For every challenge, there is a blessing

Life is full of surprises, often at the most unexpected times. Just a couple of hours ago, my much used and loved laptop computer for the past 4.5 years quit on me. Right now it just looks like a power supply, so not so expensive of a repair. Still it gave me pause, as I asked, why now? For every life challenge there is both a lesson and a benefit. It is easy to see the lessons, but sometimes the benefits are a bit more difficult to recognize. I thought, how shall I continue my blog now, just as it was getting started? Then i remembered, the dream, the inspiration. One of my goals is to be able to stop and share inspiration any time an any place that it comes to me. So I remembered that i could also blog from my cellphone.
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David’s response to Letter No. 16 from the Isle of I to my Brother in Light Dave


My dear sister in spirit Mary,

What a challenging time and adventure you have been on. My prayers and love and the prayers and love of many have been with you. We are joy filled that you are home again and resting. There is much yet to be done and our journey continues.

Your story reminds me of a time I experienced back in the mid 70’s. I was still in the Navy. It was a weekend, and my barracks roommates were out and about for quite a few hours. During the day I became quite sick to my stomach, not vomiting but with horrible cramps so great that I could not walk, neither could I go to the duty desk to get help. I felt completely incapacitated and helpless. All I could do was crawl into my bed and curl up in a ball in extreme pain. I could not even cry out. I do not remember how long I was this way, but eventually fell asleep, I am guessing out of complete exhaustion. What followed was the most amazing of dreams yet it was a dream that took me to the brink of madness. You see, in this dream I remembered experiences before this life, before this world even. I remembered being in a state of being where a single thought could transport us to any point in the universe. A place where I saw and experienced souls I knew, souls that had known before and souls that I would someday know. But I saw them and experienced them as the most beautiful of lights. I knew them but did not know them. A rapidly changing panorama of experiences flowed all about me and through me. Dream upon dream. Moment upon moment all happening as at once. No time. No space. No judgement. Just light and love.

The madness? Well that came when I awoke. It was some hours later I think. My roommates had returned and all had thought I was just sleeping. The confusion of my mind was great however but I could not speak of what I had experience for a very long time and then only to those kindred souls I knew would not judge. You see, when I awoke I awoke not with the usual symbols of dreams dreamt in the night that the conscious mind creates, but with a full consciousness and awareness of the dream itself. No time, no space only an infinite now and it was, for a time, too much for my conscious mind to bare, as it had no reference by which to make associations, and that is what nearly led me to madness.

I kept my experience to myself for quite some time, many years. However I learned to not immerse conscious mind into too much thought about it, only allowing it to exist deep in recesses of my soul. In time I came to understand and to be able to view it in small ways with conscious mind. But there was a time when I could not understand. Now it is all so clear and natural.

Sometimes the challenges we face exist to teach us lessons and to help us to release. But sometimes they are there to open doors and encourage us strongly to walk through into new and higher ways of being. I see now that you have passed through a great portal for your own consciousness. What awaits is not an ending but a new beginning. Part of you died in a way, so that a greater you could be born. The most exciting adventures await.

Our journey and our work continues.

Love, joy, peace and adventure.


Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Do you remember?


Do you remember a time, vast and ancient?
Do you remember a time, long ago?
Do you remember a time, when earth was forming?
Do you remember a time, when you soared the eternal?
Do you remember a time, when there was no time?

Beloved brothers and sisters of light, do you remember?
Some of you do.
Remember a moment before earth experience when souls began their journey in the physical.
Remember when the earth was young and still forming.
Yes you were a part of this.

A time when the first souls entered the experience and immersed themselves so deeply into the dream of time/space they became entrapped, so to speak.
A time when divine light shone upon the earth and saw the difficulty of the first souls.
And so a cry went out across the universe and we came.

From the angelic kingdoms we came.
From the planetary experiences we came.
From every galaxy and experience we came.
From every infinite expanse of the universe we came.

Do you remember?

And so guided by the love and light of creator we formed a plan.
A plan to aid our family who were lost in the dream of time/space/materiality.
How could we not do so for we are all one.
In our greater awareness we are all connected, all children of the divine.
The challenge of one is the challenge of all.
The suffering of one is the suffering of all.
The love of one, is the love of all, and so we come in love.

And so it was by free-will and choice we entered into this experience.
Yes even we of the angelic kingdom experience this.

I Uriel, will tell you that Angels have long walked upon the earth. Even we take form or projection in the physical experience so that we may understand the challenges our divine family here face. We project a portion or aspect of ourselves into the experience while keeping our greater consciousness upon the divine. For to save humanity, we knew we must be humanity.

Do you remember?

Beloved ones, you are more than your earth consciousness.
More than your memories.
More than your challenges.
You are divine.

Do you remember?

Now is the ordained moment of your remembering.
Now is the moment of ascension, for ascension is remembering.
Now is your remembering your divine family.
Now is your moment.

Remember! Remember! Remember!

Let go of fear.
Let go of judgement.
Let go of all limitation.
Let go of all illusions and doubts.

Believe in your divine self.
Divinity is not some fearsome, distant god of churches and temples.
Divinity is part of you.
Divinity is Love.
You are Divine!

We are with you now and always.  We who came, and who have walked this path along with you.  We who know your pain, your sorrows, your fears, your challenges but also we know the love and light of Mother-Father creator.

Do you remember?
Remember now!

Love, light, joy, peace be with you now and forever more.

Uriel with Brother Dave. ❤

Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Actions, Not Words



Remember that Actions speak louder than words.  What are you creating today with your actions?   Are your actions peaceful?  Are your actions loving?  Are your actions compassionate?  Are your actions Joyful?  Are you living what you want to see manifest?   It begins with you.  Right here, right now!

You, the sons and daughters of creator are the creators.  As you think and as you do, you create.   What do you want to create today?  The choice is yours.   That is your divine gift, freedom of will. The earth is in your hands now!  Live what you want to see.  You and you alone are the catalyst for change.   The smallest pebble dropped in the biggest pond, creates waves that reach the farthest shore, even if you do not see them.  You want peace, then be peace.  You want love, then be love.  You want compassion, then be compassion.  You want joy, then be joy.

Actions, not words.  Do now.  Be what you want to see manifest.

Love, light, joy, peace be with you.

AA Uriel with David

Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Sunrise, Sunset



Beloved ones, we come to you again this day in love, and joy.

Have you heard the riddle before which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Such questions are often pondered by humanity.  From whence the beginning, which is first and which second.   Such is the pondering of 3 dimensional thought.  But what would you think if we say that neither is first or second, neither came before the other, but rather they both have equal existence in the eternal essence of creation.

We would ask you today to look at your sunrise and sunset, these marvelous creative images of your days.   Think upon this then, that neither is before the other, neither comes before or after, for such orders of linear progression are not quite real, other than in your own thoughts.   To ask the common person in humanity, it is likely they would see the sunrise and think or say, it is the beginning of the day, and then about the sunset, the day is ending.   What then if there was neither beginning or end, rather eternal progression in balance.  What if the sunset were the beginning of the day to come, rather than the sunrise?   It could be, but in the greater wisdom of life, they are but as you say “two sides of the same coin”.  Neither can exist without the other for they are one in truth and wisdom. The sunrise heralds the starting fresh of life, a time for embracing the new possibilities of living.  The sunset heralds the passing of the day but it also is the catalyst that brings to an end the experience of the past, to make way for the experience of the new day.  Life and death are no more opposites then are the sunrise and sunset.  Rather they are but different expressions of the same essence.  One celebrates the passing of what is no longer needed and the other celebrates the new beginning of what has come.   Each is one and the same.

Sunrise, Sunset… reflections of the eternal flames of being.  Each in their own way heralds new life, new choices and new opportunity.

We pray then that you will see that life is, always and eternal, and while its form and appearance in your eyes may change, it is always the same.  The old passes into the new, life into life.   There are no opposites, only progression of the life that you are.  Sunrise or sunset, both beautiful in their own way.  Both are heralds of life itself in its entirety.

We leave  you in Love, Light, Joy and Peace that you may ponder these words and find their value in your life.

Our love for you is great and without limit.  We are the same family all of us, children of the divine source by whatever name you choose to call it.

AA Uriel with Brother Dave.


And now a little treat, from Fiddler on the Roof.  Sunrise, Sunset.   Enjoy!  BE in Joy.

Response of Brother Dave to my Letter from the “Isle of I” No.16 contd.

I have posted this Response of Brother Dave to my above letter before but somehow we lost this particular post describing his so much valued comment to this script of mine. After failing research I decided to post it anew in order to be able to make later the order of sequence of these posts legible and correct ….
and here it is again …. since I cherish his wording so much …. thank you dear Brother-in-Light Dave !
The following was sent as a comment to the above letter:…inally-arrived

My dearest sister in spirit, these words of yours are like a soothing balm upon my life and soul. Great have your insights become. This final movements of our souls are somewhat challenging as we seek to adapt to and embrace the energies that are emerging so strongly. Our realities and our lives are changing and evolving. The old paradigms no longer apply. The old ways of thinking, expressing and doing are no longer valid. While the old ways seem to cling to us some still, the new energies and the new beings that we are becoming, can no longer bear what was old. Our new awareness and spiritual forms will no longer resonate with the old ways of thought and being.

I especially liked this quote from Marc: ““There are no concepts of language, expressed in words, emotions and everything else which is substantial for our human being – all this does not exist in the realm and level of spiritual experience.” — This is the essence of what we are becoming. So many messages of spirit have been misunderstood because we viewed them from the old ways of thinking and being. We must move beyond those ways into the new ways of not thinking about our spiritual selves, but simply being our our true selves and no longer seeing or expressing in the old ways of 3D limitation.

From your words I draw strength and hope as I myself strive to transition to what greater purpose and expression is mine and ours. There is perhaps more for me to say, but not in this moment.

Blessed is your light and your love for you as you have changed, so also has all of humanity changed a little and been lifted up.

Love, Joy and Peace, David



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Blood Moon of April 15, 2014 – “Blut-Mond” – Nein! “Gold-Mond”




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P1020234 - Version 2

“Blut-Mond”? Ich würde ihn ganz anders nennen : “Goldener Mond” !

Es geht die alte Mär, dass Sonne und Mond ein Liebespaar wären und dass der silberne Mond der goldenen Sonne hinterränne, um sie endlich einmal zu umfangen und herzlich den ersehnten innigen Kuss zu geben. Aber die Tragödie der beiden ist, dass sie einander nie erreichen können …. Vielleicht ist es diese

Photographie von meinem Co-Author dieses Blogs – Illumination Now (man achte auf die Namensgebung für diesen Blog) die mich daran erinnert hat … dass die Abfolge dieser sich entwickelnden Farbschattierungen des Mondes gestern Nacht  auch als eine Darstellung der Sehnsucht unseres Mondes nach seiner Sonne zu deuten ist …. denn er nähert sich farblich dem Gold Seiner Liebe so an – dass er seinen ursprünglichen silbernen Schimmer fast verliert ……

und weil diese Ausdeutung der gegenwärtigen Konstellation unserer Himmelsgestirne eigentlich nicht schöner sein kann – habe ich mich spontan dazu entschlossen, diesen wundervollen Schrieb von Dave auch ins Deutsche zu übersetzen und noch einmal ein wenig weiter in seinen Gedankengängen zu verbreiten.  CM

P1020234 - Version 2

German Translation

Zur Zeit habe ich nicht die allerbeste Photoausrüstung, um eine Mond-Eklipse zu fotografieren. Jedoch ist es mir gelungen – eine Serie von Photos von dem “Blut-Mond” heute Nacht einzufangen von einer nahezu vollständigen bis zur totalen Eklipse.  Für alle Fotografen hier – dies geschah mit einer einfachen “Langen Zoom” Brücken-Kamera, einer Panasonic FZ150. Kein Dreibein-Ständer, mit der Hand gehalten, jedoch nach vielen Versuchen brachte ich diese Bilder zustande. 24-fache Vergrösserung mit durchschnittlicher 1/4 bis 1/10 Sek. zurückgelehnt an mein Auto für den festen Stand. I hoffe, es wird euch allen gefallen.  Die Photos wurden in Denver, Colorado geschossen.


Die totale Eklipse heutemorgen, sichtbar über Nordamerika, signalisiert den Beginn einer Viererfolge von totalen Eklipsen in ungefähr halbjährlichen Abständen. Die nächste wird für den 8.Oktober 2014, eine weitere am 4. April 2015  und eine dritte am 28. September 2015 erwartet. Danach wird dann eine weitere Viererfolge (Tetrad=4 Total-Eklipsen in ungefähr 6-monatlichen Abständen) nicht  vor 2032-2033 zu sehen sein.

Nun, was dies alles bedeutet – ist abhängig von demjenigen, mit dem man darüber spricht – es kann alles sein: vom Ende der Welt – Beginn eines Welt-Krieges oder des Welt-Friedens.

Spirituell mag es  ein bedeutungsvoller Zyklus der Veränderung sein, jedoch wie lange dieser Zyklus für uns andauern wird, ist an uns, der Menschheit, zu entscheiden.


Von meiner Perspektive und der von EEUriel aus – ist es eine Zeit der Contemplation, des Nachdenkens, der Meditation mit dem Blick auf den Weltfrieden, und alles dies beginnend im Herzen von jedem Einzelnen. Es ist ebenfalls die Zeit des Loslassens von der allen bisherigen Zeitbegriffen, die so lange unsere Gedankenmuster kontrolliert und uns in der Illusion der dreidimensionalen Realität mit den Vorstellungen unserer Begrenzung festgehalten haben.

Es ist eine Lebensphase, in der wir uns als Kinder des Universums zurückerinnern, als Söhne und Töchter unseres Schöpfers. Und uns wieder bewusst werden als Geschwister einer Familie.

Es ist die Zeit des Jetzt, alle Urteile fallen zu lassen. Eine Zeit, einander zu vergeben. Denn wer von uns ist so vollkommen im eigenen Leben, dass wir nicht irgendwann jemanden verletzt haben ?

Zeit für uns, alle Furcht gehen zu lassen und mit dem Glauben, an irgendwelche Begrenzungen oder die Kontrollmacht von Anderen über uns und unsere Leben Schluss zu machen.

Es ist an der Zeit, uns wieder als göttliche Kinder des  Universums zu betrachten und uns selbst in unserer unendlichen und wahren Natur zu umarmen.

Dies ist die Zeit der Liebe, ohne jegliches Urteil, ohne irgendwelche Bedingungen – nur allein dies zu tun, zu lieben und Liebe zu empfangen auch von anderen – in gleicher Art und Weise – bedingungslos und ohne zu urteilen.

Es ist die Zeit des unendlichen Jetzt – einfach nur zu sein und weder in der Vergangenheit noch der Zukunft zu weilen –  einfach zu sein im ewigen und unendlichen Jetzt ! Und daran uns zu erinnern, dass unsere wahre Natur keine Grenzen kennt.


Ich sende euch meine Gebete, meine Brüder und Schwestern, mögt ihr die unendliche Liebe unsere Schöpfers in euch selbst finden und sie von eurem Herzen hinausstrahlen zu anderen – frei und voll Freude ! Und empfangt und umarmt all die Liebe, die infort auf euch herabstrahlt ! Es ist der ewige beiderseitige Kreislauf des Nehmens und Gebens.


Wir leben in wundervollen Zeiten des Jetzt und so viel steht uns noch bevor. Alles, was uns zu tun bleibt ausser der überfliessenden Liebe, Freude und Wohlstandes ist das Universum selbst anzunehmen und mit allen zu teilen, die wir unterwegs treffen, wie auch immer sie es aufnehmen.

Euer Leben soll urteilsfrei, angstfrei und frei von jeglichen Bedingungen sein und nur mit Liebe, Freude und Frieden angefüllt sein. Dies ist keine Endzeit aber dafür eine Zeit des Neubeginn – eine Zeit des Geborenwerdens.  In alle neue Möglichkeiten, die in diesem Universum erwartet werden können.


Ich bin euer aller Bruder in diesem Geist, ein Bruder/eine Schwester von allem, was lebt, ein Weber am Webstuhl allen Lichtes und ich liebe euch so sehr !”


Bruder Dave zusammen mit Uriel.





