Change has finally arrived – by Gamma Marc – 05.28.2014 – English Version by Contramary=Evamaria

Dear Readers of my Blog,
Do you sense it too? Are you able to recognize it? Finally “CHANGE” has been manifested in Reality. We now have arrived in the solcalled “NEW ENERGY” – the “NEW TIME”.
We – i.e. all of us are meant here – we eventually have arrived at that point where CREATION wanted us to be. We finally have reached this great mutual target of ours by way of well-directed messages, energies of manifold kinds, mutually work together with many lightworking people and last not least with some great assistance from the realms of spiritual hierarchies too.
At last we turned into the last lap of the leap the socalled “Finish Line” and we now may concentrate fully and wholly on our very own individual ASCENCION.
Manifold matters our mentors/teachers from the upper spiritual hierarchy have taught us. Many matters having been foretold us never manifested into reality and many of them which they explained turned out to be now somewhat differently than at the time of their publications. And you are very right when asking why that is so ? Spiritual hierarchies makes use of our way of expressing ourselves in wording, thinking, our very metaphors and understanding of texts in order to make something more comprehensible to us for something for which Spirit has no knowledge of words.
With Spirit everything is a matter of Energy. There are no concepts of language, expressed in words, emotions and everything else which is substantial for our human being – all this does not exist in the realm and level of spiritual experience. There is only and solely ONE MATTER in existence viz. “LIGHT AND LOVE”.Well, what is it originally about LIGHT and LOVE – you will query yourselves and I may explain thereto : “they are only one expression of Spirit in order to bring closer to us something for which they have neither words nor any conceptions. And what is it that is existing in the spiritual realms?
It is “EVERY-THING” and NO-THING” in existence there and this always at the same time for ever and ever. To explain this fully Spirit is not capable since All is solely ENERGY.
There is – or there is no energy at all and such is the entire knowledge of Spirit and HE attempts to bring this idea closer to our imagination and perception. Soon Spirit will not be complied to give us further explanations because we shall wake up and may then perceive everything they have tried so hard and with much patience to explain to us.
Do you sense now all this change having arrived in your inner core? If not – all is well and if you do – all is well too. It is irrelevant as everybody has expressed his/her wish how to experience his/her very time of ascension. Everything is alright and will come at the right time. Each one of us will achieve it if is laid down in our soul-contracts. Everyone being prepared and set for it in his/her heart will have felt it already and those without such sensation – they will get to this point – I cann assure you. Nobody will be left here and has to stay on here for everybody will be able to ascend. It all is solely a question of time.
By the way Spirit told us always she has some sort of problem with “TIME As Such” and that is why she never gave us any informations in respect of “exact points of time” nor any forecast when certain events would occur. Do you feel this is right? And if I tell you now that Spirit knows quite well – on the contrary – how to go about with ‘Time As Such’ will this become some sort of disappointment or surprise for you?

SPIRIT IS and CAN DO EVERYTHING! Even regarding the matter of time Spirit may apply on all levels for it is their very speciality. Since ‘Time” is her allied partner for with “Time” is well playing with and it may be applied in some wonderful ways in case to bring some matter or issues closer to us mankind which are not being perceived by us entirely and exactly.


Very soon all such spiritual teaching will be given to us and we shall be shown accordingly how spiritual realms will exert their influence on “Time as such”, events, emotions, and simply on Everything-there-is – in order that we may go through our experience of learning. Be curious and eager for everything that will come! Everything will be clear and transparent then and everybody of us all will recognize what it is to AWAKEN.

All my love is for YOU.


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