We’ve Created a Culture by Wes Annac

Written by Wes Annac

This is an introductory article to The Culture of Awareness, which is the blog I’ve created to replace The Aquarius Paradigm.

All around this evolving planet, people are awakening to the existence of spirit and the necessity to move beyond our old and instated ways of being, and as they do, they seek likeminded people who are aware of the same things as them.

The conscious community is growing by the day, and we’re contributing to the blossoming movement of seekers who understand that we’re spiritual beings having a human experience. Plenty of people have proclaimed their dissatisfaction with the broken manner in which our planet currently functions, and we’re influencing the rest of humanity like never before.

The purpose of The Culture of Awareness blog is to provide another outlet for awakening seekers to get their voices heard. We’re here to change the planet, and we’re here to help everyone become aware of spirit and the fact that they’re infinite vessels for love.  Read more…