Heavenletter #5758 All the Elements of Earth, August 30, 2016

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Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
The Universe is calling to you. Do you think that it isn’t? Your impulses come from somewhere. While you are on Earth, you are on call, beloveds.

There is not a moment that I am not with you. I am always embracing you. The Universe longs for you as well.

Stars do indeed blink at you. Winds do brush past you. Birds sing, and birds do sing to you. Hearts call out to you. All the elements of Earth connect to you. You connect to all the elements. No one on Earth is separate.

Oneness can be referred to in many ways. Nature is naturally sustainable. Nature sustains you, and you sustain nature. All is reciprocal. The air you breathe encircles the world. There is nothing that is not connected. Souls, yes, of course, and the physical and all dimensions, known and unknown, as well.

Water flows. The water you drink comes from many aspects and thousands of miles away. Millenniums of miles away. Oh, yes, Earth is your planet, and it is fueled by the stars, and it is fueled by other planets, and plants as well. Interrelated is everything. There are no exceptions.

You are made of essences from everyone, and everyone is also made of essences of you. You trade atoms and molecules with everyone else, past and present.

No man is an island transcends many meanings.

You are Vastness. And you are Infinity. Yes, hearts touch. All levels of existence touch.

There is more on Heaven and Earth than has been dreamed of or uttered. Your pulse affects another pulse. Your thoughts affect others’ thoughts. Who are you? You are everyone at the same time as there is no one else in the world like you.

You are far greater than you credit yourself. And you are not yourself alone.

You are wonderment. You are the seeker who seeks yourself and everyone else while you are at it.

The furthermost star is you and right with you. It has reached you, and you have reached it.

There is nothing that is not possible. There is nothing that has not been or will not be. There is nowhere you have not been. You are everywhere and everything. You have an idea of this. You have seen yourself before somewhere.

You bear a thousand names. Everyone who ever was is also you. No one is solitary. Everyone is public domain. All are related, and all are One. There is no one you have not met.

What you have forgotten, you will remember. What you remember, you will forget. You will be here, and you will be there. And, yet, you are nowhere.

You meet yourself everywhere. You forget yourself everywhere. Everywhere on Earth, I am speaking of. You know that something more is up in Heaven.

Your voice carries. It returns to you. Your voice sings to the birds. You are the lion’s roar. Each Being furthers other Beings. Even the Unknown is known.

I know you. I have always known you. You know Me as well. On clear days, you know Me as your Self.

Life is grounded, and life is magic. You are magic and magical. You swirl around the Universe that calls to you.

You ask, „What is happening?“. You are happening, beloveds. Life is happening. Love is happening. Love surmounts all.

You are love whether you are aware or not. Whatever you may think of yourself, no matter what, no matter when, you are love whispering to love.

Love is more than you think or can believe. Love is Oneness. What else is there to say?

Where are you going, and where have you been? Where did you come from, and what are you about? What are you going to do about it, and when? When do you recognize yourself and fly from heart to heart? When do you know yourself, and when do you not? When do you not know Me? Never.

When do you flee? And when do you speak? And when are you silent? And when did you first appear? And now you never leave. Hello, Myself.

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Heavenletter #5747 Your Own Happiness Isn’t Payment Due from Others, August 19, 2016

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Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
Be good to yourself. You are to nourish yourself. That you take care of your own well-being doesn’t mean you are being selfish. It means you are being true to yourself. In this way you are also helping other people to be true to themselves. You are free, and they are free. All are free to be true to themselves.

The point is that you are not to be a beggar for love. You don’t need hand-outs from others. You are not so dependent upon others.

No one owes you. You are the only person who has to love you. Love yourself. Then see what may happen.

You don’t need the world thronging to you. Yes, you need love. You have My love. Others do not have to love you. When you are less dependent upon love from the outside, you will receive more love reaching you.  You won’t HAVE to have it.

By the same token, you will feel friendlier to others. Your own happiness depends upon you. Your own happiness isn’t payment from others. Let others just be.

Be assured of your own love for yourself. Find every opportunity to welcome yourself. When it is in your heart to uplift and inspire someone else for his or her sake, do it.

I am your Best Friend. Know it.

Here’s the thing. You and I are One. Our love is dependent upon — nothing. A bird sings. The sun shines. And I love you the same natural way. It is easy for Me to love. I can do nothing but love.

Nor does this mean that I must always come to your rescue. Love Me, and depend upon yourself. You are growing. The world does not have to beat its drums to your door. It is you who is to welcome yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself, and you will have no need for past loves or trees to bow down to you.

You are becoming responsible for yourself. You are walking in the world. Bless the world with every step you take.

As you may walk along, even in a deep sense of loneliness, bless all those who walk along beside you and those, as well, who pass you by. There is no need for you to make a big thing of what you believe you need. You have Me, and you have yourself. You deserve all the goodness in the world. You deserve, yet the world does not have to give you anything. The more you can let go of demand, the more you can let others be free, and the more love that will rush to you. It does not have to be big love. It does not have to be love wrapped up in a bow. It does not have to be love spoken. It does not have to be demonstrated. The love will just be there, and you will know it.

Some recognition of you will be there. My spirit is within you. And My spirit is within everyone else as it is in you. Meanwhile, look to bless everyone in rain or in shine. Look for evidence of love within you.

You are not looking for adoration. Yes, that would be wonderful, yet you are not looking for a great demonstration of love. What do you have really when you already have it? You are not looking for movie star love. You are looking to have more love to give from your heart.

Dear One, do not keep track of love. You are not adding love up. You are not a pick-pocket of love.

Love the trees. Love the sky. Love yourself. Love the quiet. Love the noise. Love your energy. Love your sleep. Love looking in store windows. Love being in nature. It is your nature to be. There is no contract that says you must be hip-slappingly happy. Be happy enough.

How do you do this? You are not attached. All you have to have is you and Me, and this comes with a guarantee. This is your birthright. Don’t decide that I should be doing more for you than you see. If you feel deprived of love, change your thinking. Look for the love you have been given. Look for your blessings, and bless yourself. Keep your attention on plain simple love.

Be like Me. Look around you, and say: “Yes, what I have made — this is good.”

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Heavenletter #5738 The Dance Card of Life, August 10, 2016

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Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
Methinks you do think too much. With your thoughts, you may be like a dog chewing a bone. You can’t get enough of chewing your thoughts. You ask yourself such questions as:

“Why am I in a slump? Why can’t I be happy and stay happy once and for all? Why must I analyze so much all the time? Why do I think I must figure out my life? Why can’t I just live my life in joy and not question it? What is it exactly that I believe I must know? Do I have a gene in me that insists I question? Questioning has been a way of life for me to analyze and find fault, hasn’t it?

“Couldn’t I be a comfort to myself rather than a poser of questions wherein I go round and round and not really get anywhere? Oh, yes, every once in a while I have insights and breakthroughs, and I begin to think that I’ve arrived, yet the outcome of my being so sure I’ve arrived is that I seem to be knocked down again sooner or later and find myself in shambles.

“What makes me think I need all the answers? I love to live in rain and in snow. I love to feel alive and beloved no matter what the weather. I long to become a grateful human being in summer and winter. What is this within me that I think I must be well-received all the time everywhere, and be so disappointed when I am not?

“God states that He loves me, loves us all. Can I not then be content?

“Even when my life looks good, I pronounce it short-lasting. Oh, yes, I worry that bone. I question its Source constantly. I question You, God. I question myself, and while I try to find all the answers, I put my life on hold, or I, so to speak, go around to the back door of Life. I often try to hide from life. I put my eyes down.”

Beloveds, now you know that you are to look life in the eye. You dance and you sing in accord with life. You don’t spend your time avoiding life or scandalizing it. You may invite life to dance with you. You may reach your hand out first. You are not on alert. You are in sync with life. You are a good dancer.

When you see life as your partner and your dance teacher, you follow life’s moves graciously. You may say thank you to life. You do not say: “Why couldn’t we, you and I, dance a waltz now, Life? I don’t want to learn this new dance. I falter.”

It seems you don’t want to learn all the dances there are. You want only those you can pick and choose. To some dances, you would give blue ribbons. In the case of other dances you don’t want, you would turn your back and beg to be excused from them. You see that they hurt you, even cut your heart in two. You don’t want such dances ever.

You would love to reverse Life’s direction when it is not a direction you desire. You don’t want to learn some of the difficult dances. You do not ever want to experience them. You want to be excused from them. You don’t know why not.

You don’t want to dance every dance card that seems to appear before you. Absolutely, you would like to be excused.

Whatever life holds for you that you do not ask for, you demand to be excused from. In so doing, you avoid life. Avoidance isn’t your choice, beloveds. There is one life to choose, and it is yours. Learn it, and make it wonderful. Inevitably, you come out the other side of it.

