Message from the Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Happy Summer Solstice – Becoming Masters

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SSolstaceMessage from the Arcturians: Happy Summer Solstice – Becoming Masters. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. June 21, 2014.

Our Dearest Ascending Ones,

We, the Arcturians, wish to contact you in this NOW of Gaia’s Summer Solstice 2014. We send this message to each of you so that you can share it with others. You can easily share this message, as there truly is no separation between you and what has been known as others.

“Others” is a term that denotes that people or things are separate from you. Since unity with all life is becoming increasingly evident within your NOW, the term “others” is becoming extinct.

We wish to tell you that many changes are occurring on the inner levels of our Grounded Ones, meaning Humanity. As you increasingly allow your consciousness to expand beyond the illusion of time, you will increasingly feel these changes on a daily basis. Those who are still bound to time will likely feel these changes in what they would call “later”.  Read more…

Earth Guide, Sun in Cancer, 2014 . . . from Zooey!

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“If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart.” – The Buddha

Reviews, reviews, reviews. So much to think about lately, so much of the old passing away, and yet still so much do. Or has been done, or in the process of becoming. Then think about it all again. And again.

If last month seemed like one long reevaluation period, and then someone pushed a big, honkin’ RESET button, relax, the entire world just reset, too. Funny that it happened as we came gliding into the sign of Cancer on the back of a Mercury retrograde, though.

It doesn’t happen often but this was definitely one of those retrogrades that cancels trips, mysteriously turns things off, and makes documents go poof—this document did. I lost the entire first draft of this Guide, five pages or more, and had to re-write it from scratch a few days before publication. Yippee. In other words, it’s been one long lesson on staying in the moment.

Also, misunderstandings between family members are high on the list of things going wrong, especially with siblings. Mercury retrograde in Cancer/Gemini (family/communication). Du-uh.

It appears as though we are meant to pay particular attention to our domestic affairs for a bit. And to keep our minds and hearts on the present moment therein. And to spend more time contemplating what it all means. And, if we get around to it, getting on with that whole love revolution thing.

* * *

  The sign of Cancer carries with it a great mystery on the sixth sense. The original Zodiac animal for Cancer was the unicorn, not the crab; and the single horn on the forehead refers to the third eye. Sadly, that sacred knowledge has been covered up for ages by you-know-who. We’re only supposed to know about paying taxes and getting on our knees at church, remember, not flying through the cosmos with our mind’s eye. (I wrote about all this in the first part of last year’s Guide on Cancer. If you missed it, you can find it here.)

People born in this sign are masters of the mystic and should be consulted before any major expedition into the spiritual realms. Why? Because they just came from there the dream before, and they completely understand that the nature of our underlying reality is about Unity.

Cancers come born with a magic cup that they use to create miracles all around them. They’re usually too busy changing diapers to notice what a gift that is to others, but Cancers are true spiritual warriors—complete with lance, charging steed, and holy quest. Their easy-going nature can be beguiling as they posses a deep resolve based on love and mutual understanding.

This year the magic of Cancer is particularly strong. It would be wise to let it into our lives, perhaps even ride the energies a bit. It will lead to a lot of completion.

It’s time to do what we came here to do, and if folks haven’t noticed things have begun falling into place, they will soon. That is, for those of us who have been putting in the work and stuck it out until the end.

The rest will still be making the choice between which world they wish to live in—the red pill or the blue pill—and it’s in that that we can find great sympathy for those coming up behind. Each of us intimately knows the pain of making that choice.

As the worlds continue to move apart that choice will become more and more difficult. It’s why we’re losing so many of our companions lately. People are finding it too hard to be around those who have shifted frequencies and they’re stepping back from the brink.

I know that’s pretty disappointing to find we are alone as we cross the threshold of an age, but we are at the threshold. Let’s not forget that part. It’s worthy of awe and celebration!

It’s time to move on, the future is now, and this Summer will mark the beginning of it for many of us. Is everyone ready for take-off?

