The Oracle Report, Wednesday, May 28, 2014


New Moon Phase: begin, emerge

Moon in Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Storm-Calmer, The Stabilizer, The Paralyzer)

Skill: slow down

Negative Imprint: obsession with what is wanted

Positive Imprint: balanced solutions

The New Moon in Gemini begins at 2:40 pm ET/ 6:40 pm UT.  The Sabian symbol for the degree of the New Moon is “aroused strikers around a factory.”

This is highly interesting because it shows that a plan is being implemented by Gaia-Sophia through the aspects of herself as the Mahavidyas (also called the Wisdom Goddesses) with the New Moons.  Just as Bhuvaneshvari and Tara were aligned with the New Moon in Taurus as “red cross nurses” last month, Bagalamukhi’s energy is perfectly aligned with the New Moon in Gemini and “aroused strikers around a factory.”   I will go into this when I record the overview for the month ahead because Bagala’s energy is complex. For now, know that she is associated with the color yellow, lions, cranes, ducks, smoke, magic, and the power to render enemies (Archons) powerless.  Bagala is stunning in many ways.  Her name is pronounced “Bah-gah-la-MOO-key.”  Say hello.

We began the new year in April with the energy of “a ruler of a nation” which was the signal for change.  Humanity began to rise out of the enslavement of its mind; individuals felt the need to become stronger and more masterful.  Breaking free energetically took a toll on everyone in April.  The initial stage of historical change is always hard.  Birthing the “Second Renaissance” is tough.

As May entered, the energy of the “red cross nurse” flooded in to help us heal and adjust.  May was a crisis situation for the collective of humanity in that assistance was needed to deal with the massive shift/release from chains.  We found ourselves in new territory carrying a heavy burden and heard a call to action or a wake up call about something in our lives.  Throughout the month we viewed things from different angles and different perspectives.  In the process, we more closely aligned with our path or destiny or future and the people that will be a part of it.

Now, over the next month, we will be standing up and coming forward for ourselves, for others, and for the collective of humanity.  The inner discipline, strength, and fortitude that we craved in April now comes to us to stabilize us.  We will come into greater balance this month.  Mental stability is a wonderful gift for humanity at this time of change because change, by definition, unhinges people.

For today, recognize that any storms that are booming through your life will become calmer before the Moon is dark and new again.  Breathe in the serenity that comes from knowing that solutions to problems will become evident.  We will look back at the end of the month and see how stunningly it was handled.

Be prepared for things that are not in alignment with your highest and best to be cut out (stopped).  We don’t focus on this, but if it happens, we say thanks instead of fretting.  Let the energy take you where you need to go and make you what you need to be.

Happy New Moon, wise owls!

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The Oracle Report, May 12, 2014

From Wise Owl Marie

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvaneshvari (The World Nurse), Tara (The Rescuer)

Skill: transform yourself

Negative Imprint: envy, restrictions,
dissatisfaction with what one has

Positive Imprint: liberation, the realization of inner gifts, appreciation

Early Sunday morning (04:18 am ET/ 08:18 UT), the Sun released two coronal mass ejections, reinforcing the symbolic energy of “a blazing fireplace in a deserted home.”  (For new readers, we look at the degree of the Moon at the time of the CME, 8 Libra in this case, to determine which of the day’s energies is highlighted.)  This energy brought double the power of unseen, sustaining energy that is always ready and available to us. We are reminded that we are never alone.  Gaia Sophia always provides.  We may desert ourselves at times, but she never does.

Today, the month’s two Mahavidyas (Wisdom Goddesses who are aspects of the great goddess Gaia Sophia) will be directly involved in events.  Bhuvaneshvari, the World Nurse, She Whose Body is the World, She of Magnificent Jewels, materializes a gift from within us.  She helps us bring forth a talent, reward, or skill that we have forgotten or have never realized.  Bhuvaneshvari transforms something deep inside of us today.

Tara, The Rescuer, The Guide Through Troubles, The Compassionate Savior, works today to help us cross into new territory or go beyond our previously-held limits and boundaries.  We can call on her if things start to get in our way – emotions, obstacles, self-sabotage, beliefs, circumstances, etc.  If we ask, Tara will work to liberate us from whatever prevents us from spreading our wings.  She saves the day.

Other themes today are: the tendency for people to be envious; perfectionism; looking but not being able to touch; wanting more than we have; the need to take turns leading and following; pleasure in marking achievements; re-attunement to the rhythms of the planet; the tendency to feel scattered or directionless; and trying to get control of something that is out of control.  Again, call on the Mahavidyas for help if needed.

