The Anticipated Arrival of Global Prosperity – Part 3 – Part 1

The Anticipated Arrival of Global Prosperity – Part 3

Reset 4039(Concluded from Part 2.)

Introducing the Global Currency Reset and the Prosperity Programs (Concluded)

We can see how much the Company of Heaven have been discussing this topic lately – or perhaps how much we’ve asked them to discuss it – by the length of a series merely outlining the arrival of abundance.

I’ll end the story here, give us a day to catch our breath, and then start in on other aspects of the global abundance program.

The final post in this series is long, for which I apologize. However the reval is expected any day and I’d like at least to have this introductory discussion before us before the reval hits. Once it does, things will become busy again.

On Aug. 6, Sheldan Nidle’s sources described the events we can soon expect as a “cavalcade” and said prosperity comes first.

“The first act in this cavalcade of events is, of course, the release of the various funds which mark the segue of your globe’s monetary setup from dishonest fiat currencies, so prone to unbridled speculation, to those backed by precious metals. These new true-value currencies are to trigger a global revaluation, and indeed, the first of these is ready for distribution.

“Further, the initial rounds of the prosperity disbursements are also ready to be launched. These financial adjustments will effectively drive the old interests from power and allow the inauguration of legally based de jure governance. As you know, these are only the opening moves of what is to come.” (1) Continue reading