~ And the Answer Is? ~

Mercury goes direct on July 1st after a very tricky, dual-sign, retrograde period. The second one of the year. Almost everyone I know has just been thrown for a big loop with lives that are not only upside-down, but now inside-out, as well.

It’s not surprising as Mercury can be difficult to cope with at times. It whizzes around the Sun so fast that it can be impossible to understand, let alone be forearmed, but there’s a trick I was taught by one of the sexist Witches alive. Use passive listening.

This teeny, tiny, supersonic planet requires room for interpretation. We can’t have preconceived notions of what is being communicated, and it’s critical to have the ability to download entire chunks of celestial information all at once. And there is a very good reason for that. Mercury communicates information directly from God and She’s got a lot to say.

Once we see it that way, we begin to understand the reverence required and why there can be so much confusion. So, instead of defining what we think Source has to say, let’s kick back and open up a little.

Hmmmm…what could the Goddess be saying to us, especially after the Sun passed into the New Age of Aquarius back in the Spring of 2012. *taps fingers* Oh! I know!

It’s all about Love?

That sounds about right, doesn’t it? Then that means that Mercury is also communicating it in His own speedy, hermetic way to everything else.

There. Now we can add the sign interpretation back in, and the retrograde activity period, and the general aloofness that is this quicksilver planet.

So, Mercury is passing along a message from the Great Spirit that life is about Universal Love moving as One, and that He’s currently in the sign of Gemini (cosmic and personal intelligence), just coming off a retrograde period (mental funk and review), and that He just dropped by to let us know that we’re moving into a Golden Age based on peace, empathy, and connecting with the rest of the Universe.

That’s the message from God?

Wow! That’s not so bad. Maybe we can all start sleeping again at night.

    ~ Full Moon in Capricorn ~

Ah, life.

Just when we think we have it figured out, it morphs into something completely different. That’s kind of the majesty of it, though; the opportunity to be as random and creative; and take part in it’s wonderful, alluring mystery.

Still, there’s all this stuff that gets in the way. The working at crappy jobs stuff, the picking up kids after school stuff, the neighbor’s dog pooped in the yard again stuff, and, my personal favorite, hubby’s in one of his sexual fantasy moods again stuff. Oh, joy!

The Moon goes Full in Capricorn on July 12th at 7:25 am EDT. It’s time to pay the fiddler. To sort out all the bills, to get caught up with housework, to go with the flow with authority figures (pay special attention here throughout July), and to put others first. A lot of things may come up all at once this month, but we’ll also find the wherewithal to deal with it if we can maintain our serenity.

If we continue to have a fit any time anyone messes with our Zen, we can expect the dark side of what Capricorn has to offer: a good spanking. I don’t know about you but I’m sort of over the Illuminati, big daddy, life under the security dome, approach to existence. I’ll govern myself from now on, a-thank you, no matter how difficult or hectic life becomes as we phase out the Old World Order.

We all know there’s more to life than being good little girls and boys for the state. There’s the existential joy of surfing a massive, galactic wave, for example. Or having a nooner. Besides, a sudden, dramatic act is always easier once we realize we’re in the spotlight and it’s all part of the traveling circus.

If we find ourselves really having to put on a show this month, surrender to the moment and give it our all. It’s too late to ask if we want to participate, and it would be better to give a tour de force performance than whimper onto the stage.

The thing is, even as sovereign beings, we still have our daily life to attend to beyond all the hubbub. We still have to round up the kids and glue them to the bed, and finish up the never-ending dishes, and make sure the garbage is on the curb by 7, and fend off hubby in a Batgirl outfit.

While all that’s going on, and as this Full Capricorn Moon reminds us of our domestic and community duties and obligations, try a smile instead. We’re going to have clean the toilet and scrub the kitchen floor anyway—why not do it with a bit of flair and some humor?

After all, how many souls can say they were on Earth during the Great Shift and had the chance to clean a toilet? Not many, let me tell you! Oh, we the proud few and determined, only we can boast of such an accomplishment!

