanding of the universe. Bohm viewed thought as an organizational framework by which we categorize our experience of the world.

In this sense, thoughts can be seen as world views, or a sort of filter through which we can understand the totality of the world. These world views are dynamically linked to the energetic fields we resonate with. From this, it stands to reason that the clearer our minds become, the more we are able to see reality as it truly is.

David R. Hawkins, another recent leader in the field of consciousness research, summarizes this new theory as follows: “Our brains mathematically construct concrete reality by interpreting frequencies from another dimension, a realm of meaningful, patterned, primary reality that transcends time and space. The brain is, therefore, a hologram interpreting a holographic universe.”

From this new perspective, it is evident that our conscious intention has a prominent role in determining our experience of the material world around us. If our physical brains are interpreting the energy fields of higher dimensions, then it stands to reason that our thoughts hold far more power over our material world than is currently accepted.

Thought as an Emergence from a deeper reality

Thought itself has begun to be understood as emerging from energetic fields, which are beyond time, space and the material brain. When we think we are tapping into and simultaneously broadcasting these fields into our environment. Thus, we have a conscious choice as to which energy fields we decide to tap into, and each of these different fields has its own world view.

We can tune the dial to pick up the fields of anger and resentment, and adopt its corresponding view of a world of frustration. Likewise, we can tune the dial to pick up the energetic fields of acceptance and peace, and its corresponding view of the world as helpful and nurturing. The choice is ultimately ours.

A basic law of consciousness, which has long been realized by the mystic, is that what is held in mind tends to manifest itself. It is interesting that the direction of contemporary theoretical physics is now pointing towards this exact same realization. Scientific research is now confirming that our minds have the power to shape and create our reality.

This shift in perception changes everything. We are no longer resigned to the hopeless idea that we are too small and insignificant to do anything about the ‘problems’ of a mechanistic world. The holographic world can now be seen as a grand stage on which various energetic fields interact and play with each other.

We are actors upon this stage, and our roles are influenced by the various energetic fields we tap into. Some are the actors of positive, life affirming energies; others tap into the apathetic and pessimistic world view of negativity. Each person gravitates towards an energetic field that resonates with their current level of consciousness.

The beauty of the play is that all of the actors have the choice, in any moment, to adjust the dial and consciously choose which energetic fields to align with. The only way to positively transform ourselves, and the world, is by elevating our own consciousness, and this is done simply by holding the intention to align ourselves with energetic fields of a higher vibration.

When understood in this way, everyone has the opportunity to step into the energetic dance of the holographic universe.

About the Author

Ryan Brown is an Explorer, Healer and Servant of Peace. His path has taken him through areas such as Amazonian Shamanism, Advaita Vedanta and Bhakti Yoga, to name a few. He strives to constantly bring awareness of the dance of the Mystic into the modern world.

How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Emotions

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Flickr - Flower - aussiegallJudith Orloff, MD, Guest
Waking Times

Emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, and immobility are energies. And you can potentially ‘catch’ these energies from people without realizing it. If you tend to be an emotional sponge, it’s vital to know how to avoid taking on an individual’s negative emotions, or even how to deflect the free-floating negativities in crowds.

Another twist is that chronic anxiety, depression, or stress can turn you into an emotional sponge by wearing down your defenses. Suddenly, you become hyper-attuned to others, especially suffering with similar pain. That’s how empathy works; we zero in on hot-button issues that are unresolved in ourselves.

From an energetic standpoint, negative emotions can originate from several sources: what you’re feeling may be your own; it may be someone else’s; or it may be a combination. Here is how to tell the difference and strategically bolster your positive emotions so you don’t shoulder negativity that doesn’t belong to you.

Stop Absorbing Other People’s Emotions

1. Identify whether you’re susceptible. The person most likely to be overwhelmed by negative energies surrounding you is an “empath”, someone who acts as an “emotional sponge”. Signs that you might be an empath include:

  • People call you “hyper-sensitive”, “overly sensitive”, etc., and they don’t mean it as a compliment!
  • You sense fear, anxiety, and stress from other people and draw this into your body, resolving them as your own physical pain and symptoms. It doesn’t have to be people you don’t know or don’t like; you’re also impacted by friends, family, and colleagues.
  • You quickly feel exhausted, drained, and unhappy in the presence of crowds.
  • Noise, smells, and excessive talking can set off your nerves and anxiety.
  • You need to be alone to recharge your energy.
  • You’re less likely to intellectualize what you’re feeling. Your feelings are easily hurt.
  • You’re naturally giving, generous, spiritually inclined, and a good listener.
  • You tend to ensure that you’ve got an escape plan, so that you can get away fast, such as bringing your own car to events, etc.
  • The intimacy of close relationships can feel like suffocation or loss of your own self.

2. Seek the source. First, ask yourself whether the feeling is your own or someone else’s. It could be both. If the emotion such as fear or anger is yours, gently confront what’s causing it on your own or with professional help. If not, try to pinpoint the obvious generator.

  • For instance, if you’ve just watched a comedy, yet you came home from the movie theater feeling blue, you may have incorporated the depression of the people sitting beside you; in close proximity, energy fields overlap.
  • The same is true with going to a mall or a packed concert. If crowded places upset or overwhelm you, it may well be because you’re absorbing all the negative energy around you.

3. Distance yourself from the suspected source, where possible.Move at least twenty feet away; see if you feel relief. Don’t err on the side of not wanting to offend strangers. In a public place, don’t hesitate to change seats if you feel a sense of depression imposing on you.

4. Center yourself by concentrating on your breath. Doing this connects you to your essence. For a few minutes, keep exhaling negativity, inhaling calm. This helps to ground yourself and purify fear or other difficult emotions. Visualize negativity as gray fog lifting from your body, and hope as golden light entering. This can yield quick results.

5. Flush out the harm. Negative emotions such as fear frequently lodge in your emotional center at the solar plexus (celiac plexus).

  • Place your palm on your solar plexus as you keep sending loving-kindness to that area to flush stress out.
  • For longstanding depression or anxiety, use this method daily to strengthen this center. It’s comforting and it builds a sense of safety and optimism as it becomes a ritual.


6. Shield yourself. A handy form of protection many people use, including healers with trying patients, involves visualizing an envelope of white light (or any color you feel imparts power) around your entire body. Think of it as a shield that blocks out negativity or physical discomfort but allows what’s positive to filter in.