Take note that Venus is moving into conjunction (the same place in the sky) as Uranus over the next few days.  When planets make conjunction with Uranus, shake-ups are at hand.  Uranus puts things right.  Uranus does for us what we have been unable to do for ourselves.  This can be surprising and shocking.  Since Venus is the other planet involved, relationships, money, and values are the focus.  The much-discussed Grand Cardinal Cross energy will be re-activated by this conjunction, making lasting imprints for the future.  If you have a planet around 15 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn, you are already feeling this energy.  Make sure that you are taking extra precautions to turn off appliances and taking extra care while driving.  Uranus brings accidents which are not accidental, but we can mitigate the drastic effects by being conscious of the potential.

Many thanks to all the wise owls capturing beauty in photographs and sending them for all of us to enjoy.  It’s an explosion of beauty to open my email and see them.

Today, ask for help from the goddesses if you need it and keep this month’s mission in mind:

This month we are crossing new boundaries with a heavy load, using different lenses of perception.  After we hear a wake-up call, a call to action, or a call to devotion, we observe the patterns and themes of the energy and ultimately unite with our spiritual comrades.  The entire month’s energy intends a “nexusing” of people – putting people together, putting people in the places they need to be, and connecting/reconnecting people who have work to do together (including work at the level of the soul).

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The Oracle Report, May 10-11, 2014

From Wise Owl Lawrence Over San Francisco Bay

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Virgo/Libra

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvaneshvari and Tara

Skill: choose wisely, move in and out of situations smoothly

 Negative Imprint: control, criticism, burdens

Positive Imprint: reinterpretation, reformation

Strong astrological aspects are on tap this weekend.  Around 2:30 pm ET/ 6:30 pm UT on Saturday, the Sun will oppose Saturn.  This energy will build all day and be strongly in effect through the evening.  With this, we are asked to go back and look at something in more detail.  Did we miss something or not place enough importance on it?  Are we glossing over important details or elements?  Saturn tends to make us feel bad about ourselves and pick out all the things that we feel aren’t up to par.  People often project these feelings, pointing out what others aren’t doing or what they are doing wrong.  If you feel let down (by yourself or others) this energy can take hold of you and start taking you down, spiraling into oblivion.  Saturn “rules” time, so don’t fall for the trap that has you racing against the clock or mired in mundane tasks that are not enjoyable.  Saturn wants us to follow the rules and it is into control.  If you have responsibilities or duties, honor what needs to be done just because it needs to be done and feel rewarded with the completion.  (Saturn rarely rewards us, so we have to do that ourselves.)

You may find yourself faced with a significant choice on Saturday.  The choice may involve doing what’s expected or following your own sense of integrity and value.  Don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with.  It may take courage, but don’t compromise yourself.  Stay on the “high road” but don’t take things over the top.

Saturday’s energy also foreshadows the future.  Take note of circumstances, messages, synchronicities, and animal sightings (refer to Ted Andrews’ book Animal Speak for full discussion of the meaning of encounters with specific animals).  This is excellent energy for reinforcing the visions, wishes, and intentions that you are setting for this year.  Gaze ahead and see it come to fruition.

Sunday’s energy starts off with the Moon making conjunction with Mars, with Mars and Venus in opposition.  This occurs around 7:30 am ET/ 11:30 am UT.  This is all about relationships, particularly romantic relationships but really all kinds of relationships – familial, professional, friendly, casual.  Trouble may brew, especially if people are feeling abandoned or not seen or heard.  There is strong potential for arguments, conflict, and aggression.  It is never a good thing to be dominated by the energy.  We want to command it, not be commanded by it.  So, knowing in advance that there is heightened potential for things to become charged up with emotion, we can detach from the emotion and look at what is really going on.  The raven in the picture above reminds us of this.  We can step back and watch; we can fly right into the middle of things; we can step back out.  The point is to remember that you are in control of yourself.ce4c8-salardeuyuni

There is ample assistance available to us no matter what transpires.  All we need to do is ask.

Keep in mind that I am giving the times of the exact astrological aspects for these events.  Energy moves in waves.  It waxes and wanes.  All of this energy is in effect this weekend, not just the day of the aspect.  It is not rigidly in place at these exact times.  It flows.  I am listing the times for point of reference.  You may experience the Mars-Venus aspect on Saturday and the Sun-Saturn aspect on Sunday.  Take it as a whole.