That’s why I no longer ask gifts on my birthday, just give me a mop and let me get on with cleaning up this mess. The whole, darned planet needs a good once over, and maybe shake it out while we’re at it.

The idea here is to be grateful we even have enough to sweep up and tuck away. Capricorn is about doing it right, conserving what we have, and understanding that some things require personal sacrifice for the greater good.

Take that to heart and this busy month with pass with ease. Just remember to smile while cleaning the goop out of the drain in the shower—it’ll provide a good laugh when our life flashes before our eyes on our way back to the Light.

Personally, I like to pause and stick out my tongue once in a while, too.

~ It takes Courage to enjoy It ~

I choose a fun song this time around to help get everyone in the mood for a month spent in Cancer’s passionate, floopy, psychic waters. The sign of Cancer is all about the groovy-ness of love and Bjork’s ‘Big Time Sensuality’ really belts out that message here in her own pixieish way.

Most people can no longer remember how to live their life, only why, how much, and how quickly. We blindly move from Friday to Friday, think things could be better, but settle with having some food and a roof over our heads. There seems to be no value placed on any activity beyond the acquisition of Federal Reserve credit notes. Anything involving the use of the right-brain is now considered a mental illness, anything from slacking off at work, to standing up against social injustice, to daydreaming.

We’ve been played so badly by a dark Cabal of ancient assassins and sorcerers, a group many Witches have been fighting up and down the west coast of North America since the ’60s, we now just accept that modern life is the only way things can be. But is it?

Seems to me that there is something we forgot, something very, very important, something that cannot be measured in terms of payable hours and tax percentages.


Not only that, but fully feeling.

Has life become so stale, plastic, and gray that we accept that anything beyond working for a living is a crime? That it’s a sin to experience the sensual pleasures of being Human? That independent thought has become nothing more than a target survey group and living free is a moral abhorrence without a corporate employee number?

No, my friends, we’ve been scammed into thinking it’s a left-brained world in order to prop up a dying conclave of Babylonian priests whose time has long since passed. Yet with each passing day, their charms and spells wear off, and more people wake up; with each day we remember who we are and begin to realign with our original soul intent.

I just thought I’d point that out because, in my opinion, the first stop after taking off the employee mask should be a wild, wanton fuck with the first man or woman—or both—that raises their eyebrows in our direction. We deserve to experience life at its fullest and our time has come. (Pun intended.)

And woe be to all those who come with chains and contracts, and to all those who attempt to hold back our bright, beautiful future. They try to keep an entire planet from blossoming and they are about to find out how silly that notion is.

May the Dark Ones find the strength to forgive themselves for what they have done to the body of the Great Spirit. I have; and as an Empath, I feel such sorrow that so many of them are choosing to go down with the ship. This season I also send good thoughts to all those who are lost that they may find their way Home again.

Merry Summer Solstice, everyone! May the Goddess bless the Heart and Soul of each and every one of us.

Blessed Be,



unfortunately the video  presented at this place is not workable here in Germany because of GEMA-reasons.

~ A Personal Note for my Readers ~

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*** The sun enters Cancer on June 21st at 6:51 am EDT.

**** I have to say that I love each and every one of your emails. They are so warm and full of love. Every month is a new delight for me.

Unfortunately, due to my recent move, and the added burden of my elderly father and wayward family, I am no longer able to answer personal email. I do make exceptions, but please try to respect my time. I am simply overwhelmed with healing work and barely have a moment to myself anymore.

Feel free to send in any questions. I’ve started to write them down so I can answer them on the website. It will save me a lot of time by putting the info in one reference section. I’m also considering a forum as I just love how communities can spring up when given a chance. I may even be looking for some semi-volunteer help in the near future to help with the site.

The site is on hold for a bit while I’m waiting for the Joomla 3.5 update. It’s supposed to add in a bunch of stuff to make mobile apps more accessible. I’m worried that the current article base won’t make the transition to the new platform so I’m only publishing Earth Guides and a test section for now.

