Lightworker and Activist: Where’s the Divide?

Sacred 15How do lightworkers and social activists divide their labor?

We tend not to do both. Why is that?

I can only speak for myself. We none of us can do it all. We do tend to divide down into specialized efforts. I don’t see how it could be any other way.

For me, the division is around what must be done immediately and what, longer term.

The social activist and whistleblower work, act, and react to threats in the here and now, to protect our security, financial positions, etc.

The activist is foiling the efforts of the dark to take over our financial and political process. They’re getting into harm’s way for us, putting work, reputation and lives on the line.

The lightworker faces much less risk. Lightworkers attend to what needs to happen in the longer term to create an environment where threats to our security and financial position are gone; they no longer exist.  They envision that future and then bring that vision into reality.

The longer term may be a longer financial term, as with the funding of humanitarian projects after the Reval, or it may be the much-longer term in which the structures and flows of Fifth Dimensionality are planned, financed, and built – as much as lies within our domain to create.

The lightworker is promoting, yearning for and building the world that lies beyond our Ascension, but can be drawn here quicker by our longing – and building. Remember that the process of creation is facilitated by us doing actions consistent with our longing – in this case, actively building.

Each plays a part. The activist with the sword of peace drawn in protection of us all; the lightworker, like the SeaBees (Construction Battalions), coming in usually after the threat has been seen to but still somewhat in harm’s way, to build the new.