Inspirations from my Higher Self “BAdeem” via Marc Gamma


Update of my Preface for today :

I wanted to post something short – something nice – and fudder for quick thoughts which will accompany you all through the day and stay with you … and there I could not find anything better than these wonderful short inspirations which Marc Gamma and I started in July 2013.

Their vibes are good and upheaving and raising your inner consciousness – they will enrich your life and your inner hearts and I trust they will turn out to be a blessing to all of you having read them.

From now on I shall post one of those inspirations each new day for all of you together with all my blessings.




This is another “Première” here – Please meet “Badeem the Sirian Starseed” via Marc Gamma



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Inspiration from my Higher Self – Introduction


When I started my first steps to communicate on a telepathic level it was “Badeem“, my Higher Godself, who was so helpful at my side.

Badeem as a teacher has much patience – always – and when it comes to me – I am always again surprised what one is able to experience and learn from oneself ! Be it from past incarnations or even the present one. I have gotten so much used to my communication with Badeem and, appreciating it so much that I simply cannot imagine being without this communication any more.

Due to such telepathic contact spirituality evolves to some entirely different dimension. No books at all dealing with spirituality as such are proving so valuable as your own contact to yourself respectively your Higher Goodself.

I herewith should like to invite everybody to establish his/her own contact to his/her very own Higher Godself. There are sufficient pieces of information available in the Internet – unfortunately also many a false one – which are describing this procedure.

Most difficult in taking up contact is establishing enough trust into such process and the informative parts one will gain by it. Please, keep in mind: “Your first step of walking on your own feet had also not been achieved over night!” Trusting and practising it what has to be applied here as some basic Maxim. Of course there a some who are gifted with it and are obliged to follow their given tasks and alternatively there are others which have to acquire it first by their own labor. To be clear and in peace with oneself surely might be also a fair pre-requisite. As I mentioned already I have obtained quite a lot of valuable messages and pieces of information from Badeem.

A few of those informational messages are not only precisely cut out for myself as an individual soul but might also be of some general interest. These messages and pieces of information do also contain many an inspiration and “Food of Thoughts” nudging the latter into hitherto unknown fields – at least they were unknown to me. Thus they brought valuable matters into my evolution.

Thus I shall publish in Now-Time to come short messages or what I name “Inspirations” which also refer to my personal life of actual and past incarnations and everyone is being asked to take up from these inspirative thoughts what he/she deems as valuable and good for him/herself.

These messages will be translated step by step into English by (Contra)Mary. These translated English Versions will be published subsequently by (Contra)Mary-Evamaria’s Blog “Illuminations Now“. Much inspirational ideas and fun – that’s what I am whishing you on reading these messages !

I am also quite excited where these will lead us to ! Are you willed and prepared to join us on this voyage?

With Love and Light
from Marc



Inspirations from my Higher Self – Nr. 1


Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary

How to find Freedom

It is in your heart that freedom is beginning. Only your heart knows what is true. Your mind, your consciousness and your reality  have endowed you with some illusion in which you have been accustomed to live. Get to know truth and where you will find it – and you will gain freedom


Introduction to “Inspirations from my Higher Self” <Link>


Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius – All of Us – in Co-operation

My very first post is a Message of Marix from Sirius channelled by Sarinah living in Southern Germany.

I followed the messages of Marix since their begin and I came to like these so much because of their gentle and soft vibration
 not appearing like teachers’ teaching but gently touching my inner heart with divine peacefulness.  I regretted that these vibes were available only to Europeans with German as Mother-tongue.

When in January the first worldwide meditation was launched from Zingdad – I was so enthralled with it that I forgot all about my reluctance originated from shyness and I started addressing all sorts of blogs (also German-ones) referring to participation to this meditation and visualization. As it is the play of life I did ao also with (German Affiliation to and found myself to my own great surprise at this opportunity to ask for the address of Sarinah, the channel of Marix, offering myself to translate the messages of Marix into English.

Thus I met Sarinah and since then I am translating the weekly messages of Marix. Sarinah herself is an Angel-Medium and has been introduced to Marix by AAMichael. Through translating these messages I felt drawn more and more to these gentle and peaceful vibes until recently I was told by AAMichael via Sarinah that I have been channeling AAMichael since a long time.-

Well, I never …! It never occurred to me that I could be a channel of anyone enlightened being so it was quite a surprise to me! For this reason I feel deeply responsible to AAMichael – imagining myself to be some sort of physical extension of one of his aspects here on earth and still 3-D. 

I want to do this job given to me and honored by it in the right and honest way – not leaving my modest post of observance !  This I felt compelled to share with you and here is the message of Marix as my first post on this page:

Personal Presentation of Sarinah: ALL ABOUT MARIX AND ME

True miracles have come my way – to myself and others around me – they were signals of utterly changing my life for ever . Embodying the path of return to the Light presents an absolute challenge for any human being. Looking back today I sense a deep gratitude for all the enlightened assistance and support given to me and my earthly friends sharing my path on this plane.

I have been in contact with the angelic realm and my sisters and brothers of the stars since my early childhood. Later I forgot all about it and dived deep into worldly affairs until that very moment when communication with the realms of Spirit started again – like some miracle happening in such a gentle and tender way as if we had never been apart.

During this time Archangel Michel guided me to meet Marix and I felt just as if I had known him along for ages. Thus a deep and intensive contact to the Federation of Light had been established which was a vivid and loving one full of light in the course of which I felt safeguarded and protected. At last I had arrived at home again ! I think many people reading the channelled messages of Marix will have sensed this vibration too.

To me it is essential that I reflect the messages of Marix in the most exact way of wording as is being given to me. This I feel to be most important as within his wording are all the vibrations which make our hearts cry out and jump with joy !

I am very happy in my heart that the messages of Marix have found an ever increasing community of readers as they offer us the opportunity to reach out with our hearts to those Galactic beings which have been waiting for us so long with all their longing and thus may be allowed to resort to action. They are waiting to meet us at such plane from where we started once to exit to the earthly planet.

My wishes go to all of the reading community that they are been given a wonderful and gentle gliding into the lovelight of the Golden Age with all its blessings



High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius
channelled through Sarinah
Source: dated June 20, 2012

All of Us – in Co-operation

Although the road into the Golden Age still turns out to be somehow a wee bit bumpy for mankind – it is true that there are not only preparations being made for disclosures but plannings are already running to perform these disclosures!

The Galactic Federation of Light hereby would like to emphasize on behalf of all those – assisting Gaia and her citizens – that these disclosures will not be running in a gentle mode yet with a seemingly strong intensity with regard to the time-frame.

This leads again to our request to ask you for your assistance since the truth to be revealed to you about matters which have been afflicted to you and the truth about those which were meant to work for the well being of all citizens – all this will not be so easy to digest for everybody !

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