My Meditation in Assistance to Gaia – our Mother Earth


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My Meditation in Assistance to Gaia – our Mother Earth


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Today I want to share with you a meditation which I made up about more than 20 years ago which I feel still valid in our timeline as it has grown all these years in its own pace and transformation.

At first it was the time that Gaia’s health and wealth had gone from bad to worse and I felt deeply troubled on her behalf. And brooding and thinking about her it happened just as from itself. It was like being on a lively new adventurous journey as I used to visit and talk with her in my meditating journeys deep down of my inner core. It became quite a habit of mine even in that reality of my daily life …to speak to her – to thank her for her beauties as gifts to mankind …
This habit stretched itself to the way how I meditated and suddenly this special one showed up in my inner self:

earth in hands

This particular meditation stayed with me all over the past years and grew into something awesome until now:

My Meditation in Assistance to Gaia – our Mother Earth
I was going down by a lift from the 11th story until reaching the 1st
underground basement.

Leaving the lift, there is a rather broad white-washed floor with one
door on either side. Going to the right door, on opening it I find a
narrow dark alley just like a rabbit- or wormhole which I go down –
it has a silver-brown color and only dim light to show the way.

On reaching an opening I meet the Great Mother. When I started this meditation
times ago, she was very weak and very old and worn out. I tried to hug her big lap and give her all my love and thus we two stayed quite a
while in deep loving embrace.

And suddenly there was no longer her warm big womb but the globe which I was laying on with my arms and legs outstretched and I called for help out to other human beings loving the Great Mother as I did – on behalf of her I called for help and assistance to her – and suddenly I felt how my hands and feet were grasped by fellow humans and we tried to build up a sort of network but it was difficult since there were so few. So there we were laying flatly on the surface of our beloved planet reaching out with our arms and legs to our fellow humans on the surface of Gaia trying to form something like a network to hold our hearts on to her. Our hearts wept for her with our deeply ingrained loving feelings. And all our heartbeats tried to sooth her with gentle caresses of love.


But with progressing time there were more and more joining this network and by now it has become very very dense, so there is no longer the need of laying
ourselves down flatly around the globe and touching with our inner hearts the soil of Mother Gaia and listen to her heartbeat restoring itself with our love.
And she looks much younger and restored in health little by little ever more so.

And concerning us – the human beings with their deep and compassionate love
for the Great Mother – we have grown in numbers so much that we are standing up now – many we are now sharing this Act of Spending Love and Light to her – We are standing and reaching with our hands high up into the skies – receiving light from our beloved Star-Family and transmit it through our bodies down to Gaia and she responds to it by returning her rejuvenated light to us and up to the stars again.

It is a picture of our planet – so beautiful – with all her children – human beings –
standing upright on her all over the globe – grasping hands together and holding our arms upright to the stars and beaming light through our chacras from the stars and down to the inner heart of our Mother Gaia  and back again to the stars and our celestial family of the stars, the Angelic Realms and All-There-Is!

This picture of standing Mankind on the Globe of Gaia – beaming the waving
lights from the skies into the earthen heart of Gaia and backwards again …..
this beautiful picture I cherish in my inner heart carrying it with me through
these times of Change …

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Nothing is more important than to be able to clasp some more new
hands and join up with them for the sake of the Great Mother to give her
assistance and support in return for all her sufferings as we are
her beloved children and this is our responsibility now. We, her children are mutually awakening with her into our former full consciousness in order to continue our path of ascension through advanced realms of light. And so be it.

Om Shanti

There is nothing more that I have to tell you. It is all upon each one of you to follow this road.

ContraMary with love and compassion.

dove inside sphere