My dear brothers and sisters, humanity on earth is embarking upon an incredible time in our history.   We are near the time when we advance to our next stage in spiritual and material evolution, understanding and perception.   You may have heard this before, and had questions because there are so many different explanations of what to expect, what to believe.  There are many different ways of expressing this time of awakening, time of advancement, and the one thing that is certain is that “words” are inadequate, so many expressions are created that each individual may understand from a perspective that is closest to their current level of perception.    There is no one “ideal” explanation and just as each one of us is unique, so also will be each of our understandings and experiences.

In the beginning, the great experiment that is Earth and humanity went well.  Over time though, some souls became too enmeshed in physical form and experimentation and began to lose their awareness of their connection to the creator and the universe, when in physical form.   We will say that when the first volunteer souls immersed too deeply, into material matter with inadequate preparation, they created a situation whereby they lost, while in physical form, some of their ability “remember” their infinite connection.  Now this did not happen all at once, but over time, and the mental concept of “sin” began to form within the earth human consciousness.   With this concept, humankind began to see itself more and more as physical beings and to set aside or forget its direct connection to our creator.   While still very advanced, we began to see ourselves as greater than the rest of our world, and sought to lord ourselves over the world, rather than to live in harmony with it.  And in this time, some souls became addicted to the ability to control  and manipulate not only he world but their other brothers and sisters.   These are what some call “The dark ones.”  In ignorance many of the other souls began to yield their power and free will to these dark ones.

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