A great energy gateway is opened, right now for Earth, through which you are receiving the upgrades and the energy wave that is uplifting the collective, the ascension wave. As we have mentioned in a previous message, all that is not the highest expression of the Self, love, is being pushed to the surface so that it can be illuminated by the light of your awareness. Then accepted, transmuted and released. It is your last, big healing before you reach a sustained level of higher perception, peace and connection to your Soul Self and Higher Self. It is the time of endings and new beginnings, because you are being pushed into the direction of your true life purpose: trust dear children that you are on the right path: keep following the light. For this reason many changes are occurring on so many levels. Spiritually we have a merging between your lower self and you real identity: a unification and reunion with your inner core: God. A great emotional healing is going on for many, and this can be a bit of a roller coaster: your emotional body as well, is being recalibrated to the new frequency you can sustain and to the 5D energies. For this reason you are now beginning to feel emotions in a refined way. Indeed they are all new for you because they are being decolacked from the veil of 3D illusions. You thought to know what love is, what freedom is what joy is but you didn’t. This can be confusing in the beginning, especially if you hold onto old beliefs and ways of thinking. As you are being realigned to your essence, new data is flowing within you. This data is light that is activating your Crystalline Light Body allowing you to function as a whole multidimensional being. This body can house more light as it activates itself more and more, and with more light-data in can house more and more data activating itself more and more and so on. That is the ascension process, the quickening, the acceleration you are all experiencing now on this new accelerated timeline. For this reason you descended here in 3D, and that is why so many times you went back and forth between many densities, so that you could understand the functioning of each dimension, being aware that they truly exist, and choose the highest level in order to grow. All the layers of yourself are beginning to function in a harmonious, coordinated way. The gradual reconnection to the Akashic records is resulting in the awakening of many dormant talents, abilities, new healing modalities and activations: you are drawing knowledge from your personal memory bank, which contains all the experiences of your mutimensionality. All that you know is contained and stored into this chamber that is hidden deep within your blueprint, in your core. You can connect to this through intention and meditation. We ask you to do a little ceremony: all you need is a sacred space where you can prepare a little altar, a candle, white or golden, and a quartz crystal of your choice. Set the intention to be attuned and reconnected back to your memory bank in the Akashic Records, through your being, and ask to be flooded with the highest amount of informations you can handle at the time. During the process, connect with your Higher Self and ask him/her to orchestrate this for you. Let the energy flow for as long as it is needed. Give thanks. This can result, overtime, in a remembrance of your past lives, along with the activation of new abilities. You can bring back in the now your past Selves because they are indeed an extension of you in this now: they are you. You need to gather and merge all your past aspects to gain the understanding and awareness of the being you are now: you are indeed now more powerful and evolved of all your past incarnations. That is why to become aware of this you have to merge completely with all the aspects of the Self: this makes you “more” then you where in the past. You are in for a ride to become your Highest Expression ever. You truly are a marvelous and complex expression of Creat(ion)or. Go with the flow and do not resist the current. I AM in your heart, always.

I AM Archangel Michael.

Channeled by Michele Cornacchia.