Do Unto Others…


It is only in the giving that we may receive.  The universe is in constant motion and if we want to experience balance, we must be the balance.   If we want to increase love, we must be the love.   If we want to improve the world, we must improve ourselves.

We are Hue-manity.   While there are many extraterrestrial, angelic and spiritual helpers, the cannot do for us what we do not do for ourselves.  Don’t look to others to make the earth and our lives better.  Look to yourselves.  The helpers will be there to support us, but we must do the work in our own lives.  Judge no one else.  Do not criticise others, for they are but a mirror into your own self.    In every moment of your life ask what can I do now to be caring, loving, nurturing, blessing to others.   Continue reading

Jesus via John Smallman: Your Presence on Earth at This Time is Not Fortuitous, Accidental, or Just Plain Chance.

Jesus posting


Jesus: Your Presence on Earth at This Time is Not Fortuitous, Accidental, or Just Plain Chance. Channelled by John Smallman, June 18, 2014.

You are in the final phases of your awakening process. As all the channels keep telling you, your awakening is imminent!

Let your deep inner faith shine through and intensify your will to wake up. God wants it to happen, here in the spiritual realms so do we, and so most certainly do all of you, and, as we keep telling you, it is inevitable, unavoidable, and Divinely decreed.

Some of you are having difficulty keeping your Light clear and undimmed as you get caught up in compassionate anxiety, even fear, for all who are presently suffering grievously in the many zones of conflict and abject poverty around the world.  Read more…

You are all powerful divine beings who have momentarily forgotten who you are.

Jesus through John

Waiting is a very human experience, it is part of limited consciousness, rather like traveling along a winding roadway.  As you round each bend a new vista presents itself to you, but until you actually round the bend you cannot know what will be revealed.  So you wait, and then your expectations are either delivered, or not.  Many have come to learn to live without optimistic expectations as a result of previous disappointments, and this does have certain benefits and also disadvantages, as you have learnt.  In Reality, in Heaven, there is only now, waiting does not occur.

In the spiritual realms we cannot truly appreciate what waiting is like for humanity, even though we may have had lives as humans, and we are very aware that you cannot truly understand what living in the now, as we do eternally, really means.  You may get brief intuitive moments in which…

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to our family and friends, all across this world


Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, these are my prayers and wishes for you.

No matter your faith or the words you use to describe what you believe.

May your days be filled with Joy, Love and Peace
May your challenges be lessened.
May your dreams draw closer
May your family always be near in your heart
and may you always know that you are near in our hearts, no matter the distance or circumstance. Continue reading

Let your hearts, be not troubled. Neither be afraid.

23b49-arcanjometratonMy beloved brothers and sisters.   We are living in amazing times for humanity.   While the world about us may seem at times filled with turmoil, what is not seen is a truly amazing transformation in the hearts and minds of most of humanity.  If you can see the energy that flows through this world, you quickly realize that never before in Earth humanities history have so many people risen within to greater understanding and peace.  The tide has turned and darkness no longer rules the day for the light of spirit is strong and shines through the hearts of the people.

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