The Big Thaw, the Great Fulfillment

Sacred 11I’d like to draw two threads together.

You remember years ago we talked about how cognitive dissonance leads to paradigmatic breakthrough?

The creative chaos transpiring at the moment is that cognitive dissonance. The paradigmatic breakthrough at the moment is the miracles that are happening at quicker and quicker speeds, which I’ll get to in a moment.

The creative chaos was referred to by the Divine Mother and Archangel Michael recently as Sixth-Dimensional creative chaos leading to Seventh-Dimensional resolution in Christ Consciousness and Love.

The creative chaos results from all things coming to the surface. Team Light on all levels is gradually pulling away from Team Dark.

The creative chaos causes cognitive dissonance to build until we throw down old paradigms and break through conceptually and contextually to new ones.

The shift has many faces. One is from service to self to service to others.  Another is from competition to cooperation. A third is from hoarding to sharing.

There are things that have happened in my life that are overall miraculous. Then there are things that unfold as a process and every step works out the way I want, the first time.

Everything seems to be working out these days if I take the first step.  Remember Indiana Jones? The bridge did not appear until he took the first step?

I can’t be alone in this, although admittedly I’ve more or less volunteered to be part of a cosmic focus group.

Here’s another thing I’m learning: Every generous act has a ripple effect.

In economics, it’s called the multiplier effect.  The $100 you give to the hotel owner goes to the butcher to pay the meat bill, who gives it to the milkman to pay the milk-delivery bill, who gives it to the…. On and on the value goes. I wish I could tell you stories of the ripple effect. I will later.

But you can clearly see the manner in which generosity causes funds to ripple outwards.

I’m also beginning to see how quickly what we wish for manifests. In Vancouver, with a very low vacancy rate, I found a new place with an exceptional view in probably the shortest time imaginable.

Every step took me closer to my goal. Things simply unfolded, all in the direction of success.

Of course it required me to remain in integrity. Things wouldn’t have worked otherwise.

All around things like that are happening. It’s as if the Ice Age is receding and the Big Thaw has begun, as if the Dark Ages have ended and the Golden Age truly begun.

This has been such a useful learning time for when the big operation starts.  It’s been like a shakedown cruise that reveals what needs repair, overhaul, modernization, etc.

More and more people, I think, are using the opportunity chaos presents to introduce radical and long-overdue changes in many fields.

Team Dark will shrink and shrink and Team Light will grow and grow, all members of the former being welcome in the latter.

Creative chaos (cognitive dissonance) is creating the opportunity for the beingness that we all are to move and shift and break free (paradigmatic breakthrough).

I’m watching for miraculous breakthroughs, reconstitutions, and resolutions for all of us in the New Year. I’d like to think we’re standing on the brink of them.


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