7. Manage the emotional overload. You don’t need to be beholden to your ability to absorb other’s emotions; turn the curse into a gift by practicing strategies that can free you:

  • Learn to recognize people who can bring you down. People who are particularly difficult for emotional empaths include criticizer, the victim, the narcissist, and the controller. Judith Orloff terms these people “emotional vampires”. When you know how to spot these behaviors, you can protect yourself against them, including removing yourself from their presence, and telling yourself that “I respect the person you are within even though I don’t like what you’re doing.”
  • Eat a high protein meal before entering stressful situations such as being part of a crowd. When in a crowd, find places of refuge, such as sitting on the edges, or standing apart.
  • Ensure that you don’t have to rely on other people to get you out of difficult situations. Bring your own car or know how to get home easily when needed. Have sufficient funds to be able to make alternate arrangements if you start feeling overwhelmed.
  • Set time limits. Knowing how much you can stand and obeying that limit is vital to ensure your mental well-being. Also set kind but meaningful boundaries with others who overwhelm you; don’t stand around listening to them talking for two hours when you can only cope with half an hour.
  • Have your own private place in a home shared with others. Ask others to respect your downtime during which you can rejuvenate. This is especially important to prevent you from taking on your partner’s feelings too much. A study, man cave, sewing room, reading nook, etc., all offer your own space.
  • Practice meditation and mindfulness.

8. Look for positive people and situations. Call a friend who sees the good in others. Spend time with a colleague who affirms the bright side of things. Listen to hopeful people. Hear the faith they have in themselves and others. Also relish hopeful words, songs, and art forms. Hope is contagious and it will lift your mood.

  • Cultivate positive emotions that boost your inner strength. If you’re surrounded by peace and love, you’ll flourish as strongly as negative emotions cause you to wilt. Respecting your own needs through healthy self love will increase your ability to respect others.
  • Learn to use compassion as a way to defend yourself against overwhelming emotions. Compassion allows you to be empathetic to the plight of other people but also requires that you are compassionate toward yourself. This means that you don’t need to feel guilty about seeking respite from being overwhelmed; doing so ensures that you can be more engaged with others in the long run, rather than less so. It also means that you keep yourself whole by not immersing yourself in the world of negative people.

9. Create and maintain a haven for disengagement. Leave many paths open that lead to communing with the resonance of nature. Returning to your rightful home as a creature of nature switches off your victim mentality and recharges you energetically and spiritually.

  • Keep a picture of a waterfall or a lush forest with you and look at it when overwhelmed.
  • Step onto the quiet of a forest path or absorb the coolness of a gently babbling brook from beneath a weeping willow.
  • Maintain a your personal space of cozy retreat where you hook into your own personal power and energy.
  • Practise Yoga and breathing techniques. These draw upon emotional centering and provide safe harbor in times of storm.


About the Author

Judith Orloff MD is the author of many self-help books including, The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life, Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life, and Positive Energy: 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue, Stress, and Fear into Vibrance, Strength, and Love

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Lucid Dreaming

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June 21, 2014 | By and re-blogged from there to here


Lucid DreamingRebecca Turner, World Of Lucid Dreaming
Waking Times

Here are 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about the wonderful phenomenon of lucid dreaming – the ability to have conscious awareness during your dreams.

1. The first lucid dreams were recorded by Ancient Egyptians

The Egyptians were an advanced civilization which coalesced more than 5,000 years ago. According to Jeremy Naydler, author of Temple of the Cosmos: The Ancient Egyptian Experience of the Sacred, they believed in three bodies: Shat(the corpse body), Ka (the living physical body) and Ba (the soul).

Ba was often represented in hieroglyphics as a human-headed bird floating above the sleeping body or corpse. Naydler notes that “…the Ba is the person but in another form. The Ba could be defined as an individual in an out-of-body state.” Was the Ba actually the lucid dreaming consciousness?

Robert Waggoner, editor of The Lucid Dreaming Experience, believes so: “…I was struck by the concept of the Babeing the part of one that flies during sleep, trance and after-death states… Many of us have had that experience, whether we call it an OOBE or a lucid dream, of flying around our sleeping body.

“For lucid dreamers, trance journeyers and OOBE-ers, the Ba may represent in a historic sense, the first depiction of a ‘mobile awareness’ separated from the physical host. Interestingly, this mobile awareness, this Ba, seems naturally connected to flying – a common and seemingly universal part of lucid dreaming. Though thousands of years separate us from the Ancient Egyptians, perhaps some of their ancient knowledge remains in our collective unconscious…”

2. One in five people lucid dream every month or more

In 1988, Snyder & Gackenback conducted a scientific survey which found that 20% of people claimed to lucid dream frequently (every month) while 50% of people had done it at least once in their lives. So lucidity is not so rare, even if most people don’t know the technical name or induce such dreams deliberately. It actually seems quite normal to have spontaneous dream control – especially as children.

One possible reason for this is that children are more prone to nightmares which can be highly vivid and emotionally intense. This awakens the part of the brain responsible for self-awareness, and gives the young dreamer a moment of clarity to realize “hey – I must be dreaming!” Some children use this knowledge to wake themselves up, while others transform the nightmare into a pleasant guided dream.

When I first discovered lucid dreaming in my teens, I was excited to tell my friend about it. “I’ve been doing that for years,” she told me: for as long as she could remember, she would use her imagination as she went to sleep to visualize whatever dreamscape she wanted. Then she would just pop into her dream and experience dream control perfectly naturally. Though she didn’t know what it was called, she’d been lucid dreaming intuitively.

It may be surprising how many people you know are already lucid dreamers – you just never happened to ask them about it. Since I launched this website six years ago and made lucid dreaming my career, a number of friends have come out of the woodwork to announce they have the occasional guided dream. It’s a coincidence that my partner Pete has controlled his dreams since he was a child too – another natural lucid dreamer.

At the other end of the spectrum, a handful of people have written to me saying that ALL their dreams are lucid, every single night since childhood and they sleep very poorly as a result, feeling like their brain never properly shuts down. This is a rare condition, as most people find inducing lucid dreams is a deliberate act or a welcome accident, but never a burden. As with all aspects of sleep, it’s possible that things can go wrong and specialist help is needed. So if you find it impossible to have non-lucid dreams and this disrupts your everyday life, then do see a specialist doctor.

3. When you close your eyes in a lucid dream, you can wake up

When I was younger I used close my eyes to escape from nightmares. When I was frozen with terror it occurred to me that none of it was real, and I had a moment to squeeze my eyes shut tightly and shout “WAKE UP!”

