La Madre Divina ☆ a través de Isabel Henn “Más Códigos de Sanación” 31 de mayo 2014

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Publicado el 31 de mayo 2014

Mi amada hija, mi hijo Rafael les ha dado ya algunos códigos para fines de curación y de transmutación de sustancias nocivas en los alimentos.

De mí parte, conocen también los códigos para la mejora de su agua potable. Hoy les daré todavía más códigos que pueden utilizar para la curación.

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Script for a guided Meditation – Joining the Divine Circulation From Your Father SUN to Your Mother Earth established by your Conscious Breath

eva_640px-Landscapes-Road-to-the-SunPreface: on occasion of  the liberation of our Mother Planet Gaia on March 30, 2014 I thought it approbriate to accummulate here some of former meditations in assistance to Earth being channeled to us humans incarnated here so that we were given substantial auxiliary tools from heaven too. …… With much love and compassion as always from Contramary= Eva Maria


Channeled, written and first posted Re-blogged from Summer 2012 by Contramary


It is bilingual … for Spanish translated Text with Video


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I thought about this meditation for quite a while as it is closely linked to the one I posted here before. It follows the same schedule explained in my meditation scheme titled Meditation : Breathe the Divine Circle from Father Sun to Mother Earth and Return to Father Sun….and it was supposed to be a guided meditation on a video. So I made a special script using the former meditation schedule as basis for it in English, German and the translation of it into Spanish was made by Adriano Silva of Blog Despertando.Me. As the latter was a mainly a Spanish blog the latter Spanish version of my script was used for
the Spanish video. The video thereto is a most beautiful one done by Eduardo Duendes still unfortunately there is none video either for the English original-version nor the translated German version of the Script.

As it is a beautiful meditation according to my belief and had been done with the substantial help and support of AAMichael (as I was told by his channel) I do really will not wait any longer requesting to let me have the video without any guiding voice to find myself somebody to “bespeak” it in English and German could be done by myself – that is the reason why I want to share it with you now. It is not possible that I am the speaker of the English version as I do pronounce everything in real  what could be described as the English way of Oxonians which is not much appreciated on the North American Continent. But the real problem remains that I do get the Preserved Right of the original maker of this beautiful video for this special production.  so I shall leave it now at this stage: I shall share the original meditation script in English with all of you and deliver the link to the video with the Spanish Guidance simultaneously which is


And here comes the Script for this original meditation in English:I tell you what many of my friends did: reading the meditation script and watching the Spanish video with the voice turned down at the same time.

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