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Heavenletter #5733 Write Your Life Now with Golden Ink, August 5, 2016

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Heavenletters™, bringing Earth closer to Heaven.
HEAVEN is here to reach every soul on earth to reawaken:
* Our connection to God *
* Our belief in ourselves *
* Our awareness of our shared worthiness to God *
* Peace on Earth *
God is always bringing us closer to Him.

God said:
You write your own story. Write your life now with golden ink. No more spilt milk. No longer rue. Leave regrets behind, can you? Simply, no longer take regrets with you. Thoughts are to enliven you and expand you. Your thoughts are powerful. Whether for joy or hurt, thoughts are powerful, and yours are very powerful.

Just as you might redo your house, rebuild your sense of self. You are not a mere human being. You are a human being, Beloved of God. That you are a human being, does not make you small. Grow your vision. Yes, do get ahead of yourself. Redo your photo. Take a new snapshot. Arise.

No longer keep riding the old rails of yourself.

Let’s recall that you are made in My image. It isn’t for you to let the world sculpt you. It is for you to make the world. What were you thinking?

Be mother and father unto yourself.

Everyone is Self-made. Unto your Self be true. You are under the Sun. Warm yourself under the Sun. The Sun was made for you. Bright Sun was made for you. Life tempers you, not into steel but into gold.

You are more than under the Sun. You are under the Light of God. In fact, you are not under God. You shine in the Light of God. You shine in My Light. You deserve My Light. You are My Light. Grab a clue as to your worth. Dare to. Reflect Me on Earth. Forego old worn-out thinking.

Once upon a time you saw yourself in dim light. You were mistaken. Admit your mistake now. Let the Light of Love in. You are My Love. See the Light You Are with My eyes. I bequeath My eyes to you. Blue or brown or in between, your eyes are to open and to match Mine.

How you see carries all the importance in the world. Have wide vision. Light the path before you. Light the path before all the other images that you see before you. Leave no one behind. There is no one but Me to follow. Follow Me. What a world We are going to make.

You are not alone. Nor am I alone. You are at My side. Admit this Truth into your heart. I am at your side, and you are at My side. There is no aloneness. It does not exist. The world says aloneness, and loneliness exists. Alas, sometimes the world is misinformed, and so it misinforms you.

The Sun shines. Stars exist. And the Moon reflects the Sun’s Light. If you cannot feel you are the Sun, then accept that you are the Moon that reflects the Sun. Ah, to reflect the Sun. To steadily light up the world! You are up to the task. Of course, this is not a task. This is your purpose. Is it a task to drink water when you are thirsty?

You have your place in the Sun. Lift up your eyes now. Bequeath My Light this minute. Look, you don’t really have to assume anything. It is natural for you to shine My Light. Concede. Sign, seal, deliver the Sunlight. Now is the time. This power I gave to you. I ask you to shine My Light. I gave you My Light. You don’t have to put your shoulder to the wheel. Simply let My Light vested within you emanate. Burst the bounds that hold you back.

No longer keep yourself in the dark. Open wide. No longer hold back your Brightness that comes from the Sun and from Me Who loves you and the world and never has not.

Welcome to the Sun. Shine Sunshine High and Wide. Shine to beat the band.

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Heavenletter #4963 The Life of Your Heart, June 27, 2014

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gretchen3God said:
You and every single Reflection of My One Child have this purpose in life: To keep your love intact.

Above all, you must not let your love wither on the vine. You must not give your heart all the sundry reasons why it must harden. No matter all your justifications for closing your heart, you mustn’t close down your love. You do not slobber love, yet, nor do you contract it. Putting bars around your heart is tantamount to your ending the life of your heart. I, God of Love, if I were to name a sin, holding back on your heart would, hands down, would be what I name.

You may say that someone hurt you so much that you have to protect yourself. Closing your heart makes no sense, dear one. You don’t close the barn door after the horse got out. Furthermore, closing your heart because of hurt rendered is locking yourself out of the barn. Closing your heart hurts you. It harms you. Oh, yes, it also hurts the other you may hold responsible for hurting your heart, and it also hurts the world. No one gets out unscathed from newly-found self-righteousness. No matter what has occurred, your hurt is self-imposed. Whom exactly are you trying to punish for it?

I understand that your heart got hurt badly, and I, too, wish it had not, yet it did. No punishment is needed, not for you and not for any other. Everyone on Earth has ventured on what, in retrospect, seems like a fool’s errand. Absolve yourself of blame. Maybe what you rue now was the right thing then, but not even that matters. Let it go.

Your heart is not meant to be armed. If your heart is meant to be armed, then it is meant to be armed with the arms of love. Resentment contracts. Resentment, anger, distrust tighten your heart. They make your heart small, and you make yourself small, and you cut away at the love in the world. You are a conduit for love, and conduits are to be kept open so that all love can circulate.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, no matter the circumstances, no matter how much someone’s indifference has hurt you, you are not to take it out on your heart. Whatever it takes to get your heart back, you have to get your heart back. Contrary to what you may feel, letting go doesn’t cost you. It repays you. There is no other way. This is My heart in yours that you are closing. Open the gates wide.


“God, on Your say-so, I am letting the bars down on my heart which is Your Heart in mine. No matter how much I have agreed with you that I must not restrain my heart, I have almost strangled it. I am so sorry. I want to say that I will never do it again and, and, still, I can’t quite seem to re-open my heart all the way. God, I do know that whatever I perceive as done to me was not done to hurt me. You once said that everyone at the time thinks that his or her position is the right one. I am guilty of that.

“And anyway, God, what can we deluded humans do but give up righteousness and raise up love instead? I know this. I know the Truth of this, and yet my heart is worn down from the weight of this hurt, and I am not sure that I can lift it.”

Beloved, then let the weight of your own conceived woundedness and resentment slide off you. Imagine you have a wheelbarrow full of your hurt and resultant anger and just tip them off the wheelbarrow by the side of the road. Dump them out. Once out of your heart, they will disappear.

Beloved beloveds, what is it that you cannot do when I am here with you? Here, let Me help you. And, if you have to repeat this a few times, then that’s all right, for now you are going in the right direction. You can be assured that the weight you drop off will not pollute the environment. You may still see shadows of the dross for a while. What you still see is like the echo of a sound. An echo tells you that the sound is over. All senses have their echoes, beloveds.

Somehow antagonism felt precious to you, and now you begin to see how ineffectual it was and how absolutely not worth anything.

When you want to come out of the darkness, simply go toward the light. And here I am, Light shining on you.

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Heavenletter #4961 Keep Walking toward the Sun, June 25, 2014

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God said:
Suffering seems to be out of your hands because, when you are in it, you are in it.

Or you try to throw your experience of suffering into someone else’s hands, perhaps a doctor’s, perhaps your husband’s or wife’s, your employer’s, or your friend’s, or your child’s, or to Me. You toss the responsibility to someone else, and, sometimes, from your point of view, responsibility means someone to rescue you, and, sometimes, responsibility means someone to take the blame.

Sooner or later, the whole suffering retracts, and it’s gone away like a wave in an ocean. Waves come and waves go, and you remain.

It is a miracle when a wave of suffering washes away from you. Suffering is experienced like a bill collector who won’t leave your door, and you are desolate, and you weep, and you feel you will never regain your strength, and the sun will never come out again. Sometimes the experience of suffering is gone just like that, and, at other times, suffering seems to take its own sweet time.

It certainly seems like suffering goes after you and that it latches onto you with or without warning. Here’s the thing, beloveds: Suffering doesn’t have to manhandle you. It is one thing to have suffering hold onto you, and it’s another thing for you to buy the idea that you are suffering’s hapless victim. Suffer, if you must, but don’t carry a sign in your heart that says:

“Victim once again. Put upon by life. Initiated into victimhood. Anointed a star victim in the world. Most voted Top put-upon victim.”

It is not a badge of honor to feel like a victim. Victimhood does not give you merit.

It may well be that you have been a victim sometime in your life. You may have been mistreated. Because you were a victim once does not mean you have to always be a victim. What is the thing to do? Whether you fall into a pit or are pushed in, you are the free-wheeling agent who climbs out. I have said it before, beloveds: “Be your own rescuer.” You. Get out of the victim mode.

A victim is helpless. You are not helpless. Nor are you merely a survivor. Oh, no, being a survivor is not good enough. Perhaps you wore a black suit yesterday. Change your suit today. You don’t keep wearing the same suit or the same dress. Yesterday, you were a survivor. Today be like the horse at the gate that you would bet on. You are in the race. You are running today now, not yesterday, now. In this more laid-back race I propose, you don’t have to reach a record. You don’t have to compete, even with yourself. You just have to get out and go around the track of life today.

You are not to be stepmother in fairy tales who looked in the mirror and asked: “Who is the fairest of all?” In your case, you are not to ask: “Who has had the hardest time of all? Who is the greatest prey of all?” You are not to court victimhood.