Now I never end a lucid dream prematurely if I can help it. But that doesn’t stop me from accidentally closing my eyes in the dream (out of force of habit, not because they’re dry or I need to blink…) This almost always causes me to return to my physical waking body. Apparently, this is not true for everyone, but it sure is for some.

Luckily, if you do wake up by accident, there is a way to resume the dream from where you left off. As long as you keep your body still (so as not to disturb the sleep paralysis mechanism) and close your eyes immediately, you should find yourself back in the dream and fully lucid. I would liken it to changing channels on the TV: for a few seconds, both realities exist and you are free to flick between them.

4. Lucid dreamers can “talk” to the outside world

In 1975, the British psychologist Keith Hearne achieved a world first: he recorded the eye movements of Alan Worsley as he slept and engaged in a lucid dream in the lab. Crucially, the two men had agreed upon a pattern set of eye movement signals beforehand. By moving his eyes inside the lucid dream, Worsley was able to communicate with Hearne in the outside world, while he was dreaming.

This remarkable experiment proved, for the first time ever, that consciousness in dreams was indeed real. Later, EEG readings were able to record a high frequency GAMMA brainwave state in lucid dreamers, which provided further evidence of this unique state of conscious awareness. However, it was the basis of Hearne’s experiment, which was more famously replicated by Dr Stephen LaBerge at Stanford University a few years later, that showed us it really is possible for a dreamer to “talk” with a waking person in the outside world.

But what about the other way around? Can we send messages to a dreamer while they sleep? Could a two-way conversation be achieved?

Actually, yes – to a degree. When we sleep, our brains are largely ignorant to most of what’s happening in the outside world. However, for survival reasons, we do have the ability to retain some awareness and be responsive so some types of external stimulus. So, if someone gently prods you in the rib while you sleep, you will sometimes feel the prod in the dream, albeit under a different interpretation.

I once dreamed of a rat biting me in the ribs then woke up and found I was actually pinching myself! Another example is auditory stimulus: heavy rain in the waking world has transferred to my dream – and once it began raining heavilyinside my house. Like many a surreal trigger, this caused me to become lucid.

5. Lucidity arises from a special part of the brain

The neuroscientist, J Allan Hobson, has theorized about what happens in the brain when a dreamer becomes lucid. First, we recognize that we’re dreaming, and this stimulates the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain which is responsible for self-awareness and working memory. This area is usually deactivated during REM sleep – which explains why it is not typical to realize that we’re dreaming or remember all of the detail without serious effort.

Once lucidity is triggered, the dreamer treads a fine line between staying asleep, yet remaining conscious enough to remember they’re dreaming…

Interestingly, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex is uniquely associated with the subjective experience of deciding when and how to act. In Susan Blackmore’s wonderful pocketbook, Consciousness: A Very Short Introduction, she explains how this region is directly connected to free will – and how this may be an illusion created by our own complex brain processes. She also discusses self awareness and the contentious problem we have when we try to pinpoint the location of our conscious inner self.

6. Lucid dreaming can be mapped as a state of consciousness

Susan Blackmore’s work highlights another important feature of lucidity: that it may be a special state of consciousness distinct from any other. Can these individual states be mapped? Some scientists believe so.

Here is a diagram based on Blackmore’s conclusions and the existing theories of human consciousness. Although it is extremely difficult to know the relevant dimensions, it is possible to visualize how these conscious states might be mapped in a vast multidimensional space. This aims to illustrate how some states are commonly experienced and easy to reach (being wide awake, false awakenings and dreaming) while others are rarer and tread the far reaches of the human experience (deep sleep, sleep paralysis and mystical experiences).

7. Certain vitamins can increase your dream intensity

Vitamin B6 (also known as Pyridoxine) plays a key role in brain and nerve function. Healthy adults need just 1.3 mg of Vitamin B6 each day and this can be acquired through foods like bananas, carrots, oranges, spinach, fish, chicken, liver, beans, eggs and nuts. However, to achieve the dose necessary for greater dream intensity, take a 100 mg supplement such as Nature Made Vitamin B6Vitamin B6 for Lucid Dreams.

So, what happens in your body when you take this supplement? Vitamin B6 converts Tryptophan into Serotonin, which produces much more vivid dreams. You may wonder why you can’t just take a Serotonin supplement. Unfortunately, the blood brain barrier wont let it in directly; the conversion has to take place in the body.

To boost your chances further, eat foods containing Tryptophan around the same time you take your B6 pill, a few hours before bed. Tryptophan-rich foods include cheddar cheese, chicken, salmon, lamb, eggs, white rice, flour and milk. So, there really is something to be said about cheese dreams.

8. Lucid dream orgasms can be real

Scientists have found that lucid orgasms can sometimes be accompanied by a real physical response, including increased heart rate, changes in vascular tissue and other muscular reactions. Sometimes, however, it’s purely in the mind – although this doesn’t make it any less real to the dreamer in their super-sensory dream environment. There is also heaps of anecdotal evidence to show that men who experience a lucid dream orgasm also ejaculate in real life.

The problem many people find is that it’s difficult to hold onto conscious lucidity until the critical moment. Lucid dream sex is highly arousing and beginner oneironauts will most likely wake up before the experience has even got going. In this way, sexual lucid dreams aren’t ideal for beginners, yet they’re usually the ones most motivated to seek them out for the novelty value.

9. Meditation is profoundly linked with self-awareness in dreams

There is a proven scientific link between meditation and lucid dreams. I find that the more frequent and deep meditation I can accommodate into my lifestyle, the more easily I can recognize when I’m dreaming. For all it’s apparent simplicity, meditation can ahve prfound meaning and impact on your life, helping you reach blissful states of relaxation and insight. It also helps to enter altered states of consciousness at will (great practice for Wake Induced Lucid Dreams) as well as increase self-awareness (powerful for Dream Induced Lucid Dreams.)

One thing I frequently rave about on this site is brainwave entrainment for meditation. This was the key in my learning how to meditate. First in the form of binaural beats, later in the form of isochronic tones, brainwave entrainment is a proven way of guiding your internal brainwave frequencies to produce relaxed, altered states of consciousness on demand. My favorite brainwave entrainment audios are listed here.

The most notorious application for these audio entrainment products is meditation – and this delivers us very close to the lucid dreaming state. I highly recommend beginners invest in a good entrainment audio to kickstart their internal voyages in meditation.

10. Tibetan Buddhist Monks practice lucid dreaming on their path to enlightenment

Tibetan Dream Yoga is the original form of lucid dreaming. It is a philosophical practice created in Tibetan Buddhism at least 1,000 years ago.

Just like lucid dreams, the aim of Dream Yoga is to awaken the conscious self from within the dream state, which they call “apprehending the dream”.

However, Buddhist monks have more esoteric goals in mind. Their aim is to harness the power of the conscious dream state and then complete a number of set tasks to take them to the next level, including:

  • Practice sadhana (a spiritual discipline)
  • Receive initiations, empowerments and transmissions
  • Visit different places, planes and lokas (worlds)
  • Communicate with yidam (an enlightened being)
  • Meet with other sentient beings
  • Fly and shape shift into other creatures

The ultimate goal in Tibetan dream yoga is to apprehend the dream, then dissolve it completely. Deprived of physical stimulus via the sleeping body, and conceptual stimulus via the dreaming mind, they can observe the purest form of conscious awareness through profound meditation in a lucid dream.

Final Thoughts

Your journey to lucidity is only just beginning. To discover more hidden insights as well as step-by-step tutorials on lucid dream inducation and exploration, check out The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track, my definitive digital course for beginners and beyond.

Release of the old 3D earth patterning/programme frequencies

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Your Guide to Planetary Energies for June 23 to 29, 2014

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NorthPointAstrology Journal
By Pam Younghans
Today’s image: Photo of auroras, taken from inside an abandoned and roofless grain bin on June 8, 2014, 120km NW of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (photo by Zoltan Kenwell, posted on
THERE’S STILL TIME! If you missed my recent teleclass on the last six months of 2014, you can still purchase the recording and slideshow from the class — just send me an email with “Teleclass Replay” in the subject line, and I’ll reply with details. (


WE ARE IN completion mode as we begin this week. The Moon is waning, completing the lunar cycle that began on May 28. And, on a grander scale, the Uranus-Mars opposition on Wednesday wraps up many of the loose ends left by the Cardinal Grand Cross we experienced in April.


On top of that, Mercury is in its last week of being retrograde, Jupiter is wrapping up its year-long transit through Cancer, and Saturn is in the last weeks of its 20-week retrograde phase.


THIS COMBINATION of planetary influences — especially the Uranus-Mars opposition midweek — may have us feeling exceptionally restless, eager to be free of restriction and limitation. But a part of us is also aware of the need for proper timing, and acknowledges that this completion phase has a purpose.


In part, we are still adjusting energetically to the impact of April’s grand cross configuration. Even if we didn’t have direct transits to planets in our birth charts at that time, we were still dealing with the energy of change in four different areas of our lives (represented by the four houses involved).


IT WILL BE IMPORTANT to observe what occurs midweek, as we work with the impatient energies of the Uranus-Mars opposition. It will be very clear (if it isn’t already) where we’re done with the old and ready to embrace the new.


And, some effects of the grand cross may have been waiting until now to manifest. In April, when the grand cross was exact, Mars was retrograde. This means the planet was more focused on building inner courage and not as concerned with external progress.


Now that Mars is moving forward, it supports us in applying our new inner courage to more tangible action steps. But, the self-awareness we gain with this week’s Uranus-Mars opposition may best be applied more proactively once we get into July — especially after Mercury goes direct on July 1.


EVERY NEW MOON offers a starting point for a new phase in our development. With Friday’s New Moon being in Cancer, this lunar cycle is focused on ways to increase emotional support and satisfaction in our lives. We will also be working with the issues of trust, security, and vulnerability.


The Sabian symbol for the New Moon captures some of these themes:

“Game birds feathering their nests: An instinctual dedication of self to new forms of life.”

Taking inspiration from this imagery, we can look at this upcoming lunar cycle (the next four weeks) as being instrumental in laying the emotional groundwork for the changes we wish to make. And yet, the process is primarily “instinctual,” coming from a different level of our awareness.


As food for further thought, here is a bit of astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of this Sabian symbol:

“We see here the beginning of a process; action is definitely oriented toward the future. A new wave of life is starting and a concrete — and no longer symbolical — preparation is made for it. It reveals a preparation for rebirth, and a significant note is sounded by the mention of game birds. What is being built is instinctively — but not yet consciously — offered to a higher level of consciousness. An appropriate keynote would be ‘symbiosis’ — a deep, unconscious cooperation between different levels of existence.”

OTHER PLANETARY ACTIVITY also stands out as important this week. I’m especially noticing Jupiter’s square to the Nodes on Friday, and Neptune’s interactions with both the Sun and Venus on Sunday.


As Jupiter squares the North and South Nodes, it provides an opportunity for us to look at the polarity between self and other in new ways. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so this square could exaggerate our feeling that life is an “either-or” experience — either we pay attention to our own needs (South Node in Aries), or we choose to work in harmony with others (North Node in Libra).


The challenge of this square is to find ways to integrate the best of both options, paying attention to our own needs while also acknowledging that one of our needs is to cooperate and create harmonious relationship with others.


ON SUNDAY, Neptune will trine the Sun and square Venus. Even though the square indicates some oversensitivity — and perhaps some disillusionment — with regards to our relationships, the Neptune-Sun trine soothes our sensitive souls and helps us create new connections based in a higher expression of love.


The adjustment we’ll need to make to achieve this shift (represented by Chiron quiincunx Mars) will be moving beyond the personality’s tendency to go to extremes, to either trust completely or completely mistrust. We will need to love ourselves enough to maintain appropriate boundaries, and move beyond defining “love” in terms of rescuing and self-sacrifice. At the same time, we will need to accept the paradox that we’re all one, and there are no boundaries.


Good thing Mercury is retrograde — maybe it will help our brains wrap around that one!




NorthPoint Astrology Blog:New blog post this week: “Chiron’s station,” posted Friday, June 20. To read posts, please visit I look forward to your comments!


“Portals of exigency” have been created to accommodate rapid movement across planetary energetic boundaries


gaia_energy1“Portals of exigency” have been created to accommodate rapid movement across planetary energetic boundaries.

Alignment of Hue-beings with such portals facilitates accelerated movement of consciousness into Higher D realms as chaotic node points are encountered.

Full Inner Acceptance of “the Process” is key to the alignment, and allows moment to moment flow with “The Process”.

“Portals of exigency” will remain as a potential for Hue-manity and all hu-manity until further notice.

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The Constant Companions via Aisha North: A Short Update on the Solstice Energies

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LifestylesThe Constant Companions: A Short Update on the Solstice Energies, channeled by Aisha North, Jun. 21, 2014, http:/

Here we are again, at one of those power nodes that serves to enlighten you all even further. As you continue to move across the firmament as passengers on this blue sphere that goes by the name of Planet Earth, you also pass through regions of heightened energetic presence at certain intervals, and one of them occurs today.

