Gaia speaks ….. Today is the most particular date of March 30, 2014

21719-highlandsiceland_01Channeled and written by Eva Maria (Contramary) by today”s date of March 30, 2014 on “Iluminations Now” ………..

Source: Gaia speaks ….. Today is the most particular date of March 30, 2014



Beloveds Members of my Human Family




Inside and on my Surface Level!




Dearest Family of Fairies







and Animal Beings,









and  A n i m a l   B e i n g s





and all my essential      Nature’s Beings.






Dear Members of the Angelic Family !

Dear Members of the Angelic Family !






All Beloveds in the All-of-One!



It’s the first time I am speaking through this channel here to all of you. It is my dear and daring human daughter Eva Maria – so closely linked to me and my loving companion in all recent decades …. visiting me so many times when I was down and sick.






It is today that we are celebrating, dancing and chanting – today – as divine decrees of our All Father have been fulfilled – and you all have played a big part in it too.


Picture 005 - Version 2











“First of all: remainders of dark blockades on my vigor and strength were dispersed entirely – and effected in me to be burnt out wholly.

Such was done by the divine flames of light and love … and created some emptiness in my inner core and this for one purpose only : To be filled up again with all my original powers and strength as they were created right from starting my life as planet Gaia – Mother of all here on Earth.

I shall be restored with my original essence of beauty and power – the beautiful blue-green planet and star full of wonders !”7a685-flygeysernevada


Could not be done before as long there were still some dark blockades remaining in me ! This truly is some reason to come together and have a big ball and celebration !

child and stars


Let us jubilate and chant our very praise to All-There-Is ! Gaia – your Mother Planet – has been freed at last and joins the Great ONE.again in her former divine essence !




Time has changed too being reduced altogether from sequential lines to the Moment of Now and staying in the Now from Now on.



This also has effected some alike liberation to this my beloved channel – since she has accompanied me all my life with deep innate love and compassion particularly throughout previous dark ages:






From the very origin of universe as the Child of God – The Only One – as Sandalphone, the ArchAngel –






later as the sage Lemurian-Atlantean female Priest in Egypt







and Druid in Ireland










– being burnt as Witch in the Middle Ages somewhere in the Middle of Europe –





and now as the elderly whitehaired Outsider in this newly changed Time of Now !





We have been together so close companions throughout all times under the former Matrix of Duality … all the way …. breaking loose now from it entirely and wholly.
And thus we shall go forward together and mutually will complete the mission we have vowed to do in adherence to all divine contract and will.

I’ ll do not know when I shall speak to you again through this channel – since we both have to learn the best way of doing so from now on. But return to you through Evamaria I will and shall!

Since Nomen est Omen : names bear essential meanings!  Eva: is the motherly housekeeper administrating family homes with all its responsibility entailed therein … confined to little personal matters – Family – Folks on Earth! And Maria is the over-all Mother vast and wide like Oceans – surrounding all earth – countries- with her passionate loving embrace!
Does this explain enough about my channel’s name?

Thus we go with all of you
–  hand-in-hand –
which too I shall do
with all of you

Any Moment of Now !

Such is my holy Vow

in the Time of Now !
I do love you – that is true !

Your Mother Gaia has been freed – and not at least –
by all your striving too – My big Thanking You !

We shall meet again – and until then –
keep on keeping !

I am your loving Mother Gaia – no more weeping  !

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