I have just received word from The New Jerusalem that all the Ascended Masters and all the fleet Commanders are standing by – fingers on the green button…ANNE DEHEART…… More info:
The landings is when our work begins. This whole reclamation of planet Earth is being orchestrated by Ashtar, Mother Sekhmet, Sananda, Lady Nada, St Germain, Metatron, and others.
Lady Master Nada is the one who will announce NESARA Republic. Money will not be released until this announcement is made.
When the wealthy children of the Elite learned of the many children starving, globally, they volunteered $1 million each to go into the prosperity funds.
It will take one or two months after the landings to clean up the medical and pharmaceutical influence on our consciousness – before they can really get into our full, true history. Healing ships will also be here at this time to heal the global population and clear us of pharmaceutical influence.
Earth’s protective block has been opened – the portals are open now for the ships to come through.