Nor is being hopeful good enough. Hopeful is also leaving you to the mercy of the winds. Changes do come, and they do seem like a gift, yet you are not waiting for mercy because that makes you a half-hearted victim.

You don’t have to be the bravest of all in life, either. You don’t have to be a dazzling hero of your own life, yet you do have to get out of the world mode that says you are subjected to life. You are the one who meets your life. Don’t assume a role in life that leaves you at life’s mercy. All that is asked of you is to keep walking down a country lane toward the sun.

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Heavenletter #4960 You Are the Sun Set Out to Brighten the World , June 24, 2014

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God said:
I set you down at My table. You sit beside Me. You are also the table I set. I set you on My table. The Earth is My table. How beautiful are My table and you who sit with Me.

I, Who can do Everything, do not know the words to convey to you the beauty you are. You know I am speaking of greater than Earthly Beauty but rather of the Beauty that is you right here before Me. You are My guest, and you are the beautiful world I set before you and establish you in. Into your heart I see. By your light I see, and by your light am I seen.

There isn’t anything in the Universe that isn’t a representation of the Light We share.

Lighted are Our Hearts, and Light is Our Way.

We cast no shadows, beloved. The Light I speak of can only cast Light. There is nothing to obstruct Our Light. Why then is this Bright Holy Light not seen day and night in the world? It is unseen because there is you who does not see. There is an un-seer.

Then try a different sense. Try the sense of touch, the sense of feeling that roams in your heart.

But, listen to this: You can take My word for this. Here, I give you My word that you are a Lighted Being, lighted from the inside out. You are the Sun that I set out to brighten the world. Do you doubt Me? Undoubt then. I am talking exactly to you. You are My Sunshine.

You have seen glimpses of your Self. You have seen or felt or touched glimpses of your Self in Me. There is One Self. Let’s not quibble over the details. Call Me Light. Call yourself Light. We are One Lighted One. Whose eyes look into Whose eyes? Whose Voice speaks and Whose Voice answers, and where can you be found, and where can I be found? The answer is the same. Anywhere and Everywhere.

On what do your eyes fall? On you do My eyes fall or rise or spread and cover the Whole Universe. Whose Universe is it? It is Ours. We created it, and We live on it. At the same time, We explore Heaven, even as We know it very well and never leave despite all the stories you read and the stories you tell.

We skip from Heaven to Heaven and Earth to Earth and never miss a step in Heaven. In Heaven you do not leave footprints. That you do not see footprints does not mean that you have not been there. It doesn’t mean that you are not in Heaven right now, or that I am not in Heaven right now, and right with you in Heaven.

Beloveds, where I am is Heaven, and you are right here with Me. You may find yourself wandering, for your mind wanders, yet I hold you fast to Me, and I do not let you go. I hold you with love. Love is our bond, and love is not a restriction. Love is an opening. Love is a flowering. Love is the glue that connects us to everyone and everything whether you are aware of it or not. You have been rather selective with love, and now your love is going to go like wildfire. You have held a lighted match in your hand and have not yet taken the step, fearing that you would not find yourself again, as if your individuality would blow up in the magnitude of love, and, yes, yes it would, and you would know you are in Heaven around the clock.

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Heavenletter #4959 If You Have a River to Cross, Cross It , June 23, 2014

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God said:
Continuing with yesterday’s theme, it may be that what you are asking for advice comes down to is that you are asking for permission to live your life. You want sanction. Is this how it is for you? Is it? Are you looking for permission and approbation? Do you want a pat on the head more than anything else? What does outside approval amount to, beloveds? There may not be enough approval in the world to fill your heart to overflowing enough.Beloveds, I have to ask you, why would you need permission to live your God-given life? You have been given life, and along with life, you have a lifetime permission, a guarantee that this is your life, and you are to live it as best you know how, to learn how, and grow in consciousness in the world and to be the best blessing you can be at any particular moment. Nowhere does it say that every choice you make must absolutely be the best possible choice in all the world. Nor, of course, does your birthright include a license to disregard the choices you make as if you are not responsible.

Right now, in the soap opera you live in, your have one life to live.

Of course, you do the best you can, and life is lived now, and you have choices to make. All the choices you have to make are not all foregone conclusions. And all your choices are not easy, yet nor are all your choices difficult either. There is a difference between making the best of life, as if it were a dreary assignment, and living life as best you can in the moment that you are living it. You are always living your life. As you read My words, you are living your life.

In life, you are not getting a Ph.D. You are not taking a college course called Living Life. In life, you learn. Life itself is the course of study, and life itself is the oral exam. You are the learner.

I say it again:

Life cannot be lived on the level of the intellect alone. It cannot. You fool yourself if you think it can. Life is lived on the level of the heart. Certainly, you do learn from life. You learn a lot. Where did the idea come about that logic must rule your life? There is much that logic might prescribe that does not contribute to your life or the warmth of the world.

Selfishness could have been a result of logic. “I have enough to do to look after myself. There is not enough for all. I’d better make sure I get my share.” That seems to add up, yet it does not add up. The premise does not add up.

Life is bigger than logic. Logic does not inspire. Logic does not make heroes. Nor is becoming a hero to the world your object. Look, it comes down to this: Your life is for your One Self. Your life is your gift to the world. Oneness does not mean one-sided.

We are not speaking of a sentimental heart that gets all cozy. Do you understand Me? I tell you that life is bigger than the details of it, and yet details add up. Nor are you to ask yourself too many questions and make so many arguments to and fro.

If you have a river to cross, you cross it. You see the other side of the river. You are going to swim to the other side, or you are going to wade across the river, or you are going to ride in a boat. You see what is at your disposal, and you go ahead. There is another side of the river that you are getting to. Make a choice. When you get to the other side, keep going from there. Take it from there, and move on. You will find Me.

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Heavenletter #4956 Oneness Knows Only Oneness, June 20, 2014


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gretchen3God said:
Remember that nothing is lost. There is nothing to lose. All remains, and all remains founded in love. All is contained within everything else. All is contained within everyone else.

In one letter of the alphabet, all letters are contained. All letters are contained in the sound. One letter leads to another, and all sounds are contained within each other. One sound leads to another. They are all connected. In the same way, one soul leads to another. Every soul is contained in every soul. And yet, there is One God, and the Sound is God, and the Meaning is God.

Oneness is, and that’s it. Separation does not exist. Aloneness does not exist. Oneness exists. There is nothing in the world or in the minds of men that is not united. The idea of separation is a myth, yet this idea is blasted everywhere. The idea of being separate and needing is advertised in every produce. Advertisers are actually advertising Oneness in every product.

“Buy this perfume, and you will never be alone. Every man will turn his head when you pass by.”

“Exercise at Gym-o-rama. Your muscles will reveal the man you are, and women will flock to you.”

“Get your degree, and you will have a job with many smiling people. And a good income too.”

And there are events. A picnic. A church service. A Broadway play. Travel to Jamaica and be part of the people.

And in school:

“Get an A on this test, and the world of school will admire you and look up to you. Everywhere everyone will look up to you.”

“Get your haircut here. Try popular blond this week.”

“Come to this casino and win big. Win your dreams.”

Ah, the world acclaims you. The world fights over you.

Beggars want you. “Help me out.”

The wind wants to you to be wind-blown. The wind wants your hat. The wind wants to speed you along.  “Walk along with me,” says the wind.

“Come to this hospital. We have a wonderful staff here to greet you and cure you.”

I tell you that you are already with Me. There is nothing that is not closeness. There is nothing that does not cry out for Oneness. Everyone knows what Oneness is. Everyone knows what Love is. How would anyone know what love is had they not already known?

Oneness is a sure bet. It is the only bet, or what would bring you in to offer?

You have been seeking the Oneness of Love. Even if you were Greta Garbo who may have said: “I want to be alone,” you were seeking the Oneness of Love and My Arms of Love. I, God, am the Ultimate Love, I am the Alpha and the Omega. And you are too. You know very well what it is to walk with Me, dance with Me, sing with Me. You know Me very well. We have been One forever, and We shall never be anything else but One. We are a Union of One. Our Union leaves no one out. No one can be excluded, and no one can leave himself out no matter how dark the circles under his eyes. No one requires perfume or make-up. Everyone comes to Oneness as he is. There is no other thought but the thought of Oneness. If Oneness could be owned, you own it.

There is no cup of Oneness. There is no Giant Size of Oneness. There is Oneness. It cannot be packaged. Oneness is already within your heart and soul. It is. And you are. You ARE Oneness. You are Oneness certified. You are Oneness, all of it, even as Oneness Stands without Embellishments.

That is what is so wonderful about Oneness. It is One. We are One Singular Oneness that embraces All and yet knows only Oneness.

