It is a Joyful Day. Word from Eva Marie

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My dear brothers and sisters of light.  I just this day, after nearly 15 months received word from your beloved Eva Marie (Contramary).   She has had some difficult times but is working to improve.  Please send her love, light and positive thoughts of healing.   This is a Joyful day.  This blog was co-authored by Eva Marie for so long and she is in truth the primary contributor.   I am filled with Joy to have finally heard from her again.

From: Eva Maria Holstein
Date: 12 February 2016 at 20:05:18 GMT+8
To: Dave <>



A Brief Message re: Lack of Activity here.

Rain Forest Path

Dear friends,

It has been a while since I or Contramary (Eva Maria) have posted.  Eva grew quite ill and is still recovering but doing much better.  I suspect she will be sharing again before we know it.   I myself have been involved in “family affairs” as we had to place our Elderly Aunt in a nursing memory care center.  I and my brother were no longer able to see to all her needs.   I had been her caregiver much of the time for the past 4 years.   Likewise we have another brother whose dementia and health is worsening.  His daughter had been trying to care for him, while going through a divorce and raising a 2 year old.   We are working to get him into a very good Veteran’s center where he can live comfortably, get consistent meals, help with his medicines and have a real social life. As a 100% disabled combat veteran most of his expenses are paid in full there.   In the meantime his daughter needs to find better and full-time work and be able to focus on her son and life as well.   I in turn have had to take over management of his financial affairs and other matters.   Not sure I am up to it, but the responsibility fell to me so must do the best I can.  Just a lot of problems to unravel then things will be better.   No regrets, we just all must move forward

So it has been challenging times.  I hope to be writing again this weekend, once some other matters are cleared up.   Uriel and other angels have been gently prodding me to share some thoughts recently.   You may know how that goes, if you ignore them the prodding becomes a little less gentle.  (laughing).

So soon you will see new and fresh activity here.

Love, light, joy and peace – David.

David’s response to Letter No. 16 from the Isle of I to my Brother in Light Dave


My dear sister in spirit Mary,

What a challenging time and adventure you have been on. My prayers and love and the prayers and love of many have been with you. We are joy filled that you are home again and resting. There is much yet to be done and our journey continues.

Your story reminds me of a time I experienced back in the mid 70’s. I was still in the Navy. It was a weekend, and my barracks roommates were out and about for quite a few hours. During the day I became quite sick to my stomach, not vomiting but with horrible cramps so great that I could not walk, neither could I go to the duty desk to get help. I felt completely incapacitated and helpless. All I could do was crawl into my bed and curl up in a ball in extreme pain. I could not even cry out. I do not remember how long I was this way, but eventually fell asleep, I am guessing out of complete exhaustion. What followed was the most amazing of dreams yet it was a dream that took me to the brink of madness. You see, in this dream I remembered experiences before this life, before this world even. I remembered being in a state of being where a single thought could transport us to any point in the universe. A place where I saw and experienced souls I knew, souls that had known before and souls that I would someday know. But I saw them and experienced them as the most beautiful of lights. I knew them but did not know them. A rapidly changing panorama of experiences flowed all about me and through me. Dream upon dream. Moment upon moment all happening as at once. No time. No space. No judgement. Just light and love.

The madness? Well that came when I awoke. It was some hours later I think. My roommates had returned and all had thought I was just sleeping. The confusion of my mind was great however but I could not speak of what I had experience for a very long time and then only to those kindred souls I knew would not judge. You see, when I awoke I awoke not with the usual symbols of dreams dreamt in the night that the conscious mind creates, but with a full consciousness and awareness of the dream itself. No time, no space only an infinite now and it was, for a time, too much for my conscious mind to bare, as it had no reference by which to make associations, and that is what nearly led me to madness.

I kept my experience to myself for quite some time, many years. However I learned to not immerse conscious mind into too much thought about it, only allowing it to exist deep in recesses of my soul. In time I came to understand and to be able to view it in small ways with conscious mind. But there was a time when I could not understand. Now it is all so clear and natural.

Sometimes the challenges we face exist to teach us lessons and to help us to release. But sometimes they are there to open doors and encourage us strongly to walk through into new and higher ways of being. I see now that you have passed through a great portal for your own consciousness. What awaits is not an ending but a new beginning. Part of you died in a way, so that a greater you could be born. The most exciting adventures await.