Remember always that nature provides whatever we need – including our sanity.  Go outside and take a walk to calm emotions and gain perspective.  Keep your eyes and ears open for synchronicity and snap a photograph when you stumble upon something beautiful.  Share it with your fellow owls by sending it to

We are going to turn this energy on its side and use it to reform, reinterpret, and remake what we want instead of being whipped by it.  Take charge.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  And happy Mother’s Day to Mother Nature.

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The Oracle Report

The Oracle Report, May 9, 2014


 Re-blogged from Jean Haines’ blog

From Wise Old Julia

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

Moon in Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvaneshvari, The World Nurse and Tara, The Rescuer

Skill: parting the inner veils so that the new may enter

Negative Imprint: rushing, pressure, force, breaches, disequilibrium

Positive Imprint: healing and flowering

A gift of healing and wisdom is bestowed on us today, courtesy of Gaia Sophia and Sabaoth (the Sun) and a triad of astrological energetics between the Earth and Saturn, Jupiter, and Chiron.

This triad occurs in the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.  Water signs rule the emotions.  A new way of looking at things rises up from our emotions today.  Healing occurs and the inner veils are parted to reveal a new path or direction, inspiration, idea, creative project, desire, insight, and spiritual understanding.

So our emotions are triggered, providing an opportunity for healing to take place.  From this, wisdom is gained.

Understand that your emotions are being triggered, as well as other people’s emotions.  Spectacular emotional outbursts may be on display.  People may seem like they are “spilling out” and are “all over the place.”  Remember that this is happening to bring about insight and revelation to gain healing and wisdom.

Remember also that if this is happening to you, there are two Mahavidyas (Wisdom Goddesses who are faces of the Great Mother), Bhuvaneshvari and Tara, on standby waiting to be contacted if needed.  This is how you start.  “Hello Bhuvaneshvari (or Tara or both).  I am ____ (your name).  This is my situation (tell them what’s going on).  I ask for your assistance.”  Then let it go and let them work on it.

Concentrated healing is taking place with issues related to responsibilities, duties, discipline, control, routines, fathers, consistency, and perceived failures.  All of this takes on new lenses of perception.  We come to see these issues in a different way.

Today’s energy is fast, fast, fast.  Things will be fleeting and changeable, so we are wise to not get stuck on any one thing because it will quickly morph into something else.  We need to be ready to take advantage of any opportunities that pop up when they pop up.

Be aware that things are coming out of thin air today.  The bounty of wisdom that is bestowed may come in the form of something that, on first reaction, does not feel good.  In fact, it may be upsetting or destabilizing.  If there has been a big block or lock on what you need to see or understand, the universe will move it whether you like it or not.  It is imperative to understand that what is happening is designed to free us to be in alignment with our highest and best interests.  Don’t be quick to judge what transpires.  It may not appear as a gift or a blessing or a healing from today’s perspective.  This is long-term, sustaining action that intends to renew our faith and renew our vitality.  Streams of energy beam in to revitalize us.

What’s in the wind for you today?  It’s a day for celebration, crossing into new territory, breaking free of restrictions (especially restrictions imposed by our minds), rapid change, and bestowal of wisdom.  We remain wise owls who fly along the air currents, taking ourselves beyond the boundaries to dwell in happier places.  Happy day. The Oracle Report

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The Oracle Report, May 8, 2014


 First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

Moon in Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvanshevari and Tara

Skill: part the veils inside yourself

Negative Imprint: deception

Positive Imprint: revitalization

In ancient times, drummers outside of the temple would begin drumming, several bowls of fire would be lit, and boughs of flowers and branches would be brought out.  Word would quickly spread that a special day was at hand.  There would be great joy as everyone gathered to await the emergence of a stargazer who would tell of a special astrological alignment and give the message of the goddess.

Today is this kind of day.  And here is the message:

The goddess embodied as our planet, Gaia Sophia, will bestow a great blessing on us tomorrow, May 9, 2014.  Today we celebrate this gift, but we also prepare to receive it because it will come fast tomorrow and we need to be ready for it.  We need to be ready to jump at any opportunities that are presented, but we also need to be open to receiving the opportunity for wisdom.  Veils will part and a new path – a new mindset, a change in direction, a new understanding of something that has held you back, a new idea, a divine inspiration – is presented to us.  This gift not only provides healing, but also provides renewed faith in life and renewal of life itself.  We are bestowed with vitality.