This is it. Our heart beats as One. We are a band of One Beat. My heart beats in yours. And yours in Mine. We are here. We are the Solidarity of Oneness right now.

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Heavenletter #4954 Your Soul Does Not Take Offense , June 18, 2014

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gretchen3God said:
As you see it, so many other people make your life difficult. Strictly speaking, no matter how difficult you may find someone else, there is something within in you that is impeding you. No matter how much proof you have, there is something within you that needs attending. When something on the outside strikes a chord in you, a chord in you has been struck.

You do not like to think of yourself as a fault-finder, yet, how much in life is there that pleases you, beloved, and how much fault do you trip over?

As much as you struggle, so do others. Sometimes you feel you have come to an impasse. You would break down all the walls. The walls are within you, dear ones. Within you are the walls that long to be broken down.

Yes, your beloved friends and foes have impediments, and so do you. You understand, We are not talking fault here. We are speaking responsibility. Let’s look at responsibility in a new way. Consider responsibility simply as an answer to this question:

“Is there something I can do?” Better yet, “What can I do?”

I tell you frankly that there is something you can do. But, of course, the other, the so-called other, can make some changes in attitude, understanding, etc., certainly, and so can you. So must you. We are dealing with you, beloved. It is you that you have to work with. Change something in you, and the whole configuration of what you call a difficulty shifts. Yes, beloved, make a shift in how you meet whatever it is that you meet.

I do not speak of a pretense of a change. I speak of seeing differently. I speak of your not seeing yourself as a mere walk-on in this scene. Somehow or another, you have been a factor in this scene. If you find yourself out of patience, there is something you need to see in another way.

If someone has too much ego, then you will do well to remove some of yours. Without ego, what is there to be irritated with? What exists when your ego is set aside? The bare bones exist. The Truth exists. Without ego, or shall We say without the swell of ego, no offense is taken. No one can make you feel unappreciated and undervalued. Your own ego does that. Your own ego is quick to feel offended. Surely, your soul doesn’t feel offense.

There is something you have to own up to. And now you see better, and now you understand better. You calm down, and the seeming other can calm down. Whatever you are fighting, you are fighting yourself.

You may feel that someone else needs to be knocked down a peg or two. That may be so. Even so, beloveds, there is something within you that may need to be knocked down a peg or two. Clear the debris from your own hearth.

I do not ask you to be a saint. I do not ask you to be a cipher. I am asking you to understand yourself. Understand yourself more, and the outstanding faults of seeming others no longer stand out so clearly or so much.

Give someone else a chance, and you give yourself a chance. Here is your chance. It’s here right now. You are giving yourself a chance. Life gives you as many chances as you require.

When someone who is difficult for you to deal with moves away, he may still catch in your craw. He may indeed have left Earth, and he still catches in your craw. The thing is that someone else will arrive on the scene as well to take his place. You are still here. If you are not yet finished with this difficulty, there is still more for you to see and let go of.

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Heavenletter #4952 Tragedy Is Configured in the Mind, June 16, 2014

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God said:
I say that all is well. I say that tragedy is a false interpretation. Tragedy exists in the human mind. It is a fallacy. Oh, yes, there is drama. Drama is colorful. In the minds of humankind, tragedy is configured.

How can there be tragedy when everyone is with Me, safe and sound and glorious with Me?

Death is not tragedy. Life is not tragedy.

Attachment gives the strong illusion that tragedy is true. The idea of tragedy arises in the thoughts of the human mind: “This should not have happened.”

It happened. Death of the body is part of life.

On the other hand, you may say: “Such and such was supposed to have happened, and it didn’t.” Thus, more tragedy is produced in the human mind whether you want it or not, yet it is you who turns human life into categories of tragedy of one kind or another.

Certainly, there are matters in life that you desire and there are matters that you hope above hope will not happen. You attach plusses and minuses to life, when the story is that there is life. From your perspective, doors open and doors close. A screen door bangs. The wind blows it. Truly, beloveds, the banging of screen doors annoys you. Nevertheless, screen doors banging or death of the body or the slamming of a carved oaken door is simply what it is. For example,  what is on the other side of the door is ever-present, only your view is blocked.

You conceive sizes of doors, weights of doors, and you decide, or the world has decided for you, which ones are huge and which ones are acceptable.

Death of a body is not acceptable to you. No matter, death — that which you call death — is frequent. It is ordinary, and yet, to your heart and eyes, it is unexpected and intolerable. The fact that it is common does not remove its weight from your shoulders.

You are convinced that death of the body, among other things, is a tragedy. I say otherwise.

Consider, if it helps, that death of a physical body is like a book-burning, beloveds. The concepts within a book, the heart and mind that wrote the book, are not destroyed. They continue.

The seriousness, the unforgivability that you hold death in, has to do with your construction of time. If you were not in the thrall of time, you would excuse yourself from sorrow. You would excuse yourself from the concepts of too soon or too early. Without the concept of time, nothing would be untenable to you.

If you consider that life is playing and splashing in a pool of water that never dries up, big splash and little splash would all be splashing and not made more of than that. Where would tragedy lie? Where does tragedy lie? It lies in the human mind, delivered to the heart, squashing and squeezing a heart that is meant to open and open and open and encompass the everythingness of love. You do not close the opening of a flower that is to bloom, and yet you close your lush beating heart under circumstances that you construe as heart-crushing. Your human mind accepts the concept of tragedy and yet, as yet, does not accept the concept that you attribute tragedy to that which is no more than an aspect of life on Earth.

Life unfolds, and that is it. The worst that can happen is that life does not unfold as you say it ought to. You may say that I am at fault and therefore you make yourself a victim. A victim of what? A victim of your own interpretations. You attribute blame to a series of natural events in the extant world. You find fault. Too often, way too often, you affix blame on Me. You say, in effect, that I am not fair. Life is fair, beloveds. Death of the body comes to everyone, rich or poor, young or old. Perhaps it is unfair of you to affix blame. Period.

Open your heart now, and keep it wide open. Tragedy exists in your mind. It is a story told with flourishes of great drama told magnificently, the story embellished. It feels real yet it misses the point by a mile.

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Heavenletter #4951 In the Sunshine of the World, June 15, 2014


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God said:
In regard to Heaven, you are never on probation. From Heaven you came. To Heaven you return. This is a given, beloveds. This is the case regardless of your performance on Earth. When it comes down to it, when We shave off the surface of you, beneath lies a heart of gold, deeper and higher than the surface. Beneath the surface lies a shining soul, a lighted soul, a be-knighted soul. You have heretofore seen yourself and others far differently from what I see. You see differently because you look at life through a pinhole. Look through My eyes.You have heard Me say before that you have never left Heaven, so to say you return, can only be poetic license on My part.

It feels to you that Heaven, if it does exist, is far away from you, not in your neighborhood at all, and, apparently, in too many cases, not for you in this lifetime. You may feel  that Heaven has been annulled and voided for you and, perhaps, for everyone you know. This is displacing Heaven. You experience this displacement because your attention has been put in the wrong place. Change the dial of your thoughts. You and your friends will have new thoughts and gravitate higher. And Earth will rise to Heaven and take you with it.

There are dimensions of Reality. The dimensions you witness are not all that there are. Heaven is meant for you, beloveds. Right here and now, Heaven exists, and it exists within you. You are qualified for Heaven. Wear different clothes, so to speak. Have a different impression of yourself, so to speak. See not the identity with which you may been stamped. Even a ramshackle house can have a solid foundation. You can’t know a book by its cover. Is that not what you have been doing? You have been duped. Illusion has played a trick on you. Life is not what the world and you have thought of it. Your actions in life are not the sum total of you. They are not. They are not. They are not.

There is Greatness within you. There is the Kingdom of Heaven within you. You are so close. If health of the body can be restored in an instant, so can Heaven burst out from the darkness, and you will see Heaven, and you will experience Heaven, and you will come out of the shadows and be new and reclaim yourself in your own eyes. This is the Truth. You, and every one of My children, are far more than you presently attribute to yourself. You may be a fine judge in court, yet you are greater than that. You may be a felon in court, and yet you are greater than that. To say that anyone is less than I say is untrue, for there is Truth, and the Truth of you far exceeds the parameters you have set for yourself. You are not the great judge of character you think you are.

What is enlightenment but knowing Who you really are and have always been? Enlightenment, what is called enlightenment, is for everyone. Everyone is appointed to rise. Everything I give is for everyone. I bless everyone. I bless everyone to rise to his rightful place in the Sunshine of the World. Everyone can get into the sunshine. Everyone can be warmed by the Sun. Everyone can pull himself out of a hat. No one is the hat he wears. No one except the Great Spiritual Ones, that is, who took Me at My Word.

