Welldid’ya-eva ? “Letters from my Isle of I” No.1

“Letters from my Isle of I” No.1

Welldid’ya eva ?

Dear Brother Dave,

Here on the “Isle of I” – remote and separate from the rest of old worlds – I am writing you this letter since I want to tell and share with you what is happening over here …

This is my first attempt to reach you and I am inviting my spiritual guide Hatonn here as well as calling for the Angelic assistance of the AAs of Micha-el. Rapha-el, and Gabri-el/elle.

Since we are living in this marvellous and miraculous Time of Change (we all being prepared for Ascension into higher dimensional realms by heavenly decree) it goes without saying that this also is the peculiar time for us to marvel at and experience miraculous matters which are completely new to us as well.

Did you ever – on waking up – find in your bed a Word ? I did so …. I saw it and sensed it already after each lap of sleep in the night before and always took great care not to touch it with any part of my physical body. Funny, it appeared to me just as the very normal matter which I may experience in my day-to-day-life.

There it was – dark and growing all through the night: “battle”  with one big gloomy dark eye in its center. Who had put it down here just below my right knee ? Continue reading