Life is a Journey, embrace it with Love

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Subic Bay Philippines. For. whatever reason the Philippines is my home now. A journey of highs and lows, but the journey I chose and I make it willingly with hope and love in my heart.

Life is a journey and we know not where it will lead us.  But lead us it will.  We have each chosen our personal Journey’s and all that remains is for us to embrace the journey with love.  Every journey has its highs and lows.  It’s joy’s. and its disappointments.  But the important thing is to never give up on the journey.  But despite challenges and the appearances of setbacks, embrace the journey, love the journey, let the journey be a journey of light.  For we are the light that shines in the darkness, the light that brings hope and joy to those who have none.

Whatever and wherever your journey my brothers and sisters, embrace it, live it, celebrate it with joy and love.  For you are the light that shines in the darkness, the light that fills the lives of so many around you.  The light that brings hope in the night.  Many will not know your light, but they will feel it in ways only their souls understand.

Therefore on your journey, be the light that shines in the darkness, that perseveres through the night for others.  Your love is your light,  share it freely with everyone you meet.  For love can know no limits.  Love is the spirt of Creator made manifest.  Be that love, that light that shines through you.

David “Lightweaver” Robinson
Photographer, writer and mystic.

Do Unto Others…


It is only in the giving that we may receive.  The universe is in constant motion and if we want to experience balance, we must be the balance.   If we want to increase love, we must be the love.   If we want to improve the world, we must improve ourselves.

We are Hue-manity.   While there are many extraterrestrial, angelic and spiritual helpers, the cannot do for us what we do not do for ourselves.  Don’t look to others to make the earth and our lives better.  Look to yourselves.  The helpers will be there to support us, but we must do the work in our own lives.  Judge no one else.  Do not criticise others, for they are but a mirror into your own self.    In every moment of your life ask what can I do now to be caring, loving, nurturing, blessing to others.   Continue reading

Love – Life is simple


Life is simple.  The rules of life are simple.  All the turmoil and troubles of life, all the fears, all the illusions, all the ghosts of darkness,  are a failure to live by the simple rule.  Love!

The world is changing.  Awakening, ascension, uplifting,  is not something that is going to happen, it is happening, all around us and in us.  We are all in a  constant state of ascension, a constant remembering of who we are as children of the creator, creative source, by whatever name you use.  There are no dark powers other then the ones we create in our minds.  There are no ghosts or gollums or monsters lurking.  Their are no devils.  Those are merely shadows of the limitations, that we impose upon ourselves. Illusions created by our forgetting who we truly are.    Continue reading

Life is a Mystery

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Life is a mystery that can only be lived in the NOW. The past is over and done with. Remember the lessons learned but do not dwell on them. The future is not yet written, and you control it by what you live in the now. Change your now, your way of being NOW and you change the future. Dreams are possibilities but there are always infinite possibilities and they emerge based upon your NOW. This moment sets the tone for the rest of your life. If you don’t like it, change it NOW.

Be NOW that which you wish to see for your future. It is your choice. You are the author of your life’s story. No one else is. As we think in the NOW, so we become. If you want love, then be love. If you want joy, then be joy. If you want prosperity then be prosperity. The way is simple. As we give, so we receive. As we are, so we become.

The errors of our life can only control us, if we let them, if we dwell on them in the Now. The future is ours to create. What we create is a direct result of what we live now, in this moment. Be what you want to be NOW and love this moment unconditionally.


To Change Your Life…

Unconditional love and compassion for all is the key.

Unconditional love and compassion for all is the key.

Never let someone else impose their limitations on you or set expectations that you owe them. It is not only good to give, but important you also receive. Life must be lived in balance. That is the way of all creation and God’s will. The only thing you owe to anyone else is unconditional love and compassion because you receive this already in abundance from your Creator.

Most of all, let go of fear.  Believe in your own ability to create a better life.  For when you overcome doubt and fear in your own life, you lift up not only yourself but others around you and throughout the world.

Web of Life

Photo by Gretchen Wild Iris Hermey


Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. – Chief Seattle




The Web of Life. It is what connects each and everyone of us in a seldom understood but very real manner. No matter how we may choose to see ourselves as separate from others, we are in fact connected in ways the conscious mind does not comprehend. The web of life is where I strive to address real life issues and concerns from a concept of interconnection. A place where nothing is considered insignificant and all people, creatures and things have value.

Our actions and our thoughts have consequences not only in our personal lives, but they carry as ripples throughout our world and even throughout the universe. It is not the universe that is in chaos, but the minds of humanity. The universe seeks always order and change. Nothing is stagnant and nothing is really in conflict. It is only the minds of humanity that see it that way.

We are all one, joined by little understood energies, but joined none the less. The challenge then is to realize where we all are within the Web of Life and how we affect it and are affected by it. Or in other words, what our role as a part of the greater web, the greater universe, is to play and how to do it in balance.

In life, there is one true way.
It is love,
It is peace,
It is respect for all life and all creation.
It is the spirit of the creator.
We are all one.  – Brother Dave