We all heard about this beings but who they truly are? First of all, let me tell you something: words are power. Your words create your reality so choose them very carefully. Why do I say this? Because the word “Archon” emanates from Greek and it means “lord” or “master”. In modern society it refers also to “controllers” or “public officer”. In essence, is a word that gives power to that being, because it puts it in a position of superiority/authority over you. That is what we absolutely want to avoid. We, the awakened starseeds and lightworkers of the Earth, are the ones that have access to large amounts of energy and to a greater portion of our full consciousness, something that, at this moment, is not accesible to everyone. Not to compare us to anyone, indeed we made a conscious choice to live this journey of awakening and ascension. We are not superior, but here to show the way to those that are also seeking. This so called Archons act like parasites, literally. They are extradimensional beings and they TRY to steal energy especially to the awakened/awakening beings. Why do they act like this? Because they have no life force on their own and have their own agenda of control and manipulation. How do they act? They use trickery, and fear: they make you believe that they have power over you, that they can make you do things that you don’t want to do at all. As a result, you lower your vibration because you live in fear and they feed of your precious light/energy. They count on our egos, the part of us that uses division, control and manipulation, because through that we give permission to be controlled as well. They instill in doubts and fears. This by no means, have to scare you. You see, the truth is that they are powerless, they can only steal from you if you believe they can! Fear is an illusion and if you give it power they win. But if you remind yourself that you are an emanation of Source, that you are a creator being with a sacred free will that CAN NOT be violated, then they can not control you. If you don’t believe in this ask any astral traveler that saw entities like this and others, literally sucking up human energy. The matrix system itself is a system made with the purpose to harvest human energy from the masses, through excessive work, war, slavery, the economic system and even religions. Any person that has a access to even a tiny part of it’s psychic abilities can easily detect this beings in the auric field of those affected. Also when you have one of those parasites around you can feel it in your own energy field. You can sense it contract and shrink and a cold flux/river begins to flow through you. Good energy, instead, feels warm, refreshing, reparing and nurturing. The more you fear the more this will effect you. Stay calm and in you center and become conscious of you personal power. This beings will try to disconnect you from your inner power so tap your solar plexus area with your hand to prevent them to act there (solar plexus chakra). Then, simply say “NO!” or “NO, THANK YOU” “YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME!” Another good idea to literally send them away, and I tried this on my own, is to ask their name! “TELL ME YOUR NAME!” This will open up your awareness and send a clear message that you can not be tricked. It is really easy. Also ask for help to your spirit guides of to Archangel Michael to protect you. Learn to work with this consciousness because is the quintessence of protection. You do not have to be afraid. This post is to make you aware, to spread knowledge for those who have ears and are willing to listen. I have experienced this on my own when I was in my early stages of my path; it was horrible. Now I know that they can not touch me at all! Let them try! This beings are attracted to negative vibes like the moths are attracted to the light. So this happens especially when you are emanating a frequency of fear/anger/unforgiveness/grief/sadness/regret etc. When you are in lower energetic environment like that, they will TRY to feed on you. I always say TRY because this can happen only with your express permission! Pay attention to your subconscious mind, and tell your ego that you don’t want to go where it wants to take you! Moreover if you have an emotional issue that is particularly hurtful for you, that unhealed space is acting like a beacon for this things. So, for example, if you experienced trauma of any kind and you are still in pain, there is where they will TRY to hit you. If they already are in your field and you send them from where they came, but you don’t heal the issue you have not resolved the problem permanently. This parasites have lost most of their “influence” because of the great awakening that is taking place on the planet. Now a lot of beings know their existence because of a personal experience and because of their ability to see them. Light exposes everything because light is transparent and pure. In the light you have nothing to hide. This beings act in the darkness, they hide themselves and they thrive in your unawareness: they want you to stay ignorant, unconscious of their existence. This is the reason of this post: those who have ears will listen. If you don’t resonate with this you can even throw everything in the trash, I don’t care. I am here on a mission and is my duty to inform you. My advice is to consoder this choice very carefully! Now, it is important to know that thousands of years ago, mankind was very well connected to their spirituality and God-Self. Telepathy, working with energy was very common and we were able to express our multidimensionality very easily, walking through different dimensions, indeed, was not a problem at all. This was possible because our DNA was active completely and therefore we were able to express ourselves fully. Then, and I will talk in detail about this in another post, our DNA was cutted in order to enslave our race. To make us unconscious, unaware beings. 97% of the DNA is called junk because they don’t know what is it’s role. Later, a dark control grid, an energetic web (that has no power now) was put in place. It’s function was to keep the higher energies outside and, at the same time, to keep humanity in a lower vibrational state. Here is how it works: a dimension is just a frequency. So if you vibrate at the frequency of 5D you can have that kind of perception of reality. If you are under that level, you can’t. The function of the grid and this beings was to keep us in a lower frequency so that we could have only a very limited perception of reality, of what exists! In this way

1- humanity was unaware of their presence, which is what they want
2- humanity was unaware, even worst, of the light forces like the Galactics and Archangelic realms that are helping us as you are reading this! The mainstream knowledge abut this subject (angelic beings) is in the hand of religions, another controlled organization. The majority of people couldn’t have a direct experience/contact/dialogue/active participation with light beings.
3- humanity was disconnected from their Godly nature
4- fear, pain, suffering are accepted as normal while a peaceful, loving world is seen as utopia.

The world is waking up and I see it everyday! I connect with beings that are going through the same. We are all crazy! I see it everywhere, and also it is apparent how the media are ignoring the this in the last attempts to hide what is happening. Fortunately in the years to come events will start to happen on a global scale so everyone will open the eyes to the truth of who we are!
With this message I am empowering you with the codes necessary to be aware of who you really are: LIGHT! Nothing can touch you without your permission! How do you give permission? When you don’t accept your power, when you are afraid to shine, when you feel guilty etc. When you think that putting yourself first, that choosing to be happy, is hurting someone. Which is impossible because you are not taking away anything from anyone, you have simply decided to be happy! (hippie?!) The opposite is unacceptable! My invite is to explore all the subtle crazy way you give away yourself in your everyday life and change that, because it is really preventing you to express yourself fully. Be very calm and conscious now, ask your Higher Self and spirit guides if this information resonates with you or not. Ask them to infuse you with calmness, strength and courage knowing that no parasites can make you do anything! And IF they TRY to come around you remember that you are NEVER a victim! You are free! Let there be light!

Michele Cornacchia

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