Gaia Sophia is using the energetics from an astrological triangle between the Earth herself and Saturn on one side, Jupiter on another side, and Chiron on the third side to deliver this bounty.  Sabaoth, the ancient Gnostic name for the Sun, will drive the energy.

One of the many interesting things about this effort is the way Sophia and Sabaoth are using the celestial mechanics of Saturn, headquarters of the Archons, to bring about this blessing.  The location in the sky of the Earth and Saturn favors action by divine feminine forces.  There is nothing the Archons can do about that because they are subject to the mechanics that they themselves put in place.  But this is another story.

So, in very strong ways, today and tomorrow we need to be ready to cross into new boundaries, lighten our load and use different lenses of perception.  Hearing the wake-up call, a call to action, or a call to devotion, we observe the patterns and themes of the energy.  We gracefully accept the changes, knowing that the we are being guided to unite with our spiritual comrades in joint mission.  This “nexusing” puts us together – puts us in the places we need to be, and connects/reconnects people who have work to do together (including work at the level of the soul).

Today, be watchful of patterns and synchronicities.  Understand that this is complex, pure energy.  It will send some into hysteria, so be aware.  Maintain a firm, grounded connection with the planet and prepare to receive wisdom.  Above all, be open to revitalization.  The goddess will part the veils like two curtains inside you being drawn open.  Things may seem or feel like they are splitting open or splitting apart.  This is happening to heal us and bring a return of love.  But not to worry because it’s like we have a red cross nurse on scene.  Imagine that.

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The Oracle Report, Tuesday, April 29, 2014


New Moon Phase/Solar Eclipse: beginnings

 Moon in Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Tara and Bhuvaneshvari

Skill: reinforce intentions for the year

Negative Imprint: overwhelmed, going in a million directions

Positive Imprint: calm focus on patterns

The New Moon in Taurus/Solar Eclipse begins today at the degree of “a red cross nurse.”

Pause for a moment and take time to check how you respond to this image.  What is the first thing you think of with “a red cross nurse?”  What kind of imagery accompanies it in your mind’s eye?  Our individual response to the symbol says a great deal about what this energy will be like for us over the next month.

As a whole, this month we are crossing new boundaries with a heavy load, using different lenses of perception.  After we hear a wake-up call, a call to action, or a call to devotion, we observe the patterns and themes of the energy and ultimately unite with our spiritual comrades.  The entire month’s energy intends a “nexusing” of people – putting people together, putting people in the places they need to be, and connecting/reconnecting people who have work to do together (including work at the level of the soul).

If you divide the year into eight equal segments to represent the eight phases of the Moon, this month is a second New Moon phase.  This means we get double the opportunity to plant the seeds of desire, wishes, and intentions that will progress over the next eleven months.  Have the seeds you inserted into the field of consciousness during the Aries lunar month undergone a transformation since you set them in motion?  Are they more refined or defined now?  The wisdom that we gained over the last month is applied to those intentions, maturing them.  You can add to them or subtract from them now.  The universe is giving us an opportunity to make changes or modifications.

Mercury is conjunct this New Moon and Neptune is sextile to it.  Whereas last month was all about changes (and these changes will unfold for a year), this month is about communication, information, messages, and thought processes of a spiritual nature.

As the energy enters today, think about the red cross nurse and how the symbolism applies to you.  Do you need a red cross nurse?  Are you one?  Keep in mind that the symbol does not say that the red cross nurse is on the field attending to wounded.  The symbol states only the noun “a red cross nurse.”

I like the idea of everyone getting an opportunity to think about what this symbol implies for each of us before I launch into a full explanation.  I will discuss this month’s energy and how it ties in with the Aries New Moon and update according to what I wrote in the pre-Aries New Moon article “Mars, Eris, and the Perfect Storm or Why the Illuminati are Poised to Strike and Why They Will Fail.”  I will also talk about Tara and Bhuvaneshvari, this month’s ruling Wisdom Goddesses (the faces of Sophia that are directly engaged with us).  And by the way, signs from the Aries New Moon are boding very, very well for us as we continue to co-create within the dreaming of Gaia Sophia.

Do the New Moon thing and light a candle or perform a ceremony to restate your intentions, goals, wishes, and dreams for the year.  Remember to do this for your personal life and for the collective of humanity.  Happy New Moon, wise owls!

(P.S. Just a note that I will be returning to Janet Hickox’s show “Living Astrology” this Thursday night at 7:00 pm ET/4:00 pm PT for Part 2 of the Black Moon in Leo.  It’s always a fun time on Janet’s show.)