NESARA is much more and this has to be made known now everywhere – St. Germain through Marc Gamma – dated 04.30.2014

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German Transcript by Rilana                                                                                      For link to German Original click on please:                                                            St.Germain durch Marc Gamma ~ 30.04.2014

Translation by (Contra)Mary=Evamaria


NESARA is much more and this has to be made known now everywhere – St. Germain through Marc Gamma – dated 04.30.2014

My beloved humans here on earth – this is I “The Ascended Master St.Germain” speaking to you:

I am greeting you and I do welcome all of you here after a short lapse of my absence. Today I have a wonderful message for you – and it is as always some message of Love – but foremost it will deal with information about NESARA.

However, before I start here I should like to make some tiny introduction since I want to wake up certain lightworking people – awaken them so that they may become aware that it is not them having eaten all wisdom with big spoons …as you have to comprehend that even experienced lightworkers have to stay in their hearts. They also have to listen to their heart and soul so that they are not misled in some way. NESARA is a matter of inner hearts and will take place in human inner hearts too.

Please, comprehend – if you judge on people or about them – this always takes place in your mind and not in your heart.

Thus this is a call-up to you so that you may understand that NESARA does not is to be understood as some sort of secure placement of financial means to all mankind but in its true sense it is some matter of human hearts too and keeping this in mind you may then proceed forward and go all along with this message.

Otherwise – if you do not comprehend this in your heart – I should advise you urgently not to listen to this message any longer, not to go on reading it and to enjoy it since in such case you are not prepared and set to sense and to listen with your inner hearts to it.

NESARA is so much more – I told you this already some while ago – NESARA entails so many various facets,  such tremendous opportunities, so many inner windings and turns, so that it would mean to use up quite some time in order to explain to you all details of it. If I am saying “We” I am meaning all my brothers and sisters of the Light which are endowed with the honorable task to submit to you everything only which you may be able to comprehend at a certain moment.

There is some essential matter which you have to grasp fully with your awareness : “It is You which are changing and we have to adapt ourselves to it. And thereby we are stressing the fact that all pieces of information – we have given you all along these years – they have been changed and adapted because you have changed too. There is no such thing as lies in our realm of light – however, there is something compared to what you have – some rightful statement and some false one.

O.K ? Still now it is in the situation that many pieces of information which were communicated all these years have turned into some “false information”.  Now what will you do ? Telling us that we have lied to you ? In such context I have to explain to you … we never lie – NEVER !

Such is the matter to be pertained to:: ” Any piece of information at some certain Moment of Time  X  has to correspond to Energy Y adherently. This means that at a given Moment of Time X everything that had matched perfectly the Energy Y in some very correct way and had been adapted to it in order to enable you to evolve furtheron.

Now at this very moment energies have changed – and accordingly your consciousness too – so that logically messages of that former Time of Now had to be altered too. Thus the message of today is quite different too – being impregnated by some new kind of energy. This has nothing to do with this very channel – it had to be done because of you all changing – with all human people here on Earth.

You now have arrived at a completely new energy – you are shortly about to strip off your old body – that very one which you have carried all along in all your incarnations here on earth over millions of years. You have to comprehend this very fact that this your old body would not be able to withstand the light any longer and it would perish in it – burnt out by it as consistent effect of it.

Now, what may be the alternative conclusion to it?  For all of you – having accompanied this very process and having some knowledge of it too – they will know what is waiting for you and this is your very body of light !

Thus we want to express that this kind of body will be nourished completely from light in future periods to come. It is clear that while in some period of transition you will not be able to absorb and take up light so easily and in some smashing way and  this is why you will be supported with conventional nourishment for still a while. Still this sort of nutrition will be something so much different because it is full of light so it will have the effect to help you to feed yourselves appropriately.

This process of light has been described so many times before and in manifold ways. There are books and expertises/ essays about it and much more. Much of it is quite right in the matter – but still there is much too which will undergo changes – since it is the energy that will change too. Meaning many information which were quite right some years ago will not be matching to the energy of Now any more – and this because you have changed so much. It is mainly your consciousness which has changed meanwhile and thus we may submit to you that sort of information adapted to your consciousness of Now.

I want to give you here some example in this context and I select that very one which this channel has read on some website on a blog. This very example our channel has applied to some of his own text and he will publish it accordingy together with some personal message quite soon,

Please try to comprehend what is meant “to be conscious”  and we found this comparison in the internet. Just attempt to explain to some “Cavemen” how is the function of the internet ! You all know this is impossible since these people do know only a few words. And these are words they need in order to survive, to eat, to drink, to sleep and perhaps still some other little things. And how do you will explain with their customary words the funtioning of the internet ?

And now we proceed onward and now there is somebody by name of Albert Einstein and explains to you the functioning of the relativity-theory. Even at his specific time nobody was able to understand it completely and in its entire essence. And still today many people may not follow him sequence since it is still too complex. However, soon you will have the adequate knowledge in order to understand Mr. Einstein  –   and this will apply to each and everyone of you!

And everybody will be able to understand it – because your consciousness has been accordingly altered.

Now, if that is so – in order to conclude this very example which has been used by our channel here – I may point out that since your consciousness has changed – consequently messages have to changed likewise – i.e. you do understand more and all the matters we submitted to you in the past – you may take in now with some wholly changed and different light.

