A Faerie-Tale about Sandalphone given to this Year’s Halloween

eva_elfeHalloween the Great Feast of Fairies and their Tales has just passed by and in order to celebrate this very Feast in my very own way I was given a lovely tale from the Fairies about how the first connection had been established between the Angelic Realm and the Fairy Communities here on Earth.
I wrote it down in my mother-tongue German but it took me some time to have it translated into English to make up a bilingual version for my blog.

Fairies have their own way as have Angels and so one day after Halloween two very delightful matters came to me as further involvement to this tale of mine. Thus it was made fully complete and gratefully I placed them here too with all my thanks to those spiritual beings like Angels and Fairies and the Little People assisting me in such great

Thus this very story became a precious and huge gift to me and made this year’s Halloween a very special one for me.
I do hope when reading it you all will be able to follow sequence here and I am as always with compassionate love of mine to all of you

Yours (Contra)Mary=Evamaria

is some Fairy-Tale about that tiny Angel with his great burning wish in his Heart ….. listen to what has happened to him …..

Sandalphon – the Angel with clappering – tapping sandals …..

by Eva Maria Holstein

Whether you believe it or not – in the beginning of all time on this newly created planet Earth with the name of Gaia there was – once upon a time – a tiny angel in the huge choir of cherubim. And when it was time for all the great and to meet in one of those big councils this tiny one also sneaked into those too and listenened in with his ears wide open and watched everything with big astounding eyes. And he did not wish more longingly and yearningly anything else than be given once such a personal and individual task as well as the great ones were given since these were his great idols he was striving after. Continue reading