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Heavenletter #4950 Listening to a Different Drummer, June 14, 2014

gretchen3God said:
Tra la la. All is well. Whatever may trouble you is on its way out. Any turmoil within you is going away. Any angst within you is going away. Turmoil and angst are waving goodbye to you now. Whatever your favorite names for these troublesome thoughts may be, they want your attention at least one more time before they fade into the sunset. They know that the climate will no longer support them.

Turmoil, angst, worry, woe, trauma, despair and other such phantoms have been your teachers. They have made clear to you what you don’t want. You are not meant to become attached to that passing crowd. You don’t need them at all. You certainly don’t need them to rub it in when you are in an uncomfortable position. There is the uncomfortable position, and there are your reconnoitering thoughts. You don’t need to listen to anything your nagging thoughts  have to tell you. You don’t need these thoughts at all. They are the ones who put salt on your wounds. They are your drama teachers.

They don’t do it on your behalf certainly, yet you may have pledged some kind of allegiance to them, as if you are bound to them, as if they are essential to your Being, as though they are guests you must be hospitable to. They are not necessary. True, you do know you are alive when you feel subject to such forces, even as you hear Me in the background telling you that your position is in not something encroaching on you. It is something you are supporting. It is not to your advantage to cultivate that which is an obstacle to you. It is you, beloveds, who drive yourself to distraction. It is you who perceives as you perceive, and it is you who acts on what you perceive.

Turmoil and all have been your cheerleaders, yet they are not you, and they are not your masters. You are you. If you don’t want what they offer you, shake your head no and accept peace.

If you want to hitch a ride with someone, hitch a ride with angels who don’t long to see you frazzled and weeping, undone, so to speak. Angels will lift you higher. They are high-steppers. Instead of moaning and groaning, mingle with the angels, for angels are more firmly based than you are by far when you are in a state of suffering or in a state of fearing suffering.

You would not run into the arms of a huge bear in the woods. You would stay out of his way. You would not offer yourself to a crowd of bees ready to bite. You would run the other way, yet you look to anxiety and other worrisome thoughts as if they will take care of you and carry you through whatever you are going through. What else are trepidation and worry but worrisome thoughts?

Concede that you choose false friends when you choose concern and all its relatives. Have you really thought you have no choice? You make a choice every other minute. Surely you can choose on whose shoulder you will lay down your head. You can choose the wild bees, or you can choose confidence. You can decide your thoughts. The wild bees of thoughts you persist in keeping around, you can boot out and get along very well without. The bees of thought can catch on and choose to not hang around you any longer and look for greener fields to graze in.

Join with me, beloveds. A heyday is coming up. You will be rejoicing, for woes are taking a leave of absence. You are excusing woes from your presence. Dear loved ones will still leave their bodies and you will still want them back here on Earth with you, yet the busy bees of thought won’t stand a chance with you any longer, for you will be listening to a different drummer.

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Heavenletter #4949 God’s Way of Teaching, June 13, 2014

Photo by Gretchen Wild Iris Hermey

God said:
Beloved beloveds, you are not the advisor to the Crown. On one hand, you and I are One. You are a reflection of Me, and, now, on the other hand, I tell you that you are not to make yourself a replica of God. In your costume as a Human Being, it is not your role to interpret Me to others. I did not appoint you. You are not the sayer of Me. The world is not your flock. In this sense, you are a member of the flock.

Erase the idea that you are My appointed Teacher, for then you presume to stand above another. I am the Teacher. Unless someone comes into your presence for the purpose of hearing what you have to say, don’t take on My robes. It is not for you to say that you know more than the person before you. It is not for you to embellish My words or for you to make the assumption that anyone needs your personal instruction. Be still.

If you, as an individual, crave a pulpit, crave an audience, crave to be wise, recognize that you do not always speak for Me. I speak for Myself.

If you want to teach, teach by example. Do not anoint yourself as an instructor, as though you have the final word. Know thyself. Teach thyself. Everyone learns Me for himself. Quote Me, fine. Support Me, fine. Speak of Me, fine. Bequeath Me, fine. Yet do not you, as an individual, take it upon yourself to teach Me to others as though you speak from on high. Be still.

The Great Spiritual Ones were humble, and so must you be and not carry an authority of All-Knowingness. What you see, not everyone has to see. What you like, not everyone has to like. Do not think you are meant to be a great explicator of Me. You are the Listener to the Crown. As an individual, you do not take over interpreting Me to the world. Frankly, the world needs Me for themselves, and not your instruction. I am available.

How do I teach? Through the human heart. The human heart isn’t a Know-It-All. Your human heart is not anyone’s Lord and Master. Allow others’ hearts to listen to Me for themselves. My children are not your children who are to sit and listen to your every word as though you are God Almighty and they, as supplicants, must learn from you. No one needs your teaching. You are not to appoint yourself Teacher. Every thought from you is not the same as My thought. Every word from you is not the same as My Word. In the world, you are on a different footing. Take Me seriously, yet do not take yourself so seriously.

I am speaking now of those who might take it on their own to be a stand-in for Me as if the world is to hang on to their every word. I am not an excuse for anyone to aggrandize himself. You do not have underlings. You do not take prisoners thinking you do so on My authority.

Does everyone in the marketplace have to know what you think? Is it your place to tell others what they are to think? For whose need is it that you comment?

Be wary of inserting yourself as an editor for Me. Do not put false gods before Me. Your voice is not always My Voice. Let not your name be vanity. Be still.

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Heavenletter #4948 Walking to God, June 12, 2014


God said:
You want to let go of the idea that, when life is hard for you, that you are being punished. No longer think in terms of hard times, going through it, being in a fix, being in trouble, at a dead end. No longer think that life has taken you by the neck and is shaking you, or that life is merciless or that, in life, you are running the gauntlet. Beloved, life in the world has gotten a bad press. There has been false advertising, and, by and large, you have bought into it. Have you perhaps thought that life is a jungle filled with danger and yourself as helpless? Think again.

No longer think of life as divided into two camps, reward or punishment. No longer think of yourself as either a recipient of goodness or sadness. No longer characterize yourself as bad, wrong, stupid or any of the terms you may throw at yourself. No longer think that what you see as punishment earns you reward points, as if suffering entitles you now to a reward. Be your own reward, beloved. As much as possible, make the chair you sit on.

It is a huge step forward when you use new terms concerning yourself and life and no longer think in terms of right or wrong, wise or foolish, stupid, weak, unwell, etc. Address yourself with good manners. You are a Child of God. You are entitled to know this and live this.

No life is wasted. Do you hear Me? You are not a Voice in the Wilderness any more than I am. You are heard, and you are answered.

Consider yourself in a high-class mystery novel. You are the hero detective. Even the hero detective may spend time on false clues. He may spend half the novel on false clues. No longer see yourself as an investigator in life.

Nor are you to see yourself as a dedicated gardener who must dig out weeds, as if digging out all weeds is the mainstay of your garden, as if your garden with a single weed won’t pass muster. Consider the weeds friends to your garden. You do not have to eradicate weeds nor do you have to eradicate every bug that exists. You don’t have to eradicate anything. You are a Being more than a doer. From your Being, rise.

Be an equitable greeter of all that appears in life. Something appears in front of you. Today you may think it’s wondrous and tomorrow you may not. Today you may think that something that appears is ferocious, and the next day or year, you may see that what seemed so dire brought sunshine into your life.

Do not think that I am a God who rewards and punishes. What kind of God do you think I am? If you have thought of Me as a money-changer or a teacher with a ruler to rap your hands with, think again. If you think of Me as someone who is supposed to hand out to you your candy of choice, think again. If you think of Me as a God who has an overall picture of the future, you are on the right track. I do know the so-called future. It is happening right now.

Life is not always directly in your hands. Life is not a chess game right in front of you that you have to win. Life is not about winning or losing. Life is about living. Life is about water streaming through your hands. Life is about sunshine that sparkles the waters. Life is not a fortress, nor is life a prison. Today you may walk on water. Tomorrow you may walk on stones.

Regardless, you are always the walker, and so you walk. You are walking to Me.

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Heavenletter #4947 Can Anyone Taste the Ocean for You?, June 11, 2014

God said:
Look to now. Now is your guide. Your inner heart is your guide. Look to learn from this day today. You are the learner. It is from the depths of yourself that you grasp the Kingdom of Heaven which is within you and within everyone. Someone else’s Heaven is not better than yours. You are looking to learn from life and not necessarily to be learn-ed. You are looking for the heart of the matter. You are looking for your heart. Where is your heart, beloved? Others’ hearts can speak to you. It is your own heart that is yours to listen to. Your own heart is your personal trainer.Certainly, you learn everywhere. Hark, you learn from a bird’s singing. Ouch, you learn when you scrape your knee. Dazzled, you learn when you see the sun shining. You are hearing and seeing and learning every moment. There are matters deeper than words can express. There is great depth within you. There is holiness within you. There is Infinity and Eternity within you. You are the Keeper of My Kingdom. All knowledge lies within you. Knowledge does not have to be in language. This knowledge is its own. A translation of this knowledge may not be as great as its essence. What can be deeper than the deepest seed of Truth before words?

There is a sense in which Truth cannot be spoken. Someone can talk about an Ocean and what it is like from every angle, yet you want to know an Ocean for yourself. No one has a deeper Ocean within than you do.

Others’ knowledge can nudge you. You are learning something from others all the time. You can learn how and what and when and so forth. Yet here is My question:

Who can taste the Ocean for you? Someone can point you to the Ocean. Someone can lead you to the Ocean. Yet, always, it has to be that you recognize the Ocean for yourself. No one can discover the essence of the Ocean for you.

All knowledge is good, yet all knowledge does not speak to you, nor do you always grasp what is said. You may hear something else. Sit down with good hearts. Be with good hearts. Be good-hearted for that is the Truth of you.

You also understand that I can appear in the most unlikely places. If it is true that I appear everywhere, then it must be true that I appear in unlikely places as holy places. In My Kingdom, there is no unlikely person, place, or time for Oneness to appear before you.

Nothing can keep Truth out. There is no boundary so strong as to keep Truth away. Ignorance is not a match for Truth. Truth hides nowhere. I hide nowhere. There is nowhere that I cannot be known. There is no one within whom I cannot be known. There is no one who cannot know Me and know Me well. You, too, will come to know Me in the center of your heart, for in your heart, I AM.

I am known by many names. I am encapsulated in varied names. There is One God deep within whatever name you like to know Me by. And I am within you. I am within you. I am within you. I am in your heart no matter in what ways life has wrenched your heart, or no matter in what ways you, wounded in battle, have walked away from your heart. To your way of thinking, you would rather leave your heart behind than be wounded. You can freeze-dry your heart, yet you cannot get away from your heart no matter how you try because here I AM staunch within your heart.

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Heavenletter #4946 Life as Our Stroll in the Park, June 10, 2014

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Heavenletter #4946 Life as Our Stroll in the Park, June 10, 2014God said:
How I love you, everything about you. Even those matters about you that you despair of, I love. I do not know despair of anything. I love what you call defects as much as I love those aspects of you that you call divine. How you love every shade of your divinity and how you rue this and that and every wrinkle that proclaim your humanness. To you, your humanity is a different story from your humanness. You look at the two differently. You give them a hierarchy. You attribute to them. You attribute to everything that, truly, in the light of day, can only be beautiful roundabout expressions and reflections of Me. You nominate one thing for excellence and another for less than excellent. Oh, My, how many opinions you have, and often your opinions depend upon your illusory hopping-around mood.I love you when you are bright and happy, and I love you when you kick pebbles around with your feet. I love you when you feel happy, and I love you when you feel sad. What you may feel and what you are are not generally the same thing, you understand that, don’t you?

What you call a good day and what you call a bad day are simply a matter of your opinion. Your opinions are not fact. All the days roll into one another. A day is a day. The sun is the sun. Water is wet, and upon you, I place My bets. Of course, I don’t bet on anything. I know that the grass does grow and has to be mowed when it is your lawn. And while you are in a body on Earth, you, too, have to tend to your body and all its ramifications. Cars grow old. You grow, yet age of your body has nothing to do with you, with the heart of you, with the soul of you, with the certainty of you.

You long for this, and you long for that. What it comes down to, My beloved One, is that you long for Me. How you long for Our State of Existence knowing Us not as We but as One. This knowing Oneness is the culmination of Life. This is it! All that you may think are IT, are momentary. Everything in the world is momentary except the Oneness of Our Hearts and Souls which, in Reality and effect, are One.

You can consider Life as Our Stroll in the Park. Hand in hand, as One, We walk around and We comment on the sights. Ultimately, what care I (or We, if you think the way you do — which I, in the role of you, do dis-assemble) what the sights are. I see a birch or I see a pine, or a shrub, or a cactus, I love them as I love you. My love permeates. My love is intractable. My love is the Great Equalizer because Oneness is the Truth.

In Human Terms, which leaf on the tree do I love more or do I love less? None. Which tree means more to Me than another? What child? What horse? I swim in love, and you, the you of I, can only swim in love as well.

Let Me (We, I) say it straight: All there is is love. Does that sound corny? Let it be then. There is naught but love. I am love, you are love. All is love. Love is. Anything else is not. There is no question about this. There is enough love for all within all. Even in your human heart, which sometimes feels beleaguered, there is enough love for all unto Eternity. Even in your human heart, which sometimes feels weak, you are an Infinite Ocean of Love. You are the Seven Seas of Love. You are a Forest of Love, a Jungle of Love. You are love and nothing but love, so help Me God.

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Heavenletter #4944 Greatness Has Been Reborn Infinitely, June 8, 2014

God said:
(written on Christmas Eve, 2013)Of course, it’s true that I love you as I love Christ. I have One Child. I do not say or imply that you are a collage that includes Christ. I say I have One Bright Shining Child. What do I see when I see you? The same light as when I see Christ. I see the same because, in Truth and clarity, you are the same. You are the same Light.

Christ said that whatever he could do, you could do, that you could do even more. The thing is that Christ knew Who he was, and you, with a few exceptions, by far do not yet grasp who you are and what you are capable of. It is no secret that you do not see.

You have all the bright aspects that Christ had and has. Christ is made of My components as you are made of My components. Let Us say for understanding, that every human being, as human beings are known, has twelve rays of God. Let Us say that. This does not mean that you would copy Christ. Christ walked his walk in a certain period of human life. I can say that if Christ walked the Earth today, he would replicate himself to the same degree yet in a different light. Of course, I am saying also that Christ does walk the Earth today.

Christ might reveal himself through a different ray of one of these speculative twelve rays. Fame does not have to be a component of Christ today. He can be unknown and powerful just the same. Light is light, beloveds. We can call Christ Light the same as God Light. Christ today can have a different venue or way or ray of projection. We can talk about Christedness, and We can talk about God-ed-ness. We can talk about Christ on Earth, and We can talk about God on Earth. We can talk about you on Earth, each fulfilling My Will in his uniqueness, in his common uniqueness of Oneness.

Christ was shot out of a cannon, as it were. He was Vesuvius erupting. He was the Sun and the Son of God, and so are you in a different day and different way, yet Truth is immutable.

Christ has been reborn, and he has been reborn in you. The Christedness has been born again and again. God has been born again and again. Greatness has been reborn infinitely.

Christ was reported to have said: “Father, they know not what they do.”

I say to you that you do not know what you do. You do not begin to know the good you do. I say to you that you do not know Who you are. This is the crux of life on Earth. I most certainly know Who you are. What do you think it means that the Kingdom of God is within you? What do you think it means that you carry My DNA? What do you think anything means?

There is a Spectrum of Light, and you shine within this spectrum. I will go so far as to say that you are off the charts, beloveds. You are a High Being of God. Each one of you is a High Being of Me. Each of you is the Son or Daughter of God. You are the Soul of God.

Shine your light. You do not have to be known as anything special. To be known as anything may well not be your purpose. You can know that across the board, you are to shine your light. Whatever corner of the world you live in, you are a Bright Light. This is the Truth. This is how it is. It is not that you are looking for recognition. It is that you are looking to recognize. Recognize your own Bright Light, and you will see all Lightedness in the world in every Child of Mine, as I do, and you will further light up the world so all may see the Brightness of Their Light, their One Light, and shine it. See the Light, beloveds. See the Light.

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Heavenletter #4929 Shine in the Glory God Made You , May 24, 2014

Photo by Gretchen Wild Iris Hermey
God said:
To what end do you try to keep up with everyone else? You are you and not someone else. Of course, I am speaking in terms of the world, for, in truth, everyone you compare or contrast yourself with is you. On Earth, your individuality and personality are stellar.There is no reason for you to follow everyone else, to attempt to, or attempt not to. Just be.

You don’t have to be an athlete or a scholar or anything else at all. All you have to do is to be you. There is no reason to sidetrack yourself. I want to say that what you desire to be, you already are, yet that doesn’t quite work for you. Perhaps you want to be a movie star, and you aren’t. Yet you are a life star. You are certainly the star of your life. Whatever you desire to be in the world, you are, beloveds, much more than that.

How dear you are to Me as you sally forth in the world. You forget your keys, or you forget the directions to where you are going. You may even forget where you are going, and, yet, just the same, you sally forth. You sally forth on a mission from Me. You may have forgotten. You most likely have forgotten. When you get to where you are going, you will remember. You will know the route you took, and you will be glad to be where you are. You will, after all, see clearly where you are and who you are and what you mean to Me and to the world.

Right now, you can know your value. You can know your earthly value and your value on a larger scale, the value that you don’t quite recognize or count on. You are spectacular. You are one spectacular human being. I made you as you are meant to be. I meant you to shine in the glory I made you of. How to excel is simply by being yourself.