This too goes for NESARA. NESARA is the beginning and NESARA will have its end sometime too – being finalized in your very own hands with some new consciousness of yours.

I do not want to speak about NESARA in more detail – speaking about NESARA what it is and what kind of effects it will have on you – still I want to point out here that NESARA is much more than you already know and may read about it – because NESARA will be transformed in the time of Now.

NESARA I is more than something connected to MONEY and FREEDOM solely.

NESARA is such a universal and wonderful program – one with the main target to free mankind out of any slavery and this entails everything : the Light and You All ! Thus in order to set yourselves free by your very own selves and to obtain again all connections to your very own divinity.

To re-gain and obtain again means too to be in possession of full consciousness.

NESARA is also some part of getting fully consciously.

Now all those being very sensitive to energies – having experienced some further opening of their inner hearts and being in good contact – tackling and looking with their souls and Higher Godselves or their spiritual guides – they will sense many energies with this very message here.

This kind of energy is so much stronger and more potent than past ones and please do understand this has nothing to do with this very channel. It is solely YOU being prepared now to take up much more!. 

It is YOU that you are all set now to take up more intensively all this energy sent to you by us – be it conveyed from the sun or from our ships or else from any other ways. This goes too for this very message – be it spoken, later transcripted and translated in likewise way!

Al these energies are deeply and firmly affixed here and woven in here and they all will reach your inner hearts now !

Many human people are habitually using messages through this channel in order to go into some original meditative state of being. It is not his voice – since one may argue about his voice. He had to take one and the other hint with regard to his voice – but this will be taken always with a good pinch of amusing humor, It is the special case of some Swiss citizen trying to speak “High German” this is really some challenge – still we like to have fun even with this very channel. Thus he has to take it as it is – while he takes in all relevant mocking messages with a smirk and grinse so very much alike him …

No, it is much more. It is such a way that there are people reading the message translated into English – meaning to intake the translation of wording, consuming it – but leeways they have the message run in German in order to avail themselves of all the energy vibrating with it. They are those having understood rightfully what is the essential matter of our messages.

NESARA is so much more ! It is likewise –  to live fully consciously – to accept everything fully consciously – be it through this very text, spoken tongue – or this translation. Everything will have its appropriate effects on you. Creative people will be winning ! The innovative ones will conquer !

All those being solely in the mood of consumption – they will not gain anything more by it. Many a time – even through this channel – we have informed you that it is not really worth while to listen to or to read too many messages.

It is not this a matter of quantity but more so of quality. It is much more the matter that you rightfully adapt yourselves to the message – to all information therein – and to the energy entailed in it. NESARA is much more.

And again I am here not talking about money. Still, what is the benefit of money if you are not prepared to receive with your inner hearts all these wonderful matters ? There is another information which I want to give you on your way too .. and again this has nothing to do with money – but that I want to give you a tiny hint to enable t

You sense it – you perceive that I am leading you up the garden path …. which I want to do here – so that you may become aware that it is so much more ….


Be conscious of everything you hear, you eat, what your thoughts are – do everything in a most conscious way.

By acting in such state of consciousness – all vibration will will be transformed and altered – by your conscious acceptance of gifts, foodstuff and everything arriving at your very range of surrounding – and you will be able to change and transform completely all vibration around you !

You are such powerful souls – only you do not want to acknowledge this kind of knowledge. We have given you some hints – pictures – books – schedules of tuition and much more – however you have to comprehend first of all that all this will not be of any use as long as you may not understand that it is entirely up to you and that you are responsible for it – that all this must be established with you first.

So I shall conclude this message which was slightly differently colored here and you will ask yourselves when will St.Germain talk again about NESARA ? Now there are still other channels receiving downloads from me and they will accordingly receive different messages from the Ascended Master St.Germain … and you will questioning again :”What is the matter with the Light?  Do they interchange their issues ? Are there other Beings of Light taking over such tasks ?”

And I am telling you: “No, NESARA is and will remain just the same but the pertaining information will change accordingly since NESARA is much more ….

You are part of it – that very part which is essential to enable NESARA in its entirety at all. Please, understand this fact : without any of your doing NESARA could not be possibly estblished at all. Thus just start with yourselves – and everything around you will change accordingly.

I shall return very soon my beloved humans – there is a place for all of you in my heart and everywhen you call on me – I shall have some place in your very inner hearts too.

Do lead a very conscious life – do invite me while you are reading this message with all your consciousness and while you are consuming this message – taking it into yourselves – integrate – digest and try to comprehend its meaning – you will eventually find Love and Inner Conjunction to yourselves.

I am the Ascended Master St. Germain

and soon I shall welcome you here – same place – same sweet spot !

German Transcript by Rilana

English Translation by (Contra)Mary=Evamaria



For German original transcript please click link : NESARA ist vielmehr und dies soll nun bekannt werden – St. Germain durch Marc Gamma ~ 30.04.2014       

Transkript von Rilana

Copyright © Gamma Marc. Es ist erlaubt den Artikel zu veröffentlichen, sofern der Text als Ganzes unverändert übernommen, der Name des Autors und der Link zur Originalseite genannt wird.



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