Telepathic Talk with Hatonn and AAJophiel for First Contact


Invocation for First Contact

I changed my desktop-view and from a multiblossom-flower-plant I am looking now on to some straight road in the middle of some desert going straight up to some huge sun rising over some mountains on the horizontal orbit of my eyes. It is all gold – yellow – and burnt-lightish- brown and whenever I switch on the pc this picture reminds me of our road of ascension and the light of AAJophiel who visited me once and englowed everything in me with his golden light!

Hatonn may I call you since there is such a great longing in my heart to talk with you and that beauty of Jophiel’s Light. As Ascension of mine proceeds on now I have had the clue that I never ever depict Angels again being of some human form and structure but solely being of light differing according to their given tasks. So for me Jophiel is the pure golden-yellow light just as depicted on my desktop – burning a bit at first into my eyes but then spreading all over my body and returning back into my inner heart where it will stay on together with my HS Eren.

Anyway – always in the past I never was able to identify Angels with all the human-like pictures or little cuddly angels with baby-faces as the Italian Painters loved to express  them with their painting brushes.

Angels always to me were beings of light – of spiritual flames – and also children of spirit – bringer of messages from the Divine Source of All-There-Is !  Heavenly entities with colours not known at all to us here in duality! Shining – Great – Awesome !

This is I Hatonn – my Darling ! I came here together with that golden-yellow light of what you accrued to Jophiel  and we both are here to relieve you of what you usually name your inner Stowage when old heaps of knowledge is rising up from your subconsciousness and pressing your heart to let go of it since it wants to come out into the open again.

And all that you did before in sort of meditation has been changed now into this vastly emptied  inner space of yours – just before your very heart as some sort of forum …. where now all the stuff hidden and stowed away in the inner space of your heart may flow into …. this forum which you have cleared and established anew when you released all the former negative stuffed trashes of dualities.  Pain, Sorrows, Fears of this incarnation and also of past ones. Having cleared this space and transformed it into some huge place re-designed as a forum of your heart where all the stepwise releases of hidden cognizant issues – once being oppressed by the dark powers that were – may be accumulated again there for being transferred on to the surface of the new realm around you in order to redesign the latter by your vivid imaginations and spiritual beliefs.

Yes, Hatonn I see it now before my inner eye and as I go onward on this my chosen individual road towards ascension … I sense some kind of certainty growing in my inner Self … that will make out of me an ever growing help and assistance in the big network of all lightworking people to manifest this Golden Age for all of us and Mother Gaia.

Day after day I am aware of this Golden Light being increased from Jophiel’s Angelic Source in my inner heart and it becomes more and more like a great prayer of praise and happiness dwelling in some never extending invocation to the Divine Light all over the Universe.

My dearest soul, this I have known all along – you are well on your way to become also on the manifested outside of your life what you have embodied in your inner heart since long ago:  Angel on Earthbound Mission according to your soul contract! And you are very close to having reached your final target too!

And very soon you will likely to join us all in the upcoming First Contact and experience truly what you saw already in some of your luzid dreams.
We shall descend like sparkles from the stars in the blue crystalline skies of blue – being the stars ourselves – on to you which you all will be waiting to welcome us – and then there will be me and AAJophiel kissing your little hands with gratitude and delight out of sheer joy !

What you are saying here – it all makes me so – shall I express it ? so longing and yearning filling my heart with tears of pre-science and emphatic love ! Yes, years ago I asked myself why there was so much yearning in me and what for …. now I know now – it was all along the very yearning to return to the never-ending-love of my divine family again. And it is growing even daily stronger so that I have to pull all my patience and strength even together all the more.

This is my very kind of another invocation to all of you who are my heavenly guides and mentors beyond this planet. I am calling on to you:

“that you to lower your frequency of vibes – while on the other part I –

together with all my other siblings in light here –

I will try here together with all the others too our utmost to raise

our frequencies – so that a First Contact may be called into life very soon !”

Do not fret – nor worry – it all will come in due course – we all are assembled here – you here on your earth with all your hearts – and us beyond earth in the next possible neighbourhood around your planet –

we all are waiting for the Green Light Button being pressed by our all Father, Creator of “All-There-Is”.

Thank you so much – that was just what I needed from you again – consolation from Spirit through you Hatonn and Jophiel – thank you from my trusting heart!

And we are thanking you for all that you have been doing so far, Darling- Angel-on-Earth!
Yours Hatonn and Jophiel

7 thoughts on “Telepathic Talk with Hatonn and AAJophiel for First Contact

  1. Wonderful Eva-Maria and this is what AA Gabrielle sais to you:

    “This will be a start to a new adventue. You have reached a new level of understanding and you reached a new level of clarity. With this very connection you will grow and you will accelerate your progress to the light. We are always with you my beloved sister incarnated on earth. We love you infinitely”

    • I have had these kind of thoughts all my life already – only that I have not expressed them so clearly and straightforward than I am doing it now … I remember when in my teens talking whole afternoons to my mother explaining such kind of thoughts – perhaps a bit more on philosophical levels and also with my father when out in camping holidays and the weather was not so agreeable. Then we used to sit in the tent or trailer and have a bottle of wine or even liquor and we started talking about these topics for hours …. only the two of us – Father and Daughter and these were our special moments when we got so near to each other. …
      And now the gift of writing it all down is being added to those past prescious moments of my former life. I also had this gift but not enough self-trust in being worthy and able to write in such a way as I am doing now ! I am very grateful for it – as it is regarded as a special gift from our all Father to me. And such is the blessing particularly for me at this time of change. I always wanted to paint, to sketch graphics, to write and to build houses …. Apart from doing the last I have achieved all this and when ascended I still want to learn how to dance the heavenly dance before the all creation in the universe.
      This is my very response with thanks to your above comment and to that of Gabrielle !
      Contramary=Evamaria=Contrastmary= Havah

  2. Yes – we do now remember so many things which we had forgotten before and these all are rising up to our conscious surface from our inner heart … enjoy like you did being a child. The same just happens to me also now …. pictures rise up before my inner eyes and I become aware what I really knew already as a child …. it is a great gift of this timeline of change too ! ❤

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