“What, my misguided self!” you exclaim.

Yes, you who are so certain that you are less than I say you are. Defer to Me, beloveds. You are Greatness walking around. Beloveds, you can’t be sure that your mistakes are mistakes at all. It’s not across the board, yet the more certain you may be that you are right, the greater the possibility that you are mistaken. You are often mistaken about that which you are most certain about.

You are often unsure about that which you belong to be sure of.

You can be sure, level-headed sure, that you were Heaven-sent, that I created you and sent you forth, not to do battle, but to offer yourself as you would offer a chewy caramel. Offer good-nature. Good nature you always have to give. No longer try to convince yourself otherwise.

You are an angel I have sent forth to usher Me into the world. You can believe Me. You can believe Me that you are worth far more than what you attribute to yourself. There is no need to puff yourself up to shine in the world. I almost said wayward world. This has been true. You read lips in a wayward world very well, and you may not read My lips very well or count My words to be believed. This must be so, for, otherwise, you would grasp that you are the sunlight.

You are worth the esteem I hold you in. You are the salt of the Earth. Salt is salty not bitter. You are the spice of life. Be energized. Know whereof I speak. Hear Me well.

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Heavenletter #4924 Dancing to the Music You Hear, May 19, 2014

 Photo by Gretchen Wild Iris HermeyGod said:
When all is said and done, it all comes down to you and, of course, down to you and Me. All that you fight outside yourself is a ramification of you. There is something within you that roils you. The itch you scratch is always yours.

How are you? How are you? This is the question you are dealing with. There is no they, beloveds. Whatever gets in your way, it is something within you that gets in your way.

If you are looking for a certain house on Main Street, and someone gives you incorrect directions, it is nevertheless you who looks for the house. It is you who gets lost, or it is you who finds the house.

No matter whose party you go to, it is your party. It is your good time or not. The party can be thrown for you, everything well-prepared for you and the other guests invited, and, yet, the party is up to you.

Whatever music is played, you are the one who dances to it.

This makes life a beautiful opportunity for you, for the life you live is the life you see through your own eyes.

You go to the movies. It may be that your friend loves the movie and you don’t. You see the movie you see. Your friend sees the movie he sees. The movie is a movie.

No one says you have to like the movie. No one says you are at fault not to like the movie, for you can see only as you see.

Your life is a movie. You may despair. Someone else may admire your good fortune. Everyone sees as he sees.

You are responsible for how you live your life and what you make of it.

You may not choose the wood you are sawing, yet you are the one sawing it. What you make of the wood you saw is what you make of it.

Whatever song you sing is the song you are singing. You probably didn’t compose it, yet you are singing it. It is your song as you sing it.

If you are playing poker, it is your hand that you play.

If you play baseball, you come up at bat.

Every artist has a vision, and it is his vision. Everyone has his or her own version of vision.

Everyone who sees beauty, it is his own beauty he sees. And where does that leave you? Right where you are. See differently, and you are somewhere else.

You speak of challenges. It seems that there are those who have more challenges than another. Yet no one knows for a fact what goes on in the heart of another, or where another’s heart is, and what his life is like.

There are those of My children who make the most of everything, and there are those of My children who perhaps wail.

What is your life like? It is up to you. You are going to bake a cake. Here are the ingredients. You are the one who mixes the ingredients, and it is you who puts the cake in the oven, and it is you who takes it out. By chance or by design, this is the cake you bake.

This is your life. Sometimes you want everything to be your choice, and, yet, you may decry your choice when it turns out to be not of your liking. However, life is of your making. Your life is yours. It may rain and snow. There may be tumultuous storms. The storms may or may not be out of your hands. Nevertheless, you are the one who deals with the storms and any obstacles or presentations on your path.

Although you may not have the total say of a situation that befalls, you have the say of how you perceive the situation and how you move in it. Regardless of the situation, what do you make of it, beloveds? What do you do with it? Where do you take yourself? How do you move? This way or that?

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Heavenletter #4923 New Green Pastures, May 18, 2014

gretchen3God said:
Every day you bathe in life. Life is a magic potion that cleanses you of the past. All that occurs in life is to wash over you, or, rather you are wash over it. Wave goodbye to the past. Do not hold onto it. First of all, it won’t be held onto. You kid yourself that it can be.

How dear is the past to you, and, yet, you have to flow past it. Today has to supersede the past. Love the past, and let go of it. Otherwise, you mourn for it. You mourn for your youth. You mourn for all that which, in terms of the world, cannot be recaptured. Recalling all your memories and all your longing for them amounts to daydreams, beloved. Of course, all of life in the world as you know it is a dream. Reliving the past is a dream within a dream. You do not abandon love by letting go of the past. Letting go doesn’t mean you forget the past. You let it loosen its hold on you. Living in the past is not living. It is recollecting. It is a kind of clutter when you keep the past to you.

The past never was yours, beloveds. You don’t own it, and you didn’t own it then. You were a passerby to the past. The past is no more than your dribbling your fingers in a stream as you ride in a canoe.

The past was wonderful, and it was not wonderful. It is dear, very dear to you, positively or negatively. Regardless, you are to let go of your attachment to it. You paddle the canoe of your life now. The sun rises every day, yet it is not the same old sun, and, so, do you also rise each day anew.

Never mind who you once were or seemed to have once been. There are many different versions of life, and you are living another version right now. Read by the light of today. The sun is over your shoulder. The sun and you are the light of today.

Go forward to today. You cannot always look over your shoulder. What is behind you is behind you. What is in front of you now is what is in front of you. Yes, you learn from life. You grow from life.

In one sense, your whole life is thought, and, yet, bless the recurrent thoughts of the past goodbye. The past is part and parcel of you. The past grew into you today. We can say it is embedded in you, and, yet, you leave it behind. The past can only be a memory now. Remember that you are alive now, and today is another day. Savor today, and kiss the past goodbye. The past is not meant to be your companion today.

Perhaps because the past is over, you do not fear it. Perhaps because today has not yet unfolded, you fear it. Each day you grow. Perhaps you fear growth. Perhaps the past is like an old comfortable chair, or like an old bathrobe. You can let go of them. Listen, the past does not like to be clung to.

What will the sun bring today? What beautifulness can you create today?

Look, you perhaps keep old letters from a once beloved who is no more. Beloveds, holding on to the past is not love. You pour sugar on the past, and it becomes sweeter to you than the life you are leading now. You are to lead your life, not back up your life so much with the past.

Clear the slate of the past. Bless it, and move on. You will come across new green pastures. Be not beholden to the past. Hop right up to the present. You are where you are and not where you were. And you are not who you once were or how you once thought you were. This is a golden day before you. Welcome it. Put both of your feet in one boat, and the boat’s name is Today.

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Heavenletter #4908 Shine, Beloveds, Shine, May 3, 2014


God said:
Out of this world! The world you live in is out of this world! You stand in light, and light is your whole story. You may be unaware of the light, the extent of the light, yet you are light shining, and so you shine, and so life is, and you are – WE ARE.

How are you today? You are light. What are you doing today? You are lighting up the firmament. You, who are True Light, light up a firmament that reflects your light. How blessed is light, and how blessed the light you shine. Even when you feel absorbed by darkness, you are shining light. There is no turning your light off. Your light shines. Shine your light! This is what you do anyway. This is all that you are capable of. This is what you do. Light lights. You light up, and you are light. You are My Light. This is the long and the short of it.

Holy is your light. Your purpose here on supposed Earth, this beautiful supposed Earth, is to shine your light. It is not a casual statement to say that you are the Light of World. There is nothing else you can be. You are much more than a glimmer of light. You are light. Hail to the light that My children shine, Self-absorbed in daily life, you may well be unknown to yourself. What a party you attend. What a gala you participate in. You are the light that shines in My eyes. Holy is Our Alliance.

On one level of vision, you are dust to dust. On the true level of life, you are Light to Light, and your light burns brightly.

I beam the light you shine, and I beam in your light. Light surrounds Us. Light envelops Us, the One of Us. We are an esplanade of light. We shimmer, and We shine. We bask in the light of Our Own Making. Is this not a wonderful tale I tell? I tell you that all is a tale. Only the Light is True. Only the Silence of Light is True. You are True Light, beloveds. You are more than surface appearance. You are the bending and unbending of light on Earth.

I dreamed of you, and yet you are real. You are Reality. You are the playing out of Light. Shine your light brightly. Shining your light brightly is the order of the day. This is the display of your day. You are an Announcer of the Light That Is. You are the Twirler of it. You are light, and all is light, and never is light not. Never are you not. Always you are. You are steeped in light and nothing but light. And the light you light up is love, simple pure light that lights itself.

