St. Germaine Reinterprets Desire on AHWAA

archangel michael

(My end of the call dropped at the beginning of the discussion. I apologize for the noise I made rejoining the call.)

St. Germaine and I discussed the matter of desire this week on An Hour with an Angel. Desire, he said, has gotten a bad rap.

There were many belief systems that were useful in the old realm, but are not serving us as we ascend. One of them is our spiritual aversion to desire.

St. Germaine urges us to embrace our desires as if they were pure gold.

At the same everything takes a back seat to our one desire to return to God. The majestic experience of reunion with God is the same for king or pauper, serf or leader, he testified.

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I asked him if everything wasn’t reconciled by thinking of the basic spiritual movement as shifting our desires from things of the world to God, from pursuing the pleasures and possessions of the world to pursuing union with the One and he agreed that it was.

He then went on to discuss what other sages have called “the longing for liberation.” (1)  I haven’t heard another master discuss the subject as clearly as he did. The longing for liberation is the desire planted in the soul (so deeper than the cells, deeper than the DNA) by the One, for reunion. We try to fill it with experiences and possessions but nothing will satisfy it but God.

He described the desire, which arises more clearly for us the farther along the path we go, as an innate and conscious wish to “be on that expressway back to the Mother/Father One.”

When we fully acknowledge our desire to return to the One, he said, “things fall in place.”

He suggested to us that our heart’s desire would be found to be the same as our divine purpose.

Come join us for an updating of now-obsolete concepts in light of our unfolding knowledge of the new world we live in.


On the longing for liberation, see: