News of the Day from Marix

I just came from the German Facebook-Page of Marix with which I am closely linked due to my translations of his messages.
Since recently there are new quotations of the day made by him which I deem quite valuable. They are quite short and right to the matter without any longwindings. So I
translated the last one into English as I did not want to miss the opportunity of sharing it with you hereunder :

News of today from Marix:

Thus we make the new world an official one.
We have overcome all entire positions of celestial experiences and we are now prepared to install our lives to all that is new.

During the last 6 weeks our entire DNA-system has been re-arranged ..literally and in the picture as well – all our new operational systems have been installed and restarted afresh. Thus we are true and genuine members of 5-D Consciousness and far away from all normal activities.

We are still integrating all these alterations (especially on our cellular level) and try to find our very fundamental basics in this new realm.  Still there is one matter sure: all those having done their homework of their inner core properly ..for the purpose of focussing..they will not need the 3-D-holographical system of reality any longer.
5-D is our Home now and even if we still have to interact with the 3-D-world for some time we have taken an Oath of Mastership. This for us in order to partake ourselves in the realms of One-Consciousness.
That is why we have left our inner world of duality for a better one ….

Translated by ContraMary on 07.16.2012

To me these words of Marix were so elucidating and full of consolation and I assume this will go exactly for others lightworking fellow-humans too. Since we are working hard in these times  it will be good for us to know in some short essence what has been achieved by our works so far. Thank you Marix.