Today [June 21st] you will mark the occasion of the Solstice, when the length of the day or the length of the night – according to where you reside on this celestial sphere – will mark its high point.

This day marks another [not only a] high point in your calendar, but also in your energetic cycle, for this day is unlike any others, and as such, you will all be given a reason to take some time to mark the occasion. Again, the date defined in your calendars is not the important one, but what is important, is the opportunity this celestial placement gives us to initiate another collective experience of connectedness.  Read more…

Neale Donald Walsh: What You Resist Persists

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Neale Donald WalshBy Neale Donald Walsh, CWG – June 20, 2014

My dear friends…

There will come a time in your movement through the process of Enlargement when the scale of stop/start, stop/start will be tipped. You will begin to do more “starting” than “stopping.” This is a natural part of the process and at some point along the way nearly all of the stopping will stop.

Your stopping stops when you finally become okay with all the previous stopping – and with whatever stopping is happening in the present. It is your opposition to the stopping that has been causing it to continue with such ferocity.

It is your frustration with the halting steps that you have been taking that has put the halt in your step. It is as CwG reminds us: What you resist persists. Opposition to anything propels it forward.   Read more…

Soul Contracts and Life Reviews – Part 1

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Life Plan 33 Everyone has a Life Plan

As we contemplate the circumstances of Ascension and life in the Golden Age, it may be useful to look at the element in the Divine Plan of our soul contracts, pre-birth agreements, or life plans.

Apparently, everything we do, everyone we meet, all opportunities and all outcomes have already been written into a contract we negotiated before birth in concert with our spiritual directors.

“Nothing that is important to your life plan happens by chance,” SaLuSa tells us. (1)  Saul agrees: “There are no accidents or coincidences. Every occurrence and every opportunity that you experience during Earth life has been prepared or allowed for before you incarnated.” (2)

SaLuSa says that a soul’s life plan “is carefully planned to give a soul the precise experiences that will further their evolution.” (3)  The plan “caters [to] your needs, and whether you work for the Light or otherwise makes no difference.” (4)   Read more…

Message from the Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Happy Summer Solstice – Becoming Masters

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SSolstaceMessage from the Arcturians: Happy Summer Solstice – Becoming Masters. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. June 21, 2014.

Our Dearest Ascending Ones,

We, the Arcturians, wish to contact you in this NOW of Gaia’s Summer Solstice 2014. We send this message to each of you so that you can share it with others. You can easily share this message, as there truly is no separation between you and what has been known as others.

“Others” is a term that denotes that people or things are separate from you. Since unity with all life is becoming increasingly evident within your NOW, the term “others” is becoming extinct.

We wish to tell you that many changes are occurring on the inner levels of our Grounded Ones, meaning Humanity. As you increasingly allow your consciousness to expand beyond the illusion of time, you will increasingly feel these changes on a daily basis. Those who are still bound to time will likely feel these changes in what they would call “later”.  Read more…

Tsunami de Amor e mais Códigos de Cura 4 – A Mãe Divina através Isabel Henn. 21.06.2014

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The silverplatinum flame


(Tradução: Candido Pedro Jorge)

Minha amada criança, peço que hoje em seu solstício abra seu grande coração para as energias que estão incidindo sobre você. Meu Tsunami do Amor chegou a seu clímax já há alguns dias e agora vai continuar assim. As energias estão batendo no seu coração dizendo: “abra e deixe-nos entrar”.

Sente essas energias e outra vez geme sob elas. Elas são enviadas na forma de energia dourada da minha nave mãe. O nome da nave é “Mesime” que significa “Luz de Deus” e é Siriana. Ela é a maior nave da Federação Galáctica e está lentamente se aproximando da Terra. Por causa de seu tamanho, ela não pode chegar muito perto, pois iria perturbar os campos de energia de seu planeta. É a nave-mãe da Mãe Divina e que consiste em minha própria energia que está enviando a você agora.

No momento sente-se como…

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Earth Guide, Sun in Cancer, 2014 . . . from Zooey!

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Posted on by

“If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart.” – The Buddha

Reviews, reviews, reviews. So much to think about lately, so much of the old passing away, and yet still so much do. Or has been done, or in the process of becoming. Then think about it all again. And again.

If last month seemed like one long reevaluation period, and then someone pushed a big, honkin’ RESET button, relax, the entire world just reset, too. Funny that it happened as we came gliding into the sign of Cancer on the back of a Mercury retrograde, though.

It doesn’t happen often but this was definitely one of those retrogrades that cancels trips, mysteriously turns things off, and makes documents go poof—this document did. I lost the entire first draft of this Guide, five pages or more, and had to re-write it from scratch a few days before publication. Yippee. In other words, it’s been one long lesson on staying in the moment.

Also, misunderstandings between family members are high on the list of things going wrong, especially with siblings. Mercury retrograde in Cancer/Gemini (family/communication). Du-uh.

It appears as though we are meant to pay particular attention to our domestic affairs for a bit. And to keep our minds and hearts on the present moment therein. And to spend more time contemplating what it all means. And, if we get around to it, getting on with that whole love revolution thing.

* * *

  The sign of Cancer carries with it a great mystery on the sixth sense. The original Zodiac animal for Cancer was the unicorn, not the crab; and the single horn on the forehead refers to the third eye. Sadly, that sacred knowledge has been covered up for ages by you-know-who. We’re only supposed to know about paying taxes and getting on our knees at church, remember, not flying through the cosmos with our mind’s eye. (I wrote about all this in the first part of last year’s Guide on Cancer. If you missed it, you can find it here.)

People born in this sign are masters of the mystic and should be consulted before any major expedition into the spiritual realms. Why? Because they just came from there the dream before, and they completely understand that the nature of our underlying reality is about Unity.

Cancers come born with a magic cup that they use to create miracles all around them. They’re usually too busy changing diapers to notice what a gift that is to others, but Cancers are true spiritual warriors—complete with lance, charging steed, and holy quest. Their easy-going nature can be beguiling as they posses a deep resolve based on love and mutual understanding.

This year the magic of Cancer is particularly strong. It would be wise to let it into our lives, perhaps even ride the energies a bit. It will lead to a lot of completion.

It’s time to do what we came here to do, and if folks haven’t noticed things have begun falling into place, they will soon. That is, for those of us who have been putting in the work and stuck it out until the end.