I’m also starting to take donations to help keep the site going. As many of you know, I don’t accept money for the work I do (for many reasons), but I will accept help in keeping things running. It costs me about $150 a year right now. If you would like to stay anonymous, please let me know as I tend to gush over people’s good will.

 Frederick H. Varley, Stormy Weather, Georgian Bay, 1921

Life here in Northern Ontario, Canada is wonderful. I’ve taken over the house responsibilities as my father is recovering from a mild stroke, he’s in his 70′s, and needs a lot of help with the house and his two small dogs. As a result, I put in two gardens and other landscaping projects are underway.

Though I’m super-exhausted and my body is getting a butt-whooping from all the physical activity, I’m on Cloud 9. It’s been so long since I had a place to grow veggies and herbs. It feels wonderful to have my hands in rich, dark soil again without having to explain it to a park warden, or my neighbor.

It’s good to be back in the native woodlands where I grew up. I can feel the healing energy all around me, especially being right on the shores of Lake Superior. I forgot how dramatic the weather can be here, and I get very snuggly when sudden thunderstorms get thrown up over the big lake. Perfect for hot chocolate and rubbing tootsies with a lover.

It’s also fun to be back among the local Fae folk. It’s like there’s an old friend playing hide-and-seek behind every blade of grass and leaf of every tree. I swear sometimes I can hear giggling sounds when I walk through the woods.

I hope everyone’s feet are able to touch cool, earthen paths this year. And that we hear the echoing calls of Mother Earth and all Her creatures come back to us. There is great beauty and healing in nature, and if folks can’t get to a lake or a forest then at least toddle on down to the nearest city park for a few.

It’s time to stop fighting with the old paradigm, to cease putting in any energy at all, and embrace Gaia’s new now. To partake in beauty again, be creative, be a silly-heart, to waste time for the fun of it, to sit by a river and read a book, to, to, to…

To remember.

Smooches all around! Have a great summer, everyone!

Oh, and thanks to Sharon P. for sharing and caring, and for all you do at home. You go, grrl! 🙂

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Happy Summer Solstice!

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Laura Bruno's Blog

Litha, Midsummer, Solstice … whatever you call it and however you honor it, I wish you a blessed one! This video shares some meditative music, artwork and Nature photographs to get you in the mood even if you’re spending the day indoors:

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Repost: Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel: Opening the Stargate of the Heart – June 21 Solstice Activation

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stargate-of-the-heartArchangel Gabriel: Opening the Stargate of the Heart, channeled by Shanta Gabriel, June 5, 2012, at

Dear Ones,

Within the empowered presence of the Divine, new portals are opening in conjunction with celestial events.

One such event occurs on June 21 as the portal of the Solstice opens the Stargate of the Heart. This 2014 Solstice Stargate is connecting the academy of Ascended Masters, in company with the Archangels, to bring forth a new level of Grace and teachings to the Earth.

Within the ancient seeds are awakening codes that have been fired through the power of the activity of Light in April. These were anchored into the heart of the Mother of the Earth throughout May, and on this Solstice, a new depth and awareness will be awakened.  Read more…

Patricia Cota-Robles: I AM Ascending into My I Am Presence – A Special Solstice Ascension Activation

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Patricia Cota-RoblesStephen: This is a very powerful activation that Patricia Cota-Robles posted as part of her most recent update – which Andrew originally posted here. But Patricia re-sent this part of it this week and I felt it may very likely be something you may wish to do during this weekend’s powerful June Solstice – which occurs at the following times around the world on Saturday, June 21 (which is already today for many): 8.51pm (Saturday, June 21) Sydney, 6.51pm Beijing, 4.21pm Mumbai,  1.51pm Baghdad, 12.51pm Johannesburg, 11.51am London, 6.51am New York, 3.51am Vancouver and 12.51am Honolulu.

By Patricia Cota-Robles – June 14, 2014 –

The following is a very powerful Activity of Light that the Company of Heaven has given to us at this time.

