OK, RAINBOW WARRIORS THIS IS WHAT WE ARE UP AGAINST – from Hilda . . . and I would add that we are now in put-up-or-shut-up time 🙂 ~J

This is tough information to deal with, and this is why I have been telling you our inner work is essential. Can we carry on and hold our center when many will fall away into fear? Will we be there when we are needed? Are we up to the task, or not . . . I strongly believe we are . . . ~J

PS Be sure to watch this particular video — maybe even more than once, , because it is a very important part of the total picture of what is rapidly coming at us!!!



As I mentioned in the document published HERE yesterday and called ”How Did We Become Souls of Distortion,” Cern is a creator’s tools/stargate. There must be ONE person above all (the top of the pyramid/occult cabal who can handle it’s energies with the intention to manifest.

On May 1st the Mayan Blue Night Wavespell begins. It will be kin 183.

beThis is the birthdate of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Matriarch of the Occult Bilderberg group: 31 January 1948

Please decode the date to confirm:


So dear lightworkers, now that we have the last pieces of the occult puzzle, I am asking you to see this lady in a pillar of love light. By doing this we can neutralize her abilities. Doing the same with Angela Merkel, Queen Elizabeth, and Hillary Clinton would be brilliant! These are Hitler’s furies.


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