The rest will still be making the choice between which world they wish to live in—the red pill or the blue pill—and it’s in that that we can find great sympathy for those coming up behind. Each of us intimately knows the pain of making that choice.

As the worlds continue to move apart that choice will become more and more difficult. It’s why we’re losing so many of our companions lately. People are finding it too hard to be around those who have shifted frequencies and they’re stepping back from the brink.

I know that’s pretty disappointing to find we are alone as we cross the threshold of an age, but we are at the threshold. Let’s not forget that part. It’s worthy of awe and celebration!

It’s time to move on, the future is now, and this Summer will mark the beginning of it for many of us. Is everyone ready for take-off?

~ And the Answer Is? ~

Mercury goes direct on July 1st after a very tricky, dual-sign, retrograde period. The second one of the year. Almost everyone I know has just been thrown for a big loop with lives that are not only upside-down, but now inside-out, as well.

It’s not surprising as Mercury can be difficult to cope with at times. It whizzes around the Sun so fast that it can be impossible to understand, let alone be forearmed, but there’s a trick I was taught by one of the sexist Witches alive. Use passive listening.

This teeny, tiny, supersonic planet requires room for interpretation. We can’t have preconceived notions of what is being communicated, and it’s critical to have the ability to download entire chunks of celestial information all at once. And there is a very good reason for that. Mercury communicates information directly from God and She’s got a lot to say.

Once we see it that way, we begin to understand the reverence required and why there can be so much confusion. So, instead of defining what we think Source has to say, let’s kick back and open up a little.

Hmmmm…what could the Goddess be saying to us, especially after the Sun passed into the New Age of Aquarius back in the Spring of 2012. *taps fingers* Oh! I know!

It’s all about Love?

That sounds about right, doesn’t it? Then that means that Mercury is also communicating it in His own speedy, hermetic way to everything else.

There. Now we can add the sign interpretation back in, and the retrograde activity period, and the general aloofness that is this quicksilver planet.

So, Mercury is passing along a message from the Great Spirit that life is about Universal Love moving as One, and that He’s currently in the sign of Gemini (cosmic and personal intelligence), just coming off a retrograde period (mental funk and review), and that He just dropped by to let us know that we’re moving into a Golden Age based on peace, empathy, and connecting with the rest of the Universe.

That’s the message from God?

Wow! That’s not so bad. Maybe we can all start sleeping again at night.

    ~ Full Moon in Capricorn ~

Ah, life.

Just when we think we have it figured out, it morphs into something completely different. That’s kind of the majesty of it, though; the opportunity to be as random and creative; and take part in it’s wonderful, alluring mystery.

Still, there’s all this stuff that gets in the way. The working at crappy jobs stuff, the picking up kids after school stuff, the neighbor’s dog pooped in the yard again stuff, and, my personal favorite, hubby’s in one of his sexual fantasy moods again stuff. Oh, joy!

The Moon goes Full in Capricorn on July 12th at 7:25 am EDT. It’s time to pay the fiddler. To sort out all the bills, to get caught up with housework, to go with the flow with authority figures (pay special attention here throughout July), and to put others first. A lot of things may come up all at once this month, but we’ll also find the wherewithal to deal with it if we can maintain our serenity.

If we continue to have a fit any time anyone messes with our Zen, we can expect the dark side of what Capricorn has to offer: a good spanking. I don’t know about you but I’m sort of over the Illuminati, big daddy, life under the security dome, approach to existence. I’ll govern myself from now on, a-thank you, no matter how difficult or hectic life becomes as we phase out the Old World Order.

We all know there’s more to life than being good little girls and boys for the state. There’s the existential joy of surfing a massive, galactic wave, for example. Or having a nooner. Besides, a sudden, dramatic act is always easier once we realize we’re in the spotlight and it’s all part of the traveling circus.

If we find ourselves really having to put on a show this month, surrender to the moment and give it our all. It’s too late to ask if we want to participate, and it would be better to give a tour de force performance than whimper onto the stage.

The thing is, even as sovereign beings, we still have our daily life to attend to beyond all the hubbub. We still have to round up the kids and glue them to the bed, and finish up the never-ending dishes, and make sure the garbage is on the curb by 7, and fend off hubby in a Batgirl outfit.

While all that’s going on, and as this Full Capricorn Moon reminds us of our domestic and community duties and obligations, try a smile instead. We’re going to have clean the toilet and scrub the kitchen floor anyway—why not do it with a bit of flair and some humor?

After all, how many souls can say they were on Earth during the Great Shift and had the chance to clean a toilet? Not many, let me tell you! Oh, we the proud few and determined, only we can boast of such an accomplishment!

That’s why I no longer ask gifts on my birthday, just give me a mop and let me get on with cleaning up this mess. The whole, darned planet needs a good once over, and maybe shake it out while we’re at it.

The idea here is to be grateful we even have enough to sweep up and tuck away. Capricorn is about doing it right, conserving what we have, and understanding that some things require personal sacrifice for the greater good.

Take that to heart and this busy month with pass with ease. Just remember to smile while cleaning the goop out of the drain in the shower—it’ll provide a good laugh when our life flashes before our eyes on our way back to the Light.

Personally, I like to pause and stick out my tongue once in a while, too.

~ It takes Courage to enjoy It ~

I choose a fun song this time around to help get everyone in the mood for a month spent in Cancer’s passionate, floopy, psychic waters. The sign of Cancer is all about the groovy-ness of love and Bjork’s ‘Big Time Sensuality’ really belts out that message here in her own pixieish way.

Most people can no longer remember how to live their life, only why, how much, and how quickly. We blindly move from Friday to Friday, think things could be better, but settle with having some food and a roof over our heads. There seems to be no value placed on any activity beyond the acquisition of Federal Reserve credit notes. Anything involving the use of the right-brain is now considered a mental illness, anything from slacking off at work, to standing up against social injustice, to daydreaming.

We’ve been played so badly by a dark Cabal of ancient assassins and sorcerers, a group many Witches have been fighting up and down the west coast of North America since the ’60s, we now just accept that modern life is the only way things can be. But is it?

Seems to me that there is something we forgot, something very, very important, something that cannot be measured in terms of payable hours and tax percentages.


Not only that, but fully feeling.

Has life become so stale, plastic, and gray that we accept that anything beyond working for a living is a crime? That it’s a sin to experience the sensual pleasures of being Human? That independent thought has become nothing more than a target survey group and living free is a moral abhorrence without a corporate employee number?

