Evidence that the System of Guidance Works

Depiction of automatic writing

Where is this thought coming from?

We may sometimes ask ourselves how our guides work with us.

I’ve been watching one way mine work with me for a few months now.  Our guides seem to insert a word or phrase in our minds.  I once confirmed they were doing it with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon.

Steve Beckow: Who is inspiring me?

Archangel Michael: We are all inspiring you but that particular inspiration came through St. Germaine, my friend.

SB: Well, it was so subtle. At first I thought it was a thought that I had and then I said to myself, “I don’t have any knowledge about energy bubbles!” So it was the first time I was aware that somebody else must’ve given me that thought.(1)

Today I was walking behind a woman in such oversized rainboots that she fairly trundled along like a….

I was just about to let fly with my judgement when I heard a voice say: “I don’t care for my judgments any more.”

And that comment fit right into a space that was available that I didn’t even know existed.

It resonated with a part of me that I wasn’t even familiar with yet.

I allowed that part to expand.

It opened into a tremendously peaceful space within myself. It’s perhaps an hour after this first happened and still, when I take in a deep breath, I open onto the same space of deep peace.

I was overwhelmingly impressed by the quality of this peace I was expereincing.  I searched for bliss in this space, but saw that peace, as a substantial presence, occupied all of it. I was obviously there to learn something about peace.

Having sat with this space for a few minutes, I’d say it’s a space of more peace than I’ve ever yet known.

It doesn’t come with a user’s manual, so I’d have to guess that what this episode is designed to do for me is to show me that letting go of judgments is a doorway in to inner peace.  That’s what I conclude from it.

I’m going back into the experience of peace, to explore it more.

No judgment, no desire = peace.  No “I” that judges or “wants” that require fulfiment = peace.

By following the prompting of my guidance, I’ve now been led to a deep experience of peace. I’d say the system of guidance works.


(1)  Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 12, 2016

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