What a wonder is My Creation and everything held within as My sole Creation is light and nothing but light. Light Is. We are light regardless of all the suppositions you hold. And holy is Our light. Holy is the Light of Life on Earth. It was never not lit, you understand. Light is all there is. Light has never been not. You are the Shining Glory of Light just as you are. You are always lit. Our light is intermingled. All is enshrined in light. More than that, everything is light, and that is all there is to it. So shine, beloveds. Shine so that all may see.

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Heavenletter #4904 Off-Stage, April 29, 2014


God said:
Know this: An answer will always come. An answer, a solution, is always waiting in the wings. You do not need to know an answer ahead of time. Life is easier for you when you do grasp that an answer will always come to you, dawn on you, or arrive even when you are not looking.

Does a response have to be the one you desire? Of course not. Yet, if you could see all the unweaving, you would stop fussing, for goodness and mercy do follow you all the days of your lives, even when you are sure you have been knocked about.

Winning isn’t always winning. Losing isn’t always losing. You must have a clue to this by now.  The fact is that you are always on the winning team. There is only winning. You don’t always know this because you have your heart set on a certain outcome, and you cannot quite see beyond your disappointment. You do have to dis-appoint yourself from foregone conclusions you make. You may have thought you were to climb Mount Everest, and life tells you that you are to climb Mount Killimanjaro or sail a boat on the Indian Ocean. Life is like that, yes? Life is unpredictable, yet you predict it with a finality. You are so sure about what is supposed to be. Your very surety is a sure sign that you don’t know.

If you are in a relay race, there are relays that you cannot even imagine, and, yet, your willful mind says your race has to be this way and not that. Somehow, you miss the point. You had a vision in mind, a version in mind, yet you didn’t know enough. You bet on the wrong horse.

This is not a tragedy. There are no tragedies in life except as you proclaim them. You are learning something in the world, even as you are bewildered. Likely, you are a reluctant  bewildered human being in a bewildering world.

It is hard for you to believe that the answer is the right answer at that time. Listen to this: There are no mistakes in life. There is, however, plenty of mistaking life. Your interpretation of events is off. Life unfolds as it unfolds, and life knows what it is doing. Life may be hard to take, yet the hustle and bustle of life has a better handle on life than you do.

How hard you fight life. You can’t change life once the deed is done. You can’t. However, life often changes of itself.

Somehow you have to let go of the idea that life has to be according to your wishes. Life often is. Life usually is, yet you may have been unaware. Yes, you have been unaware. Had you truly been aware, if you had known enough, if you had seen far enough beneath the surface, you might not be so argumentative. Tragedy is a name you assign to what has befallen – what you see as having befallen. Life may seem like a pig in a poke, yet life is not a pig in a poke.

Life is a playing out of an energy, and much goes on off-stage. Therefore, you see gaps. Therefore, you see the unexpected. And, yet, although there is much that looks like chance, it has been part of a design.

If you could accept that life knows what it is doing, how much happier you would be. In any case, there is nothing for you to do but to take life the way it occurs. You do not have all the pieces of the puzzle. Life is never meant to be a defeat. There is meaning in everything even when you can’t fathom it. And so you move on and forgive life for not following the scenario you would have chosen. You don’t know what will happen next. And, yet, even an accident is not an accident. No matter what occurs, I, God, am in your corner, and there is fulfillment for you in the offing.

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Heavenletter #4902 What If We Did Love?,

 April 27, 2014

God said:
Speaking through His children, God said:

“These are two beautiful words – God said. God spoke to us. God speaks. God speaks to us. This is a beautiful thing. God has never stopped talking to us.

“God does not even have to speak. The vibration of God’s Being runs through the Universe. His energy upholds us. Nothing else does. If we think that we live by dint of our will, we learn soon enough that we live by the grace of God’s Will.

“It is never for us to think that God abandons us. Whether our bodies have life or death, God does not abandon any of us. He is with us. Do we think that this is a disclaimer that God makes? God, under any and all circumstances, is with us. God makes no disclaimers. God does not dismiss us at all, let alone so easily. God is always by our side. We may not always see this or feel this.”

God said:

Now I will tell you that when you feel abandoned, it is you who has abandoned yourself. You may be waiting around for Me to spur you on to ever greater. Spur yourself on. Inspire yourself. The world is waiting for you to take initiative. Do not fight life, nor take life lying down.

If you feel you are a victim, you are taking life lying down. You do not have to lie down in defeat nor do you have to get up in anger. There is a more sustainable fuel than anger. Get up because rising is always the thing to do. I said rising, not uprising. You can take life by the hand. You can proclaim life.

You can say to Life:

“I live. I live in God just as God lives in me. God and I are One. God and I have no sides. We do not oppose each other. Not at all. We are for each other. So has it ever been. If understanding is lacking, it is I who doesn’t understand. I can take this at face value. God doesn’t tiptoe around. He is not squeamish. If surgery is necessary, He performs it.

No, it’s not exactly that He performs it. He allows life to go along. God isn’t thinking that much or in so much detail. He doesn’t decide everything. Everything is in motion, and everything spirals up perfectly, no matter how imperfect it may seem to be. Even if the whole world sees an affront, there is none. Life works out the way it works out.

“But, of course, fragile human beings see rightness and wrongness. We bear arms because we think we have to. We get up in arms because we think we have to defend. Do we really think we have to defend ourselves with God Who is the Heart and Soul of us, the Father of us, the One Who loves beyond measure? How can I ever presume to judge God and find Him wanting? What sense does that make at all? What, would I sue? Should I petition God? It is for me to lead my life as best I can, and I keep learning. Surely, I don’t think that God is to learn from me? Surely, I don’t think God sorts us, His children, into categories or layers. God does not set traps for us. God does not rub His hands and relish what we see as misfortune.

“God is a loving God. It may seem to us that He has strewn us into the world, yet He has well-placed us. God says that nothing is an accident. This does not mean that our lives are meant to be heavy and cut us in two. Life is meant to be light and good-humored. We are meant to be light and good-humored and resilient and kind. Surely, Goodness and Mercy are to come from us. God knows nothing but love, and, now, so must we.

“What if we did love? What if we did love and love God as we want Him to love us?”

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God is always bringing us closer to Him.


Heavenletter #4894 The World Is a Field in Which You Move, April 19, 2014

God said:
When your heart craves upliftment, uplift yourself. When you require a hand up, give yourself a hand-up. When you feel blue, use a different crayon. You are not a leaf dependent upon the wind to move it. The wind may blow, yet you are your own mover.

You may have responsibility for others yet only to a degree. For yourself, consider that all the responsibility is yours. Certainly, life takes patience. You can’t just stamp your foot, and the world obey. On the other hand, you are the hand that wields your life. You are a power in your life. You are not a pawn. Your life is not meant to be entirely a waiting game. Get up and move yourself.

You may believe that you are at the mercy of life. There is much that is not under your direct control. Still, the same, you have say in your life. If life seems to be beating you down, get up. It is for you to arise. You are the maestro of your own life. If you have a box of crackerjacks, you open the box. You don’t have to wait around for someone else to open the box for you. You are the centrifugal force of your own life.

I gave you breath, yet, now, for the time being, you breathe on your own, so to speak. In any case, you are to make your own moves. When you are disturbed, undisturb yourself. When you are confused, unconfuse yourself. It is good advice to lie beside the still waters. If the still waters are not where you are, before you can lie down beside the still waters, find the still waters. They are located within you.

So much depends upon you, beloveds.

You are not meant to be aggressive. Nor are you meant to be passive. There is a juncture where you meet yourself.

Let’s consider for a moment that life is like knitting a sweater. You have a certain yarn that has a certain color, a certain thickness, and you have knitting needles, and you have in mind to knit a sweater of one kind or another. You are the knitter. If you drop a stitch, you are the retriever. Consider that you knit your life. It may be true that the light wasn’t good. In that case, turn up the light or move over to where the light is brighter. You can knit anywhere, beloveds. You carry your knitting with you.

Consider life a baseball game. You are not to drop the ball, yet it does happen.

Yes, I can make miracles, yet you do not sit around waiting for miracles to drop out of the sky. Be your own miracle-worker. You yourself are a miracle. From miracle comes miracle. Of course, look for miracles. Feel their arrival.

When you cook supper, you turn the stove on. The heat of the stove cooks the food, yet you are the preparer of the food. You thought of what to make, even at the last moment. You assembled the food. Even when you eat alone, you serve it. And you clean up afterwards.

You are the cook of your own life. Be a chef. Be a gourmet of life. Build your own fire. Grace your life.

All right, let’s come right out with it. I, God, am the Doer. I am the Ultimate Doer. That does not mean you sit around and wait for Me to do or undo. Life is made of thoughts and action. Life on Earth is a field in which you move. I am telling you that you are also responsible for your life. Make it good. Light the fire for your own life.

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