Blood Moon of April 15, 2014

P1020234 - Version 2


While I don’t have the best equipment at this moment for photographing a lunar eclipse, I did manage to get a series of images from tonights “Blood Moon”, from near complete to total eclipse.   For the photographers out there this was done with a simple “long zoom” bridge camera, a Panasonic FZ150.   No tripod, handheld, but took multiple tries to get these images.  24x magnification at an average of ¼ to 1/10 second.  (Braced against my car)   I hope you enjoy it.  Photos taken from Denver, Colorado.

This mornings total eclipse, seen over North America, signals the start of a lunar eclipse tetrad—a series of 4 consecutive total eclipses happening at approximately six month intervals.  There will be additional total eclipses again October 8, 2014, a second on April 4 2015 and a yet a third on September 28, 2015.   After that, the next Tetrad (4 total eclipses at approximately 6 month intervals) won’t be until 2032-2033.

Now, what does this all mean.  Well depending on who you talk to it could be anything form the end of the world to war or to peace.   Spiritually it marks a significant cycle of change, but how that change manifest is up to us, humanity, to decide.

From my perspective, and that of Uriel, it is a time for contemplation, meditation and a focus on peace, beginning with each individual in their heart.    It is also a time to let go of the time-space concepts that have for so long controlled our thought patterns, anchoring us into the illusion of 3 dimensional reality and the concepts of limitation.

It is a time to remember ourselves as children of the universe, sons and daughters of creator.   Time to know ourselves and all of our brothers and sisters as our family.

It is a time to let go of judgement.   A time to forgive.  For who among us, has been so perfect in their own lives that they have not harmed someone at some time.

It is a time to release our fears, to stop believing in limitation or the power of others to control us and our lives.

It is time to remember ourselves as divine children of the universe and to embrace our infinite and true nature.

It is a time to love, without judgement, without conditions, but to love for the sake of loving, and to receive love as well from others in the same way, without judgement or conditions.

It is a time to be, not in the past or the future, but the eternal and infinite now.  To remember our true nature that is without limits.

I pray my brother’s and sisters, may you find the infinite love of our creator within and may you shine it forth to others freely and joyfully.  And may you also embrace that love which is shined forth to you.  It is the eternal cycle to both give and receive.

We live in wondrous times and there is so much that stands before us, all we have to do is except the abundant love, joy and prosperity that is the universe itself and to share it with whomever we meet, in whatever way they may receive it.

May your life be free of judgement, fear and conditions, and filled with only love, joy and peace.  This is not a time of endings, but a time of new beginnings, a time of birth.  You are born into all new possibilities, and the universe awaits.

I am your brother in spirit, a brother/sister to all life, a lightweaver and I love you.

Brother Dave with Uriel


My dear brothers and sisters, humanity on earth is embarking upon an incredible time in our history.   We are near the time when we advance to our next stage in spiritual and material evolution, understanding and perception.   You may have heard this before, and had questions because there are so many different explanations of what to expect, what to believe.  There are many different ways of expressing this time of awakening, time of advancement, and the one thing that is certain is that “words” are inadequate, so many expressions are created that each individual may understand from a perspective that is closest to their current level of perception.    There is no one “ideal” explanation and just as each one of us is unique, so also will be each of our understandings and experiences.

In the beginning, the great experiment that is Earth and humanity went well.  Over time though, some souls became too enmeshed in physical form and experimentation and began to lose their awareness of their connection to the creator and the universe, when in physical form.   We will say that when the first volunteer souls immersed too deeply, into material matter with inadequate preparation, they created a situation whereby they lost, while in physical form, some of their ability “remember” their infinite connection.  Now this did not happen all at once, but over time, and the mental concept of “sin” began to form within the earth human consciousness.   With this concept, humankind began to see itself more and more as physical beings and to set aside or forget its direct connection to our creator.   While still very advanced, we began to see ourselves as greater than the rest of our world, and sought to lord ourselves over the world, rather than to live in harmony with it.  And in this time, some souls became addicted to the ability to control  and manipulate not only he world but their other brothers and sisters.   These are what some call “The dark ones.”  In ignorance many of the other souls began to yield their power and free will to these dark ones.

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