Our journey and our work continues.

Love, joy, peace and adventure.



The Creator Writings


Be considerate – take care of yourself, but be aware of and think about your actions/reactions and how they affect others.

Be slow to judge – every person has a paradigm they exist in and you most likely do not see the whole picture. Remember, those you judge may be clamouring to be first in line to judge you.

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Fun Money Replaces Funny Money

Fun Money Replaces Funny Money

April 29, 2013 | By | Reply

macon-money1Christina Sarich, Contributor
Waking Times

The bitcoin bittersweet disappointment that allowed hackers to devalue the latest Internet currency to nearly half its value in a day, after supporting the fallen Cyprus economy for months, raises the question… Is it a lottery?

As the economic activity of ordinary people continues to get sucked into the black hole of the falling reserve controlled dollar, people have become quite creative in their efforts to present practical alternatives to central banking hegemony. Continue reading

News of the Day from Marix

I just came from the German Facebook-Page of Marix with which I am closely linked due to my translations of his messages.
Since recently there are new quotations of the day made by him which I deem quite valuable. They are quite short and right to the matter without any longwindings. So I
translated the last one into English as I did not want to miss the opportunity of sharing it with you hereunder :

News of today from Marix:

Thus we make the new world an official one.
We have overcome all entire positions of celestial experiences and we are now prepared to install our lives to all that is new.

During the last 6 weeks our entire DNA-system has been re-arranged ..literally and in the picture as well – all our new operational systems have been installed and restarted afresh. Thus we are true and genuine members of 5-D Consciousness and far away from all normal activities.

We are still integrating all these alterations (especially on our cellular level) and try to find our very fundamental basics in this new realm.  Still there is one matter sure: all those having done their homework of their inner core properly ..for the purpose of focussing..they will not need the 3-D-holographical system of reality any longer.
5-D is our Home now and even if we still have to interact with the 3-D-world for some time we have taken an Oath of Mastership. This for us in order to partake ourselves in the realms of One-Consciousness.
That is why we have left our inner world of duality for a better one ….

Translated by ContraMary on 07.16.2012

To me these words of Marix were so elucidating and full of consolation and I assume this will go exactly for others lightworking fellow-humans too. Since we are working hard in these times  it will be good for us to know in some short essence what has been achieved by our works so far. Thank you Marix.

Returning Back Embodied To The Divine Source


High Vibrations from Sirius
Marix channelled through Sarinah
dated July 02, 2012
Original Source: http://

Returning Back Embodied To The Divine Source

As Gaia carries into the celestial dimensions all human beings prepared to go there, it is not so easy to understand this undertaking for those which are still imprisoned in the misery of their daily issues.

Yes, earth is ascending with you which also means that your bodies have to cope with you ever increasing frequencies of energy. It is easier to grow mutually and consciously  out of one’s own aggravating vibrations – provided you are not being stressed too much!

Still, whom are we telling this, for you are such sage souls, having arrived here after a long journey from far away in order to be here when the change of cycle will come soon. Continue reading

Greetings from Herak / Sirius

channelled through Frank H Scheffler
dated July 2, 2012
Source: for German Original Message

Greetings to you Children of the New Earth

Due to the great energetical wave middle of June after the Solstice in June all energies have been set free – in order to chime in the Summer

This will lead to highly energetical activations of electricity in your bodies which, as we told you already in our last message, will induce further
alterations of your cellular structures.

Yes, you are becoming galactic beings and as thus one fine day you will return again into the lap of your source. You are fulfilling the divine plan which is your issue here on this planet namely to hold the energy level on this planet. This had been shown to you already many incarnations ago. Continue reading


Posted with permission from Frank H. Scheffler via ContraMary
Translated by ContraMary – This website is the source for English translations
channelled through Frank H. Scheffler dated June 21, 2012
Original german source

Greetings to you Dearest Siblings of the Stars !

Today we are sharing with you the Day of June-Solstice which will mark the History of Mankind for its two milestones :

The first one is for the ultimatum running out, set to the Cabal to finally close down the battle against mankind and all its entailing scheming which has endured for the past 13 thousands of years.

