Using Reval Funds to Create a World That Works

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Money 22This article is intended for circulation outside as well as inside the lightworker community.

Currency holders seem to be asking themselves two questions these days:

(1) How will I spend my earnings?

(2) How will I be able to discern which organizations are legitimate and which organizations are fraudulent?

I have the same concerns.

I know how I’ll spend my earnings. I’ll put 20% away as a contingency fund. I’ll put aside enough money to pay my taxes. I’ll gift to my loved ones and take care of all the other gifting I intend to do.

I’ll set aside a percentage of what’s left for projects I intend to create. And then I’ll dedicate the rest to … what can I call it? As a provisional title? How about the Lightworker Congress? Hold that thought. More about it in a moment.

How will I be able to discern? Archangel Michael would say: Ask your heart. And I do that.

I would also add: Use credibility analysis on the organization’s communications.

Are their claims credible – that is, probable, plausible, possible, and without contradiction or inconsistency? What’s their history? What do others say of them?

We have to do our due diligence until we learn to trust our hearts implicitly. (I’m not there yet.)

Someone needs to create a central directory of charities, foundations, NGOs, etc., with an appraisal of their legitimacy – to help us all out. But that’s another matter.

Lightworker Congress. What’s a Lightworker Congress? So far it’s just an idea.

As an idea, it’s a democratic gathering of lightworkers, to decide the financial goals and targets for the Congress’s planetary-reformation work.

The Congress itself convenes to define and tackle the world’s persistent problems – hunger, drought, disease, homelessness, sexual slavery, child labor, etc.

What are we doing by creating an organization? We’re concentrating our financial power as a prism concentrates light, to create real change in the world.

Real change toward what? Real change toward a world that works for everyone. (1) We lightworkers call that Nova Earth.  You probably do as well.

Most lightworkers come from the firm belief that we can and will create a world that works – a world free of pollution, a world in which everyone’s cares and necessities are taken care of, a world that we haven’t even dreamed of yet, but are about to have a crack at building.

Free energy. Cars that run on … water, free energy, anti-grav, you name it. Medical breakthroughs that will have your head spin. And more.

Our Reval funds are what give us leverage. They give us the chance to build this new world, to irrigate this field and watch a crop of new inventions grow and a weed bed of unwanted conditions disappear.

I can’t organize the Lightworker Congress. Someone else will have to take up the ball and run with it. I’m a writer and not an organizer or an administrator.

More detail?

I envision a democratic organization of lightworkers, acting as decision-makers directing the use of funds given to the organization by other lightworkers. These other lightworkers will have participated in the various abundance programs.

These lightworkers give a portion of their earnings to the organization to be used to end the unworkable conditions in the world.

At some level of your being, you must be aware that there’s a consciousness shift going on, are you not? Do you not feel happier than last year? Is the Reval itself not an indication that a consciousness shift is going on?

How else would such a way-out idea as a Reval make any sense at all except if we’re in the midst of a raising of consciousness on the entire planet?

Our frequencies are getting higher and, in this higher resonance, things are possible that simply weren’t decades earlier.

If this were not the case, I wouldn’t have the confidence to say: We can do this. We can create a world that works. I know we can.

We have the collective will, means, and opportunity to turn this planet’s situation around – to win equality for women, to end exploitation, to level the playing field for the poor and much more.

You and I have it within our power to finance a revolution of love on this planet. Finely-targeted, strategic gifting – in this case by an organization representing lightworkers – is how to ignite that fire.

Consider this a job description. Some folks need to take this idea up and create this organization. Through it, we can all participate in creating a world that works.


(1) The phrase belongs to Werner Erhard.