It is specifically designed to help Humanity take full advantage of this awesome opportunity. It is stated in the first person, so we will each experience this powerful Ascension process individually, but KNOW that simultaneously we are invoking this Light on behalf of ALL of our Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom, and the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional strata of Mother Earth.   Read more…

The Ancient Celebration of the Solstice and Equinox with Angela Pritchard


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Published on Nov. 1, 2013 on Jean Haines’ Blog

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Solstice – Posts so worth while reading from Last Year

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Dear Readers,

As I found some more posts from last Year’s Solstice still impeccable enduring this last year’s lapse … I thought it might be interesting for many of you to read it all over again. This is why I decided to make the pertaining links available to you again here :

Here they are :

Solstice 2013/2014

Shortlink:  Solstice 2013/2014

A Magical Walk on Solstice … illustrated by Laura Bruno
Please enjoy this most wonderful feast of Light-Turning Point all over the World
With Love Unconditional and Namasté







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Re-blogged from :The Quantum Awakening Newsletter June 2014 Issue 184

As the powerful solstice comes to cozy up to your heart the energy of ‘what was’ looks deep into your soul. Asking you to view and release what was and no longer serves the highest good. Humanity has expanded into such a multidimensional playing field we can no longer see the lines that divide the past present and future. Time dances by, batting her long lashes, trying to get us caught in the workings of who we once were.  Seducing us into thinking we are lesser than, minute, and indistinguishable.

After the Solstice, ‘The light’ increases each day by about 2.2 minutes. We have just begun the countdown to the winter solstice the shortest day of the year. Yes we have all come undone like a raggedy Annie gone awry; yes we have lost our selves and yes we are being taught a new song. We have been rewritten and edited by a universe that pushes every button we have. The grandfather clock ticks to a new beat as does our heart and intentions. Keeping anything under hat will detour the expansion. Leap full throttle forward into the New World like your predecessors did.. Your world is no longer flat and dangerous but round and full of possibilities. Be free forming as life shows herself to you each day. Do not judge or preconceive the way things should be. In fact do not should on yourself, it is self-deprecating. As each new day unfolds allow it to expand or contract according to divine interpretation. It can be exhausting try to change life into what you think it should be. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR, YOU MAY GET IT.

Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel: Opening the Stargate of the Heart – June 21 Solstice Activation

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stargate-of-the-heartArchangel Gabriel: Opening the Stargate of the Heart, channeled by Shanta Gabriel, June 5, 2012, at

Dear Ones,

Within the empowered presence of the Divine, new portals are opening in conjunction with celestial events.

One such event occurs on June 21 as the portal of the Solstice opens the Stargate of the Heart. This 2014 Solstice Stargate is connecting the academy of Ascended Masters, in company with the Archangels, to bring forth a new level of Grace and teachings to the Earth.

Within the ancient seeds are awakening codes that have been fired through the power of the activity of Light in April. These were anchored into the heart of the Mother of the Earth throughout May, and on this Solstice, a new depth and awareness will be awakened.   Read more…


Posted with permission from Frank H. Scheffler via ContraMary
Translated by ContraMary – This website is the source for English translations
channelled through Frank H. Scheffler dated June 21, 2012
Original german source

Greetings to you Dearest Siblings of the Stars !

Today we are sharing with you the Day of June-Solstice which will mark the History of Mankind for its two milestones :

The first one is for the ultimatum running out, set to the Cabal to finally close down the battle against mankind and all its entailing scheming which has endured for the past 13 thousands of years.

The 2nd milestone is the June-Solstice ( the Solstice of Summer within the Northern Hemisphere of Gaia) enabling the synchronization of the 26.000 Year-Cycle to the Central Galaxy.It also marks the huge wave of energy which has flown through the Central Sun Alcyone to the Sun of your Universe. The huge wave of energy will carry to you another further wave of high energy tomorrow.

We know from our channel-medium – that his body-system was over flooded by the first huge wave with magnificent energies and that these adjustments are still in procession until today.This will lead to feelings of fatigue, dullness, irritations of the body, pains in joints and head with one or another human being. Continue reading