For every challenge, there is a blessing

Life is full of surprises, often at the most unexpected times. Just a couple of hours ago, my much used and loved laptop computer for the past 4.5 years quit on me. Right now it just looks like a power supply, so not so expensive of a repair. Still it gave me pause, as I asked, why now? For every life challenge there is both a lesson and a benefit. It is easy to see the lessons, but sometimes the benefits are a bit more difficult to recognize. I thought, how shall I continue my blog now, just as it was getting started? Then i remembered, the dream, the inspiration. One of my goals is to be able to stop and share inspiration any time an any place that it comes to me. So I remembered that i could also blog from my cellphone.
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Life is a Journey, embrace it with Love

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Subic Bay Philippines. For. whatever reason the Philippines is my home now. A journey of highs and lows, but the journey I chose and I make it willingly with hope and love in my heart.

Life is a journey and we know not where it will lead us.  But lead us it will.  We have each chosen our personal Journey’s and all that remains is for us to embrace the journey with love.  Every journey has its highs and lows.  It’s joy’s. and its disappointments.  But the important thing is to never give up on the journey.  But despite challenges and the appearances of setbacks, embrace the journey, love the journey, let the journey be a journey of light.  For we are the light that shines in the darkness, the light that brings hope and joy to those who have none.

Whatever and wherever your journey my brothers and sisters, embrace it, live it, celebrate it with joy and love.  For you are the light that shines in the darkness, the light that fills the lives of so many around you.  The light that brings hope in the night.  Many will not know your light, but they will feel it in ways only their souls understand.

Therefore on your journey, be the light that shines in the darkness, that perseveres through the night for others.  Your love is your light,  share it freely with everyone you meet.  For love can know no limits.  Love is the spirt of Creator made manifest.  Be that love, that light that shines through you.

David “Lightweaver” Robinson
Photographer, writer and mystic.



Introduction to


Most people view Karma as a punishment. This is a misconception about karma that is drawn from the media and the misunderstanding of culture and religion.

Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. One can think of karma as the spiritual equivalent of Newton’s Law of Motion. “For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.” Basically, when we exhibit a negative force in thought, word, or action, that negative energy will come back to us.

However, karma is not meant to be a punishment. It is present for the sake of education. How else is someone to learn how to be a good person if they are never taught that harmful action is wrong. A person only suffers if they have created the conditions for suffering.

Here are the 12 laws of Karma everyone should know!

1. The Great Law
“As you sow, so shall you reap.” Also known as the “Law of Cause and Effect.”
To receive happiness, peace, love, and friendship, one must BE happy, peaceful, loving, and a true friend.
Whatever one puts out into the Universe will come back to them.

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Blessings, love and light – Kuya David

Quotes from St Francis de Sales


I find that many of my thoughts are close to the writings of St Francis de Sales.  Though I was raised Roman Catholic, I left that behind after high school, I have had a lifetime of spiritual pursuit intermixed with shall we say more earthly activities.   Many of the words of St. Frances de Sales resonate with me though so I wish to share a few.  While I have no interest in churches, my spirit always recognizes truth and seeks to honor it.

“Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.”

“Through devotion, your family cares become more peaceful, mutual love between husband and wife becomes more sincere, the service we owe to the prince more faithful, and our work, no matter what it is, becomes more pleasant and agreeable.”

“Friendships begun in this world will be taken up again, never to be broken off.”

“Make friends with the angels, who though invisible are always with you. Often invoke them, constantly praise them, and make good use of their help and assistance in all your temporal and spiritual affairs.”

“Retire at various times into the solitude of your own heart, even while outwardly engaged in discussions or transactions with others, and talk to God.”

“Through devotion, your family cares become more peaceful, mutual love between husband and wife becomes more sincere, the service we owe to the prince more faithful, and our work, no matter what it is, becomes more pleasant and agreeable.”

“By turning your eyes on God in meditation, your whole soul will be filled with God. Begin all your prayers in the presence of God.”

Blessings, love and joy to all.  ~Kuya David

The Moment (Eternal Now)

As the bee feed upon the pollen it nurtures the circle of life. Each action in the ever present moment begets a new life and hope.

I originally posted this back in July of 2012, more than 2 years ago, but recent life events and changes  re-emphasized how very important this is to me.  In this day, it felt as though it was a good time to share it again.  What we sow today will become our tomorrow, our next experience.  – David

Life is a mystery. We never know when all that is important to us will fade away. Therefore live each moment as though it is the only moment. Be happy, be productive, be loving, be charitable. Celebrate and share the day with all you meet and covet nothing but this moment that exists now.

Fill every moment then with Joy, love all you see even if only for the instant. The future is naught but a dream unfulfilled. This moment is all that matters and what you live NOW is that upon which your life will be built and measured.

~ David

Eternal Wisdoms with Uriel – True self

EArth-148-22727 Beloved family of light.  Welcome to our sharing of eternal truths for that is a portion of my purpose, to hold these truths for your awareness and growth.

Though you exist in form on this beautiful planet shown above, it is not your true home.  Before this planet was formed, you are.  Timeless, you have experienced many perceptions or places that are not currently part of your consciousness, but they are part of your greater and timeless spiritual self.   Know this simple truth, that you are formed of the very essence of creation and creator, mother and father to all life.   Your are never separate from it, you cannot be,  for how can you be separate from your own self, your public_domain_astronomy_1own essence.  You cannot be.   Though your consciousness is focused for a little while in this world seen above, it is not limited to it.   You are more even then your current awareness allows you to see.   Remember this then, that while part of you is in this world, the greater you is more than that.   You are eternal, you are formed of love, you are light, and you are joy of being.  Remember this dear ones, dear family for NOW is the moment of your awakening, your remembering.  Be it a short moment or a long moment, is up to you.   But now is the moment.  You are essence of all that is, all that you see and all that you choose not to see.  For what you experience is what you choose to experience.  Your real truth is timeless and forever, part of all that is.

Blessings, love, light, joy and peace.

Uriel with Brother David

A Meditation for Love, Peace, Children and Ascension

Pink Rose © David Wendel Robinson, AKA LightweaverTo all that see this, please share it wherever you feel led to do so.   Share it freely, but if possible, it would be appreciated if you provide a link back to this writing, and/or give credit to Illusions Now.  But most of all share it far and wide, let it pass to every nation, and every people.   Feel free to translate  it into every language. 

My dearest brothers and sisters of humanity.  I wish to bring to you a message of hope, a message of peace, a message of love to aid you in your pending ascension.

The world about us is filled with illusions and dreams of chaos.  At times it may seem as if the darkness is about to swallow all that is.   But the truth is greater than the illusions.

There is, even in this moment a great army of light that covers the earth.  They are the most powerful army that has ever walked upon this great and loving planet.  They are all about you.  You’ve seen their presence and touch them every day but you do not know them for who they are.

They do not number in the thousands, nor the millions, nor tens of millions, nor hundreds of millions.  Yea their number is in the billions, and there is no city, no state, no nation, no land that humanity inhabits that is not touched by them. Continue reading

Send me an Angel – By the Scorpions.

Send me an Angel
The Scorpions performing with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

The image does not change, so the lyrics are below so you can read along, or better yet, if you wish, sing along.  Sometimes we need to “Stop the struggle, Lighten up” and just listen.  Truth is all around us, even in the music.”

If you are looking for an angel, close your eyes and open your heart to Divine Source as you know it. And when you are ready, open your eyes and look in a mirror. See there the angel that you are. — To find an angel, be an angel.  ~Brother Dave

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