Sunrise, Sunset, the Circle of life.

Sunrise or sunset, are just different ways of seeing the same thing to me.  They both show the beauty of the circle of life.  One does not exist without the other.  Each inspires the individual according to their personal need.   I enjoy every moment of every day, but an ocean sunrise or sunset is the for me the most special of all.  It is that moment when the challenges of life fade away and everything exists in balance.  ~ Kuya David
Sunrise, Sunset, the circle of life.

A Brief Message re: Lack of Activity here.

Rain Forest Path

Dear friends,

It has been a while since I or Contramary (Eva Maria) have posted.  Eva grew quite ill and is still recovering but doing much better.  I suspect she will be sharing again before we know it.   I myself have been involved in “family affairs” as we had to place our Elderly Aunt in a nursing memory care center.  I and my brother were no longer able to see to all her needs.   I had been her caregiver much of the time for the past 4 years.   Likewise we have another brother whose dementia and health is worsening.  His daughter had been trying to care for him, while going through a divorce and raising a 2 year old.   We are working to get him into a very good Veteran’s center where he can live comfortably, get consistent meals, help with his medicines and have a real social life. As a 100% disabled combat veteran most of his expenses are paid in full there.   In the meantime his daughter needs to find better and full-time work and be able to focus on her son and life as well.   I in turn have had to take over management of his financial affairs and other matters.   Not sure I am up to it, but the responsibility fell to me so must do the best I can.  Just a lot of problems to unravel then things will be better.   No regrets, we just all must move forward

So it has been challenging times.  I hope to be writing again this weekend, once some other matters are cleared up.   Uriel and other angels have been gently prodding me to share some thoughts recently.   You may know how that goes, if you ignore them the prodding becomes a little less gentle.  (laughing).

So soon you will see new and fresh activity here.

Love, light, joy and peace – David.

Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Actions, Not Words



Remember that Actions speak louder than words.  What are you creating today with your actions?   Are your actions peaceful?  Are your actions loving?  Are your actions compassionate?  Are your actions Joyful?  Are you living what you want to see manifest?   It begins with you.  Right here, right now!

You, the sons and daughters of creator are the creators.  As you think and as you do, you create.   What do you want to create today?  The choice is yours.   That is your divine gift, freedom of will. The earth is in your hands now!  Live what you want to see.  You and you alone are the catalyst for change.   The smallest pebble dropped in the biggest pond, creates waves that reach the farthest shore, even if you do not see them.  You want peace, then be peace.  You want love, then be love.  You want compassion, then be compassion.  You want joy, then be joy.

Actions, not words.  Do now.  Be what you want to see manifest.

Love, light, joy, peace be with you.

AA Uriel with David