A Meditation for Love, Peace, Children and Ascension

Pink Rose © David Wendel Robinson, AKA LightweaverTo all that see this, please share it wherever you feel led to do so.   Share it freely, but if possible, it would be appreciated if you provide a link back to this writing, and/or give credit to Illusions Now.  But most of all share it far and wide, let it pass to every nation, and every people.   Feel free to translate  it into every language. 

My dearest brothers and sisters of humanity.  I wish to bring to you a message of hope, a message of peace, a message of love to aid you in your pending ascension.

The world about us is filled with illusions and dreams of chaos.  At times it may seem as if the darkness is about to swallow all that is.   But the truth is greater than the illusions.

There is, even in this moment a great army of light that covers the earth.  They are the most powerful army that has ever walked upon this great and loving planet.  They are all about you.  You’ve seen their presence and touch them every day but you do not know them for who they are.

They do not number in the thousands, nor the millions, nor tens of millions, nor hundreds of millions.  Yea their number is in the billions, and there is no city, no state, no nation, no land that humanity inhabits that is not touched by them. Continue reading

Returning Back Embodied To The Divine Source


High Vibrations from Sirius
Marix channelled through Sarinah
dated July 02, 2012
Original Source: http:// marix-sirius.over-blog.de/

Returning Back Embodied To The Divine Source

As Gaia carries into the celestial dimensions all human beings prepared to go there, it is not so easy to understand this undertaking for those which are still imprisoned in the misery of their daily issues.

Yes, earth is ascending with you which also means that your bodies have to cope with you ever increasing frequencies of energy. It is easier to grow mutually and consciously  out of one’s own aggravating vibrations – provided you are not being stressed too much!

Still, whom are we telling this, for you are such sage souls, having arrived here after a long journey from far away in order to be here when the change of cycle will come soon. Continue reading

Greetings from Herak / Sirius

channelled through Frank H Scheffler
dated July 2, 2012
Source: http://sternensaaten.de for German Original Message

Greetings to you Children of the New Earth

Due to the great energetical wave middle of June after the Solstice in June all energies have been set free – in order to chime in the Summer

This will lead to highly energetical activations of electricity in your bodies which, as we told you already in our last message, will induce further
alterations of your cellular structures.

Yes, you are becoming galactic beings and as thus one fine day you will return again into the lap of your source. You are fulfilling the divine plan which is your issue here on this planet namely to hold the energy level on this planet. This had been shown to you already many incarnations ago. Continue reading