Eternal Wisdom With Uriel – Find the Peace within

Photography by David Wendel Robinson

Soaring Gull – Photography by David Wendel Robinson

Beloved family in spirit, and you are our family.   Throughout the world there may appear to be a resurgence of violence and turmoil, but let us say that appearances are not what they seem.   Remember dear ones that the outer world is but a reflections of that which is within humanity.    Yet, so much of humanity still does not remember who they truly are and feel they are at the whim of others.

Ye are gods.   Yes gods.   You are the co-creators of the universe with the source of all that is.   When bound by the illusionary limits of human mind, it would seem less so, but you are infinite beings.  You are children of the creator, the creative source, however you choose to see it or describe it.   You are without limit.

To bring peace to the world then, the journey does not start without, but within.  You know this, but oft-times the distractions of what so many call “real life” in the world creates the illusion that you are powerless.   You are not.  Remember that your experience in this material manifestation is but an outer expression of what your conscience but limited mind has led you to believe.   It is a dream, an illusion, co-created by you and others.   If the dream seems like a nightmare, then wake up and take control.  Not of others, but of yourselves.

Therein lies the key to changing the world.  Find peace within and then you will better manifest peace without.   And no, you don’t need to convince others, but rather be the living example of peace that they may see, and in their time, willingly follow for they will find it to be the more desirable way.    For what did the great master Yeshua say?  “By their works will you know them.”   You are the ones of which he spoke.  Let your works be the example, the light that shines the way.  You are the way-showers, not by words but by living example.

Find your peace within, and then shine it forth in all expressions of your life.   That is how you will grow peace within the earth experience.  One good thought, one good deed, every moment of internal peace.   And remember, to sing, dance, laugh, cry with joy and express yourself in all positive ways.   You do not need to convince others by words when your own personal example will speak volumes that books and words cannot.

You are the children of the universe, the shining lights of creator.  You are aware and you are powerful.  Love, joy and peace are your natural birthrights.   Be not who you the world says you should be but who you really are.   Don’t think upon the way, but be the way.  Then humanity will find the path to peace and love and all souls will remember who they truly are.   Judge none, love all without condition.   The only true peace lies within you, find it and the world will find it with you.

Celebrate in peace, through example, the beautiful beings, the glorious children of Creator that you are.  Mother and father, in the image and likeness of that from which you are a part and an eternal expression.   You are the peace.  Find it within so that the world may also find it with you.

Love, light, joy, peace, celebration.  Our love is within you.

Arch Angel Uriel.

Let your heart’s not be troubled, neither be afraid.

My dear and beloved brothers and sisters of light, for you are truly of the light.  Let your heart’s not be troubled, neither be afraid.

Though the illusions of darkness are all about you, they are nought but illusions.   They have no power other than the power you give them.  I say to you, by fearing them or judging them, you give them the only power left to them.   Release then all judgement and fear.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  When you stand against the darkness by force and seek to do battle, you give your power to the darkness, for it feeds upon such sense of conflict. Continue reading