No, my friends, we’ve been scammed into thinking it’s a left-brained world in order to prop up a dying conclave of Babylonian priests whose time has long since passed. Yet with each passing day, their charms and spells wear off, and more people wake up; with each day we remember who we are and begin to realign with our original soul intent.

I just thought I’d point that out because, in my opinion, the first stop after taking off the employee mask should be a wild, wanton fuck with the first man or woman—or both—that raises their eyebrows in our direction. We deserve to experience life at its fullest and our time has come. (Pun intended.)

And woe be to all those who come with chains and contracts, and to all those who attempt to hold back our bright, beautiful future. They try to keep an entire planet from blossoming and they are about to find out how silly that notion is.

May the Dark Ones find the strength to forgive themselves for what they have done to the body of the Great Spirit. I have; and as an Empath, I feel such sorrow that so many of them are choosing to go down with the ship. This season I also send good thoughts to all those who are lost that they may find their way Home again.

Merry Summer Solstice, everyone! May the Goddess bless the Heart and Soul of each and every one of us.

Blessed Be,



unfortunately the video  presented at this place is not workable here in Germany because of GEMA-reasons.

~ A Personal Note for my Readers ~

* If you are interested in being on my private mailing list, send a request to If you would like to be taken off the list, send a blank email with ‘Please Remove Me’ in the subject line. You can also follow me on Facebook at

** If you signed up for my monthly mailer and are not getting these guides in email, check your junk mail folder. I include some graphics and a link or two and that can flag it as spam. Add my root IP address to your safe sender list, as well.

*** The sun enters Cancer on June 21st at 6:51 am EDT.

**** I have to say that I love each and every one of your emails. They are so warm and full of love. Every month is a new delight for me.

Unfortunately, due to my recent move, and the added burden of my elderly father and wayward family, I am no longer able to answer personal email. I do make exceptions, but please try to respect my time. I am simply overwhelmed with healing work and barely have a moment to myself anymore.

Feel free to send in any questions. I’ve started to write them down so I can answer them on the website. It will save me a lot of time by putting the info in one reference section. I’m also considering a forum as I just love how communities can spring up when given a chance. I may even be looking for some semi-volunteer help in the near future to help with the site.

The site is on hold for a bit while I’m waiting for the Joomla 3.5 update. It’s supposed to add in a bunch of stuff to make mobile apps more accessible. I’m worried that the current article base won’t make the transition to the new platform so I’m only publishing Earth Guides and a test section for now.

I’m also starting to take donations to help keep the site going. As many of you know, I don’t accept money for the work I do (for many reasons), but I will accept help in keeping things running. It costs me about $150 a year right now. If you would like to stay anonymous, please let me know as I tend to gush over people’s good will.

 Frederick H. Varley, Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay, 1921

Life here in Northern Ontario, Canada is wonderful. I’ve taken over the house responsibilities as my father is recovering from a mild stroke, he’s in his 70′s, and needs a lot of help with the house and his two small dogs. As a result, I put in two gardens and other landscaping projects are underway.

Though I’m super-exhausted and my body is getting a butt-whooping from all the physical activity, I’m on Cloud 9. It’s been so long since I had a place to grow veggies and herbs. It feels wonderful to have my hands in rich, dark soil again without having to explain it to a park warden, or my neighbor.

It’s good to be back in the native woodlands where I grew up. I can feel the healing energy all around me, especially being right on the shores of Lake Superior. I forgot how dramatic the weather can be here, and I get very snuggly when sudden thunderstorms get thrown up over the big lake. Perfect for hot chocolate and rubbing tootsies with a lover.

It’s also fun to be back among the local Fae folk. It’s like there’s an old friend playing hide-and-seek behind every blade of grass and leaf of every tree. I swear sometimes I can hear giggling sounds when I walk through the woods.

I hope everyone’s feet are able to touch cool, earthen paths this year. And that we hear the echoing calls of Mother Earth and all Her creatures come back to us. There is great beauty and healing in nature, and if folks can’t get to a lake or a forest then at least toddle on down to the nearest city park for a few.

It’s time to stop fighting with the old paradigm, to cease putting in any energy at all, and embrace Gaia’s new now. To partake in beauty again, be creative, be a silly-heart, to waste time for the fun of it, to sit by a river and read a book, to, to, to…

To remember.

Smooches all around! Have a great summer, everyone!

Oh, and thanks to Sharon P. for sharing and caring, and for all you do at home. You go, grrl! 🙂

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The Relation Between the Moon and the Human Mind

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by Garima Roy
Fractal Enlightenment Every thing around us has an effect on something within us – be it our exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation (UVR), looking at the morning sky, taking a walk in the forest, or swimming in the sea – nature’s beauty prompts the flow of hormones and energy in our body. But not everything that’s present in nature is fundamentally good for human beings.The Moon, romanticised by poets and artists since ages, has a series of negative effects on the human mind, scientifically and spiritually. Several scientists and research institutions have conducted experiments over the years to study the effect of moon and full moon nights on the human mind and behaviour. It is concluded that moon does influence humans and other species on earth.

Moon, Conscious and Sub-Conscious

According to Quantum Physics, everything in the Universe – stars, planets, satellites or even the moon has an operating frequency. The frequency emanated by the moon affects the frequency of the mind that exerts control over our feelings, emotions and desires. The mind, which consists of conscious and sub-conscious mind, reacts to the standing and positioning of the moon in the sky. We aren’t aware of our thoughts in our sub-conscious mind as a large number of us function solely by using 10% of our conscious mind.
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25 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Buddha

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RiseEarth 21.06.2014
Hotei "Buddha Belly" vector
by Luminita Saviuc
Purpose Fairy“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” ~ BuddhaThere are so many beautiful, powerful and life changing lessons I have learned from studying Buddhism and from reading many of Buddha’s quotes. And today I want to share 25 of these beautiful lessons with you.

Here are 25 Life Changing Lessons from Buddha:

1. Love heals all things.

“Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.”

2. It’s not what you say but what you do that defines you.

“A man is not called wise because he talks and talks again; but if he is peaceful, loving and fearless then he is in truth called wise.”

