Heavenletter #5777 Goodness and Mercy for All, September 18, 2016

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Heavenletter #5777 Goodness and Mercy for All, September 18, 2016

God said:
When you think about it, what is so hard about giving goodness and mercy to all your neighbors and all your brothers and sisters? What is so hard about this? What can possibly prevent a Child of Mine from goodness and mercy to all?

Be in abiding Truth. Be One with Me and all others. Only on Earth does anyone depart from the Oneness Principle of Life. Take a look and sign your name. Your name is Oneness.

You are here on Earth for a short passage in Eternity. You live forever in Infinity but on Earth in the bodily form of you. You know that everyone’s physicality goes away, drops off, falls to the ground. You name this dying. In your perception, dying is too awful to contemplate. Worse than dying is living without Universal Love.

It is true that you, the soul of you, doesn’t out on one second of Life, I ask you again and again — What prevents you from living in peace with all around you?

I have even seen there may be whole classes of people you do not personally know that you may have been taught are different from you, and, therefore, some of you may consider these people as fair game for you to be unkind and merciless to. How can this be?

What gall. What arrogance. What a waste of life, to consider yourself the decider of what I, God, have created. Can there be foolishness greater than this? C’mon now.

When you consider yourself better than another, you feel the prickling of a rise in ego. You pat your ego on the head. Surely, there are other directions in which you can find your identity. What else but ego can give you the right to obscure the Beingness of others. How can you conceive of daring to do this?

Here’s the story: There is no one greater than you, and there is no one lesser than you. Never mind what the world may say. The world is as mistaken as you. The world view is not a true indicator of what is and what is not.

There is One God, and One Being under God. Wherever you look, you look into a mirror of yourself.

It is fallacy to dismiss even one other let alone whole groups of people who are as under My care as you.

Bullies take advantage of others and feel self-righteous. What is there for a bully to be proud about?

If you consider yourself superior to any other on Earth, you have a lot to learn.

There are those of you who may consider yourselves less than others. You also have a lot to learn.

It would seem that the so-called superior and the so-called inferior have a lot to learn from each other. Both of you are off-base.

You understand that I promote peace and not resentment. Whatever you may resent, take another look. You who like to take the role of superior place a crown on your head and put another down. You are colossal in your arrogance and ignorance. You are superior in your error of heart and vision. This is not to be smug about.

I send no one away from My Kingdom. I welcome all.

Learn from Me and accept all. Be as a brother or sister to everyone the way you have observed good will in congenial families.

Look, you are all My Guests on Earth for a short while. Even guests are to be hospitable to other guests.

I welcome you, and I ask you to welcome everyone on My Behalf. Please note that everyone is also you. Be My Love and be Love accordingly.

Be good-natured to all who roam the Earth with you. Be One with Me.

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