The 2nd milestone is the June-Solstice ( the Solstice of Summer within the Northern Hemisphere of Gaia) enabling the synchronization of the 26.000 Year-Cycle to the Central Galaxy.It also marks the huge wave of energy which has flown through the Central Sun Alcyone to the Sun of your Universe. The huge wave of energy will carry to you another further wave of high energy tomorrow.

We know from our channel-medium – that his body-system was over flooded by the first huge wave with magnificent energies and that these adjustments are still in procession until today.This will lead to feelings of fatigue, dullness, irritations of the body, pains in joints and head with one or another human being. Continue reading

High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius – All of Us – in Co-operation

My very first post is a Message of Marix from Sirius channelled by Sarinah living in Southern Germany.

I followed the messages of Marix since their begin and I came to like these so much because of their gentle and soft vibration
 not appearing like teachers’ teaching but gently touching my inner heart with divine peacefulness.  I regretted that these vibes were available only to Europeans with German as Mother-tongue.

When in January the first worldwide meditation was launched from Zingdad – I was so enthralled with it that I forgot all about my reluctance originated from shyness and I started addressing all sorts of blogs (also German-ones) referring to participation to this meditation and visualization. As it is the play of life I did ao also with (German Affiliation to and found myself to my own great surprise at this opportunity to ask for the address of Sarinah, the channel of Marix, offering myself to translate the messages of Marix into English.

Thus I met Sarinah and since then I am translating the weekly messages of Marix. Sarinah herself is an Angel-Medium and has been introduced to Marix by AAMichael. Through translating these messages I felt drawn more and more to these gentle and peaceful vibes until recently I was told by AAMichael via Sarinah that I have been channeling AAMichael since a long time.-

Well, I never …! It never occurred to me that I could be a channel of anyone enlightened being so it was quite a surprise to me! For this reason I feel deeply responsible to AAMichael – imagining myself to be some sort of physical extension of one of his aspects here on earth and still 3-D. 

I want to do this job given to me and honored by it in the right and honest way – not leaving my modest post of observance !  This I felt compelled to share with you and here is the message of Marix as my first post on this page:

Personal Presentation of Sarinah: ALL ABOUT MARIX AND ME

True miracles have come my way – to myself and others around me – they were signals of utterly changing my life for ever . Embodying the path of return to the Light presents an absolute challenge for any human being. Looking back today I sense a deep gratitude for all the enlightened assistance and support given to me and my earthly friends sharing my path on this plane.

I have been in contact with the angelic realm and my sisters and brothers of the stars since my early childhood. Later I forgot all about it and dived deep into worldly affairs until that very moment when communication with the realms of Spirit started again – like some miracle happening in such a gentle and tender way as if we had never been apart.

During this time Archangel Michel guided me to meet Marix and I felt just as if I had known him along for ages. Thus a deep and intensive contact to the Federation of Light had been established which was a vivid and loving one full of light in the course of which I felt safeguarded and protected. At last I had arrived at home again ! I think many people reading the channelled messages of Marix will have sensed this vibration too.

To me it is essential that I reflect the messages of Marix in the most exact way of wording as is being given to me. This I feel to be most important as within his wording are all the vibrations which make our hearts cry out and jump with joy !

I am very happy in my heart that the messages of Marix have found an ever increasing community of readers as they offer us the opportunity to reach out with our hearts to those Galactic beings which have been waiting for us so long with all their longing and thus may be allowed to resort to action. They are waiting to meet us at such plane from where we started once to exit to the earthly planet.

My wishes go to all of the reading community that they are been given a wonderful and gentle gliding into the lovelight of the Golden Age with all its blessings



High Vibrations from Marix/Sirius
channelled through Sarinah
Source: dated June 20, 2012

All of Us – in Co-operation

Although the road into the Golden Age still turns out to be somehow a wee bit bumpy for mankind – it is true that there are not only preparations being made for disclosures but plannings are already running to perform these disclosures!

The Galactic Federation of Light hereby would like to emphasize on behalf of all those – assisting Gaia and her citizens – that these disclosures will not be running in a gentle mode yet with a seemingly strong intensity with regard to the time-frame.

This leads again to our request to ask you for your assistance since the truth to be revealed to you about matters which have been afflicted to you and the truth about those which were meant to work for the well being of all citizens – all this will not be so easy to digest for everybody !

Continue reading