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This is a “First-Hand-Story” by Curadora64 telling about her Shamanic Power Animals which share her life of healing processes and I am deeply enthralled by it! On reading and (proof-reading it) I at once made up my mind to share it here with you too!

Love as always in compassionate and unconditional way (Contra)Mary


I am a shaman. I have known it for about five years when my first power animal was presented.
Two years later came another animal. These two power animals accompany me in a manifested way and I know they are opposites in temperament and skills so their powers cover an entire round up.
They appeared both as a result to my dedication of percecuting many ceremonies to Earth.
These ceremonies caused the onset of several stages of cleaning and purification. These steps were always accompanied by new powers and new knowledge.
I shall now only disclose one of my power animals, of which the first one is:
the Silver Wolf
The steps leading up to the appearance of power animals began with “Little Deaths”.  the last “Little Death”  gave me an animal which is a very precious, delicate and mysterious one.
To me this animal is very important for my mission in life, and this is why I am so protected.
While the former one (The Silver Wolf) gives me security and energy, the second gives me knowledge through which I know everything I need.
About the “Little Death” I shall share with you a typical ceremony:

I did not know about these ceremonies, so I don’t reIated it to such thing, when I went through one cardiac arrest in the hospital, at the time.

Just  in the moment when this new power animal appeared it informed me what had happened and what was expected of me.
These two animals can communicate with the patient’s animals of power, especially with those animals which are able to clean person’s energy.
I’ll give you an example:” A person whose personality is being changed, via healing of his/her soul, needs a powerful purification beforehand or during the ongoing process. Sometimes the patient needs that cleansing for long periods of times and that animals stay with her/him.”
My animals of  power are the “Snow leopard and the Black Panther”. You can see them at:
The  Process of Healing is being carried out in a very powerful way in which the wisdom of my “Second Power Animal” communicates andis linked with the “Snow Leopard” and this affects the change-over within  the person to be healed.
This “change-over”  takes place in various dimensions – first in the astral dimension and then is followed in other dimensions.
Only when a person’s soul surrenders the “Black Panther” will appear and effects cleaning and purification.
                                  “Snow Leopard”
I speak of this because something is taking place and is a lengthy process, but in other dimensions is fast, is slower in 3D.
                                   “Black Panther”
However, there is no reversion possible if this process has been started once!
 My first power animal is very powerful and protects me from the influence and power of the power animals patient during the healing process.
I am feeling everything that this person feels, but nothing at all happens to me. I am with the patient but the healing treatment it´s not for me.
Panthers show the path of purification which in such case is through water.
This process is shown to the shaman during many nights. One has to be patient and wait until you are given solid evidence of the path of healing.
The cure later has to be effected by the patient himself. The shaman is being shown solely the path of healing process as and it is his very special mission to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the material realm.
                     “Wheel of Shamanic Animal Power”
I – Not all people are sensitive to shamanistic healing. In fact I believe that any patient who really is sensitive to it has a great shamanic connection with nature.
II – The power animals all have names. If you happen to find the name of your “Power Animal” do not disclose it openly, since some essential part of its power is hidden and borne in its individual name.
III – The “Wheel of Cure” is a valuable tool for any therapy. It is used in conjunction with the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) orNorth, South, East and West,  and full Consciousness of Nature is their great involvement !
                                “Medicine Wheel”
IV – Something remarkable happens when shamans practicising ancient methods gather for a cure they instinctively form a circle in unsconscious dedication to this “Medicine Wheel”.
This I have seen myself several times. I leave it to you that watching this video in Portuguese, will likely to awake the shaman in you.
A few more interesting links in English:

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                                “Shamanic Instruments”
Thank you Mother Nature.

Author: Curadora64
Proofread by (Contra)Mary
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