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Om Shanti

The real meaning of it is : I am in peace or even more “I am Peace myself”

which comes very near to the “I am what I am”,
being self content with what I find out about myself
and thus getting even more conscious of my Higher Self
thus increasing and strengthen my eternal link to All-There-Is.

This is the true insight and meaning when I am saying : Om Shanti !

Look at nature everywhere …

all the plants in their manifold way
– each of them – they say : Om Shanti

and they live it out too…

Look at the Kingdom of Animals !
Each member of it says it and all of them
live it out in ways of their own !

And we – as human beings ? –
having invested so much in our intellect –
lost this eternal consciousness of our Higher Selves for quite some age

never realized that thus we had separated ourselves from Eternal Source
eventually ending up – each of us –
standing in the wilderness of oneself alone
and crying out with deep despair the loss
of any mutual gathering in harmony …….

“It is so cold here being so alone
and our longing  grows so ever more !
How do we find a spark of inner light
and heal to hurts so deep in us ?”

Catch the breath in sudden break,
stand still from all the run and crave

for happiness and satisfaction
not found in matters told so much …!

Stand still and breathe for such sole moment,
listen to a voice so small in you:
“What am I doing here? Living for what is true?” …

Thus you find your sacred space
shared in you so deep in hide
yes, listen to this only guide of light,
this tiny voice with words so true:
Om Shanti ! with all his Might and Life in You!

Light will show up in your inner heart
a new way to go …
in search of utter peace and love
rejoining former realms of still
and rest in peace .t..

Take up the links left off to All-There-Is
with ” Love and Light”
to animals and plants again
saying “OmShanti” in sun and rain
We are all One …that’s truth so plain !

dated today at Zero-Time-of Now

Originally I wanted to write only some few words explaining the meaning of “Om Shanti”
how I understand it and to add a poem to it which I translated recently into English from
a former German version which I wrote already in 1992.

And out came this rather lengthy description which you read above.
Still not to give up my original pursuit I herewith share with you
the words I shifted into English for you :

Meditation of Om Shanti

I am peace : Om Shanti
I am in peace
All that I want to become – I shall –
I have already been this for a long time —-
and each thought will become so true,
visible before my eyes and
to be grasped by my hands,
I am.
I am resting in the safe round of all beings,
I am a part of everything

and from the depth of my own inside I am reaching out
to other beings forming part of the network
of the woven field of us all within the centre
of All-There-Is,
I am a Point
I am Energy
I am Light
sweetly vibrating forth
to build the field and network
of every being everywhere.

I am the light and beam of GOD
the very HIGHEST SOUL,
THE ONLY ONE of All-There-Is
with unaccountable names,
unspeakable – unthinkable


ContraMary 2012


Hymn for Peace in Sanskrit

New post on Laura Bruno’s Blog

Sanskrit Hymn for Peace

by laurabruno

Mantras are incredibly powerful. Never underestimate the power of sound and vibration to change the world and change your inner state. I’ve called Congress and voiced my vote for peace, but now, and always, I vote with my vibration, intention, and words. I pray. Please join me here, or in whatever ways most resonate for you.

“This video is a Hindu prayer and wish to universal love, peace, prosperity and harmony for everyone irrespective of religion and location.”

Om Om Om
Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu
Sarvesham Shantir Bhavatu
Sarvesham Poornam Bhavatu
Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavatu
Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

The mantra means:
“May well-being, peace, wholeness and tranquility, hapiness and prosperity be achieved by all”.

Sing it for peace of all sensitive beings, for calmness and harmony”

Video: Xaver Walser
Music: Regula Curti & Roland Frey
Video-Cip Editing: Benjamin Degrese

Buy the song here :

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