“A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker. A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker.”
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Update after June Solstice 2014 and passing another Great Portal with the Tsunami of Love

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Status Update
By Eva Maria Holstein
Update of my life now after Solstice ….. : wie ich mich jetzt fühle nach der Sonnenwende …. my sensations now after going through Solstice ………..Apparently there was another great Portal to be passed for all of us on Solstice … at least it was the case for me … as apparently the downloaded flares – socalled “Tsunami of Love” was reaching their peak here in Northern Germany as from 4.00 – 9.00 a.m. … I woke up at that time groaning with heart-pains and heart-attacks … just like the other time when passing through the last portal of consciousness …when according to duality-matrix (already gone) I wass to pass over in the old habitual way of leaving my body ) and I did not but instead was led through that portal by all my celestial guides lining up at the side of the passage.
Pains and severe heart-palpitations were just the same now yesterday … but I knew more about it now … so I tried again everything to ameliorate these pains … Drank Water, hot peppermint-tea, wrote the resp. code down on my heart … well, I did eveerything I knew …ToolBox with calling up AARaphael and St.Gemain …. until I relaized … this must have been another great Portal opening up on Solstice at the Standstill of the Sun …. and it had to be passed through …..
Closed m eyes – tried to calm down all bodioy cells too and vizualized all my celestial guides of mine lning up sideways of the passage through the portal — just as they had done with the previous one ….. and then they ventured it through … being shoved, grabbed by their hands and pulled … giving me all the help they could …. and I finally made it though ….Hurrah ! For a short while — I saw with my inner third eye a field before me of the hight brilliance whiteness you may imagine — snowwhite and brilliantly shining … just had a fleetin glimpse of feeling surprised at it ….. and deeply enjoyed it too ,,,,,, it lingered on for a while and returned to the habitual shade as before ….
Now I ask myself was this the attached experience of looking into the higher realm of Spirit for some moments in the Time of Now and Zero ? and did I return then back ito the planes of our changing – floating and ascending planet again – since it is told us so many times (see Hour with an Angel of Steve B.) This may very well be the case with me here too.And after all that gloing through myself yesterday … I was quite tired all the day but this did not prevent me from doing some more work of translating in the late afternoon … which went on so happily and floatingly like never before …

I even perceived feeling better and more painless bit by bit and had during this night enjoyed the blessin of a deep and undisturbed sleep with many dreams which I cannot recall now.

All went well and I am happy to share it with all of you here too.
Namasté Evamaria

Written and posted by Contramary=Evamaria H.


Tsunami der Liebe und mehr Heilcodes 4 – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 21.Juni 2014

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The silverplatinum flame

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMein geliebtes Kind, heute an deiner Sonnwende bitte ich dich dein Herz ganz weit zu öffnen für die Energien, die zu dir fließen. Mein Tsunami der Liebe ist seit ein paar Tagen an seinem Höhepunkt angelangt und wird nun so bleiben. Die Energien klopfen an dein Herz und sagen “öffne dich und lass uns hinein”.

Du fühlst diese Energien und stöhnst ein weiteres Mal unter ihnen. Sie werden als goldene Energie von meinem Mutterschiff zu dir gesandt. Der Name des Schiffes lautet Mesime, er bedeutet ‘Licht Gottes’ und ist sirianisch. Sie ist das größte Schiff der Galaktischen Föderation und nähert sich langsam der Erde. Auf Grund ihrer Größe kann sie jedoch nicht zu nahe kommen; sie würde sonst die Energiefelder deines Planeten stören. Sie ist das Schiff der Göttlichen Mutter und besteht aus meiner eigenen Energie, die sie nun zu dir sendet.

Habe keine Angst, diese Energien fühlen sich zwar…

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Heavenletter #4958 Life Is About Living It, June 22, 2014

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gretchen3God said:
What is at play when you ask for advice? Sometimes you don’t really have to ask for advice. Sometimes you want support more than advice. It’s not a great idea to ask for advice that you don’t really desire. You may be playing games with yourself, you the asker and you the dissenter.

On the other hand, what makes you think that others always know better than you or may know better than you? What is this lack of belief in yourself you seem to carry around? Furthermore, you may think, so it seems, that anyone knows better than you what to do and when to do it and how to do it and what to say and how to say it and when to say it. It sometimes appears that a random saleslady in the department store may know what hat looks best on you, and she spends your money. And, of course, she may be correct. Is your life about living it or about your presentation of it?

Accuracy is not always the point of life. There is more to life than accuracy. Not everyone and his brother knows more than you. What is your clarion call to life, beloveds?

Life is not exactly about doing everything perfectly. Life is something you live, not exactly arbitrate. Yes, of course, you would love to do what is considered the right thing, right for you and right in the eyes of others. This is understandable, yet, if life were a math problem, getting the right answer isn’t the whole story. Going through the process of finding out an answer for yourself is more like it.

What if there were no such thing as asking for advice? What if everyone made his or her own decisions? What if your choices were not so camouflaged or complicated as the world seems to make them? In truth, no matter how many people you ask for advice, no matter how many suggestions you follow, ultimately you are your own soothsayer. Certainly, you are the one who acts according to your own will. You are the one who says yes or says no, or says sooner or later, or says, I can or I cannot make a decision without outside help. There is nothing you have to prove. You are here on Earth to live and love, not to be perfect in your eyes or another’s.

Become more confident in your own choices. You don’t have to hold on tight to the reins of your life nor do you have to give the reins to someone else. No matter what choice you make, you are the one who makes it. Contrary to what may be popular opinion, you are far more capable than you, and perhaps others, give you credit for.

What is at the core of your asking for a second opinion or third or fourth? Is it the idea that everyone else must know more than you? Or can it be that at the core is your fear or unwillingness to take responsibility for yourself? What makes you have to check with others?

How well you know what other people ought to do, how clear and obvious it is to you when it comes to other people, is that not true? One reason for this is that, when it comes to someone else, the responsibility isn’t yours. At the same time, no one else can bear responsibility for the route you take.

Ask Me, beloveds. Ask yourself. Perhaps you have dug yourself into a hole. Perhaps you have been one way all your life. Listen for an answer. There is always more than one possibility. Life is Infinite, and so are you.

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Tsunami of Love and more healing codes 4 – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn June 21, 2014

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The silverplatinum flame

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My beloved child, I ask you today on your Solstice to open your heart wide for the energies that are flowing to you. My Tsunami of Love has reached it’s climax since some days and will now remain so. The energies are knocking at your heart saying: “open yourself and let us in”.

You feel these energies and groan another time under them. They are sent to you as golden energy from my mother ship. The name of the ship is Mesime, it means ‘Light of God’ and is Sirian. She is the biggest ship of the Galactic Federation and is slowly approaching Earth. Because of her size she can’t come too near; she would disturb the energy fields of your planet. She is the mothership of the Divine Mother and consists of my own energy, she is sending to you now.

You might feel…

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