To Love and be Loved…..

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To love and be loved is that essence of the universe which makes the spirit to fly. There are many ways to love and be loved. All that truly matters is that you both give love and be willing to receive it in equal measure. One cannot truly love unless one receives love. One cannot truly be loved unless one gives love. This is the true Joy of Love.

Blessings joy, love and peace.

Merry Christmas – Essence of the Christos

Copyright © David Wendel Robinson

The next few days will be quite busy for me, so I wanted to post my Christmas Wishes for all my friends and family worldwide. This is a remarkable year in ways that will soon reveal themselves. By the time the New Year arrives, our world will have changed in unexpected ways, some obvious, and some not so obvious but it will be better in so many ways both great and small.   How much so will depend on each individual.

May all your christmas wishes come true, may your new year bring happiness and love with it. May you find the way to love all you meet every moment of every day unconditionally. Remember that as you give so also you receive. Be happy, and keep near those you love. But if they or you are far away, hold them tight within your heart, prayers and meditations.

Let us remember then the essence of the Christos upon which the this holiday is based.

The Master Yeshua (Jeshua, Jesu, Jesus, Issa, etc, depending on country and region and by many names through the ages and many lifetimes)  taught a very simple way of living.  What he taught was never intended to be a religion, but rather a way of life for all people regardless of religion or belief. Continue reading